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when you left me never to be heard from again, you didn’t just stomp on my heart and walk out of my life. I’m not following. Because I know that when you left, you were carrying our child. You know that we had a child? Of course. A daughter. Honestly, heather, do you really think you could hide her existence from me? Yes. In fact, I went to great lengths to make sure of it. What do you want? Is that any way to talk to the man who’s granting your wish? Are you…pregnant? I am. You know for sure? Another man’s baby. Sherry. Bleh. If I had known that you were going to be here tonight with your boyfriend celebrating, I would have insisted to my uncle that we go elsewhere, especially after I heard what rory said to you. It — I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop. He practically announced it to the entire restaurant. Not that I blame him. If I was in his place, I’d want to…tell everyone too. I have a question for you. Can we start over?

[ Knock on door ] Oh, thank god it’s you. I need you to stop me from making a huge mistake. -H ow was your flight?-No complaints. Thanks for sending me first class. Carly. -How’s the room? -Perfect. Can’t afford first-class amenities like the metro court as a firefighter. I read you were an emt before you joined the fire brigade. That’s right. Yeah, saving lives.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, first female firefighter in clairborne county. You have accomplished a lot. I’ve come a long way from the friends for peace and love commune. Most of us were so lost back then. Was that true for willow’s birth mother? Willow, hi. I’m surprised to see you here. I’m meeting michael for dinner. What brings you here? Who’s willow? Oh, I’m sorry. You — you knew her as kali. The — the baby that I wanted to talk to you about. Baby kali goes by willow now? Yeah. She’s a full-grown woman with a child of her own and another on the way. Kali was such a sweet girl. Good tempered. Considering where she came from, she — she found a good home with lorraine. Sorry. Harmony. Yeah, um… tell me more about that. Wh-where did baby kali originally come from?

Y, michael. We’ll have date night another night. Yeah. Great idea. Okay. You have a safe flight. And don’t forget to bring back wiley a present, or he will disown you.

[ Laughs ] Love you, too. Bye. Last-minute business trip? Oh, you know your son well. He thought you and i could have dinner instead. If you don’t have plans, that is. Harmony said that a pregnant woman joined the commune, she gave birth, and then abandoned the baby. But I’ve got cause for doubt. Harmony wasn’t the most reliable. But that’s exactly what happened. I remember joan well. She was sweet, but troubled. When she left the commune, she abandoned the baby. Our leader, josiah, asked lorraine — I mean harmony — and her husband, doug, to take the baby. And we’re talking about kali, right? Harmony always wanted children but was never blessed with one. That is the story that harmony told. You can believe it. Harmony was as honest as the day is long. I am so sorry. I don’t believe you.

[ Sighs ] Well, um… it happened when I got back from monterey. I was struggling with what my parents had told me about… what happened to reiko. Why didn’t you come to me? I… I guess I-I felt guilty. I was afraid you would never forgive me. What have I ever done to make you think that? I’ve done nothing but stand by you. When you were mourning the loss of your husband, through your hospitalization, I’ve been there. I know, I know. And that’s why I can’t ask you to stick around through any more of my trauma. I would have stuck with you through anything. Who’s the father? Nikolas. Are you gonna let me go outside so I can pick out a christmas tree? There’s no need. Demetrius. Season’s greetings! Oh, what is that? Well, it’s a tree. You said you wanted one. Here it is. Thank you, demetrius. Not a problem, sir. That wasn’t the deal, and you know it. Well, I agreed to nothing. Honestly, esme, did you really think that I was gonna let you out of this room, given that you’ve tried to escape before? And did you really think that I was bluffing when I said that I would tell nurse baldwin about my going over the parapet? You don’t seem to understand, esme. What you say is irrelevant. As far as I’m concerned, you’re more of a vessel, one that needs to be fueled and maintained until my precious cargo arrives. And once our child is here? Enjoy the tree. It’s bad enough that you left me. But you make it sound like you didn’t believe that I could be a father to our child. I didn’T. You weren’t capable, any more than I was. What would we have done with a baby, richie? Raise her.

[ Scoffs ] In that derelict mountain cabin where we were holed up, pretending to be other people? We couldn’t even make a bed, much less a life for a kid. We could have tried. Well, there’s no use looking backwards now, is there? Okay. So somehow you discovered that we have a daughter. I won’t stand in your way if you want to try to find her. Oh, I don’t need to try to find her. She’s been coming to see me here for months. Guess it was meant to be. So, what’s going on? Roy took me to the pc grill tonight for our three-month anniversary. Oh, that’s sweet. That’s just it. Rory is sweet and romantic and considerate. Mm, sounds like a real problem. You’re right. I am being ridiculous. You said yourself that you envied my relationship with rory. He’s everything I should want. But love isn’t about what you should want or should do, is it? It’s about following your heart. What if the path my heart is taking me down only leads to more heartbreak?

