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Curtis: A few more. Do I? Yeah, no, that’s good. There you go. Good. Well, you certainly have fight. Yeah, actually, I have osteoporosis. I think my doctor would be happy if I were doing this. So you mean you haven’t been doing this for years? No, I have not. I would never come to this gym unless you made me. I’m just trying to look natural. Well, I think it’s important that we establish a winning mindset before we try to catch a serial killer before someone else dies.

[ Suspenseful music plays ] Pcpd. Anyone home?

[ Door slams ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Gunshot ] Detective falconeri. We got shots fired. I repeat — shots fired. Oh, I like that one. Oh…I don’t know. You don’t think it’s a little too frou-frou for me? Oh, no. You have good taste. And pick a wedding dress that makes you happy. Right. You know what? I’m sorry. I just can’t help but think — um, are curtis and i making a mistake by still getting married in february? I mean, how reckless is it of us to push on and have this ceremony that’s supposed to be all about love and connection and… and esme’s on the loose? I-I just don’t know. Something about it just doesn’t feel right. Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your happiness. Not even a killer like esme? Esme will be sure to do more damage again, but she will never take another life. Beautiful.

[ Gasps ] Oh! Nikolas, you scared me.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. Your bodyguard gave me the go-ahead to come in. Well, it should, um, fetch a nice price, assuming it’s safe to open the gallery one day. It’s coming, ava. And when I said, “beautiful,” I wasn’t referring to the sculpture. That’s sweet. It’s true. Despite all that’s happened and all that… may happen. I love you. I always will. If only that’s all it took to fix things, right? We have to deal with esme and your son and your uncle, my mistrust, your misdeeds. What are the odds? Let me help. Cameron can help her. I’ve got it. Thank you. Just cancel my order. I’ll go somewhere else. No, no, you ordered, so you need to pay. No, he doesn’T. Not a problem. Your uncle pays me well.

[ Gasps ] Spencer, you ass! Here. I’m good. Come on. Take a swing. Do some damage if you can. Have you seen rory, by any chance? I asked the front desk, but no one could tell me where he is. Uh, he was in my office not 20 minutes ago. He must be around here somewhere. Police!

[ Glass shattering ] When a cold comes on strong, knock it out with vicks dayquil severe. Just one dose starts to relieve 9 of your worst cold and flu symptoms. To help take you from 9 to none. Power through with vicks dayquil severe. Hey! Knock it off! Not here, not now! Thank you. It wouldn’t have helped anything to knock him flat, no matter how much he deserves it. Oh, please. He’s just embarrassed that he fell like a sack of — calm down. Stop it! What are you doing? What? You just got out of prison. Now you’re already causing problems? What did he ever do to you? Cam just told me that he put you in danger. Hey, dex, bud. Get out! Ignore him. You don’t have to go anywhere. You have no clue what I do or don’t have to do. Hey, you’re leaving? No. We haven’t even conspired yet. By the way, this was a good idea to meet here. There’s no way that jordan would frequent a place that sonny owns. Yeah, I had that in mind when I suggested that we meet here. Jordan’s all about propriety these days. Not a bad quality for a cop. Yeah, but the problem is, she overcorrected. The pcpd is remaining very tightfisted about the information the general public could use to make a connection no one else has. That was my intention in printing the killer’s letter, although nothing came from it. So aside from opening up a line of communication, I’m really not sure what else I can do. And I’m not sure what we can do together. Uh, unless jordan might confide in you after all. Not directly, anyhow. Thanks, esparza. Let me know when he shows up. Well, rory’s shift ended, but he hasn’t collected his personal “go back” stuff yet, so he’s probably just, you know, cleaning up paperwork or something. You’re welcome to wait for him here. Oh, I… I don’t — I don’t want to be in the way. I doubt that’s ever true of you. Besides, rory would be happy to see you when he’s finished. Not for long. I just meant that I shouldn’t bother him at work. I’ll go… uh, catch up with cam at kelly’s, maybe see rory there. Trina, what’s wrong? I’ll let you go. Thanks for trying.

