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Ridge: So, I’m surprised to see both of you here.

Brooke: Why not welcome you back from your trip?

Taylor: Yeah. It went well?

Ridge: Did– did it go well? I wasn’t– I wasn’t on holiday. It was– I was, um… I spent time soul searching, if that’s what they call it.

Brooke: Glad to hear it.

Taylor: Yeah, me too.

Ridge: Okay. I got a text.

Taylor: Yeah, we both wanted to see you.

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: And that’s understandable. I– I could only imagine what you guys have been going through and now, I just– for my part in this, I apologize. I’m sorry.

Brooke: Are you?

Taylor: Are you really, ridge?

Hope: I think ridge might be coming back to los angeles to reunite with my mother.

Steffy: Wouldn’t count on it.

Hope: Well, we know ridge left to do some thinking.

Steffy: Well, the more time he considers what he wants in life, I think he’ll realize it’s my mother.

Hope: But, if he has to think that hard about it, is it really meant to be?

[ Knocking on door ]

All: Hi.

Finn: We, uh, ran into each other on the elevator.

Hope: Oh, uh, well I think it’s good you’re both here.

Liam: Yeah, why? To referee?

Steffy: No, actually. Hope and I were having a fairly civilized conversation.

Liam: Why? What happened?

Steffy: My father is coming back home.

Liam: Oh, wait. So ridge is on his way home now?

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: He must have made his decision. Either he’s gonna spend his future with taylor or with brooke.

Hope: I think we all know what direction this is headed in.

Steffy: I can see it now. My parents married, living blissfully at the beach house.

Hope: I know that’s what you want to have happen, steffy.

Steffy: That’s what’s gonna happen.

Liam: Well, okay, to be fair, the only reason ridge and brooke broke up in the first place was because of thomas’ whole stupid scheme with the fix–

Steffy: I admit, what my brother did was reckless, and I do feel bad for brooke, but it doesn’t erase the bond my parents created.

Hope: Even though a big part of it is based on a lie?

Finn: No. Ridge made it very clear that the cps call had no bearing on him wanting to marry taylor.

Liam: Yeah, true, but he didn’t go through with the wedding, so.

Steffy: Okay, part of me does wish I didn’t say anything and I let my mom tell my father about thomas after the ceremony. They still would be together right now.

Ridge: Did anything happen while I was gone?

Taylor: Well, I–

Charlie: And there he is. The big cheese. The grand fromage. Welcome back to los angeles, oh, exalted one. Get the sense that my timing is a little bad here. I’ll uh, circle back later.

Taylor: Alrighty. So, um, where were we?

Brooke: Well, um, we were wondering if ridge really does feel remorseful.

Taylor: Oh, that’s right.

Ridge: I do. I’m, uh– I’m more sorry than I could say. I’m trying to explain to you–

Taylor: We are not here to listen to your explanations or your apologies, so.

Brooke: No. You are here to listen to us.

Taylor: Yeah. To actually hear us. You’ve put us through a lot.

Steffy: It’s complicated things have been ratherkies last night.

Hope: Well, at least the kids seem unaware of all the concern. They had a blast decorating cookies last night.

Steffy: Yeah, they did. Kelly’s finalizing her list for santa, singing songs. I mean, it does feel normal at times.

Finn: It’s nice considering things have been rather unpredictable lately.

Liam: That’s the understatement of the decade. Somehow, I didn’t have sheila coming back from the dead on my bingo card.

Steffy: It’s complicated enough.

Hope: Yeah. And then we had thomas faking that cps call, trying to ruin my mom’s marriage.

Liam: See, that right there, I’ve given up on trying to predict everybody’s next move.

Steffy: Same, but I do have my suspicions.

Hope: Steffy, we all know you want your parents to ride off into the sunset together.

Steffy: I do.

Hope: Okay, just… you know, ridge has let you down before. That’s all I’m saying.

Finn: To be fair, we just need to wait it out.

Liam: We all know that you both want what’s best for your mothers.

