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 I don’t think I’ve seen a smile like that since 12 year old Alex discovered the Sports Illustrated swimsuit.

You’re home. Yes. Live and in person. Oh, good to see you. Good see you. How is the visit with the twins? Arizona was great and warm. Good. Joseph and Vic send their love really well actually , they, uh, said to tell you that they didn’t miss you at all. But I think that’s their way of sending love . I’ll give ’em a call.

Now I’d like to think that my return was responsible for that big grin, but I have a feeling it had something to do with a woman, not just any woman. Dad, I shared my first kiss with the woman of my dreams. Wow. I can’t wait to hear about it, but first I need to track down my dream. Girl. Where’s Bunny? How how?

We’re down here. We get up by the joke. Keep it down. I removed your gag so you could eat, not violate the noise ordinance. Well, I’m an overachiever. I could chew gum and walk at the same time too. Why didn’t you And time me so I can show you. You’ll be out of here soon enough. And two, then you need to eat something.

Why would I eat anything you gave me? You, Lisa, with fertilizer. Why would I poison you? I don’t know. Why would you wear a clown mask and terrorize people like a. Talk to your pal Susan. She resisted it first, but she’s been eating. Nothing terrible happened to her. You’ll come around eventually. Eventually.

What do you mean by that? How long are you gonna keep us in this hell hole? Until EJ Dara pays his mother’s ransom.

Where the hell is an neighbor calling? You realize this all could have been resolved by now if you simply paid the ransom. If you’re assuming that Ava Vitale would make good on her promise to let my mother go, well, all she wanted was money, and who’s to say that once you got the 20 million, she wouldn’t ask for more.

We cannot negotiate with terrorists. But haven’t you yourself become one by kidnapping the woman’s son? Ava needed to learn how far I would go to get my mother back. And how’s your brilliant plan working out now? Because from what I see, it looks like a good old fashioned standoff.

I admit. I overestimated Ava’s human. But she knows I have trip and she knows, I mean business. I mean, what kind of a woman would gamble with the life of her only living son, A woman who’s up against a man who’s willing to gamble with his mothers?

It hasn’t. Steve called, maybe he hasn’t found troop yet. There’s nothing to report. Or maybe the rescue went south. Maybe Steve busted in all cowboy style only to find trip’s, lifeless body, and now he’s afraid to call you. Don’t worry, mom, even if Steve can’t save your precious trip, you still have me.


What can I get ya? Shot of bourbon.

Anything else? Yeah,

the location of this kid.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Oh am sorry to report dad, that Bonnie is not home. Oh. Could you go out? Uh, maybe on a magnificent mile. Come again. Aunt Maggie told me last night that Bonnie went to go see her daughter Mimi in Chicago. Really? Yeah. Apparently there was some kind of an emergency. She was supposed to set up an anniversary dinner for Aunt Maggie and Uncle Victor.

Then she just took off. That’s odd. What she didn’t tell you. Not a word. Which is not like Bonnie at all. What’s taking your son so long to pay up? You two are on good terms, right? Well I know he loves you, but he sure has taken his sweet time forking over the ransom. Wait. You can understand him. It shows you how long you’ve had us tied up together.

I’m working on it. Suz. Hey Pennywise. It’s been fun, but I really need to get the hell outta here. I get it. And since I want this over just as much as you do, since I will not let this situation destroy my life. I will get you out of here. I’m sure Demer will pay up Ben very soon. You better hope so, because my husband is due back today and when he finds out about this, he will not be as casual about my life as EJ is about his mother’s life.

No, I’m sorry. I’m just frustrated. Okay. You’re not eating. I’m leaving. Okay, bozo. It’s only a matter of time before my husband realizes I’m missing. And boy, let me tell you when that happens. Tell me what you ever hear Of the tears of a clown.

A watched phone never rings. Stop. Stop talking. Okay, that’s fine. Not a word. Think of me as a, uh, a silent partner. Are we Sure The patchy is up to the whole trip Rescue. Steve will come through. I trust him. . Oh, that’s amazing. What? Just that you continue to trust somebody that’s put his own family over you again and.

That isn’t what happened, isn’t it? No. Then how would you describe it? You don’t know anything. I’ll tell you what I do know, mother, that I am the only one that you have ever been able to really count on. Not Trip, not Jake Damara and sure as hell, not Steve Johnson.

Sorry. Don’t recognize him. You sure? Look again, I. Look, we get a lot of people coming in and outta here all the time. What’s this all about anyway? Someone snatched this kid from his apartment. We have reason to believe that whoever took him frequents this establishment. Are you a cop? You see me flashing the badge?

