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 Tate, where do you see this resort in Aspen, buddy? It is amazing. Yeah. You know, first of all, first of all, it has a lobby where you can basically ski right into, and then you can, you can go into this hot tub, which is about the size of a lake. Yeah. . It’s this.

You know what, buddy? I’m, I’m gonna have to, uh, I’m gonna have to call you back. Yeah. Okay. I love you too. Bye.

What are you doing? What does it look like? We’re under a missile toe. I am sure you remember what that means.

Well, are you just gonna stand there golfing or are you gonna explain what you’re doing at my apartment? I could ask you the same thing.

Your grandma Susan was one of a kind. She loved you very much.

Yeah. It feels like just, uh, yesterday she was here with us enjoying Halloween. Now it’s almost Christmas. God, I just, uh, I can’t believe she’s gone.

She sure is a beauty. Yeah. With enough power to take out half the church. And it’s all for EJ Damara. Hmm. When he shows up, it’s Susan’s funeral. He’s gonna be the one resting in

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

You constructed a paper missile toe. Just so you could hold it over my head. No. Rachel made it an art class. I think it’s pretty good. She was hoping, uh, we would hang it together. Kristen, I think, no, listen, Kristen, what? You know how I feel about you encouraging her fantasies about us getting together? No, darling.

I am encouraging her creativity. Yeah, well, maybe you should do an art project based on the plant that helped save Marlene’s life since that’s the only reason why you’re staying. Well, you know what? You, you, you don’t have to continue to remind me. Where are you going? Today is Susan’s memorial and I wanted to be there for my brother.

You can’t be serious what you, I’m pretty sure that EJ doesn’t want you anywhere near that. Look, I am well aware of my brother’s feelings toward me, Brady, but, um, don’t worry about it. I have a plan. Oh, you saying that you have a plan is supposed to make me not worry. No, we’ll see. See,

yeah. What could possibly go wrong?

Ava took so much from us. I, I trusted her. I cared, I cared for her. I, I had no idea how damaged she was. I mean, that she’s capable of kidnapping grandma, driving them off the road, killing ’em in the process, even though I didn’t think she would go that far. But I saw her in my own eyes. Yeah. That must have been horrible for you.

I thought it was the last time I would see either one of them until I saw a Thanksgiving.

What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts about blowing EJ to kingdom. Come. Of course not. Then what is it? I was just thinking how great would it be if all of my other enemies could get what was coming to them too? Starting with Nicole Walker that you find me. Well, when Roman told me you didn’t come home last night, I had a pretty good idea of where you might be.

So you what? Started knocking on random doors? No, honey. I used to be a reporter. It took me about 10 seconds to track down your address. Wow. Stalker lunch.

Well, excuse me, I don’t remember inviting you in. Seriously, you’re sleeping with her. I am. What’s it to you?

There you turn. Hey, I am please. My feet are killing me, sir. Tell me all about it, sir. Couldn’t sit down. How did you think? Ow. Well, I did pretty well. I got that. Camera, drone that Johnny’s been watching. That’s good. That’s good. Let’s hope he makes a safer choice for his next movie. How about Holly? I found some troll dolls that she wanted.

I don’t know if we’re gonna be seeing much of her over Christmas, because you know Eric, Nicole. Yeah. Yeah. We’ll just have to drop that off. And Nicole’s this afternoon then. Mm-hmm. . So don’t you have any luck finding something for little Rachel? I did what? I got her a junior marine biology kit. Ah, good job.

You know Brady said she’s really into Wales right now. Yeah. But we both know we can’t deliver her what she really wants for Christmas. Mom and dad back together.

Just what sort of voodoo is this? I’m sorry, what? This style is evil. And is this right here? Dear Lord, I came just in time. Yeah? Yeah. Nice try. Kristin.

You are unbelievable. He’s unbelievable. You’re the one that’s sculpting around town trying to catch him in bed with other women. You stay out of this. Hello? You are standing in the middle of my apartment. I’m in it. Will you give us a minute? It won’t take very long, I promise. Fine. We have to get dressed anyway.

What is wrong with you? Nothing. Nothing. About five minutes ago we were planning our future together and now you’re starting drunken bar fights and hooking up with a trashy lawyer who you spent. How dare you judge me for sleeping with Sloan. You’re hooking up with EJ Tamira.

