GH Short Recaps Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Elizabeth once again catches Esame pretending that she took a whole bottle of prenatal vitamin. Esme tells Elizabeth that Ava had something to do with her fall off the parapet and her attempted murder. Nikolas stops Esme from saying anymore but Esame is hopeful that Elizabeth will figure out that Ava tried to kill her and go to the police and tell them that Nikolas is holding her hostage. Nikolas is confident that Elizabeth will be loyal to him and not go to the police.

Rory asks Trina out on a date to celebrate their three-month anniversary of them becoming an official couple. Trina can’t stop thinking about Spencer.

Ava advises Trina that complicated men cause trouble it is best to stick with a reliable man.

Cyrus tells Spencer not to trust Victor and gives him a gift to give to Trina. Victor arrives at Pentonville with news about Spencer’s future.

Curtis is upset that Jordan won’t give him information about the hook attacker investigation, so he asks Alexis to help him catch a killer.

Marshall once again tells Portia he doesn’t want to get genetic counseling.

Jeff goes to visit Heather and tells her to stay away from his family. Ryan rolls up in his wheelchair before Jeff leaves and, once Jeff is gone. Heather tells Ryan that if he could talk, she thinks he would have a lot to say to her.

Esme asks Nikolas to let her go out and pick her own Christmas tree to decorate the storage room. Esme plans to use this as a way to escape.

Finn talks to Alexis and, after they talk, Finn goes to Wyndermere to talk to Nikolas.

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