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Steffy: Oh my– oh my– oh, my gosh. I am so sorry. Wow. Mom, I’ll call you back. I’m so sorry. Did I get that on you? I got it on me.

Sheila: No, no, no.

Steffy: No, let me just see. I just wanna check. I feel terrible. I’m so, so–

[ Steffy gasps ]

Steffy: Sheila!

Finn: Deacon. Hey.

Deacon: Hey, finn.

Finn: How are you?

Deacon: Uh, honestly, you know, I’ve been better. I’m just– I’m having trouble concentrating, you know. I– I keep thinking about your theory about sheila. It just keeps popping into my head. You– you really think she’s still alive? You really think she’s out there somewhere?

Finn: Yeah, I do. The question is, where? Are you sure you haven’t seen her? You have no idea where sheila is?

Hope: Hmm. What’s that for?

Liam: Hm. I don’t know. I just thought a hug might help.

Hope: With?

Liam: Improving the general mood. I mean, we got a pretty big bomb just dropped on us just now. Figured some tlc might be in order.

Hope: Hm. Well, then I hope you cleared your schedule for today because I’m going to need about, oh, a million more hugs in order to put sheila out of my mind.

Liam: This is absolutely insane.

Hope: Yeah.

Liam: That sheila might actually be alive.

Hope: Mm-hmm. And that she has just been out there somewhere this entire time. That she faked her own death. That she cut off– I don’t even wanna think about it. I don’t want this weighing on all of us again.

Liam: Sh. We’re just gonna do that, yeah.

Hope: I just feel like– you’re right. That does help.

Hope: It’s just hard to wrap my head around that.

Liam: Yeah. Because it’s literally unthinkable. It’s too much. It’s too much to process. I mean, we’re supposed to be done with sheila by now, right? We’re– we’re supposed to never have to think about her again.

Hope: Well, maybe we– we won’T. I mean, at this point, it’s just a theory, right? I mean, finn and steffy, they don’t have actual proof.

Liam: Yeah. Well, I mean, it’s close enough, right? Finn said he examined the toe. It wasn’t bitten off. Anyway, he said he told the police, so I’m sure they’ll investigate.

Hope: Would sheila really go that far to cut off her own toe?

Liam: I mean, it’s sheila, so, yes. Listen, I– I just think finn wouldn’t be sounding the alarms if he weren’t certain that sheila is still alive. And you heard him. He’s certain.

Deacon: There you go. Look, I promise you, if sheila is alive, I don’t have a clue where she is. I mean, according to the police, she’s dead. She was mauled by a bear.

Finn: She was mauled by a bear. I know. But that was a mauling that she faked.

Deacon: I just find it kinda tough to imagine her cutting off her own body parts.

Finn: But is that any more tough to imagine than a bear attack? An attack that somehow left just one measly toe? No, deacon. I looked at it very closely. That toe didn’t come off because of teeth or claws. It was severed sharply with a knife, by sheila herself. Now, I just gotta figure out what she’s been doing since and where she’s been hiding out and where is sheila?

Steffy: Your toe. Sheila. Oh my god. Sheila? Wait, no.

Sheila: No!

[ Steffy panting ]

[ Gun firing ]

[ Steffy gasping ] You are not calling the police.

[ Gun firing ]

[ Steffy panting ]

Deacon: Hey, finn. Look, sheila could anywhere. She could be halfway across the country. Hell, she could be halfway across the world. Okay, look. If she is still alive, my guess? We’re not gonna see her or hear from her ever again, especially ’cause she’s probably dead.

Finn: She’s not. At least not from a bear attack. Look, uh– steffy has been gone a minute. I’m gonna go check on her.

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah, sure. Uh, enjoy the rest of your meal.

[ Steffy panting ]

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Finn: Baby. Whoa, whoa. Hey, what’s going on? You okay? Hey, hey, hey, hey. You all right?

Steffy: No, no, no, no. I can’t– I can’t believe. I can’t believe.

