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[ Indistinct conversations ] Spinelli! Hey. Hey! You’re the most reliable person I know. For you to be late, there had to be a good reason, be it heavy traffic or mortal peril, and I certainly hope it wasn’t the latter. No, I’m just having a crazy day. But thank you for meeting me here. Yeah, well, I’m always happy to accommodate. And I am always grateful for your help. So…did you find anything on cody? Oh, I did. I did, I did, I did.

[ Chuckles ] Alright, mason, the latest off-the-books patient you wanted handled? It’s handled — free of charge, as promised. Good morning, sunshine! Stop yelling.

[Hushed] I’m sorry. I was — I was gonna see if you wanted to have — have breakfast together, but…

[Normal voice] Maybe hair of the dog would be better? I’m on duty. And you recommend drinking more?

[ Scoffs ] Wow. You are hurting. What’d you get into last night? Robert: You know, I think I’m gonna visit robin, patrick, and the kids over christmas. This, um — this business with anna… is making me think about family more and more. You’re — you’re family, too. You know that? Why don’t you join us out there? Ohh. Robert, I’d love to, but… but what? Come on, holly. I’ve known you ever since — well, hang on. Let me work it out. Say the year, and I will kill you instantly. I know you, and I know when something’s wrong. Now, what is it? Lucy. Good morning, laura. Going my way? Agent whitten is here. Great. Look, we both have been going at it all night trying to figure out what happened with anna’s escape. Not that I want to share that information with the U.S. Marshals’ office. Right. So why don’t we stall? Let’s go get some breakfast. Valentin cassadine left the metro court hotel at 8:17 this morning. Keep eyes on him. It’s a good bet he’ll lead us straight to anna devane.

[ Door rattling, keys jingling ] Rough night?

[ Exhales heavily ] What are you doing here? I couldn’t risk calling. Anna, it’s not safe for you to be here anymore.

How long you been standing there? Why? Would you rather I be someplace else? No, I’m — I’m — I’m really happy to see you. You just surprised me. That’s all. I’m just curious — lately, you’ve been called in to do all these last-minute surgeries that apparently no other surgeon or specialist can handle, even if they’re already on duty. Well, we’re short-staffed, so if I’m not on duty, I’m on call. I get that. I just can’t help but wonder… are you really doing all these surgeries or is it a cover for something else? So I didn’t exactly find the smoking gun we were hoping for in regards to cody’s true intentions towards britt westbourne, but I did find that mr. Bell has a juvenile arrest record. Yeah, but those are sealed when you’re 18. I was hoping for something more than misdemeanor d-and-d’S. D-and-d? Oh, you mean drunk and disorderly. I was thinking dungeons & dragons. Wait. On the other hand, if there’s a pattern of criminal behavior in cody’s past, I want to know. So, this juvenile arrest record, what’s in it? You go eat. I’ve lost my appetite. That guy turns my stomach. I don’t want to eat by — look, man, I don’t like him, either, but I think he is just doing his job, right? Whatever. Is something else bothering you? No. No? I can’t imagine you’d be this upset just about anna. Is something going on with cody? Did — did you guys get the — the dna results back? Britt: Went out with brad. We started at the metro court, ended at the savoy, but after the third kamikaze shot, things got a little fuzzy.

[ Whistles ] Sorry. Sorry. Why — why’d you go so hard? Britt, I don’t need to tell you that the symptoms you’re exhibiting might be indicative of a larger neurological or muscular disorder, so we need to run some tests to make sure… I don’t — I don’t — …that it’s not one of those big things. I don’t need a test because I know what’s going on. I have huntington’s disease. Um, it’d been a long time since brad and I had a good night out. I knew I’d pay for it today. But I didn’t care. Life is short, right? Yeah. Well, it sounds to me like a big ol’ greasy breakfast is just what the doctor ordered.

[ Pills rattling ] What do you say? You want to do a kelly’s run? Uh, thanks, but I don’t think my head or my stomach could handle it right now. Um… what’s the matter? Oh, I, uh — I-I realized that I-I can’t take these. Why not? You lost cassadine?! How?!

[ Sighs ] Damn it. Cassadine is a highly trained spy. Just like devane! Yeah, they’re both very skilled, but if they think they can outsmart me, well, they’d be wrong. I was just going to pay nikolas a visit. Oh, splendid! Then we can share the launch.

[ Chuckles ] On second thought, maybe not. I’m sure you have a cement life vest with my name embroidered on it. Oh, please. Wait. Laura. Can’t we put an end to this pointless feud between us? I think it has several very good points. Well, I’m not saying we don’t share a fraught history. Fraught? Quaint. But we also share a family. And my offer to work together for the good of that family still stands. Now, would that be the family that you all but destroyed while I was out of town? Well, it was your choice to leave. Well, I’m back now. And I’ll put it all back together again. And when I have… I’m gonna take you apart. I know you’re upset about lucy. We all are. It’s not only lucy. It’s martin. I-I’ve only met him twice and talked to him for probably 5 minutes, but…he’s suffering. I grieved loved ones enough in my time, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Well, almost anyone. For the last two years. I thought you were dead. So, yeah, I understand grief. Robert, all of our friends have told me that you moved heaven and earth to find me, even when there was no hope. I hope you know how much that means to me. I would never bet against you, and I certainly wouldn’t do it ever again. I’ve been thinking a lot about us. And?

