Days Short Recap Monday, November 28, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen closed her laptop at the office. Jack came in and wondered why she didn’t want to show her work. She told him she was working on a story about Paulina, but Chad didn’t want her to do it. She said she was waiting to do it until she fact checked everything. She thought it was the story of the year. She wondered what she should do. He said he liked how she wanted to make an ethical decision, but she was going to have to decide on what to do. He said her being determined to be a good reporter made him realize he made the right decision by not hiring Xander. She said she didn’t realize that was an option. He said he felt it was a good idea not to have them together. She told him she and Xander were seeing each other. She said they were just friends. He said he didn’t want her to be hurt again. She said she knew Xander didn’t love her and was committed to Sarah. She said she was happy for Xander. Jack said he was proud of her. He wanted to see her work. He said it was good to help one of his daughters. He told her she could call him dad. Sarah asked Xander if he kidnapped Susan and Bonnie. He said he didn’t. She wanted to know what shady thing his employer wanted him to do. He said they wanted him to say a new drug wasn’t addictive, but it was a lie. He said he didn’t want to be a part of something like that. She said she didn’t want to believe he did it, but if he did, she wanted to know. She said she wanted to look up the company he said he worked for. He told her to look. He panicked when she opened the laptop. She found the website. He was shocked that she found it. She apologized for not believing him. She asked him to forgive her. He said he did. He went to call Gwen and told her about the website. She said she built the website for him.

Chad went to the DiMera mansion. He talked to Tony about coming home early. While they were talking, they talked about EJ and Ava. Tony told him that Ava ran off with Susan after EJ took Tripp. Tony told him not to tell Stephanie. Chad said he wouldn’t say anything. Tony said EJ was getting drunk at the crash site. They left to be with him. EJ yelled out Susan’s name. He heard a noise at the crash site. It turned out to be Ava. He wondered if she was there or if he was drunk. She said she was really there. He said no one could have survived that crash. She said she must be dead and pulled out a gun. She told him he may as well join her. She told him about his need to want to one up her. She said that was what killed Susan. He said he didn’t have a conscience so she couldn’t be that. He said she must really be there. He thought Susan could be alive if she was alive. She said she jumped out of the car before it rolled over, but Susan was in the car when it blew up. She threatened to kill him. They fought over the gun. The gun went off. Chad found EJ against a rock with blood on his head. Tony found EJ’s flask. EJ told them Ava was there and she pulled a gun out on them. He said he wanted to find her. Chad and Tony took EJ away.

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