[ Telephone rings ] Commissioner ashford. When? What’s falconeri’s position? He stopped responding? Get paramedics and tactical on the scene. I’ll meet them there.

[ Rustling ] Police! Let me see your hands!

[ Coughs ] Cabrera. The hook. What? Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, finn. Oh. Just some pre-wedding stuff going on over here.

[ Chuckles ] What’s up? Nothing’s up. Hey. I, uh… please excuse me.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Finn. Glad I caught you. Hey, dad. Uh, your assistant said you’d be clocking out right about now. Um, I’m taking you to dinner. No, I, uh — I have a lot of case files waiting. Can’t take one night off? I can. I don’t want to. Maybe you need to. Alexis say something to you? You know her better than that. And I know you better than you think. It’s obvious that you’re in a bad way. And not just to me, either. Violet is on to you, too, and it’s taking a toll. Now, what makes you so sure that esme won’t spill any more blood? Well, she can’t fly under the radar with the whole city looking for her. I’m sure she’s just holed up somewhere, biding her time, thinking she can wait it out. But she can’T. At some point, she’ll step into the light and get caught. And our families will have nothing more to fear from her. Please get married. Give us something to look forward to. In addition to the justice coming for our kids and everyone else esme has hurt. It’s a deal. But you have to do your part, too. You have to rsvp.

[ Laughs ] I haven’t gotten confirmation that you or finn are coming to my wedding. It was never gonna be easy for us. But the best things never are. Because those are the things worth having. I might be here for a while. I was thinking about ordering takeout. You want to join me? Wish I could. Other plans? Not hungry. And, besides, I can’t stay long. I just… came to give you these. An early christmas present? Is this from your lawyer? I thought it best that you got it directly from me. Are you serving me?! It’s a divorce, ava. It’s over.

Sam: Hey. Hi. Hi. Oh, thank you for coming. Yes. Of course. Oh, I knew things were getting dire when I was seeking advice from cody bell. Yikes. What’s going on? I just need some perspective. And you’re the best one to give it to me. Okay, I will try. First, I need to know what you think of austin. Um… oh, my god. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. What — what didn’t I tell you? That you don’t like him. I don’T…not like him. No, no, you “don’t not like” jicama. You “don’t not like” folding laundry, even though it’s, like, one of the easiest household chores ever. But you never look forward to doing it. And you wouldn’t choose it if you were given the choice. Yeah, true. But I-I don’t have to choose austin.

You do. Of course, unless you don’T. You’re divorcing me? Now is as good a time as any. We could begin 2023 with a fresh start. Did you give in to your uncle? Does he have something else on you now? My uncle doesn’t have anything to do with this. Do you expect me to believe that? After months of begging, of prostrating yourself, of putting your life in my hands… see the attached offer. You’ll see that I’m serious. This isn’t your post-nup money, but it is more than generous. And you could take me to court, you could demand more. But it’s best for everyone to not protract a legal battle. With my uncle and my resources, we would keep you mired for years. Bleed you dry. Scott won’t work gratis, not even for you. This isn’t happening. Take a few days. Sit on it. You’re a pragmatic woman, ava. You’ll see that this is the best outcome. You don’t want to divorce me. You’re lost without me, and you know it. Something drove you to this against your will, made you think you have no option other than to divorce me. But you do. I’ll give you one. Just tell me what’s behind this… or who. Nikolas, you won’t be alone. I’ll be at your side. I am so sorry I-I haven’t rsvp’d sooner. That’s okay. But you will be attending, though, won’t you? Elizabeth, my wedding wouldn’t be the same without you and finn. Yes, I — I wouldn’t miss it. Okay. But I can’t speak for finn. Things are not working out with us. We broke up. What’s wrong with violet? She’s worried about you. We were supposed to go ice skating today, but after I got her laced up, she wouldn’t budge off the bench, wouldn’t meet my eyes. It took a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows to pull it out of her. What did she say? “Daddy’s sad.” Then she asked if I knew why. What’d you tell her? That I thought so, too, and I wasn’t exactly sure why. I told her the best thing we can do for you is to make sure you knew you weren’t alone. So we bagged the ice skating and made some art instead.