Well, you never can be too careful these days. I hear that. So view ain’t five. Oh. And why are you so interested in some punk kid who went missing? It’s not me who’s interested. It’s my boss. Yeah. And who’s your boss? I am.

And who the hell is this? Hey, you don’t talk to the boss that way. Oh, okay. And who is this? Go ahead. Tell him. You never heard of the vitals, the Vitali Grand family. Well, sure. They. Run Philly since the time of prohibition. Oh, you’re damn right. We have, we, yeah, the vitals run Philly, and I run the vitals.

This is my boss, Hava Vital, and this kid, this picture right here, that’s my son and I want him back. Safe and San, or somebody’s heading for a slumber party with the fish down in Lake Washington,

just leave me alone. Go away.

Who are you talking to? Who’s coming on, Nick? Nothing. I just, um, I thought I saw a rat. What the hell are you doing here? Who’s watching? Susan? Susan’s fine. Don’t worry about her. The DJ pay the Ranson. Not yet. Why the hell not? This is supposed to be a quick job. It’s, we’re already on day two. It’s taking so long.

He’s got my kid. Okay.

Something to take the edge off. Thank you. And how you’re under a great deal of pressure. I don’t mean to be judgmental about this. No. Don’t you know I care about Susan. You think I’m not worried about my mother. Of course you are. Which is, I’m concerned that you’re allowing your pride in your stubbornness to influence your decision making.

That’s not what this is about. It seems like you’re trying to teach Ava a lesson. Why wouldn’t I? That woman made our family a target. You know, the quickest way of ever coming this debacle is to let the boy go. I’d be giving up all my leverage over Ava. Is that what you’d have me do? Surrender and trust that woman not to hurt my mother.

Am I interrupting?

Hi, honey, it’s me. Um, I just got back from Arizona. Alex told me that you’re visiting Mimi. I hope everything’s okay. Uh, can you gimme a call when you get this? I wanna make sure that, uh, everything’s all right. Love you. I’m sure everything is fine. Dad. Something was wrong. She. Brian? Yeah, yeah, of course. You know what the emergency is?

Probably some new toy that her granddaughter wants. She’s probably scouring every toy store in Chicago as we speak.

I will never understand rich people. I mean, come on, EJ Deira has more money than God and Elon Musk put. Why won’t the cheap son of a bitch pay the grandson? Doesn’t he even care about his mama? Of course he cares about his mama and just, who are you calling? The son of a female dog, Missy. Susan? Yes. That’s my name, sweetheart.

Don’t wear it out.

So instead of paying you around some EJ kidnap trick, I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that bastard. Ah, that’s it. We have to call the whole thing off and let Susan go before someone gets hurt. How do you know if we let Susan go that EJ won’t still do something to trip? Hmm mm-hmm. No. I cannot risk it. And besides, if EJ doesn’t pay Susan’s ransom, then you don’t get paid either.

So how was the money? I don’t want Susan’s or trips blood on my hands. Oh, since when did you grow a conscience? See Sarah. Okay. Since I married someone who believes me, I’m bad enough. I kidnap Susan For you, I mean, someone ends up dead, no one’s gonna die. How do you know? Because I, look, I can’t go into detail.

Okay. But I’ve got a plan in Motion to rescue. No offense saver, but that doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence. It’s gonna work. Okay. Trust me. Trust you. Stay the course. Okay, go back to Susan and wait to hear from me. I dunno what you’re asking of me. Really? How hard is it to babysit one woman? That’s just, it’s so long as just one woman.

I won’t have you talk in that trash about my Elvis. What In the multiverse of madness is going on. I’m hearing your thoughts. Yes, sweetheart. And I’m hearing yours. Some of them are downright filthy, by the way. Like that fantasy you were having about Mr. Justin Kiya is dressed as a fireman, rescued you from a Burnham building and that big old hose mouth got like, Stop.

What? Stop getting inside my brain. Where you in such a cranky pants? You gotta admit it’s pretty cool. I have you known my powers helped those sweet star crossed lovers, Ben and Sierra West on several occasions. You gotten their house. Mm. Okay, now that sounds like fun. Hardly. First time Sherra was kidnapped and presumed dead.

And then that main Nash deal, Satan possessed EL Horton and kidnapped Sherra. Oh, oh oh. And then there was this other time, okay, okay. I don’t need a Supernatural soap Opera Digest recap. Sorry, that was not nice. Hey, it’s not like you can control all the thoughts in your head, right? You were just letting your fear do the talking thinking.