You are having a baby with him? Yes. You’re not hungry? I already know what I’m ordering. I can only stand to eat about five foods these days. Oh, did you struggle with nausea in your first pregnancy? I’m sorry. We — we don’t have to talk about that. It’s okay. I-I just… I don’t think about that time in my life that often. Not only because I lost jonah, but I was very lonely. I didn’t have a lot of support back then. It’s gonna be different this time. It already is. I’m so grateful for the family I have through michael. And the family I have yet to discover. A couple of years later, harmony and doug left colorado with the baby. And joan never went looking for them? Joan got mixed up with drugs. Years later, when I was an emt, I responded to an overdose call at a known flophouse. It was joan. Wait, willow’s birth mother, she died? I’m afraid so. This masochistic heart of mine is prone to finding homes with men who betray and abuse it. Which is why, when we follow our hearts, we should still rely on our heads a little bit too. Because, as you said, complicated men lead to chaos. Mm, and how. I know I should choose contentment over chaos, but… but the heart wants what it wants. Oh, trina, what I wish for you more than anything is happiness. No matter where it leads you. Even if it leads to spencer? Before you say anything, uncle victor is not going to consider staying at the metro court. He wants us to stay here. Well, I’m sorry if it seemed like I didn’t want you to stay in the house. It’s just I’m not sure that it’s healthy for us to share a living space yet. But if we are — I do not need a lecture on underage drinking. Just wasn’t aware that you’d developed a taste for sherry. Well, the whiskey is gone. Do I need to lecture you on the amount of alcohol that you’ve been drinking? I can’t seem to keep pricey spirits or darjeeling tea in stock since uncle victor moved in. Is he around here? I came home alone, so he’s probably still at the pc grill. You skipped out on dinner? Yeah. I lost my appetite. If you want to talk about anything… I’ll find someone who gives a damn. Thank you. Spencer, I have many faults, but not caring about you isn’t one of them. I love you, son. Then you are in a distinct minority. What makes you think that you’ve met our daughter? Oh, heather, are you going to try to tell me that you haven’t kept tabs on our daughter? You know damn well she worked her way into an internship here. I assumed it was a coincidence.

[ Laughs ] Hardly. She tried to find me the moment she came to town. How? I made sure there was never any clues about her parentage. Well, I guess you weren’t as careful as you thought. She had something of mine, once belonged to a girlfriend. One of your souvenirs? Yes. I always wondered what happened to my special chain of keepsakes. Yeah, well, I stole it one night when you were asleep. Wanted something to remember you by. Odd choice of nostalgia. Odd necklace. The items on that chain can tell a lot of tales. If it falls into the wrong hands, I’ll hold you responsible. Ooh. Wow. Is that a threat, lover?

[ Glass shatters ]

Your grandmother, your aunt alexis, your uncles, cousins, your friends. It’s — not all my friends. She said we’re not even friends anymore. Trina said that? Mm. She and deputy do-gooder were making eyes at each other at the grill. You should have seen her. So content and at peace, adored by someone who is worthy of her. You are worthy of trina. I mean, you got yourself sent to prison for her. After I dragged her, for months, through lies and selfishness. My ex-girlfriend drugged her and then framed her for filming that video of joss and cam and then distributing the video to all of pcu! Trina was almost framed and sent to prison for esme’s crimes. So I understand why she rejected me. Because she’s finally found someone with the courage to confess that he loves her. It’s not too late, spencer. Tell her how you feel. It is too late. The cop loves her.

[ Sighs ] And I think she loves him back. I only just found out about the pregnancy myself. I… I guess congratulations are in order. I’m assuming ava’s as much in the dark about this as I was. Boy, nick’s gonna have a lot of explaining to do with his wife. Not only did he get another woman pregnant, but he’s also potentially harboring a known fugitive on his estate. Well, you won’t have me to bother you about it anymore. But I’m sure once I call the commissioner, she’s gonna want to get to the bottom of this. No, you can’t do that. Sure I can. Esme’s a danger to everyone in this town. And if you think I’m gonna protect nick for you, you’re mistaken. Spencer’s been released from pentonville? That’s right. Oh, just in time for the holidays. But seeing spencer made me wonder if I can keep seeing rory. I mean, how can I pretend to have feelings for rory that I actually have for someone else? Well, some could. But not you. You’re too honest. You’re too genuine. Trina, just listen to your heart. And it doesn’t matter what I think or your parents think or anybody else. It’s just so complicated. Love can be that way. Spencer’s hurt me, and he stood by while his girlfriend hurt me, too. And now she could be going after the people that I love to hurt me even more. As prolific as that hateful girl is, she may be innocent of one thing. It could be that esme is not the hook killer. Your chain will remain in my hands. A place, as I recall, that you always felt safe. You were careless. With me and my keepsakes. No. Not careless. I was just wearing the chain the day that i dropped our baby off. When I went to try to leave her, she screamed and reached out, grabbed the chain. It broke, all the keepsakes scattered everywhere. I did my best to retrieve them, but obviously I missed one. It was on her when social services took custody of her. It’s what she used to find me. Clever girl. How could she not be? She’s ours. What’s she like? Other than clever. Tell me about our daughter, ryan. Our esme. Willow: How is the search going? Drew said you’re helping him find my birth parents. Where I can. I mean, it’s really the drew show. Drew said he might have information for me today. What do you think he found? Do I have siblings, maybe even nieces and nephews? Oh, that would be great. But, you know, finding birth parents can be tricky. I would know. But you found bobbie and learned you had a brother and an uncle. After lots of tears. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t really have a choice. The thought of losing any time with my family keeps me up at night. What are you talking about? You’re so young and healthy. You have many years ahead of you. Are you okay? No, actually. I’m far from okay.