[ Sighs ] What? I never thought something so helpful could hurt so much. What is it about that punk that makes you want to protect him from sonny? D-dex saved ava’s life. I mean, if he hadn’t gotten her to the hospital on time, avery wouldn’t have a mom. Spencer, you didn’t even know the guy, and you punched him in the face. What is wrong with you? I thought you couldn’t stand him. Oh, so you decked him for my sake? Don’t do me any favors. Okay. Okay. “Welcome back, spencer. Glad you survived super max. Uh, thanks for being a pal.” Clearly, I’m not needed here.

[ Door slams ] Rory: I can’t breathe. Dante: Hang in there, okay? We’re gonna get you some help. Hey. Cabrera said it was the hook. I just missed her. She must have just jumped out the window. Okay. Set up a 10-block perimeter. Find out if anybody’s reported an intruder. Bring in all patrol units to canvass the apartments, set up a dragnet.

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Sighs ] How you doing, cabrera? We can’t wait for the paramedics. Let’s get him up. Let’s get him to the car. Come here. Give me a hand. Put your legs down, okay, buddy? Come on. Let’s go. All right. Let’s go. You’re good, cabrera. We’re gonna get you help. Dispatch, this is commissioner ashford. We have a dead body in the apartment. Get the medical examiner and csu here now. You know something? Spill. Alexis, we got to be careful with what we do with this information. I’m not supposed to have it. I’m a law– I used to be a lawyer. I know how to keep a secret. So how about we — we don’t do anything with the information unless we both agree? Deal? Deal. Okay. What do you got? Okay. I talked with trina last night, and she was talking with ava. Apparently, jordan is getting outside advice about our serial killer’s profile. From the fbi or a forensic pathologist? From the devil himself — ryan chamberlain.

[ Sighs ] Austin was blackmailing spinelli. Blackmailing him? How? Well, it has to do with society setups. Wait. Spinelli’s algorithm? You know about the algorithm? I think I knew that. Not that it really matters, because whatever illegal things spinelli did, you would not use against him or turn him in or use his genius for your own benefit. No, maxie, of course not. But wait. Austin did? Yeah. He forced spinelli to run us, austin and me, through the algorithm, which is a total violation, because I never signed up for society setups in the first place. Which means whatever data spinelli gathered on me, he got by hacking and breaking through firewalls and — and stuff. Wait, maxie. Spinelli would never use your data against you. No, I know that. I don’t love being hacked, but if there’s anyone I trust to do the hacking, it’s spinelli. I just don’t trust austin. Jordan is consulting with ryan chamberlain? I guess to catch a serial killer, you have to talk with a serial killer. Look, I’m gonna go shower, and we’ll talk somewhere private. Josslyn: You kept surprising me and doing the right thing when I least expected it. Now I’ve disappointed you. Is that it? I’d be lying if I said no. I’m sorry about that. Me too. Not for me, but for you. You know, my mom and jason are incredible people who gave everything they had to sonny, trusting that he would do right by them. Instead, he screwed them both over. And I don’t want you to be one of those people. Can you believe spencer? What, he learned that in pentonville? Leave it to him to ruin his own homecoming. Typical. He got too caught up in his own B.S. That he just didn’t think. He never does. What are you doing here? Uh, grabbing food, wreaking havoc, reaping the consequences. The usual. Hi. Hi. I guess I’m still not used to seeing you around. Yeah. You’re not the only one. Did you know that a new rule was enacted in my absence where friends are forbidden from sticking up for each other?