See? So you’re saying you saw Avon Thanksgiving. How is that possible? I had a lot to drink and I ended up at the crash site. She, she was taunting me, tormenting me, but it was. It was real. Tony and Chad showed up and Abra disappeared. So no, no, it, it wasn’t real likely a toxic combination of too much booze and even more guilt.

Ironic, isn’t it? In death. Ava made me feel as crazy as she was. Dad, I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

Thank you for saying that son. More importantly, for being here with me. Look, I just hope that you know, maybe Bla and Grandma Susan to rest will bring you some kind of peace.

So Nicole destroyed your life to be with Rafe, and then she just moved on. I could never happened. And from what I hear, she made a pit stop with Eric Brady in. She moves fast. Mm. And her and EJ are a couple. Well, she’s living at his house. What do you think? I think you’re absolutely right. A person like that needs to get her comeuppance.

I am so glad you agree because the good news is she will most likely be accompanying EJ to the funeral, which means, which means have to kill two birds with one bomb.

You know, doc, this is, it’s gotta be really confusing for little Rachel. I mean, she has her, her parents living in the same house, but not together. Well, we know that Brady moved Kristen in under duress. I, I just wonder why. The only thing I know for sure is that. Rachel was doing a hell a lot better when Kristen was gone.

We all were. That is why we not only have to get Kristen out of our house, but out of Brady’s life for good.

I may have an idea. Christian Dara. Oh, how dare you. Confused me with that godless rich. Now where is your stepmom? My stepmom, you mean Marlena? Yes. I came to see Dr. Marlena Evans in ahead of my dearly departed sister’s funeral. All I found was screaming Light meers Uhhuh . Yeah. I knew you were good at this, but I gotta say this, this oof.

This is good. It’s pretty convincing. I thank you. Pardon? Is, was this really your plan? You’re gonna go to Susan’s Funeral Justice, her sister, the NUN plan? The only plan that I subscribe to is God’s Divine Plan Plane. Okay. All right. All right, sister. Right. I did not know what you are imply. I am not pretending to be Susan’s sister.

I am her sister. Right. You know, this is never gonna work. I mean, what, what if the real sister Mary Mora shows up? Whatcha are you gonna do Sister Mary mo’s? Okay. Okay. You know what if, if your sister, Mary Mora, you think she would be okay with something like this, I.

You have one of those for your sister, Kristen? Yeah, the one and only take this one. I’ll make another that’s,

thank you for that. You can thank me by leaving this. What the hell are you doing here, Kristen? Where else would I be to say goodbye to Susan? I wanna be there for your mother, for you at the funeral. Over my dead buddy.

How many times do I have to say it? EJ and I are not sleeping with each other. Right? Holly and I needed a place to stay and EJ offered. Yeah, what’s very generous of him? It’s just temporary. Eric. Well, maybe you should be spending your time searching for apartments rather than keeping track of me. I’m worried about you.

You’re worried about me. Were you that worried when you encouraged Jada to deport my baby? Is that while you’re flushing your life down the drain, because Jada made a choice, not me. I mean, do, do you even hear me? Jada made that choice, not me. I’m making choices. Too. Bad choices. Yeah. I wonder why, you know, one minute I thought we were gonna be together and then the next minute we weren’t.

Or I was about to be a father and then I wasn’t. It’s been rough for you. Who the hell hasn’t it been rough for? But you’re, you’re, you’re drowning in self-pity. This is not who you are. Who the hell am I? Nicole? You’re a good person who’s loved and, and, and respected. Yeah. Who’s getting walked all over.

That is not true. You know what I realize now people like you and my sister Sammy, why you enjoy being so selfish and sabotaging Because you do what you want without worrying about any consequences. You know what I understand because it, there’s kind of a little bit of a rush to it. I mean, who wants to be the good twin?

And there’s so much more fun in being a bad twin.

Is someone reminiscing over her near Adventures in cradle robbing. Johnny was kind to me when EJ was declaring war, and Gabby was trying to manipulate me. Johnny was on my side.

Maybe things would’ve been different if I just let him into my life.

