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[ Taylor exhales ]

[ Unzipping ]

Taylor: Caught ya!

[ Taylor laughs ]

Steffy: I couldn’t resist.

[ Whispering ] Your wedding dress… oh my god, mom.

[ Taylor giggles ]

Taylor: I know, I know. It’s one of your father’s creations. Look at you! Honey, you look gorgeous.

Steffy: Thank you. Not as gorgeous as that smile on that very happy face, mom. It’s finally here.

Taylor: I know.

Steffy: Your wedding to dad. Oh, my god. I cannot believe this.

Taylor: I know.

Carter: Looking pretty dapper, man.

Ridge: Hey! I don’t know why men bother, no one ever looks at the groom. It’s always the bride. The way it should be.

[ Carter laughs ]

Carter: Well, imagine how the officiant feels, huh? You need help with your cufflinks?

Ridge: Cufflinks, yes. Oh!

Carter: Did you forget them?

Ridge: I have a pair of cufflinks that taylor gave me years ago, and I should probably wear them.

Carter: Okay, where are they?

Ridge: Well, they’re at brooke’s house, in the hall closet in the drawer.

Carter: Mm, don’t worry, I’ll swing by and get them–

Ridge: I don’t want you doing that–

Carter: No, I’ll go through the back way, she’ll never know I’m there.

Ridge: You’re a lifesaver, thank you.

Carter: Yeah. Anything I can do to help. Even though…

Ridge: Even though what?

Carter: Even though, despite your love for taylor, I know you still love brooke.

Bill: I know about the wedding at eric’S.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Bill: Ridge didn’t waste any time.

Brooke: I was just looking at our wedding photo. We were so happy there. We thought for sure it would last forever this time.

Bill: All marriages start out that way. Sometimes things happen. I know this is a hard day for you. That’s why I’m here. For support. And to remind you that if you’re… thinking or… hoping that something, or someone will stop ridge from marrying taylor today… that isn’t going to happen. I know that’s hard to hear, but that’s the way it is, brooke.

Thomas: Hello. Hey, why aren’t you getting ready? The wedding is starting soon. Douglas, what’s up with you?

[ Keys rattling ]

Bill: I realize that forrester has been the center of your world for a very long time. And to think of moving forward without him is very difficult. But I’m here to tell you that you can, and you will, because you have your whole life in front of you, brooke. Turning the page on ridge can be a very good thing, presenting you with all kinds of opportunities. I’ve always loved you. I will never stop loving you. And if you give me… give us another chance, I will show you what true commitment is. I will make you happier than ridge ever did… or ever could.

Steffy: So, as matron of honor, what would you like me to do? Put me to work.

Taylor: Okay, okay, um… you know, I– I don’t know– my– my hair.

Steffy: Hair…

Taylor: Should I do up, down, to the side?

Steffy: Up or down, dad is not gonna be able to take his eyes off of you. Are you nervous?

Taylor: Oh, should I be?

Steffy: I don’t know. Spending your future with the man that you’ve loved for most of your life. Who you also have an amazing family with, you know…

Taylor: Yes, that is true.

Steffy: Mm-hmm, that it’s true.

Taylor: That is very true. I think we both know the answer to that.

Steffy: Okay, let me look at you.

Taylor: Okay.

Steffy: Okay, let’s play with your hair.

Taylor: Okay.

Steffy: Let’s see what we can do. Okay, sit, sit.

Taylor: All right. Look a– it’s not…

Steffy: Take it all out. Did you do this on your own?

Taylor: Yeah, a net and then it just…

Steffy: Okay.

Taylor: Look this is just… so I curled it.

Steffy: Hot mess mary, let’s go. Okay, maybe, um… hey.

Taylor: Huh? Yeah.

Steffy: Hey, mom. Are you okay?

Taylor: Yeah, I’m good. I just… I– I can’t stop thinking about this whole cps thing, that brooke was the one that called on your brother. And that is the reason that ridge came to aspen. He didn’t tell me when I asked him. Maybe because I would have kept running.