Aren’t you scared? Hmm. You know, my pastor likes to say faith is the enemy of, and I have faith that my Elvis will save us. Just like the king. Nothing means more to that boy than his mama. Oh, um, I didn’t see you come in , obviously. We were just discussing Oh, I knew exactly what you were talking about, ej and frankly, I’m shocked and I I can explain.

Tony, I told you I was not going to retaliate against Susan. Did you not tell your brother? Oh, man. Yeah. Oh, of course I did. Well, apparently you didn’t get through. Because I just heard EJ tell you that, that he can’t trust me not to get revenge on Susan for breaking my crystal heart. That’s what you heard?

Mm-hmm. , but never fear boys. My heart aches no more. Tata, you see ej. Susan is safe. No she isn’t. Hannah.

All right. Whoever took the boss’s kid left one of your match boxes behind in his apartment. Yeah. But like I said, we get a lot of people in and out of this place. Uh, here it’s a kind of establishment that if you want a job done, no questions asked. Unfortunately, for you, I have some questions with all due respect, Ms.

Vitali, but if you’re familiar with our rep, then you would understand. I can’t give you any answers. Is that right? Yeah. Now, if the two of you would, excuse me, I have some paying customers I need to tend. What the hell? What are you doing?

Well, now that I have your undivided attention, tell me where I can find my son or my friend here is gonna make you cry for your mommy.

Who, who would do such a terrible thing to Susan? Ava Vitale. Uh, she’s squeezing AJ for ransom. I forgot to sake. Tony, why don’t you take a full page out, out the intruder, I’m sorry, ej, but I don’t feel right about keeping something of this magnitude from my wife.

Because all of this mess is all your fault. My fault Tony Damara. Why are you doing this? Doing what? Why are you berating your poor brother when that mafia princess has abducted his mother? Well, if you really must know my poor brother in. Has kidnapped ever Vital sun trip,

there’s nothing on. That’s why me and the misses cut the cord. Air it peacock.

Thank God you hurt. Oh. Oh, thank you. No, I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m so damn. Glad to see you too. Ah, yeah. Glad to see you too, buddy. Hey, let’s get you one time. Oh, thank you. What are you guys wearing?

Colossal idiot. How could you let this happen? Huh? Who are you calling? An idiot. You’re the one who told me to kidnap Susan Banks without making sure that your son was safely out of VJ’s reach. Oh, okay. And whose bright idea was it to hold Susan Hostage on their family estate? No one ever goes in that shed.

Well, apparently that’s not true. How is I supposed to know that Bonnie was gonna go down there looking for lanterns of all things? I mean, it’s not, the woman isn’t exactly a, a member of the garden club. Is she? Where was I supposed to bring her anyway? Here to the Amer Crypt. Least it’s private. Yeah, until one of Stefano’s Spawn wants to pay their respects.

Not to mention all the ghosts you believe. That sort of thing. Okay. Look, we both made some decisions that. Really worked out the way we wanted. There’s no reason to point the finger. I mean, this new complication could actually work in our favor. How’d you figure we could ransom Bonnie too? What Victor Kakkis has just as much money as the Damaris do.

No, I couldn’t. I couldn’t do that to my cousin Justin. He’s been good to me and in my family. That makes him kind of a. Huh? Look at you getting all sentimental. I really hope this Dr. Sarah is worth all the trouble. She’s worth everything. How else would I let you talk me into this ridiculous scheme? A scheme that can still pay both of us?

Hey, look, I should be hearing from my associates about rescuing trip very. These associates, friends from your days in Philadelphia, you don’t need to worry about it. Okay? Why don’t you just go back to the shed and make sure that no other family members of yours decide to take up gardening in frigging November?

Honestly, dad, I was starting to think that I didn’t even have a shot with Stephanie. It was like everything I did to be charming, just annoyed this girl, and I’m talking about things that have never, ever, ever failed me. It might I add and then all of a sudden I done. You listening. Oh, what’s that? I thought you wanted to hear about my epic first kiss with Stephanie.

I do. I’m sorry. I just can’t stop thinking about Bonnie. You’re really worried about it. Why didn’t she just tell me? That she was gonna go see Mimi. Maybe she didn’t wanna bother you because she knew you were visiting with the twins. You know what, I have Mimi’s number. Why didn’t I think about that before?