Sorry, mom. You may have been little Johnny’s Cougar fantasy at one point, but now you’re just the crazy lady who killed his grandmother go away. You don’t really want that. Yes, I do. Look, I appreciate you helping me with my plan, but I can do this on my own. I don’t need you here. Okay. I’ll scream. But remember, I’m always with you.

Uh, excuse me, miss.

Uh, I’m Susan’s grandson Johnny, are you a friend of hers?

Ah, listen, we’re, we’re not quite ready yet. Maybe you wanna wait outside.

Miss this.

Whoa. How dare you press your unclean lip against the flesh of one of Christ’s sacred brides? Wait a minute. What? Whoa. Wait. You were welcomed. You welcomed Satan into your heart and into your home. Oh God. Oh God. I know you’re taking his name in favor. No, no, no. Listen, I’m sorry. You’re the real sister. Mary got this.

I’m trying to. You walked into this room? No. What is room with your child apparently allowed. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. No, Mr. Sister. I’m I I didn’t mean mistake. Cut was Total mistake. No, doesnt cut in. Mister. What are you talking about? What? Something been done? You a long time. Ow, ow. What you doing?

What? Hey, hey. Stop it. We stop. I know you’ve hated me ever since I cited with Gabby on the Dera vote. This has nothing to do with business. Then why are you being so hostile? Why am I being so hostile? Yes. Do you not remember how you treated my mother when she was. Oh, come on. I, I admit that Susan and I didn’t always get along.

You tried to take me away from her when I was a baby. Yes, but we got past that years ago. No, no, you got past it. My mother never did. She was forever traumatized by what you and father put her through. And this whole, it’s all about family act isn’t going to work this time. You don’t give a damn about me or my mother.

And you are the last. As she would want at her funeral, so get the hell out and let me grieve in peace.

Oh, great. You’re still here. Nicole is just leaving. Does she know that? Well, enjoy your afternoon delight. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You sure you don’t wanna go after her? Nope.

Are you okay? I’m good. Nothing to worry about. I’m glad to hear that

Nicole did make one solid point though. We still have time for love in the afternoon before I have to be at court. How’s that sound?

You’re thinking

you want me to get close to Kristin?

Come on, doc. I think you remember that. I tried that once before and it didn’t work out that well. You know, my power’s a seduction man. No, no, no. I don’t want you to seduce her. Well then what are you talking to your friend, you know, play on the, the long history that you’ve had. Remind her that she can still trust you.

You think she’d buy. Well, her family has forsaken. Her friend is in, in prison. I, I just think, uh, she’d be looking for someone in whom she could confide about now

and why not her old pal, John Black. Huh? Could work. And once she’s vulnerable enough, I should be able to get her to tell me what she’s holding over. Brady’s head. I, there you have Got it. , when you use your mastery psychology to hatch a scheme, no, no, no. It’s not a scheme. This is just plain good parenting.

Oh man. Okay. Doctor, where do we start? I think I’ve got a way that. Persuade Kristen to let down her card

more. I think about it the more I like this plan of yours. , I thought you might

Yes, but where are you going? Well, if we’re gonna get Kristen out of our house, we gotta start right now. Wait. What about Susan’s memorial? You pay respects for both of us. Susan, of all people would understand how desperate we are to save our son and granddaughter from Kristen D.

He looked like he had a even worse day than I did. Yeah, you can pretty much bet on that. I thought you were going to the funeral. Let’s just say EJ wasn’t interested in my comfort today or any other day for that matter, who I tried to warn you about that so much for family. What happened to your hand? I had a little visit from, uh, Susan’s sister, the nun.

Sister Mary Mork was here. Yeah. Yeah. She let herself in when I came around the corner and I found her. I, uh, I kind of jumped to the wrong conclusion because you were telling me that you had this plan to go to the funeral today. Oh, you. Thought it was me in disguise. I had every reason to. Yeah, I mean, it was something that you would do, so, yeah, I did think that.

And so when she finally convinced me of the truth that it was her, it was a little bit too late. Okay. Too late for what? Freddie, what did you do? I tried to call your bluff, Kristen. All right. I took the, uh, the paper missile toe that Rachel had made. Oh my God. You didn’t? And I held it over her head. Oh God.

