GH Short Recaps Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Josslyn tells Carly she wants to change her major from Communications to Pre Med because she never wants to feel helpless when someone is injured. Josslyn also tells Carly she doesn’t have romantic feelings for Cameron anymore because she has changed. Carly advises Josslyn n to have a talk with Cameron and tell him how she feels even though he will be hurt.

Dex tells Michael how Carly and Josslyn helped him. Michael tells him he would rather blow up his entire plan then have Josslyn involved in it. Michael tells Dex he must keep Josslynn at arm’s length.

Valentin tells Sonny that Pikeman Security Group wants to discretely move weapons through Port Charles and if he refuses the deal Lineman will consider him a liability which they will remove.

Chase and Sasha decorate Rice Plaza for Christmas while Sasha persuades Chase to forgive Sasha for not sending the letter to the Civilian Review Board. Brook Lynn finally gives the letter to Dante, but it is too late because the board had the meeting this morning. Brook Lynn refuses to give up and makes a call to someone and asks that person for help.

Nina and Willow have an argument when Willow refuses to go help Sasha decorate Rice Plaza. Nina is unaware that Willow had another chemotherapy treatment and isn’t feeling well. Nina calls Willow selfish for not helping Sasha who has had a difficult year. Nina says Willow is lucky to be with the man she loves and a growing family. Willow has had enough and shouts at Nina to shut up. Willow yells that Nina only showed up using Sasha as an excuse because she is always trying to find a way to get close to Wiley. Carly overheard the last part of the argument because the front door is slightly open. Carly pushes the door all way open just before Willow passes out and falls to the floor.

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