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So Chad is a fan of habanero salsa. Yep. Spicier than better. It’s surprising even his otherwise vanilla lifestyle. Maybe he’s more interesting than I give him credit for. Well, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to know that his, uh, his order met standard. I am sorry he had to skip out on his dinner, but his loss is my game.

This fa is delicious. , you made this mm-hmm. . It’s my secret weapon. My um, neighbor who gave me the recipe said it. Perfect date dish and I wanted to make a really romantic dinner for Alex. So well, you succeeded. I’m sorry that you wasted your perfect date dish on me.

Mm. Bunny told you she was going for a walk at this. And it’s freezing outside. Uh, well, I don’t think she noticed that it was, uh, the time or the temperature. She was, uh, quite upset. Distracted. Distracted by what? Well, I, I’m sorry to say. Especially after all that she’s already been through, uh, uh, there was an incident at the pub and it took her up.

What kind of incident? Bonnie obviously is still dealing with the effects of this ordeal in, in, in the garden shed. And, and, and she was convinced that she saw the person that kidnapped her and it freaked her out.

Bonnie, what hell are you talking about? What was me? Aren’t you terribly intersect with me? You creep, you know what you did? No, I, I really don’t. Fine. You wanna play that game? I’ll spell it out for you. You are the sicko who kidnapped me. Zander Cook. You’re the muscle bound clown

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So, how’s the job search going? Any bites? Not yet. Apparently the Leo Stark brand is not as delectable as these nots. Well, I’m sorry to hear that, but don’t be too discouraged. You haven’t been looking that long. Says the CEO and Nacho Hog, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Hey. Okay. I’ve been kicked around plenty of times before and I got right back on my feet, and so will you.

All right, because you’re smart and you’re resilient and you’re gonna figure something out, Leo. Yeah. Well, it may take a while. That’s the problem. Since I am, as you have no doubt, observed a bit of an acquired taste. Hmm. Usually I get what I want by making it impossible for people to say no to me. Okay, well then just do that.

Or better yet, create a job for yourself. Find some unknown niche, and then fill it in English Jackson. Okay? Um, come up with a unique way that only you could be an asset to accompany or a person, and then go out there and make it. Im. For that person, our company, to say no to you. I mean, that’s, that’s worked well.

It’s worked for you in the past, right? It has. I did actually pitch myself to Gwen suggested that the Spectator could use a fabulous new gossip columnist. That’s great. How’d it go? Well, uh, she didn’t pounce on it, nor did chew laugh in my face, so, okay. Well then there’s hope. Depends on her boss. Mr. Jack, Debra.

Jack. Hi. What a surprise. I hope I’m not bothering you. No, no, of course not. Um, is everything all right? Yes, yes. Everything’s fine. I’m just stopping on the way home from the Spectator. Wanted to talk to Xander. Is, uh, is he home? Come on, man. You love, you’re not making any sense thinking that, that I. Muscle band clown.

I mean, it’s, it’s absurd. Where’s all this coming from? Straight from the clown’s mouth, apparently. I just heard you say, I’m not gonna let this situation destroy my life. So, so I heard the clown say the exact same thing. Only he didn’t have an Irish accent. I’m Scottish. It’s the same thing. No, they are not.

Yes. You know what? Who cares what your accent was or wasn’t? You said exactly what that clown said. That’s how I know you’re that horrible evil clown. Darren, would you keep your voice down? Down, would you? How was that? The clown said that too.

Bonnie hit Roman with a tray and knocked him. Yeah. Yeah. She thought he was the clown. The kidnapped her. Oh my God. Was Roman hurt? Well, no, thank heavens he was very kind about it. Oh, Justin, I feel so bad for Bonnie, but Sarah sh she, she thinks that maybe Bonnie is suffering from ptsd. T S D sounds likely.

So where’s Bonnie now? Is she walking home? I dunno, she didn’t say where she was going so. You just let her wander off into the night in that state of mind? Well, she rushed out so quickly. I, I, I didn’t occur to me that I had to chase after her, but I wish now that I had chased after her or somebody had, and I’m so, I’m sorry, Justin.

Okay. You know what, Maggie, it’s, it’s okay. It’s okay. You didn’t know she would just. You don’t go missing. Why would you correct to find her? Everything you’re saying and the way you’re saying it, the clown said it too. But Bonnie, I mean, it’s not as if the clown and I were quoting Shakespeare reciting poetry.

