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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Wendy talks to Johnny about what Li did. Johnny said if Li had Stefan brainwashed, he did it because he was in love. He said his father did it for power. He said his family has been taking over people’s brains for years. He released Rolf wouldn’t have come all the way to Jakarta if he didn’t have a lab. She thought it was a great place to start. She started looking through the DiMera finances to find Rolf’s lab. She told Johnny she should go alone and record their conversation. He had a better idea. He put a mic on her. Gabi walked into the DiMera office. She was looking for EJ. Stefan was in the office instead. She told Stefan that she wanted Gabi Chic back since EJ was handling personal business. He told her the DiMeras own it now. He said there was nothing she could do to change his mind. When she was about to slap him, he caught her wrist. Li showed up. She was upset about wanting her company back. Li said he would talk to EJ about it. Li let Stefan know that he was looking for Wendy. Stefan said she was working remotely. Li called her, but she didn’t answer the phone. Gabi told him Wendy was staying with Allie and Chanel. Li left to find Wendy.

Chad left a message for Stephanie telling her that Sloan gave the file to Gwen. Kate went to see him. She asked him about Stephanie. He said it didn’t matter because she was dating Alex. He said he supported her. Kate asked what would happen when he wanted to be more than friends. He said he didn’t know if that would ever happen. Kate said Abby would want him to fall in love again. He said Stephanie and Alex might break up by then. Kate said Stephanie and Alex might fall in love. Chanel admitted to Allie that she killed someone. She told Allie that it happened when she was a senior in college. She said she was struggling in one of her classes. She said Nathan (her professor) gave her extra attention. She said it led to an affair. She said she got a text to meet him on the university rooftop. She said when she got there, Nathan’s wife (Martha) was there. Chanel said they argued. She said Martha attacked her. Chanel didn’t realize how close they were to the edge. She ended up pushing Martha. Chanel said when she looked over the edge, Martha was lying in a pool of blood. Chanel said when the police came, she confessed to everything. She said Paulina showed up and made everything go away. She said the university released a statement saying Martha committed suicide. She said her statement and pictures were gone. She said she pushed her guilt away which was how she met Allie. She said it came back because she never paid for what she did. She said she killed the woman and now had to pay the consequences. Sloan told Paulina that she was the blackmailer. Paulina noticed that Sloan looked like Martha. Sloan said she was her daughter. She said before her father died from alcohol, he admitted that her mother didn’t commit suicide. She said she decided to find out the truth at his funeral. She said that was how she found out about Chanel. Paulina said Chanel pushed Martha in self-defense. She said she wouldn’t let Sloan change history and ruin her daughter’s life. Sloan said Paulina and Chanel would get what they deserved.

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