Days Short Recap Friday, November 18, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin returned from his trip. Alex was excited to tell him about his kiss. He wanted to hear about it, but he wanted to see Bonnie. Alex told him about her visiting Mimi. Justin was surprised that she would go without telling him about it. He called Mimi to find out what happened, but she told him that she wasn’t there. Justin talked to Maggie and she told him that Bonnie was on her way to the shed. Justin and Alex headed to the shed. Xander had food for Bonnie and Susan. Bonnie yelled at him, but he said they would be there until EJ paid the ransom. Bonnie didn’t understand why EJ wouldn’t pay the ransom. Susan was able to hear her thoughts and told her not to talk about her son that way. Bonnie was shocked that she was able to hear her thoughts. Susan assured her that EJ would pay the ransom. EJ wanted to know why Ava didn’t get in touch with him yet. Tony warned him that it could be over since he wouldn’t pay the ransom. He told EJ that he’s just as bad as Ava since he kidnapped Tripp. EJ and Tony started arguing until Anna walked in the room. Tony updated her on what happened. Anna didn’t understand why he would want to kidnap someone like Tripp. EJ said he went after Tripp to even the stakes with Ava. Tony and Anna tried to convince him to let Tripp go. Ava wondered why Steve didn’t call her yet. Charlie told her that Steve failed his mission to save Tripp.

Ava demanded that he leave her alone. Xander arrived and wondered who she was talking to in the crypt. He wanted to know what was taking so long to get the ransom. She told him that EJ had her son. He wanted to let Susan go. He didn’t want Susan’s blood on his hands. Ava said no one would die. She said she had a plan to rescue Tripp. She wanted him to go back to Susan. He let her know that Bonnie was also in the shed. She thought they could get a ransom for Bonnie too. He couldn’t do that to Justin. Xander went back to the shed and heard Justin’s message to Bonnie. He realized he couldn’t do that to Justin. He put the mask on and went to the shed. Steve went to a bar and wanted info about Tripp. Kayla walked in the room and pretended to be Ava. She threatened the bartender and said he would swim with the fish if he didn’t tell them what they wanted to know. The bartender still didn’t give any information so Steve roughed him up. Later, Steve and Kayla found Tripp. Steve took down Tripp’s captor while Kayla untied Tripp’s hands. Steve gave Tripp the phone so he could call Ava. Ava called EJ and let him know that Tripp was safe. She told him that his stunt would cost him another $10 million. EJ agreed to her demand, but wanted to see his mother. She would send him a place to meet. Ava was happy that she got EJ to pay more money. Charlie thought she could have got more. He thought she should kill Susan. Justin and Alex walked in the shed and were shocked.

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