GH Short Recaps Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Martin arrives before Valentin and Anna leave and Anna tells him that Lucy is alive and she and Valentin are on their way to find her but they must leave before the U.S Marshalls find her. The U.S Marshalls arrive and Martin distracts them for a little while but Valentin must hit them over the head with a gun so he and Anna can get away in Martin’s car. Martin stays behind to distract the other U.S Marshalls.

Jordan questions Ryan with help from his nurse to interpret his blinking. Ava is also present to help give Ryan incentive to cooperate with Jordan Ryan tells Jordan that the letter published in The Invader is from the hook attacker but the killer isn’t Esme because she doesn’t have any family and the killer used the words “me and mine” in the letter.

Sonny goes to visit Heather who is at Spring Ridge to tell her not to give the police a description of the guard who was driving the van that was supposed to transport her and Anna because, if she does talk to the police, she could suffer, an accident. Heather promises Sonny she won’t say a word to the police.

Nikolas tells Spencer and Victor that they must both stay at the Metro Court because he and Spencer are not ready to live together yet Rory takes Trina to the Port Charles Grill where, after they have dinner, Rory tells Trina he loves her but Trina is distracted when she sees Spencer walk into the restaurant with his Uncle Victor.

Finn tells Elizabeth that he loves her and he wants a future with her. Elizabeth tells Finn she wants a future with him too but she gets worried when Finn tells her that he went to Spoon Island to talk to Nikolas about Esme. Heather wears a doctor’s coat and sneaks into Ryan’s room and says “Hello lover.”

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