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Recap written by Eva

Traci suggests to Lily that she and Billy should talk to a couple’s counselor to get them over this rough time in their relationship. Lily thinks this is a good idea and tells Traci she will talk to Billy about it. Billy and Daniel have a drink at the Grand Phoenix and Billy is bothered because Daniel tells him he shouldn’t have left Lily alone at Chancellor Winters when she needed him. Daniel also wonders what Billy’s new career direction will be, but Billy stands up and walks away from the table. Daniel tells Billy that the new idea he is working on is a platform to help people find their purpose.

Tucker and Ashley have a winter picnic at the lake and, as they talk, Ashley figures out that Tucker plans to take over Chancellor Winters and Jabot so he can run the newly merged company with her and Devon. Tucker denies that is his plan and instead offers to give Ashley money to start her own business empire.

Jeremy Stark has a talk with Phyllis and, at first, she tells him she wasn’t the person who anonymously called him and told him that Diane was in Genoa City. Phyllis changes her mind later and tells Jeremy the truth that she did call him, but she had no proof that Diane turned him into the police. Phyllis also tells Jeremy to go back to California, but Jeremy tells her Diane has something he wants and he isn’t leaving town without it.

Phyllis later goes to Jabot and tells Jack and Summer the details of her conversation with Jeremy. Jack and Summer are happy that Phyllis finally admitted to then that she brought Jeremy to town, but they are upset that Phyllis doesn’t realize that her actions put them in danger. Jack tells Phyllis that he is done with her and if it were up to him she would be fired but he will leave that decision to Kyle and Summer.

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