Days Short Recap Friday, December 9, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie, Sarah and Bonnie were hanging out when the conversation turned to Susan. They talked about what happened to Susan. Bonnie admitted to them that she was worried that the kidnapper was going to come back to get her. She wanted to put everything behind her. She walked out the room. Maggie asked Sarah about Xander. She told Maggie what happened to Xander. She told Maggie that he had proof that he was innocent. Maggie was happy for Xander. Sarah was relieved he was innocent. Bonnie came back in the room and said that she was afraid the kidnapper would come after her.

Justin showed up at Xander’s room and they talked about the debt collector. Justin was proud of him for quitting a job that wasn’t ethical. He wanted to help Xander by helping him sue them for wrongful termination. Xander wanted to forget the incident happened. Justin insisted he had a case, but Xander wanted to forget about it. Justin apologized for being so pushy. Xander just wanted to give Sarah a good life, but he messed up. He was about to tell Justin the truth, but he blamed everything on the job. Justin assured Xander that he was going to investigate the job and he wouldn’t stop him until he helped Xander. He walked out of the room. Xander began to get nervous. He called Gwen and asked her to create a fake employment contract for him. She wanted to bring it to him because she didn’t want to have a paper trail. Xander met with Gwen. They talked about the contract. Bonnie was in the area and heard Xander talking. She realized that he was the one who kidnapped him once she heard his voice.

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