Thomas: Do you hear me? What’s going on with you?

Douglas: Nothing. Nothing is going on with me.

Thomas: Okay, well, then get dressed.

[ Thomas scoffs ] Your grandma and grandpa want you to be a part of the ceremony today.

Douglas: Do I have to?

Thomas: Do you love your grandparents?

Douglas: Yes.

Thomas: They’re counting on you. So am I.

Douglas: Counting on me to keep quiet, not tell everybody what you did to break up granddad and grandma brooke?

[ Thomas sighs ]

Eric: Katie, hi.

Katie: Hi. How did the meeting go?

Eric: It went very well, actually. Everything’s all wrapped up. How’s it here?

Katie: Oh, quiet. We don’t have any co-ceos, we have no coo. We have designers out of town. So, yeah, I’m sure you’re gonna be joining everyone for the festivities, huh?

Eric: I will. It’s a really big day for ridge and his family.

Katie: Yeah, his, uh, family with taylor, you mean. ‘Cause he has a family with brooke, too, right?

Eric: Yes, of course. I’m sorry, katie. I’m sorry. This can’t be an easy day for you either. You’re a big– you’re a big supporter of ridge and brooke.

Katie: You’re a big supporter of ridge and brooke. That’s why you know that taylor is not the love of ridge’s life. Brooke is.

Bill: You can’t keep doing this, brooke. I know the pull of the past is strong, especially today, but your marriage to forrester, the vows you took–

Brooke: Those vows mean as much to me today as they ever did.

Bill: But not to ridge. For whatever reason, he moved away from you and toward taylor. Once again, letting you down, leaving you heartbroken.7 you know what it does to me, seeing you hurting like this when ridge has just moved on, even though he had pledged to love, honor, cherish you… just words to ridge? Apparently so, given what he’s done to you.

Steffy: Okay. Mom, your makeup looks flawless.

Taylor: My makeup? Oh, my god, honey, I haven’t even started really.

Steffy: Well, it must be that special glow all brides have when they’re marrying their true love.

Taylor: Oh, you mean the one that you still have after marrying finn?

Steffy: That is true. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Even more so now, now that my parents are remarrying, it’s like icing on the most special wedding cake.

Taylor: Mm.

Steffy: I doubt brooke feels the same.

Taylor: Yeah, especially after what she tried to do to thomas. Calling cps on him, lying to your dad’s face about it. I know that hurt ridge a lot.

Thomas: Whoa, good timing.

Ridge: Hey!

Thomas: Best man reporting for duty. How’s the old groom holding up?

Ridge: A better question is, how’s your mom doing?

Thomas: You afraid she’s gonna get scared, maybe bail last minute?

Ridge: It’s a forrester wedding, there’s always drama.

Thomas: Nah, that’s not gonna happen this time. This time it’s going perfectly and smoothly.

Ridge: Right. You know that?

Thomas: I do because steffy and I have been waiting for this wedding for a long time. So, both of us are gonna make sure it goes according to plan. You and steffy have always been our biggest champions, thank you.

Thomas: It’s ’cause we love you. I mean, I love you. You’ve– I’ve done some pretty not so great stuff in the past, and um… but you were there for me, you know, you– you helped me through it, and you helped me pull myself together.

Ridge: Well, you did most of it.

Thomas: Yeah. And we have faith in you two. I have faith in your relationship with mom and how committed you are to her. And, you know what? Everything has been worth it. That leads up to this point to make sure that you and mom end up together and happy again. Super emma just about sleeps in her cape.

Eric: I admire taylor, I really do. And I– I celebrate the family that she and ridge have together. But I don’t disagree with you, katie. I don’T. I think that ridge and brooke belong together still. In spite of this wedding today and whatever caused the annulment.

Katie: Then why are you supporting this marriage? When in your heart, you know it’s not the end for ridge and brooke.