Hope: Yeah, but at this point, it’s almost a guarantee that one of our moms is going to get her heart broken.

Steffy: Well, we do know how much brooke wants this to work out in her favor. I’m predicting a meltdown.

Charlie: Hi, everybody. And what a handsome group you are too.

Liam: Hey, charlie. How’ve you been, man?

Charlie: Well, I’ve been good. I, uh, don’t mean to interrupt, but I have some breaking news that you might want to hear.

Steffy: Is– is this about the raffle prizes for pam’s bake off because we really don’t need to hear that right now.

Charlie: No, it’s about– it’s about your right hand man. You’re co-compadre?

Steffy: What?

Charlie: Your dad. He’s back.

Steffy: Charlie, I know. Yeah, he’s coming home.

Charlie: N– no, no, no. I mean he’s back, back, back. He– ridge is on the premises.

Hope: Already?

Charlie: Yeah. He’s in the office de grand fromage having a tete-a-tete-a-tete.

Hope: So, who’s he with?

Steffy and hope: My mom?

Charlie: Affirmative. And affirmative.

Steffy: What do you mean, charlie? Is my father with my mom?

Hope: Or with mine?

Charlie: Well, ridge is with taylor.

Steffy: Oh, thank god.

Charlie: And brooke.

Hope: Wait, so ridge is with both of them?

Brooke: Taylor and i have been talking.

Ridge: You’ve been talking. Well that’s– that’s good.

Taylor: Is it good? Is it?

Ridge: Yes, it’s good. I’ve always said that you– you guys should talk to each other. You have a lot in common. You have a lot of– a lot of things to talk about, see eye to eye on a few things, right? Why not?

Taylor: Yeah, well we definitely see eye to eye on a few things now.

Brooke: Yup, yup. We have a lot more in common than we even realized.

Ridge: I’ve always been saying that.

Brooke: We’re mothers and we have successful careers and we’ve been waiting for the same man most of our adult life. So, did you… process any of your thinking?

Taylor: Well, I’m thinking he did because he went away to process and gain a new perspective, you know.

Brooke: Of course. And you went away too.

Taylor: I did too. I went away also. I went away to do the same thing and I kind of wanted to stay away, you know, like I’ve done in the past, but then I realized, I want to stay in los angeles.

Ridge: I’m not sure what you guys are doing here, but um, glad you’re back. For the kids.

Taylor: For the kids. For the kids, yup. That’s what this is all about. Yeah. Speaking of our kids, I should’ve told you what thomas did before the ceremony started, I know. But man, I was– I was thrown off balance. I… I kept thinking about all of the promises that you had made me in aspen. Your commitment to me, to our kids. I just… I wanted to believe you. I did believe you. I– I… I took you at your word. But I do want you to know that uh, the time we spent together was um… magic.

Brooke: And I want you to know that, uh, you’ve always been the love of my life, and you still are.

Taylor: You know, I’ve never known you as anything but a– but a wonderful man, a loving father. My heart… yeah.

Brooke: I feel the same way every breath that I’ve taken, every heartbeat has all been for you.

Taylor: My best friend.

Brooke: My destiny. But you can’t have both of us, ridge.

Ridge: I know. And I went away because I… I know I can only be with one of you.

Taylor: No.

Brooke: You can’T.

Liam: So, the three of them are together right now? Ridge, brooke and taylor. In one room.

Hope: Mm-hm.

Liam: Cool.

Hope: Yeah. Sounds pretty intense. I wonder what they’re talking about.

Finn: Well, whatever ridge does, whomever he chooses, I hope he lets the other one down gently.

Steffy: Yeah, my father’s not gonna be a jerk about it.

Hope: But it’s not really fair it’s up to him. I mean, he’s kind of… he has their future in his hands.

Steffy: I’m sure he’s not enjoying this. He’s not going to take it lightly.

Liam: Like we had to witness brooke suffering first hand when she thought it was like, over over and I– I– I do not want to watch her go through that again.