Finn: You can’t believe? You can’t believe what? What’s going on? Steffy.

Steffy: I saw sheila. I saw sheila.

Finn: What?

Steffy: I– I– I think it was her. I saw her toe. And it– it was her. It was her. No, no. We have to go after her. We have to go after her now.

Finn: Wait, steffy. Steffy! Whoa!

Hope: It’s scary, isn’t it? I mean, we thought we were safe.

Liam: Well, with sheila dead, we were. But now…

Hope: What if it’s true? What if sheila really is alive?

Steffy: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. I should have gone after her. I should– I should have gone after her.

Finn: No, no, no. I’m glad you didn’T. Remember what happened last time you followed sheila into an alley?

Steffy: It was her. No, it– it was. I know I saw her. We need to call the police.

Deacon: What happened? Is this about the police?

Steffy: I think I just saw sheila.

Deacon: Here?

Steffy: Yeah. Just there in the bathroom. I– I was walking towards the restroom and I had my drink and I accidentally spilled it on a woman. And then I– I went to get a hand cloth and wipe her off and I looked down and– and that’s when I saw it.

Deacon: You– you saw what?

Steffy: She– she was wearing sandals and she was– she was missing a toe.

Finn: A middle toe, the same as sheila?

Steffy: Yes. When she– when she cut off her– her toe which– which foot– which foot? Was it right or?

Finn: The right. Her right toe. Her right middle toe. Was that the one?

Steffy: Yes. Oh, my god, yes. Yes.

Deacon: Okay, listen. You– you would’ve recognized her if it was sheila, right?

Steffy: I– I– I was shocked. I don’t know. She was like in some kinda disguise or something.

Deacon: Did she say anything?

Steffy: No. I– I– I said something. I said, sheila, and then she– she took off.

Deacon: Took off.

Steffy: She was gone. She went out the back.

Finn: Okay. Well, it was obviously her. Otherwise, why would you run?

Steffy: Exactly.

Deacon: I can’t believe this is happening.

Finn: Well, I know this seems impossible, but based off what steffy’s saying, this is–

Steffy: Sheila’s alive. Sheila is in los angeles. I just ran into sheila carter. And now please welcome ana montoya.

Liam: Well, it’s good steffy already called about the extra security.

Hope: Definitely. I just hate that we have to go back to living in fear again.

Liam: Well, look at it this way. It’s better that we know, right? Instead of not, and thinking sheila’s still dead and getting totally caught off guard, right?

Hope: True. It’s just frustrating and frightening and I don’t wanna believe it.

Liam: I don’t either, but… finn and steffy seem pretty sure.

Hope: I know. I know. They’re probably right, but I just– I hope– I hope they’re not. I hope they’re wrong.

Finn: Unfortunately, no. She was long gone by the time we got out there. Okay. I– I appreciate that. Thank you. Okay. Baker says he’s gonna look into it.

Deacon: So it’s official now. The– the police are actually searching for a dead woman.

Finn: Baker still doesn’t sound convinced, there’s a lot to this yet. But he already asked forensics to reopen the investigation after I told him about the toe. So hopefully, after this run in he’ll–

Deacon: So are they– are they coming here?

Finn: Probably. I’m sure he is gonna wanna question the staff and see if anyone has any info on her.

Deacon: I just can’t believe she’d be foolish enough to come back here. A place that she used to work. Where there– there would be so many people that could recognize her?

Steffy: I’m telling you, she didn’t look like herself. It’s a pretty good disguise.

Finn: Well, clearly. She felt confident enough to be out and about in public.

Steffy: Do you think she’s been following us? That’s why she’s here.

Finn: She could be. Or she was here to make contact with an old friend. Maybe she was here to see you.

Deacon: Yeah, I don’t think so. I– look– look, I know you guys think you’re onto something here, but I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that she’d be as dumb as that to come back here.

Steffy: It looked enough like her and she was missing a toe. It can’t be a coincidence.