I mean, we just said ordinary things that people say all the time. Or are you gonna tell me that the clown said that too? Not that I can remember. There you go. You see? You just. What’s the difference is Bonnie, focus on the many differences between me and your clown. It’s not my clown. Okay. I mean the clown like whatever.

I’m not him. No, you are that clown. I just, I just know it. You’re the horrible evil clown that Ron Clowns for me forever. You please to keep your voice down. How could you do that to your family? I mean, you and I are blessed. You and I aren’t pleasant. Chewing just an are, just like Mimi and I.

That’s your daughter, right? How’s she doing these days? Mm-hmm. , that clown knew I had a daughter named Mimi. And so do you, lots of people know Mimi Hunters, maybe even for heaven. My daughter Traum. Of course not. I’m just saying that she’s very popular. Bonnie. All, I mean, is that all these reasons that you have for thinking I’m that clown?

They, they don’t hold up. Yeah. Are you or are you not? Muscle. I mean, I like to stay fit, stay in shape. No, no, no. You and the clown have the exact same build. So there’s a lot. Supervisor gyms are full of people that love to work out. People like you. You’re obsessed with your body. Oh, and say, I’m obsessed and highly disciplined.

Like I’m saying it, this muscle bear clown. I’m not him. You tell it to the judge, Hey, what are you doing? What does it look like I’m doing? I’m calling the cops.

All finished. Oh my God, that was great. . But uh, yeah, I’m definitely gonna want some seconds, but maybe we should get to the working part of this working dinner. You’re right. I just. I hate having to do this. Paulina put in so much hard work, all of us did, and for her to step down now before she even gets a chance to start, well, maybe she’ll change her mind, decide she doesn’t wanna release a statement.

I wish, but she sounded pretty determined. On the phone hall is saying, there’s part of my mind that’s still worrying, trying to come up with a way out of this. Do you have any thoughts? Not yet. And at the end of the day, it’s her decision and we have to respect it. So I guess this is the end of the road.

Yeah. For Paul on in the end for us too.

So did Gwen think that Jack might be interested in noting a gossip column? All I know is that she was gonna run it by. But you didn’t think he’d be too excited by the idea. Okay. Well, if I know anything about my uncle, it’s that he has very, very high standards, especially when it comes to the spectator, the subtext being that a gossip column would be too low brow for the Almighty Spectator.

Okay? First of all, if you do get the chance to talk to my uncle, don’t be your normal, irreverent, hilarious self, okay? Because when it comes to his company, he has no sense of humor. Also, your part. Brand of humor may not just be for wants. So duly noted. Although I am somewhat insulted. Okay, well, don’t be, and if it’s any consolation, I actually think you’re pretty funny when you’re not pushing for a laugh.

You think I push for laughs? Uh ooh. Sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. But you think I’m funny. I just said that, didn’t I?

Did I ever tell you? I tried doing standup once. He was in Chicago at this place called the Comedy Cellar. I had to audition five times before they finally booked me. How’d it go? Mm, it was a tough crowd. A bunch of crotchety, old boomers. Mm-hmm. . I totally bombed. I never should have trotted out. My mis piggy impression, that’s where things really went.

Although I think you would get a kick outta him. No, no, no, no, no. I won’t. Or I don’t, please. Okay. I’m not in the mood for your Miss Piggy impression, and I think you should stop focusing on standup and start focusing on this gossip column, which I actually don’t think would be too low brow for the spectator, but it would be too low brow for you.

Am I right? Sadly, you are not. Uh, I actually have a bit of a, a weakness when it comes to celebrity. Wow. Jackson. Yes. How? I love hearing that you’re human, like the rest of us. But there’s a caveat. It can be interesting and it can be juicy, but it can’t be mean spirited. My uncle’s not gonna go for that. Oh, well there goes my column.

Jack. I’m so sorry. You just missed Sander. He went out for a run. Oh. . Yeah. Um, but honestly, in this weather, I can’t imagine that he will be gone for long. If you wanna wait. Well, actually, I put in an order at the pub. I don’t want it to get cold, so, uh, I, I just wanted to come by and see how he’s doing. See how things are going with the new job.

