Days Short Recap Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chanel talked to Allie about her concerns about staying in jail. Shawn brought Sloan in to see her. She let her know that she was going to be her worst nightmare. Allie tried to defend Chanel to Sloan, but she didn’t want to hear it. She didn’t think her mother’s death was accidental. Sloan blamed Chanel for her mother’s death. She also threw up in her face that she had an affair with her father. They go back and forth about what Chanel did. Allie defended Chanel. Sloan told her that it was hard to watch her father drink himself to death. Paulina told Abe she had an idea of how to help Chanel. She wanted him to fire Melinda. He told her that he couldn’t do that because the press was watching him already. He thought Belle would be able to stop Trask from going after Chanel. Belle told Trask that she was holding Chanel without an arraignment. She thought Trask was trying to hold up the case on purpose. Trask told her there was nothing she could do about it. Belle showed her a legal document that proved she could stop her. Belle let her know that Chanel was getting out on bail. Later, Belle let Chanel know that she made bail. Chanel rushed to the office where she saw her mother and Abe. They celebrated the fact that she was out on bail. Trask walked in the room and let them know that she had a warrant for Paulina’s arrest. She wanted Shawn to arrest Paulina for covering Sloan’s mother’s murder. Sloan smirked in the background. Kate brought tea to Jada to help her with her morning sickness. Jada told her about her everything that happened earlier. She let her know that she was getting an abortion. Kate wondered if someone talked her into getting the abortion. Jada didn’t name any names, but she told her about her conversation with Nicole. Jada wanted to be a mother, but not like that. Kate apologized to her for getting hurt. She wanted to know what was next for her. She let Kate know that she was going to focus on her career. Kate told her that she was the same way, but it’s nice to have someone in your life.

Kate hoped they could still be friends. Jada was fine with it. Eric wanted answers from Nicole. He wanted to know if she talked Jada into getting an abortion. Nicole refused to let Jada make her out to be the bad guy about the baby. She was ready to confront Jada, but he said she was too late. He let her know the baby was gone. She told Eric that they didn’t talk about abortion. He let her know she was the last person Jada talked to before she made her decision. He let her know that the pregnancy wasn’t any of her business. She was surprised by his reaction. Nicole told him they were together so it was her business. She wanted to talk to Jada after overhearing them talk on Thanksgiving. She defended her actions, but he felt that she got what she wanted. He told her that she acts impulsively. They continued arguing about it. She admitted that she hoped there wasn’t a baby and asked if he was satisfied. She apologized to him for talking to Jada behind his back. She wasn’t sorry for wishing they could avoid a complication. He knew it was complicated, but he enjoyed the idea of being a father. She brought up the fact that she couldn’t give him children. He was happy raising Holly, but he thought they could raise the baby together. She told him how he excluded her from the Thanksgiving announcement. He told her that she broke his trust by going to Jada behind his back. He was upset that the baby was gone. Nicole wanted to know if he was upset about the baby being gone or her role in it. He told her that it was both. She wanted to know where that left them. He looked at her and admitted that he didn’t know. He walked away from her, and she started to cry.

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