Bill: I know this is killing you, but you have to look forward, not behind, brooke. Ridge made his choice. And you can make yours, right now. I’ve never made a secret of my feelings for you. Yes, I married your sister and I will always love katie, but not the way that I love you. You never tried to change me. I would never try to change you. Why would I? You are this magnificent, gorgeous, adventurous woman who makes me feel more alive, more turned on by life than any other woman. I know you’re in pain right now but let me help you get to the other side of that. Into the kind of future you deserve with a man who is totally devoted to you. I am that man. I’m your future. You are the woman I want. Not katie. You.

Steffy: So, are you bucking tradition? Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…

Taylor: You think I’m tempting fate?

Steffy: No. You and dad, this wedding, it was meant to be.

Taylor: You never gave up faith, did you? You always knew that this day would happen.

Steffy: I did. Though to be completely honest, there were some… some dark days. Where I thought brooke’s hooks would be in dad forever. But those days are gone, in part due to the cps call, and the lies that followed… and dad was again reminded what he has in you and not in brooke. A woman of integrity and honesty, and a woman he could spend the rest of his life with loving and being loved. That’s why he’s marrying you, mom. Not because of what brooke did.

Taylor: I know, sweetie. I know.

Thomas: Look, dad, I know that you’re not marrying mom because of something brooke did. You’re doing it ’cause you love her, and you really want to be with her. I get that. And that call to cps, that was– that was just one of many final straws. Mom would never do that, and she would never lie to you, and she never cheat on you. It’s ’cause she loves you. Still dad, I wish you hadn’t told everyone about that call. Like, can we at least agree to not tell brooke about it? She can’t know, dad. She can never know.

Steffy: What about your vows? Did you and dad write your own?

Taylor: You’re just gonna have to wait and see.

Steffy: You’re not gonna tell your matron of honor? Wow!

Taylor: Let’s just say you’ll be very pleased.

Steffy: So, you did write your own.

Taylor: Ugh, steffy, honestly…

Steffy: Fine, have your secret. We’ll find out soon enough.

Taylor: You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about phoebe today. And stephanie. I wish they were here.

Steffy: They are.

Taylor: Yeah, they are.

Steffy: This is everything they’ve ever wanted. You and dad happily reunited. Living your best years, married, together, and in love. You’re finally getting your happily ever after. And I couldn’t be more excited, mom.

Taylor: You’re gonna make me cry.

Steffy: Well, thank goodness you don’t have your full glam on just yet. Just know how much I love you. And I’ll always be there for you and dad. No matter what.

Taylor: I love you, too.

Steffy: I love you.

Taylor: My beautiful daughter.

Ridge: You know what, thomas? I don’t wanna talk about brooke or the call that she made. And I thought– I still think, that people deserve to know the truth. You’re in trouble.

Douglas: Why am I in trouble?

Ridge: Why are you in trouble? Because you get to come here, looking like that and show up the groom. It’s not cool. Glad you’re here. Really making this a family affair. I know, weddings are boring. Old people gushing about each other.

Douglas: No, it’s not that.

Ridge: No?

Douglas: I wanna be happy for you and grandma.

Thomas: And you should be. ‘Cause they’re wonderful together. They belong together. They make each other happy. Never forget that.

Douglas: May I go back to my room ’til the wedding starts?

Thomas: Yeah, sure.

Ridge: Come on. What’s going on? Is he okay?

Thomas: Yeah, yeah. You know, don’t– don’t worry about him. Just, uh, focus on mom. Making her the happiest woman that she possibly could ever be today.

Ridge: Yeah. You know who’s really happy right now? This guy. And I know I’ve said it before, I’ve got to say it again. I’m so proud of you. Proud of the choices you made, the man you’ve become, the father you are to douglas. And I got to tell you, this day, all of this wouldn’t happen without your help. Thank you. Come on.

Thomas: Yeah.

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