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Recap written by Eva

Josslyn goes to Sonny’s place to pick up Donna and finds Nina. Nina hopes to put her differences aside with Josslyn and apologizes once again for keeping Sonny from his family when she found him in Nixon Falls. Nina explains to Josslyn that because she fell in love with Sonny even though she knew it was wrong, because she knew he was married and that love led her to keep the truth from Sonny’s family. Josslyn remembers kissing Dex even though she hasn’t broken up with Cameron yet.

Sonny tells Dex that if he wants to continue working for him he can’t be involved with Josslynn. Dex tells Sonny that Josslyn only helped him while he was injured…they are not involved romantically. Sonny gives Dex a gun and takes him along to a meeting with the company that wants to move guns through Port Charles so Dex can provide security for him.

Finn tells Elizabeth he wants to call Jordan because he thinks Nikolas is hiding Esme at Wyndamere. Finn and Elizabeth are on the way to his office to call Jordan when Finn goes back inside the empty patient room where they were talking because Elizabeth forgot a bottle of pre-natal vitamins. Finn remembers he saw a bottle of the same brand of pre-natal vitamins at Wyndamere. Finn asks Elizabeth if she is pregnant.

Spencer asks Trina if they can start their relationship over again. Trina tells Spencer that a public restaurant isn’t the place to talk about this and she makes it clear to Spencer that she is with Rory now.

Heather reminds Ryan of their steamy love affair when she found him in a cabin in the woods many years ago while she was on a hike. Ryan and Heather knew each other as Richard and Hazel when they had their romance. Ryan is upset with Heather because she left him without saying goodbye and because he found out later that Heather was pregnant when she left him.

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