Huh uh, well, I can fill you in on that one. He, I guess he didn’t tell you, but, um, he quit. Why? Uh, I guess his boss wanted him to do something that he wasn’t comfortable with.

Bonnie, please don’t call the police. You don’t have any evidence. They’re just gonna think you’re crazies. Crazy. I mean, misguided, definitely mistaken. Let’s just calm down. We can talk about evidence. You know what? Let’s both go to the police, both tell our stories and see who they believe. Oh, This is interesting.

Well, who is he? You know what I’ve decided? I’m not gonna call the police after all. Oh, good girl. That’s such a relief. I, I knew you’ve realized. Yeah. I’m gonna tell Justin. I think you’d be very interested to know what his cousin did to his

Bonnie. Hey, it’s, it’s me. Um, Maggie just told me what happened at the pub. Obviously I’m really worried about you, so please, sweetheart, call me as soon as you get this.

You welcome.

What do you mean is the end for us too? S J P R has plenty of other clients. Yeah. Well, I, I only signed on as a consultant for Pauline’s campaign and I planned on staying through her transition into the governor’s mansion and how that’s not gonna happen. So I think that my work is done not by a long. I asked you to work on the price campaign to see if we worked well together, and we do.

Yeah. We work well together. Sure could. So if it’s settled, you’ll stay on as a consultant. Yeah. It’s not just that, I just, I don’t think it’s a great idea. Why?

Because of Alex.

Sohan didn’t give you any idea where she was going. All she said was that she wanted some air. Okay. Well, she could have gone very far on foot. She’s probably downtown somewhere, so I’m gonna go go find her. I’ll come with you. I do. No, no, no, no, no thanks. But you stay here just in case she comes back. Okay.

Uh, yeah, you’re right. I didn’t think about that. It when, okay. The minute she comes in, I’ll call you the minute she walks through that door, . Okay, let’s go. Sure.

Oh, she’s now cold. Still breathing. Thank God. Well, course you think I would actually kill her. How would I know what was all that about Anyway, what was all that about? That was, that was about me saving your undeserving hide. How did you even know what was. Well, I was on my way over to give you that employment contract that I’d dummied up.

You’re welcome for that too, by the way. And I heard Bonnie accusing you of kidnapping her and she was gonna tell Justin everything. But now thanks to my very quick and clever thinking, she’s not gonna do that, is she? So how about instead of worrying about the woman who threatened to put you in prison forever, you show a bit of appreciation to yours truly.

That would be nice. Yes. Thank you, Gwen. It’s just that I’m, I’m not so sure you saved my hides so much as delayed. It’s inevitable ending. Ending. What are you on about? She’s in no state to go tell anyone any anything. No, not right now, but when she wakes up, she’s gonna scream her head after anyone that will listen about what I did.

Hey, have, at least I’ve brought you some time, haven’t I? Sorry. Any ideas? Well, I have been in this situation before when I’ve tried to avoid having somebody just shooting their mouth or foot over the place. But, um, yeah, you’re not gonna like my suggestion. Try me ship off the Damara Island. You’re right. I don’t like it.

Well, do you have any other better ideas then? No, maybe she just turned myself in. She wakes up. I’m gonna be outed as a clown. Not necessarily.

That is terrible that Sandra’s boss would ask him to do something unethical, but I’m proud of him for standing his ground. Yeah, me too. I’m just sorry. He had to lose his job to do it. I, I would offer him something in the spectator, but I, I, no, I don’t worry. He, he understands why you can’t. Xer told me that you didn’t think it was a good idea for him to work at the Spectator because of Gwen working there.

I, I thought that for everyone, it’d be better to keep some distance between them. You thought that Gwen was still in love Withand, given their history, it seemed a, uh, a wise choice. And what about now? Do you, do you still think that that’s the case?

Wait, I’m sorry. You, you, you’re not gonna do the, the gossip column if it can’t be mean-spirited. I was kidding. My gossip column will be witty and informative. The only tea I serve will be very sweet. Oh, you mean like a little feel good article you gave to the intruder about Chad coming on to you? Alright, well that might have been a teeny bit mean spirited, but as you know all too well, I was devastated over losing Craig and lashing out at everybody.