And I gave her a giant kiss you made out with, I made out with a nun today. I thought it was you

Don. You know, it’s not that funny. It’s not that funny. Okay. Yeah, you’re right. It’s not funny. You’re right. No, it’s not. It’s, it’s, I mean, it’s even funnier. . Okay. That’s okay. Okay. Hold on, prince. So, uh, what did she do? Uh, did she freak out? ? I was looking, I was the fucking freak out. Oh my God. It’s, she’s a nut.

I’m kissing her . She could, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I mean, it wasn’t funny. You should have seen the look on her face. No, I, I would’ve rather seen the look on her face. We were both freaked out. I know


You know what? What? Oh, I’m good. I’m good. You know, I’m gonna stop. I’m just gonna stop right now because I really need to ask you a question. Romeo. What? So if it had been that nun’s habit and you planted that kiss, what would happen next?

Is everything all right? I just found Eric with his slut lawyer, Sloan Peterson. They were alone in her apartment wearing only towels. I see. Are they together now? Well, at least for one night. Eric Brady had a one night stand. Who knew he had it in him? . Oh, I’m glad you find this amusing. I’m, I’m sorry. I know you still love him, but doesn’t this prove how beneath you, the former Father Brady truly is.

He’s troubled, and I shouldn’t be dumping this on you, especially not today. It’s, it’s fine. I’d much rather share a drink with you than my last visitor. Oh, who was it? Kristen showed up wanting to accompany me to my mother’s funeral. That was nice of her. Nice. The woman spent decades tormenting my poor mother.

Yeah. Well, being on the receiving end of Kristen’s malice, I can understand why you wouldn’t want her to come to the service. And yet she was the only one of my siblings who was available. Your brothers aren’t coming. Tony Nana are visiting Carrie and her family for the holidays. Stefan is dealing with a supply chain crisis at the mirror, and Chad, the poor man, is still grieving Abigail.

I couldn’t put him through another funeral so soon, so it. Me and Johnny. I don’t even know where he and I stand these days. Thomas. Well,

maybe I can go with you.

Dear Zone in heaven, what has now forsaken? We have enough. Very good. And for I’m Mary Mor, so. Is everything all right? Oh, is it you, Roman ? Yeah. It’s, uh, it’s me. Thank the Lord about how you’ve grown. It’s good to see you. Thank you. How long has it been my dear? Great nephew, uh, would’ve been in Italy, was the last time we were together.

You were visiting us while my dad was recovering from his accident. Mm-hmm. ? Yes, yes, yes. Huh? Elvis when he roses from the dead, like Lazarus himself. Hey, you, uh, you seem pretty upset. I, I, I can’t even imagine how hard this must be for you. Oh, it’s just too awful to talk about. I know, I know. The, uh, my, uh, grandma Susan’s death is, well, it’s a tragedy, so I.

I’m not talking about my sweet sister’s death. I am referring to your uncle, the Heathen Brady Black uncle, uncle Brady. What? What, what? What about him? He was just, oh, he was overtake by his car. Urges. What? She kissed me.

Oh boy. Uncle Brady kissed you. He tasted coffee and shin. Oh, you hold that disturbing thought for just one minute, please. I’d rather not. Let’s just, there, there was a, there’s a woman right here a minute ago. Where is she?

I think you’re gonna need another shower.

Wanna conserve water and shower with a friend? As nice as that sounds. I have to go in my brother soon. You no fun. Really? Mm. Okay. Fun. Actually, you’re a lot of fun. But if you’re in a hurry, then you can go alone. Hey, will you want to go first? No, you go. Never let it be sad that I’m not an accommodating host.

I would never say that.

If you wanna come back tonight, we can pick up where we left off. I may take you up on that.

Let’s just do a thought experiment, shall. What if it’s me and the nuns have it and you hold up the missile toe and you put your lips on mine and I respond. What are you asking Chris? I’m just curious. I’m just curious. I mean, because the history is that, uh, I kiss, it really just stops at a kiss. Chris?

Mm-hmm. take, you know what I remember, there were times and we’d be at that door and we’d be kissing each other goodbye, and then all of a, we’d start taping each other’s clothes off, and then we would just go straight back to our bedroom. I mean, that is, we made it that far.