I’ll just give her a call. You can reach her. There you go.

Mimi. Hi, it’s Justin. I’m good. I’m good. How’s. Oh, okay. That’s great. Give her a big hug for me. Okay. Hey, listen, uh, can you do me a favor? Can you, uh, put your mom on the phone?

Oh, I see. So she’s not there and you haven’t heard from her.

Justin should be home from Arizona by now. What time? How the heck should I know a friend, Mr. Clown has my hands tied up. I, I can’t even see the pretty watch. My granddaughter shouldn’t bought me for my last birthday. I wasn’t asking you for the time. Well, you just said what time is it? No, I was thinking, what time is it?

And you, eavesdropped Grain dropped her, whatever.

I didn’t even realize I was listening. Can’t you turn it off? I’m sorry, but you’re driving me bananas. Ooh, bananas. Yeah. Peanut butter. Bananas . Mm, peanut butter. Banana and bacon sandwich. What you doing? Huh? Why are you describing a sandwich? I don’t mean to, you just said banana and it made me think of the king’s favorite peanut butter and banana and bacon sandwich.

Okay. First of all, And secondly, how could you be thinking about food at a time like this? Because you rejected Mr. Clown’s offering and I needed sustenance to fuel my telepathic powers. See, watch my belly is full. I might be able to send a distress message straight into my Elvis’ psyche. You keep hanging your hopes on your boy Susie.

I’m gonna trust that my Prince Charming will come to the rescue.

No, Mimi, I’m sure your mom is just fine. We probably just got our wires crossed. I I will call you as soon as I hear from her. Okay, bye. Bonnie isn’t with Mimi. She hasn’t talked to her in days, so are you sure that Maggie said Bonnie went to Chicago? That I’m positive. Okay. Where are you going to find Maggie So we can figure out where my wife is?

Hi, honey, it’s me. Um, I just got back from Arizona. Alex told me that you’re visiting Mimi. I hope everything’s okay. Uh, can you gimme a call when you get this? I wanna make sure that, uh, everything’s all right. Love you. I’m sorry mate. Never meant for you or Bonnie to get caught up in Ava’s. Hopefully this will be over soon.

Do you seem marvelous? You worried that DJ’s men have already killed trip? Don’t, don’t say that. You know what’s a possibility, right? A guy like ej, he’s not gonna wanna mess to clean up. It’s much cleaner to just get rid of Tripp. Just take his body, drop it in the Puget Sound. Shut up. Shut up. Steven’s gonna save Tripp unless they take him out too.

Oh, don’t. Don’t enough. Please, mom, please, mom, look, I’m not trying to upset you. I just think one of us should be realistic about this. EJ is not some innocent mark. Okay. He, he’s, he’s somebody that thinks that the rules don’t apply to him, and usually he’s right. It is only a matter of time before he finds his mom takes out that buffoon.

Xander. It’s not gonna happen. I’m not sure you really believe that, but look at the bright side. If everyone else is dead, you still have me. Assuming that EJ doesn’t kill you too,

how could you pull. Handsome Dr. Trip Johnson into your blood feud with his maniac of a mother. I didn’t even realize he knew the lad. Oh darling. I developed a debilitating case of carpal tunnel when I was banging out my treatment for the Aamer story, and Dr. Trip treated me and my aching, aching, typing hands.

Mm-hmm. , I don’t remember that. Well, you were away at the time you were with Chad rescuing Abigail and Sarah from Bris Island. You must have been pleased with why they took care of you. Oh, he is a wonderful, that side manner, yes, he’s strong and confident, but tender. He does. Mm-hmm. , bj, why would you want to hurt a decent, wonderful, sexy man like that?

What does sexy got to do with anything? I haven’t hurt him. I cannot believe what I’m hearing. I’m sorry. Did you miss a part where Ava Vitae snatched my mother from this very house? I only went after her son to even mistakes. Well spoken like a true Dera. I am a true Dera. And may I remind you that you are perfectly fine sister-in-law being at Amer when it grants you access to.

A priceless wine cellar. Luxurious trips, 40 Crystal hearts, Gotti. Those privileges come with risk and responsibility. Tony will tell you. Ah, ej, I understand your motives for going after the young lad, Tony, I hadn’t finished yet, but ej, you have to admit, it’s only made matters worse. Susan will come back to us.

But first you’ve gotta let Tripp Johnson go.