[ Scoffs lightly ] I mean, that’s a broad reading. Sticking up is allowed as long as it’s welcome. Well, I will be sure to consult you next time before I butt in, ’cause cam is so over me. Well, whatever you did, I’m guessing your heart was in the right place. You’re not the same guy who returned to port charles hell-bent on destroying ava. You mean

this is progress? Now you just have to work on your execution. Well, I will get on it. Hopefully, I will have something to show for it the next time that I’m in town. “Next time”? I’m taking off. Elizabeth and i ended things. It all came apart last night. And I thought I was holding it together for violet’s sake, keeping her from seeing what I was going through. But obviously I did another bang-up job. Your daughter is extremely perceptive. She would have picked up on your pain blindfolded. There never should have been anything for her to pick up on. I should’ve done better. I should’ve done better for her. I should’ve seen what was happening with elizabeth sooner and made different choices, better choices. Your assessment of your actions may be a little skewed in light of recent events. Elizabeth and I were… we were trying to build something together, some idea of a family. But that’s all gone. But violet, she needs that. And how do I take that away from her again? Must you? I know you still love elizabeth. Love doesn’t fade away so fast. It may shrink or be eclipsed by other feelings, but it’s still inside there, waiting to re-emerge, sometimes stronger than before,

if both people want it enough. I appreciate that, dad. I do. But you don’t understand. Elizabeth… elizabeth will make up her own mind. You need to know what’s in your heart. Do you want to salvage your relationship? Dante: We need some help here. Jordan: Injured officer. He’s bleeding heavily. We need a gurney stat! Hey. Let’s get him up. Easy, easy. Lay him down flat. All right. Get some pressure on these wounds. -I got it, I got it. -Rory. What happened? We need the antivenom that saved diane miller after her attack. It was the hook. Okay. You ready to go? You said you heard about this from ava? Yeah. She was at spring ridge. Um, she witnessed the interview. Apparently, the pcpd used her as bait for chamberlain. So he answers jordan’s questions in exchange for ava being present. Remind me to pick up ava’s tab for the next hundred years. Yeah, right. Same here. So, esme was an intern when I was at spring ridge. She said that she was a psych major at pcu to explain her interest in chamberlain. Question — did ryan say anything to jordan to hint at where esme can be found? You know, trina didn’t give me the play-by-play, but she did let something slip that caught my attention — chamberlain believes that esme is not the killer. And we’re gonna take his word for it? Alexis, I have pored over chamberlain’s file. That guy hasn’t lifted a finger in anyone else’s interests except his own. So if he says that esme’s not the killer, it’s because it serves him and not the police. Jordan is onto something, and I do believe there is more to their twisted relationship besides psychopath and psychology student. So what do we do with that information?

[ Cellphone rings ] I do believe we’re about to find out. Hey, jordan. Curtis, I’m trying to reach taggert. Do you know where he is? Uh, he’s traveling.

[ Cellphone chimes ] He’s doing a security consult out of town. Portia should be able to track him down. Portia’s busy. Trina’s at kelly’S. Can you pick up trina and bring her to G.H. Immediately?

What’s wrong? It’s happened again. There’s more to this divorce than what you’re saying. Why don’t you just tell me what it is? You know, maybe we can salvage our marriage. There’s nothing I can say to fix this. Well, give it a shot, will you? I think you owe me that much. I was prepared to cut you loose. Do you remember that? Everybody in my life urged me to move on. Everybody told me that you weren’t good enough for me. Some people said that I was lucky just to survive you, and I was so close to listening to them. But I tuned them out. Just yesterday, I told you that I — that I wanted to try, and you ate it up. And now you’ve changed your mind? I don’t — why?! Because they were right — I’m not worthy. I am still the faithless man today that I was yesterday. I don’t understand this. What is going on? I had an affair with elizabeth.