Hope: Yeah, I don’t think she’ll be the one hurting.

Steffy: You haven’t seen my parents together. The love they have between each other, the joy.

Hope: We could say the same thing about ridge and my mom. I mean, I grew up with it. I’ve heard all the stories, you know, about how they first met, my mom catering at the forrester estate. How they locked eyes from across the room and it was love at first sight, but I do have to say, I think that love is going strong.

Brooke: As much as I adore you, ridge, when you left me in aspen–

Ridge: I left you in aspen because I thought you betrayed me, my son and my family.

Brooke: I know. You told me you thought it was my voice, but it wasn’T. It was thomas! But the thing that really gets me is that you didn’t talk to me about it. You didn’t open up, and if you did, we could’ve handled it right then and there. Instead, you ran off to aspen, I followed you there, you walked away from me, I had no idea what was going on. I thought I did something. I mean, oh, my god! Who does that? What kind of man runs to taylor, to propose to her, all the while, he’s still married to me?

Ridge: I’m sorry I hurt you.

Taylor: You hurt both of us, ridge. I didn’t know any of this. Nothing. You came chasing after me, like literally chased me. You chased me up a mountain. Because I was running away from you, and I told you to leave. But you didn’T. You stayed. You stayed me and you convinced me and you pleaded with me and you told me that this time was different. Out of all the other times, this time was different because– because you had seen the light. And you knew what you wanted and that was me. For always. And then you promised me that you would… keep my heart safe. And I bought it. I bought it! And then what happens? We get engaged. And then, what did you do at the wedding? What– what happened at the wedding?

Ridge: What did I do or what happened?

Taylor: Both.

Ridge: Steffy objected.

Taylor: Oh okay, so that’s– that’s what you’re going to say to everything I just said. Sure, steffy objected. She knew that thomas had made that cps call on himself and she also knew how important it was to not start a marriage on a lie. And here’s what I was thinking. The same thing because if what you promised me in aspen was the truth, we would’ve gotten married regardless. But we didn’T. You walked away. You left me there with my heart shattered. Again. You lied! Why? This is wrong, ridge. Everything, everything you have done is wrong! God!

Brooke: Taylor’s right. What’s the #1 retinol brand brooke

Hope: Well then, you should

Steffy: Look, I know all about brooke and my father’s romantic history. Who doesn’t?

Hope: Well then, you should understand why a bond like that isn’t easily broken.

Steffy: I’m not clueless. I know on some level that my father will always love brooke. I just don’t want her to continue to be obsessed over him. Brooke was with my father for many, many years and now, it’s time for my father to be with my mother.

Hope: So now taylor gets a turn? Steffy, this is not how this should work.

Steffy: Look. Obviously, our mothers are fighting over the same man, and that man happens to be my father. You think that brooke needs my father and I think my mom does.

Taylor: We don’t need you, ridge.

Brooke: No. We are not weak women.

Ridge: I never said that you’re weak women. You are strong, independent women.

Taylor: You have no idea how strong we’ve had to be.

Brooke: We have been stuck in this same cycle for decades.

Taylor: For decades! You’ve had it good though. You have two families. One with me, one with brooke. You love two women. Lucky guy.

Brooke: But you can’t have two women. I mean, we both love you, ridge, but…

Ridge: But what?

Taylor: But we’re tired and exhausted, actually.

Brooke: Yes. We are better than this.

Taylor: We’re done fighting.

Brooke: We deserve to be happy.

Ridge: I agree. I always agreed with that.

Brooke: Good. Glad you agree.

Taylor: Mm-hm.

Brooke: Because taylor and I, we’ve made a decision. And we choose us.

Taylor: Yes. We choose ourselves. Our dignity, our self-respect. We’re done.

Brooke: We are done.

Taylor: We’re done.

Brooke: We are.

[ Both chuckling ]

Taylor: Goodbye, ridge.

Brooke: Goodbye. Come on, taylor.

Taylor: Yeah. Oh, one minute.

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