I think that we should get you to a hospital. Be checked out. I’m fine. You sure don’t. I look fine. You look good to me, but I’m not the expert. Sweetness. Well, he seems good to me. I am. Okay. All right. I, I’m just really hungry. . Well, we can fix. But first

Wiki, wiki, eggs, and bakey. Hey,

tell me why EJ Damara hired you to kidnap my son. I got nothing to say to you. Well, we’ll see what more you have to say to the Seattle Police Department because they’re in route, by the way. And what a shame, huh? I mean, we were just getting to know each other. Someone is gonna want to talk to you right about him.

Steve, did you find my boy? Hey mom. Oh, trip. Trip. Are you okay? I’m fine, I’m fine. Dad and Kayla found me. I’m, I’m safe. Ugh.

Let’s hope they put that piece of garbage away for a long, long time. Yeah. And let’s hope he rolls over on his boss, EJ Damara. I just want to go home. That is a fantastic idea. You’ve had a long couple of days. Yeah. Hey, Did that loser say anything about ej? No, it wasn’t exactly chatty. I mean, what is this all about?

That’s a very good question. EJ already exposed my mom’s take Mary to Jake and forced her to leave Salems. Why? Why would he need to kidnap me? Well, Ava said it was because she defied him and came back to town. It was not like she has any power and why we care so much. That’s what I’d like to find out. Ej, I’m, I’m sure you’re worried about your mother’s safety, but.

Trip is innocent. Hey Jay. I think if you let ever Vital Sun go, I think she’ll see reason and return your mother to you unharmed, assuming I pay her 20 million. Well, at this point I think she wants it to be over. Oh.

Yes. Hello, ej. I thought you’d like to know that my son is safe and sound. Oh, and that degenerate that you hired to take him. He’s cooling his heels in, uh, Seattle jail as we speak. You’re bluffing.

Nope, I sent you a picture. You might wanna check your phone.

Yeah, I figured that. You may not believe me. So I had my son send a selfie to prove that he’s out of danger. Alright, you have your son. I won my mother. Oh, you can have her, but that little stunt that you pulled is gonna cost you an extra 10 million. What? Oh, you heard me? I won 30 million or I put a bullet in Susan’s head.

13 million.

Fine. I’ll pay you whatever you want, but I want to know that my mother is alive and well. I’ll send you proof. Nope, no more pictures. I want to see her in person. No way. Hey, you are this close to getting the biggest payday of your life, but if I don’t see my mother’s face, you won’t get anything. I’ll send you a location.

If you try and double cross me again, it’ll be Susan who will pay.

What did Maggie say? She showed me the text from Bonnie and you know, it’s just like you said, something suddenly came up and she had to go to Chicago to visit. Why would Bonnie send that text if she, if she wasn’t really gonna see her daughter? I don’t know, but I don’t like this. Maggie said that the last time she saw Bonnie, she was headed to the gardening shed to pick up some lanterns.

Lanterns. Yeah. She was gonna use them for decorations for Victor and Maggie’s anniversary dinner and nobody’s seen her since. Not that I know of. What are we waiting for? Let’s go.

What was E j’s endgame here? I mean, what if you weren’t able to find me? That’s another good question. From what I can tell, the guy didn’t plan on killing me. I mean, he was waiting for something. But what I’m the last person to make excuses for EJ d. But he’s no dummy and I’m sure he has a pretty good reason to do something this extreme.

Do you think my mom is lying about why I was kidnapped? No. We don’t know. I don’t bet you any money. Ava did something to provoke him. Bonnie, buddy, are you in here? Come on, Phil. Oh my God.

Oh, ej, for what it’s worth, you’re doing the right things. I’m glad you think so. Well, 30 million is not exactly spare change, but at the end of the day, it’s just money is. Well, what else would it be? You’re getting your mother back. Do you really think that this is over between me and Ava that. Take her money and leave for good.

Why wouldn’t she? Or for starters, because it’s Ava Vitale, she’s not right in the head. I told you that Steve would save your brother. Yay. I’m so relieved. Hmm. And now EJ is gonna have to pay him. I’m gonna be said for life. 30 million richer. I mean, minus Sanders. I mean, what more could I have asked for?

Nothing except, except, except 30 million is nothing to a guy like ej. He’s just gonna hit a couple buttons on his phone and barely know that it’s gone. So, so, and Jay’s gonna be annoyed for a day and then move on, but is that really punishing him for what he did to you for that pain? The humili. Making you grovel, running you out of town, making you hide in a crypt with your dead son.

What are you saying, Charlie? I’m saying if you really want to make EJ pay, we should kill Susan Banks.

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