Austin was so great when I met him. He delivered bailey lou. He got knocked unconscious for his trouble. Then I lied to him about what actually happened for months. And when the truth finally came out, he was kind and understanding. Well, that’s good. Then you got to know the best part of austin. Yeah, and I chose to ignore the not-so-great parts. Like how mean he was to brook lynn. Or how he manipulated poor chase into spying on the quartermaines. He was super apologetic about that. But I-I did choose to push that to the back of my mind. But spinelli never liked austin, and he’s liked him even less the last few weeks. Now I know why. I say poor spinelli. Yeah, because it’s never fun to be blackmailed. Especially not when the blackmailer’s dating the mother of your child. Which brings me around to georgie, who also never liked austin. I thought she was just being difficult. Now I think she might have been right. You and elizabeth? One affair wasn’t enough for you? Show scott the offer and get back to me. How did it happen? When? Where? In the bed we shared together? Or did you and elizabeth rut around in the dirt at the quartermaine picnic? I’m not getting into the details. I have a right to know. It’ll only hurt you. Why stop now? So how did the two of you end up together? I wouldn’t have you, so you came on to elizabeth? Maybe — maybe it was the other way around. Did she catch you in her bottomless pit of need that so many fools are too weak to resist? Don’t talk about her like that.

[ Voice breaking ] What were you getting from elizabeth that you didn’t get from me? My child. Elizabeth is pregnant, ava. She’s having our baby. Widen the perimeter. I want every uniform and detective on this. Yes. Have the uniforms check the dumpsters nearby. Even those not on duty. Maybe the hook left some bloody clothes in one of them or something like that. And, also, we gotta take a closer look at the exotic animal smuggler and his cell records. We need to know who he was talking to, who he was texting, who he was meeting with. Yes. Yes. All that. Thanks. Hi. H– are you okay? Uh, it’s — it’s not mine. It’s officer cabrera’S. Isn’t that trina’s boyfriend? Wait. [ Sighs ] Was it the hook? Was it esme? Detective falconeri, get cleaned up. That’s an order. Okay. Was cabrera attacked by the hook? Here’s my statement — tonight, one of port charles’ finest is fighting for his life after a cowardly and brutal attack. My department will do everything to bring this perpetrator to justice. And I’ll be damned if I lose another one of my own. You can quote me on that.

[ Monitor beeping ] Administer the antivenom. We don’t know for sure it was esme — the person with the hook.

[ Sighs ] We’ve got another bleeder. He needs the antivenom. What if the police are wrong? The antivenom’s in short supply. Just do it. If his wounds don’t kill him, the poison will. You’re taking off? As soon as the terms of my release from prison are met, yeah. Then you’re, like, what, going on vacation? No, “vacation” implies a return home, and port charles no longer qualifies. But your family lives here, your friends. So do all the people who look at me like I’m dirt. Do those people have more power over you than the ones who care about you? Those people are few and far between, trina. You’re wrong. And if you’d just open your eyes, you’d see. See what? See who? My eyes are open, which is how I know to look down whenever I encounter someone who I have disappointed. So I’m gonna move on, and I’m going to disappoint strangers.

[ Chuckles ] That’s not funny. That’s sad. Maybe. But it is true. And I am certainly not going to get what I want here. And what’s that? To know how it feels… when you matter so much to someone that it hurts them when you’re gone. I’ve got the reverse down pat. I know all about hurt. Just not the part when it’s returned. Trina. Curtis. Spencer: What’s going on? I think joss and cam should hear this, too. I say that we go to a nice place, just the two of us. -First, we should talk. -Cameron. Josslyn. You, trina, and spencer need to come with me to G.H. Right away. Trina: Why? Police commissioner’s orders. She wants you where she can keep eyes on you. And it’s probably best that you’re under police protection. Okay. What happened? There’s been another attack. Who? Trina, I’m sorry. It’s rory.

