Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ and Nicole woke up in bed together. She didn’t remember what happened. He said they made love. She woke up again and realized she was alone. She said she wasn’t the person Eric thought she was. EJ came in the room and offered her breakfast and a cure for hangovers. They talked about Susan and how she looked out for him. Nicole thanked him for looking out for her. She wondered what was going on with Eric. EJ said he got what he deserved. She said she felt bad for Eric. She said she regretted backing him up when he wanted Eric arrested. He said he would drop the charges for her. He said Shawn might not be so forgiving. When he called Trask, he said Eric deserved to suffer after the way he treated her. When Chanel went to Sweet Bits, she saw Murderer on the window. She tried to get it off the window. Sloan showed up and pretended to be sad about the graffiti. She said she didn’t do it. She rubbed it in that Paulina was arrested. Chanel told her she was the one she wanted.

Paulina woke Eric up. He was in a cell next to hers. They were shocked to see each other. She wanted to know why he was in a cell. He told her what happened. She understood why he had a problem with EJ. She said EJ rubbed everyone the wrong way. She told him about Chanel’s time with Johnny. Eric said he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. They talked about Sloan. Paulina wanted to tear her apart. Sloan showed up and told her to do it. Sloan rubbed it into Paulina that she was in jail. She told Paulina that she and Chanel would be able to spend time with each other in prison. Paulina said what happened was an accident. Sloan didn’t believe her. Sloan said making Paulina and Chanel pay didn’t make her happy. She said nothing would help her get over her mother. She said she might be able to pull some strings and have Paulina, Chanel and Lani spend prison together in the same prison. Paulina was taken off to see Belle. Sloan told Eric that Belle was a two-bit lawyer and bimbo. He told her she was her sister.

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