Willow, you know you can tell me anything. What’s the matter? I’m just… thinking of the new baby. Hoping he or she will grow up to be healthy and happy. You’re thinking of jonah. We never forget the children we lost, do we? But you and michael, you’re gonna have a baby that’s strong and beautiful and healthy. You have been so good to me, especially after I lost my mom. I’m happy my kids will always have you. Thank you. They’re gonna have you, too.

[ Chuckles ] I know. It’s just so much can go wrong in a pregnancy. Yeah, but you’re gonna have the best medical care this time. What more could you need? Did joan have any siblings? None that she mentioned. I just assumed she was an only child. Even if she wasn’t, most of us lost touch with our families when we joined the commune. Right. Yeah, what about — um, what about willow’s birth father? Did joan ever mention who he might be? I wish I could help you. Joan was a troubled soul. The only one she was close to was josiah, the commune founder. He was crushed when she left. Huh. Well, I guess that’s it. Thanks so much for flying out to meet me. You’re paying. Yeah. Can I ask you something? Sure. How did baby kali’s life turn out? Um, well, she’s had some challenges, but she’s very well taken care of. Life is hard without means. It’s good she doesn’t have to struggle. Whenever you’re feeling scared or unsure, please call me. Helping you through this pregnancy is an honor, especially since I didn’t get the opportunity with wiley. That was nelle’s loss. I won’t make the same mistake. Ryan: Ironic, isn’t it? You knew our daughter before I even knew she existed. And now I know her in a way that you could only dream of. I stayed away from her because I wanted to protect her. The world sees me as crazy, dangerous. I just didn’t want her to grow up with that incredibly misguided association. You succeeded. She’s very sure of herself. And we’ve built a special relationship. Lucky you. She ever ask about me? Oh, wouldn’t you like to know? Esme isn’t yours alone. If you try to keep her from me because I kept her from you — that’s not it. I can’t share her because she’s missing. What do you mean, missing? I haven’t heard from her in a while. But given what happened some weeks ago, I know why. What happened? Ava cassadine sent her over the parapet at wyndemere. Based on the wording of the letter the killer sent to the invader, ryan chamberlain does not think it came from esme. And you believe the word of a psychopath? Well, nothing is definitive, of course. But I know ryan. And not only does his logic make sense, I know he would do whatever he could do to protect me. So if he had information that could stop the killer, he would definitely share it. At least when I thought it was esme, I knew who to look out for. Now the killer is back to being an anonymous, scary, shadow figure. That’s why you need to stay here with your mom and curtis and be extra vigilant.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Thanks for letting me know. At least it’s not all bad news. Really? How so? Maybe esme left town after attacking cam’s mom on the docks. Hopefully that was the last we’ve seen of her. What a way to end the year. Ironic, isn’t it, ace? This time last year, spencer and I were both free and in love. Now we’re both locked up and alone. I’m not sure about anything. Except that I don’t need to be behind bars to still be in prison. Nikolas: Prisons are of our own making. I mean, you are assuming a lot about rory and trina’s relationship. I know when there’s no hope. Do you remember that book you used to read with your grandmother, the one about the baby birds? Yeah, the nest was always in danger from, you know, the wind or the — was it a woodcutter? You could not get enough of it. You loved how the mother and the siblings saved that baby bird again and again. You remember that little bird’s name? Mnh-mnh. It’s hope. Mm. And the mama bird kept saying — “hold on to hope.” That’s right. That’s kid stuff. I think it’s a lesson for everyone, no matter what age. Sometimes hope is all we have in this world.

