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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny and Wendy came back from their trip. They couldn’t believe they were right about Rolf tampering with Stefan’s brain. She was afraid to talk to her brother about it. He wanted to go with her in case Li did something, but she thought they would have a better chance of getting information if they divide and conquer. Gabi and Li talked about Rafe and Nicole. Gabi couldn’t believe Nicole would hurt Rafe more than Ava. Li wondered why Nicole would want to go back to an old relationship when she was with someone else. Gabi thought he was talking about her and Stefan. She said Stefan was her past and he was her future. They kissed until Wendy appeared. Wendy said she needed to talk to him. Li flashed back to ordering Rolf to alter Stefan’s mind. LI wanted Wendy to explain why she wasn’t showing up to work to go off with Johnny. Gabi left to get Li some tea. Wendy asked if he made Rolf inject her and Johnny with the mind altering drug. She told him she and Johnny knew what he and Rolf were up to. EJ talked to Stefan about seeing Ava at the crash site. Stefan said he would be there for him. EJ said he appreciated that.

EJ said he was glad Stefan and Chloe were getting closer. He said he wished Gabi could realize that Chloe was the only woman for Stefan. EJ said Chloe was an improvement over Gabi who only wanted to get the company. Johnny walked in and wanted to know how far EJ was going to go. Stefan left them alone so they could talk about Susan. EJ told Johnny what happened to Susan. Johnny asked if he told Sydney. EJ said he told her, but she was inconsolable. EJ told him about the kidnapping. He said he warned Johnny about her. Johnny cried and remembered how he defended her. EJ told him it wasn’t his fault. They talked about Susan. Johnny said she was the first person to realize he was possessed. EJ said until the devil erased her memory. Johnny brought up how EJ had Rolf do the same to him while he was away. EJ was shocked at the timing of his accusation. Johnny apologized. He said he and Wendy knew what EJ and Rolf did to Stefan. Eric called Nicole. She told him they wouldn’t let Jada’s pregnancy come between. She asked if Jada was keeping the baby. Eric said she was keeping it and wondered why she wouldn’t. Their call was interrupted when someone called Nicole. Nicole and Chloe talked about Nicole’s marriage being over. She told Chloe that she ended her marriage so she could be with Eric. She told Chloe that she advised Jada not to have the baby. Chloe was shocked at her behavior. Nicole said she wouldn’t lose Eric again. Chloe said the baby hasn’t changed the way Eric felt about her. She said Jada wasn’t going to come between Nicole and Eric. Nicole said she wanted to be secure because she knew Eric and Jada would fall in love with the baby once it was born. Nicole said it was best for everyone if Jada didn’t have the baby.

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