Days Short Recap Monday, December 5, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole didn’t want to take EJ up on his offer to move in with him. He told her he was trying to help her. He said he was feeling lonely. When they were about to leave, Eric showed up. He asked if they were drunk. Eric and EJ started arguing with each other. She said she wasn’t sleeping with EJ. She said she didn’t have anywhere else to go because she ruined her marriage to be with him. She said Eric didn’t want anything to do with her. EJ continued to mess with Eric. Eric warned him to stay out of the conversation. EJ said Eric didn’t have to lose his baby and Nicole. He said it was Eric’s choice. Eric punched him in the face. Belle told Shawn that Trask was charging Paulina and wasn’t backing down. Shawn told her that Paulina might be extradited to the UK. He said it wasn’t going to be easy. He said he was stressed. She told him he had the day off. He said he didn’t because Jada called out for a medical procedure. She wanted to know what was going on. He said he didn’t know. She said her mother said Jada was pregnant. She thought it couldn’t be an abortion because Jada and Eric were happy about the baby. They left to go to the Small Bar and ran into Eric, Nicole and EJ. EJ told them what was going on. Shawn tried to get Eric out of the situation. Shawn realized Eric had a drink. Shawn tried to get him to leave, but Eric shoved him. EJ told him to arrest Eric. EJ said he was pressing charges. Nicole tried to stop him from arresting Eric. EJ said she didn’t owe him anything. She realized he was right. Shawn handcuffed Eric.

Alex walked in on Chad and Stephanie hugging each other. Alex was upset when he thought she lied about being busy with work. Stephanie and Chad told him it wasn’t what he was thinking. They told him Paulina was arrested and they were trying to figure out what to do. Alex offered to help them. They got to work on Paulina’s case. Alex and Stephanie flirted with each other. Chad didn’t like seeing it. Alex said Paulina shouldn’t have to apologize for helping her daughter. They continued to work on the case. Sonny tried to help Leo find a job. Leo said he appreciated his help. Leo said he was hungry. Sonny went to make sure he got something to eat. When Sonny left, the phone rang. Leo answered the phone. Leo spoke to Will. Sonny took the phone from Leo. Sonny told him he was helping Leo, but Will wasn’t happy about it. Will told him he wouldn’t be home for Christmas. When they got off the phone, Sonny was upset. Sonny told Leo that Will was making a movie. Leo thought answering the phone didn’t help Sonny. Leo wanted to leave, but Sonny told him to stay. Kristen told the Marlena doll that her plan to look generous to Brady worked. Brady walked in and thought it was weird that she was talking to a doll. They talked about Rachel’s Christmas list. He wanted to talk about Rachel wanting them to get married. He thought Kristen put her up to it. She said she didn’t put her up to it. She said it was natural for a kid to want her parents together. She said if she wanted them to get married, she would have forced him to marry her in order to get the orchid. She said she wanted more than that. He said she should prove her love by giving him the orchid. She said she would, but she didn’t trust him. She said they should spend the night together. Nicole told EJ that she felt responsible for Eric’s behavior. EJ said it was Eric’s problem, not hers. She said she was still worried. EJ said with Belle as his lawyer and Shawn as the arresting officer, Eric would get a slap on the wrist. Belle told Eric there was nothing she could do for him. She said the court was closed for the day. Eric mentioned that she slept with EJ. Belle was furious. She told Shawn to take him away. Brady told Kristen nothing would happen until she gave him the orchid.

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