Well, enjoy the restof your stay in port charles. Yeah, the metro court is a five-star hotel. I could get used to this. Well, order anything you want. Just go ahead and put it on my tab, okay? Okay. I might just stay and order one of those fancy cocktails I saw on the menu. Oh, you do that. Thanks again for coming. Nina claims things would have been different had she and nelle known they were mother and daughter. That’s not true. Nelle was a sociopath. Knowing nina was her mother would not have made her any better. Hi. Hey. I didn’t expect to see you two here. Uh, yeah. Willow invited me to a private family dinner. Oh. Well, then, I mean, I don’t want to intrude, but I-I do have an update on the search for your mother. I’d love to hear it. That’s my cue to get out of here. Carly, please stay. No, no, no, no, no. This is private. You guys should talk about this, and I’ll be back. Okay. Thanks.

[ Breathes deeply ] What did you find out? The police won’t find esme on spoon island. How do you know? Uh… I’ve been spending a lot of time over there at wyndemere with nikolas. And here I thought we were taking it slow. Oh, you are good, elizabeth. You are very good. Let me ask you something. When were you planning on telling me? Or were you just gonna wait till you started to show? I know you don’t want to hear this. I never wanted to deceive you. The other day, when you ran out of my office, you didn’t want to talk about our relationship. Was that — was that him who called? He needed me. And I didn’t? What an absolute fool I’ve been. I realize now you were trying to let me down easy when you said you wouldn’t blame me if I broke up with you. God, finn, you deserve so much better.

[ Laughs ] That’s rich. My hope gets me through the darkest of times. Your hope that ava will forgive you? My hope that you will. I’m going to bed. Spencer, wait. Hey, I-I’ve made mistakes, alright? And while I keep trying not to, I keep making them. And I can’t give you advice on romantic relationships. And there are not many areas that I can counsel you in. Then don’T. But there’s one quality that has served me throughout my life. And I see it inside of you, too. The propensity for alienating those we love? Persistence. Neither of us like to be denied. So we’re both prideful? No, it’s — it’s — it’s more than that. It’s what made me forgive you when — when I found out that you were ava’s stalker or what kept me visiting you in spring ridge, even though you told me you wanted no part of me or what drove me to pentonville even though I knew that you would reject me. Whatever you do with trina, that’s up to you. But neither of us give up on the people that we love. And I can tell that you love trina. I know you’re worried about making a mistake. But I can’t tell you what to do. Just listen to that little voice inside your heart. The problem is, all this background noise is drowning out my little voice. But it’s there, honey. I know it’s there. And whatever you choose, whether it’s to stay with rory or try with spencer or go it alone, just know that I am always right here to support you, okay? Ohh. What about you, ava? What is your little voice telling you about nikolas?

[ Sighs ] My voice is really loud and really clear. The question is, will I listen to it? Is esme dead? No. I’ve seen her since.

[ Breathes shakily ] But it’s the last we had contact. Well, maybe she’s just lying low because the police suspect her of those hook attacks. If esme can’t at least send word, it’s because she’s unable to. And it’s not because she’s the hook killer. Well, of course she’s not. If the police had any imagination, they’d know that. But what do you think did happen? The last time she was here, she said she had business to take care of. What business would she have in port charles? I don’t know, but I suspect it has to do with the cassadines. The invader reported that the last she was seen was on pier 55. Which is where you take the launch to — to spoon island, yes. Oh, god. Why would she go back to a house full of people that wanted to kill her? Maybe to retrieve something that she needed. Personal items, maybe money. I swear, if they harm one hair on her head, I will make them pay. No,

we will make them pay.

We? Lover, you’re stuck in that chair. People tend to underestimate me.

When I walk out of here, you never… have to talk to me again. And I know I don’t have a right to ask, but I need something from you. What could you possibly ask of me? I know I don’t deserve your consideration, but my boys don’t know about the pregnancy. And I’d just really appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone. Elizabeth, I would never do anything to hurt your boys. Ava: Trina, just listen

to your heart.

It doesn’t matter

what I think

or your parents think

or anybody else.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] I don’t need that drink anymore. Good news? “Hold on to hope.” Daddy, I need your help. I am out of ideas.

[ Door opens ] It’s not much. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. Enough that you’ll stop crying? Only for you.

[ Both chuckle ] You know, it’s not bad, considering. I can be resourceful. Have a good night, esme. Well, ace, we asked your grandfather to show us the way, and as usual, he delivered.

[ Laughs ] I’d forgotten. You’re the master of shock and awe. What else can you still do? Care to find out? Hell yes. But… we’ve got to focus on esme. We have to find out what happened to esme and punish those responsible. I just, uh, met with someone who knew harmony on the commune when — when harmony unofficially adopted you. Did you find out more about my biological mother’s identity? I did. Why the hesitation? Well, I sh– I should verify the information first. Ugh, I-I can’t wait that long. I have to know what your source said. I’m sorry, willow, it’s — it’s not great news. Ms. Makenzie? Like I said last night, call me denise. Okay. You can call me carly. How’d your conversation with drew go? Exactly as you wanted it to.

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