I blamed for it. Yeah, instead of blaming yourself. Look, I did a lot of things I’m not proud of. I’ve admitted. To Chad, to Brady and Chloe and to you. I really am sorry about that. It’s, it’s fine. Okay. You already apologized to me. Remember the night you came to my office. Granted it was a little less memorable than what happened afterwards.

Oh, you mean finding you flat on the floor about to bleed out and then being accused of stabbing you. And while I didn’t attempt to murder you, considering everything else I put you through. The apology bears repeating.

I mean it sunny. I feel awful about what I did. You’re such a good guy and you’ve been so cool and forgiving about everything. Not always. Well, recently, once you knew how much I regretted being such a jerk, how ashamed I was.

I wish there was a way I could make it up to you.

And what does Alex have to do with you not wanting to work with me?

So you’re totally. With Alex staying. Stephanie, why wouldn’t I be? Steph is gray. Dan seems like he, he won her over som getting pretty cozy the other day. How was that for me? Fine. Chad. Hey, you don’t have to lie to me. Hey, it sucked. Yeah, of course it did because you were jealous.

I think I, it, it, I, I think it’ll just be, uh, uncomfortable. For who, for Alex, obviously. He, he, he was before, I mean, when we first started to work with working together, he thought that we were sleeping together. Okay. But that was a while ago and I said him straight about that. Besides, he knows that you and I are just colleagues and friends.

And I mean, it would be different if something romantic were going on, but you made it very clear that that couldn’t happen because you’re still mourning Abigail, which I completely and totally respect and well, Alex and I both know that you’re not ready for a relationship, right. So, If he doesn’t have a problem with it, and I really don’t think he will.

There’s nothing stopping us from working together unless, and is there some other reason why you’d rather not

Sunny Boy. Hey, I’m glad I ran into you. Hi. Have either of you seen Bonnie? Bonnie, your dad’s wife? No. Why is something wrong? Well, hopefully not. My dad’s been trying to call her. She hasn’t answered, and he’s starting to get really worried. You know, she’s been having a hard time since she got kidnapped. She was kidnapped.

It’s a long story. Look, do we know who the last person is here was? Maybe they have some idea of where she went. Maggie and Sarah took Bonnie by the puppy to try and cheer her up, and then she took off all alone. Nobody knows where she is. Bonnie. Bonnie, are you here?

I, I actually don’t know that much about Gwen’s feelings at the moment, but I’m guessing or hoping that she’s way more interested in her work at The Spectator than in Xander. She’s really throwing herself into her writing. , so I’ve heard mm-hmm. . Yeah. In fact, uh, she offered to write an article about Xander’s company.

Really? I, I, I, I didn’t know that. Yeah. See, that’s why I asked about Gwen’s feelings, because I wasn’t so sure that there was an article. If this was just an excuse to get close to Xander? Well, either way I don’t think it would’ve be a problem. It would be a problem for me. Yes, yes, I understand that. But my, my, my point is this, but no matter how Gwen feels, she knows that Xander loves you.

She knows that Andrew’s completely committed to you, and you know that too. Of course. Yeah. Yeah, of course. I dunno. You really think this could work? It has to. It’s our only option. I think you’re right. We need to do it fast before Bonnie wakes up. Let’s get cracking. I need to do so.

I need you to me as,

so is Xander looking for another. . Oh yeah, definitely. I just, I hope that what happened at rednecks isn’t too discouraging for him. Well, he did stand up for himself. I have to admire him for that. I do too. I’m sure he is gonna get another job soon. Uh, please just tell him, tell him I said hello. Of course.

And please give your mother my love next time you see her. Oh, I, I definitely will. Gonna be talking to her in a little while and asking about how poor Bonnie’s doing. Oh my gosh, what an ordeal that was. Yeah, and she’s still very traumatized by it.

So dad’s out looking for Bonnie right now. Yes. She’s not answering her phone, so the only way of tracking her down is driving around to see where she might have gone and asking anyone if they’ve seen her. Is there anything I can do to help? I wouldn’t want to interrupt your dinner plans. You’re not okay.

We just happened to run into each other. Believe me. It’s not planned. It was more like kismet. Shut up. That’s probably dad. It is Dad. Hey dad. Did you find her? No, no, but I think I’m getting closer. I found something of hers in the park off the square. Can uh, can you meet me here? I’ll be right there. Did he find her?