What is wrong with me? I burn my life down with peter, and then I turn right around and jump into a relationship with someone who blackmails people. Wait, hold on. Austin is absolutely wrong for blackmailing spinelli, but he is not in the same league as peter. But my mistake was the same. With peter, I chose to ignore the red flags and see what I wanted to see. Austin — not a psycho. Thank god. But not who he pretended to be. Okay. And when did you get confirmation of that? I told you — this just happened. And what did you do? I told austin he wasn’t who I thought he was, and I walked out. And what are you doing now? I’m venting to a friend. Exactly. You’re not in denial. You’re just following your instincts. You’re taking a step back to re-evaluate, to be fair to yourself and to austin, to consider what you want, what you don’t want, what you like, and what you don’t like. Then you can act accordingly. Okay. I can do that. I know you can. Hey, at least my life’s not up in flames. That’s progress. My foot’s stuck. Hey — oh — I’d like to think you’re concerned about me, but it’s just another excuse for you to hate on sonny. I don’t need an excuse. And it’s a waste of energy to tell you anything different when this is what you want to do. You have no idea what I want. Then why don’t you tell me? You know how to surf? Yeah, my dad’s australian. I didn’t really have a choice. Is it hard to learn? Um, I don’t remember learning. I kind of just always knew how. You think you could teach someone? Uh, well, that depends. On what? On who wants to learn. I need you to sit up and drink this for me, okay?

[ Groans ] Or you’re gonna need my help. All right. Come here. Sit up. Damn. What? All of this, it wasn’t supposed to happen.

[ Chuckles ] Well, it did. Thank you for the coffee. Can you give me an update on cabrera’s condition? All I know is, they’ve got him in the trauma room, and he’s bleeding heavily. Mm. You know, jordan’s tight-lipped. She won’t say anything. How’d you hear about the attack? Because I was there when — when curtis got the call from jordan. And jordan sent curtis looking for trina, which suggests to me that this has something to do with the hook. When the police arrived, they called for antivenom. Venom? We both know where that’s been mentioned recently. The killer’s letter. You’re bringing a child into this? You’re subjecting a child to your misadventures with victor and esme? I never meant for this to happen, ava. The sex was a mistake. The baby is not. I couldn’t make this unhappen even if I wanted to. And I don’T. I have to take care of that baby. I have to do right. I got to protect it from victor and esme or anything that can harm it, or anyone who would try to use this baby for their own advantage. I — just, I can’t fail another child. You may not understand any of this. But you must understand that much, don’t you? Keep me posted. Dante: Any news? Mac is on site. Okay. I’ll go see if he needs some help. No, dante, I need you here. Why? I’m not doing anything here. I’ll be much more useful out in the field. You need to be here. You need to see this through — not only for your sake, but, more importantly, for officer cabrera’S. How’s rory? Is he okay? I don’t know. The doctors are working on him now.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] Nikolas: Please, just take my offer. What’s the alternative — war? I mean, just, what else is there to —

That’s what I think of your offer. You could have killed me. Remember that. Go on. Go be with elizabeth. Be a daddy. Good luck with your do-over. I’m sorry. I… never wanted to hurt you. I hate this. Mm, you don’t know what hate is. Maybe I’ll teach you. It doesn’t have to be like this. That’s true. It could be far, far worse. And who knows? Maybe it will be yet. God have mercy on you, nikolas. You’ll get none from me. Mom.

[ Voice breaking ] Please tell me rory’s gonna be okay. He’s lost a lot of blood, honey, and he’s bleeding internally. And his treatment’s based off of dante’s accounts of what happened.

[ Crying ] Can I see him? Honey, he’s very weak right now. Okay? He’s incoherent.

[ Monitor beeping ] Rory! Rory! Rory, rory, rory!

[ Crying ] Oh, my god. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, rory.

[ Weakly ] It was… too soon… to tell you how I feel. But… I’m not sorry. When you know, you know. Rory. Rory, rory! Rory! Rory, rory. Please. No, rory. Rory, rory. Please, rory.

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