Days Short Recap Thursday, November 17, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady noticed that Nicole was wearing the same outfit she had on the day before. She told him that she told Rafe that she wanted to be with Eric. She also let Brady know that Jada was pregnant. She told him what happened when she found out about the baby. She told him that she hadn’t spoken to Eric since she found out the news. Brady told her to call Eric, but she felt like he would do the right thing and stay with Jada. Eric looked at Jada’s number while he was at the pub. Rafe showed up and saw Eric there. He gave him Nicole’s laptop because he thought she would need it. Eric told him that she wasn’t there. He apologized to Rafe, but he didn’t want to hear it. Rafe wondered why Nicole didn’t stay with him. Eric told him that Jada was pregnant. Rafe wondered what Eric was going to do about it. Jada walked in the pub to get her stuff. Rafe wondered if she needed help. He didn’t want her to keep lifting heavy things. Jada was upset with Eric for telling Rafe about her condition. She told him that he could have Nicole because she didn’t want anything to do with him. Eric told her that they were in it together now. Rafe left them alone to talk. Eric said that he would support any decision she made. She was surprised to hear him say that because he used to be a priest. He told her that he left the priesthood twice. He couldn’t make demands. He let her know that he always wanted a child. He told her that she would be able to count on him for support. She wanted to know where that left him and Nicole.

Nicole told Brady that she couldn’t ask Eric to turn his back on the one thing he wanted his entire life. Brady reminded her that he wanted her too. He felt like they deserved happiness. He hoped they would find it together. She thanked him for being her best friend. She hugged him just as Rafe walked in the room. He threw her laptop on the table and made a dig about her moving on from Eric so fast. She explained what she was doing with Brady. Rafe felt like she was trying to keep her options open. He told her that she could never come running back to him. Gabi and Stefan had a heated exchange at DiMera Enterprises. Chloe entered the room and saw them together. Gabi was surprised to find out that Li gave Chloe a promotion. Stefan implied that Li was hiding stuff from her. Gabi gets her wedding invitation proofs and shows them off. Stefan noticed their wedding date was on New Year’s Eve. She wanted to know if that bothered him. He thought she wanted more time to plan her wedding. Stefan reminded her that she just told him that she loved him. They talked about when he first arrived in Salem. She wanted to know if he moved on with Chloe. They proved he did so Gabi walked out. Stefan assured her that he had nothing but contempt for Gabi. Chloe wondered if he was sure about that. He said she was the only woman for him. He kissed her.

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