Deacon: Yeah. You’re probably right.

Finn: Well, one way to know for sure.

Deacon: There is?

Finn: Security footage. You have cameras in here, right?

Deacon: Yes. Yeah. Sure. Yeah.

Steffy: Yeah. Can you get the security footage?

Deacon: Yeah. I’m– okay. I’m gonna go to the server room and get the laptop and then I’m gonna go review it upstairs, okay?

Finn: Okay. Cool. I’ll come with you.

Deacon: Yeah, no. Oh, no. Stay here because if baker comes. I’ll come back asap.

Finn: Hopefully the camera’s caught something.

Sheila: Don’t worry. I’m– I’m gonna be fine.

Deacon: I don’t know, babe. Something tells me that this is gonna be the last time I see you without bars between us.

Sheila: I’m not going back to prison.

Steffy: We need to find her. We need to put her back in prison where she belongs.

Sheila: How the hell could I be so stupid wearing sandals? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Ow!

Steffy: Sheila. Oh, my god. Sheila.

[ Phone ringing ]

Sheila: So help me if you gave this number to anyone, deacon.

[ Phone ringing ]

[ Phone pinging ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Deacon: Yeah. You have my old burner phone too. How the hell did you let steffy run into you?

Sheila: I didn’t run into her. She ran into me and spilled her drink all over me. I thought I had the situation handled beautifully. She didn’t even recognize me. Then she started wiping me up like a toddler.

Deacon: This is unbelievable. You just left me. We just said our goodbyes. You weren’t supposed to be causing me any more trouble. And then you go waltzing through the restaurant causing all kinds of problems.

Sheila: Not for you. Okay? You don’t– you don’t have to worry.

Deacon: Cops are on their way! What are you talking about? When should I worry?

Sheila: No because they’re– they’re never gonna know that I wasn’t even here. Okay. And neither will you. I– I’m not gonna bother you anymore. I just– if they– if they question you, just say–

Deacon: They already have.

Sheila: Well then deny, deacon. You just deny.

Deacon: What are you gonna do if you get caught? Are you gonna stay quiet?

Sheila: No one is gonna catch me.

Deacon: I don’t know. I don’t know. I just think it’s a matter of time before they get you.

Sheila: No, that’s not gonna happen. So don’t worry, deacon. I’m off to, uh–

Deacon: You’re– you’re off to where? Sheila where? Sheila, where are you off to?

[ Phone beeping ]

Finn: I’m– I’m just– I’m sorry.

Steffy: You got nothing to apologize for.

Finn: Yes. No. For what I have put you through.

Steffy: No.

Finn: Because of sheila.

Steffy: No. Nothing sheila has done is your fault. Nothing.

Finn: I should have– I should have just listened to you. On our wedding day, inviting her in. As soon as I saw the look on your face, I should have just–

Steffy: Just stop. Just– just stop. I mean, she was your birth mother. You were– you were excited to introduce her.

Finn: No, but you knew. You knew what she was capable of and I should have trusted you. All of this suffering could have been avoided. Out in that alley, both of us almost dying. Weeks that she held me captive and the weeks that you thought I was dead. It just all could have been–

Steffy: You escaped. You– you escaped and you found me.

Finn: Steffy!

Steffy: Oh!

Finn: It’s me. It’s me. I found you. Steffy, it’s me. It’s really me.

Steffy: Oh!

Finn: Honey, I’m alive.

Steffy: You fought like hell to get back to me. Now, we’re gonna continue to fight. We’re gonna find sheila and make sure she’s arrested.

Finn: I just wish I didn’t bring her back into your life.

Steffy: You need to stop blaming yourself. Stop blaming yourself that sheila carter is your birth mother. It’s not your fault. Look at me. None of this is your fault.

Finn: You’re amazing. We’re gonna find her. We’re gonna track her down and we’re gonna make her pay for everything.

Steffy: Yeah, we are.

Finn: Okay?

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: Hey, come here.

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