Hey, hey, why do you keep fighting this? Know that it’s still there. Us. You wanna stop? Stop. I know that you as much

Oh, oh boy. Hey dad. Hey son. Why don’t you get a meeting with your I do, I do. I have a meeting. Thanks for reminding me I’m late. I better go.

So, so, so. Looks like it’s just the two of us.

Thank you for your offer. It means a lot, but do you really want to risk being seen with me in public again? Am I get a few more tongues wagging?

I don’t care about. You did before you agreed to move in? Yes, I did. But it doesn’t matter anymore. Ej, you are my friend and I wanna be there for you.

Well, in that case, we better get ready. Uh, I’ll, I’ll go change. Nicole. Yeah. Thank you

Grandma darling. How are you? You, you seem a little distracted. Oh yeah. I was just, uh, I was looking for, Woman. What woman? I don’t know. She, she was in the chapel and, uh, she was looking at pictures, but I, and I, I tried to talk to her. She wouldn’t turn around. Well, that seems a bit odd. Yeah. I don’t know. And then I, I just, I, I, I, I, I turned away for a moment.

She was gone. Hmm. So you, you didn’t Oh, see her face. No, I, I, she was wearing some big hat and I just, I don’t know if she was weird vibes. I just wanted to make sure she was okay. I am sure she’s okay, honey. You know, people deal with grief in different ways, that’s all. Yeah. Yeah. You’re probably right. I’m sure it’s fine.

I think we should go inside. Are you ready? Yeah, I’ll, I’ll be right behind. Okay.

Sister Mary Myra. Oh, Dr. It’s good to see you. You as well. John asked me to let you know he was sorry that he couldn’t be here today. Well, he isn’t the one who should be expressing remorse. This ate son of his who needs to. Brady. Ooh, just his name since she was down Mafa. Why? What did Brady do? Oh, I to say this.

I came to see you and he’s dead. Your stepson ravished me.

Hey. Hey, thanks for coming to see me. Sure. Sounds like we got a lot to talk about. What do you mean? Is it true that you were arrested, spent a night in jail? Great news travels fast than seeing them. Yeah. What’s going on with you, man? What? What? I mean? Well, besides me being worried about you, Eric, I mean, you missed a whole day of work.

All right. I’m sorry about that. No, no. I mean, I had to reschedule the entire summer swimsuit. You know, we had to rebook all the models. Look, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry about that. You, you, sorry. You know what? It cost me a lot of money, man. If you weren’t my brother, I’d probably have to fire you. All right.

I’ll save you the trouble. I quit.

Are you, are you saying that Brady. Kissed you in a romantic way? Oh, there’s nothing romantic about it. No. He stuck his fort for a tongue down my merchant throat.

That’s an image I have been praying ever since. Oh, I don’t understand why Brady would do that. He claimed that he thought I was the evil Christian. Well, he thought he was kissing Kristen. I don’t know. I don’t care. That horrible woman has corrupted his mortal soul, which is why you and John Black should have done a better job of keeping your boy away from that.

She deal. Well, we’re working on that.

Beer. Yeah, thanks. Why aren’t you at, uh, Susan’s memorial service with Marlena? Long story. Hmm. Well, I got time,


duck and I route Christmas shopping, and we kind of got into a dispute. Salem’s greatest lovers. You, I should alert the intruder, eh? It’s more like just a, I don’t know, difference of opinion. All right. What could you two possibly have to fight about? Hmm. Oh, let me guess. should be up at Christmas. Gifts on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas morning.


we were fighting about you.

I’m so sorry. Thank you for being here. Of course, she was a friend. I’ll miss her. Thank you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go say hi to my aunt. Course.

Hello, Nicole. Marlena. I’m sorry about what happened between you and Eric. Thank you. But I, I think you should check on him. He’s going through some things, of course. Uh, You were here with EJ as friends. His brothers couldn’t make it, so I thought I’d show support. Well, that was kind of you.

Lovely arrangement. I wonder who they’re from. They’re from Samantha. Oh, that was very thoughtful of her. Are we ready to begin? Oh yes. Father, uh, no. Is there a problem? We can’t start the funeral yet. Johnny isn’t here. Well, I just saw him earlier. Yeah, I, I, I saw him outside. He said he’d be, Where between Heaven inhale could therefore be,

Hey, hey, stop for

in the flesh.

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