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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny talked to Chanel about what happened to his mother and Ava. She was surprised and hugged him. Allie walked in just as they were hugging each other. Allie admitted that she knew what happened since Thanksgiving. Chanel didn’t understand why she was just hearing about it. Allie apologized for keeping it from her. Chanel was overwhelmed because of what’s going on with Abe and Paulina. They all promise to be there for each other. Johnny had to leave so Chanel wondered what was happening. He said he had to meet Wendy. EJ was surprised to see his aunt Sister Mary Moira Banks at his door. She wanted answers about what happened to her sister. She gave him a hard time about finding out about Susan from someone else. He told her that he did everything he could to help her. She didn’t want him to keep making excuses. He reminds her that his mother is dead. He calmed down and said that he wanted forgiveness. She told him that God is the one who could forgive him. He wanted her forgiveness and not God’s forgiveness. She wasn’t happy that he didn’t start the funeral arrangements for Susan. She thought he was shaming her in life and death.

Nicole was upset that Eric hire Sloan as his lawyer. Sloan blamed her for why Jada didn’t have the baby. Nicole denied it and yelled at Eric about it. They started arguing with each other. Sloan was tired of hearing them argue and gave him her business card. She let him know that her home address was on the back of it. Nicole told Eric that she wasn’t sleeping with EJ. She told him that EJ gave her and Holly a place to stay. Eric was upset by it, but Nicole told him about his jealousy towards EJ. He called her out for getting mad that he was talking to Sloan and that she blamed her for why his baby was gone. She hated seeing Eric like that and she told him that EJ was looking better than he is. He told her that he wasn’t a saint and she wasn’t either. They continue to go back and forth until he realized that her opinion didn’t matter to him anymore. Nicole wanted to know if they were breaking up. Eric reminded her they weren’t together. He didn’t want to make the same mistakes. She didn’t think they would work.

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