No, but he thinks he found something of hers in the park off the square. Let’s go. I hope you find her and I hope I get that gossip column. Lady whistleblower’s going to have a hell of a lot to dish.

Sorry. You want me to what? Pop me a good one Right across the face. You honestly want me to hit you? Gwen, this isn’t gonna work unless you do Zander. What? Just make a fist and give a go. Oh, I just don’t think I can do that. What are you talking about? He’s just not Bonnie, our Cole. Yeah. I didn’t have the bloody look at her when I did it did.

What if I hit you from behind? Well, I’m just a bit worried that you might be too good at that and we can’t risk you actually knocking me out. Can you hit yourself? Ah, the, the bruises won’t look right. It’ll be much more convincing if you do. Wait is all this hemming and horn because you’re worried that I’m gonna blame you for whatever damage you do to my face.

Don’t worry, Gwen. I absolve you of any blame. Give you full permission to knock my block off. Believe me, I’ve got it coming.

Gwen. Time is a factor here.

Oh God. I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t do it. I can’t. Why not? Oh. Because when I’ve hit someone before, it was because I was really upset and I’m just, I’m not really upset right now. Well, how about this? To meet your blood boy, I show Sarah over you.

Chad, is there another reason you don’t want us to keep working together?


No, there isn’t. Um, I’m really glad you want. Stay on. I enjoy her collaboration. It makes two of us

poor Bonnie tied up and held hostage by masked maniac. Can’t imagine how scary that must have been for her. I know, and unfortunately she keeps reliving it. Mom and I took her out tonight to try to get her mind off of things. We were unsuccessful. Um, Bonnie thought that she saw her kidnapper in the pub.

Oh, the woman has definitely been traumatized. Yes. You know, I, I’m keeping tabs on the police investigation of that. Are there any leads at this point? A’s accomplice is still out there, but sooner or later with luck, they’re gonna catch him. And when they do and bring him to justice, maybe that will bring Bonnie some peace of.

Dad. Hey son. Hey. I ran into him in the square. He said he wanted to help out. You said you found something at Bonny’s. This is hers. I found her lying on the ground. She must have dropped it when she was walking. Yeah. And from what Maggie said, she’s still very upset about what happened at the pub.

Apparently she’s seen things she’s saying like what kind of things? Like people wearing clown masks, like the one her kidnapper war. Do you think maybe she saw something in the park and. You ran away,

g Guinevere. What’s up? Did you talk to your father About my column? Uh, no, sorry, I haven’t had the chance. Oh, so you’re not calling to tell me I got the job. Actually, I may have a job for you, Mattie, if you’re interested.

As much as I dread writing this statement for Paulina, we should probably get down to business. Uh, at least we can start tonight on a positive note. Here’s to our continued successful relationship, N SJ P R. Fast.

Color me. Intrigued. What’s the job? Do you remember that I told you that Xandra and I have a secret? Hmm? How could I forget? Well, I need to let you in on that.

Oh, did you find Bonnie? There’s no sun of her yet. Yeah, we were hoping she came back here. No, I’m sorry. I’m trying to tell myself not to worry, but I think it’s time we call the police.

Tina, I know that you are committed to your cardio. This is a long run even for you.

Street of voicemail.

Oh my God. I know how to get that

Well, thanks for dinner. I’ve never had Ethiopian before. What was that? That marinated, minced beef stuff that was. Married the chili powder. S marinating. The chili? Yes. Oh my God, it was so good. And then those spongy like sour flatbread thing, the way wrapped it up in, it’s called inna. Yes, both of them. Oh, so good.

Well, I’m glad I expand your hair horizon, huh? It’s at least I could do.

Sorry, I, I came over here to sell up my attorney’s fees and I ended up talking your off about Nicole. I don’t mind really, I. I mean, breakups are rough. Plus it sounds like you really loved her. Yeah. Did she’s, um, certainly already moved on. She’s shacking up with her ex, her other ex-husband.

We left the bloody doors open.

Woo. I finally got Holly to bed. Only took two and a half stories. . Well, I hope she doesn’t find it too difficult to fall asleep in an unfamiliar house. Well, you know, I think she’s has some fond memories here when she was living with Chloe and Stephan, so I think it’ll be an easy transition. Thank you.

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