[ Exhales softly ]

well done. You’re a marked woman. Oh. Really? Has your father finally put a bounty on my head? It’s not just my father. Olivia jerome reached out. She’s made it clear — if you make it to pentonville with her, you’re not gonna last the night. I’d best not end up in pentonville, then. Proving your innocence is gonna have to wait. What the hell does that mean?! Our first priority is to get you out of the country. Try and pick up valentin cassadine’s trail again. At least we know we’re on the right track. If he wasn’t involved somehow, he wouldn’t have bothered to shake you. And remember — devane’s got no shortage of allies in this town. It’s only a matter of time until one of them leads us to her. Cody’s not my son. Oh. I’m sorry, mac. It is what it is. Yeah, but, you know, I-I think he, uh, could’ve really benefited from having someone like you in his life.

[ Door opens ] Good morning! Dante: Hey! I thought my two favorite detectives could use a little sustenance! Oh, you’re right, as always. Uh, I’ll go grab us some coffees, yeah? Okay. So… still looking for anna? Well, as much as I can with the U.S. Marshal breathing down my neck. I overheard him outside. Overheard? Mm-hmm. Yeah. He’s keeping a close eye on anyone who’s friendly with anna. Well, that’s near everybody, except, of course, the people that he should be keeping an eye on. Be careful. That’s good advice. So, what were you and dante talking about? Work. Oh, really? If I didn’t know you so well, I’d believe you. Did you tell dante about cody? So, I couldn’t actually access cody’s arrest record. How is that possible? You’re the jackal. Well, unfortunately, the — the — his juvenile records haven’t been uploaded to the database yet. The database. Oh. I wonder if dante knows about it. What do you think is in it? I don’t know. But I’m now more determined than ever to find out. Trust me. I’ve… absolutely been in surgery. What do you think I’ve been doing? Avoiding me. Maxie, I’m — I’m really sorry you feel that way. No, I haven’t been avoiding you at all. I — I really miss you. And I feel terrible that we haven’t been able to spend any time together lately. Me too. I started thinking you were keeping your distance from me because of my family. No. I — your — your family’s been nothing but lovely to me. Eh, not georgie or spinelli. Ah, well, I mean… technically, spinelli’s not really family, though, right? Well, he’s georgie’s father and my oldest and dearest friend in the whole world, so, yeah, he’s family. Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry. Um… okay. Well, you know, how can i put your mind at ease? Maxie jones, your family is very important to me… because you’re very important to me. This bottle’S…

[Chuckles] Expired. Want some free medical advice? Don’t mess around with expired drugs. Hm. Yeah. I — I thought that was just a scam to get you to buy more. Well, you also thought putting eggs, bacon, and sausage in a booze-ravaged stomach would solve problems instead of creating new ones. Are you sure you’re okay? No, I’m not. Massive hangover, remember? But I’ve — I’ve seen you hungover. This is something else. Look, britt, if — if you need someone to talk to, I’m here. I mean, if not, that’s cool, too. It’s less desirable, but it’s cool. I have a lot of work to do. Alright. Uh, well, I’ll leave you to it. See you later. I-I’m free for dinner tonight. Can’t wait.

[ Knock on door ] Come in! Hey. Should I come back? No, no. Come — come in. Is this about the necklace? I hope so. Maybe I should stick around, considering it was my father’s and now maybe it’s mine. I can’t tell you how much it saddens me, this stubborn refusal on your part to see me as anything other than your enemy. I just hope one day you’ll be able to let go of this grudge. And if I don’t, then what? You’ll frame me for murder like you did to anna? Oh, please. I did no such thing. Believe me, I want lucy’s killer brought to justice as much as anyone else. Something we can agree upon after all. That… was wonderful. What was it for? Well, I just — you know, sitting here… mm-hmm. …Having breakfast with you after being apart for such a long time. And just… made me think about all of the chances that we missed and — and — and wished that… we’d made a proper go of it. We had a few good years. Yes, and they seemed long at the time. Oh, thank you. No, no. I mean… no. Full.

[Laughing] They seemed full at the time. Mm-hmm. But… but then they were over, and it was like we blinked, and now here we are. And I just — I wonder if we blink again then where will we be? And I — never mind. Mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles ] Anyway… hm. We were talking about lucy and martin. We’ll avenge lucy. We’ll clear anna. Yeah. And hopefully anna can stay out of sight until then. I wouldn’t worry about her. What do you mean? Well, I have it on good authority she’s somewhere safe and sound. You’ve heard from her? Yeah, last night, after we parted company.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh. Sorry. Excuse me. Oh. Please. Scorpio. You’ve got the address for the safe house? Okay. Text it to me. Yeah. Yeah. I’m gonna hook up with anna tonight.

I’m sorry about that. You’re the D.A. You’re obligated to answer your phone. Hmm.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Well… oh! Ohh! Ohh! Uh… could you — unh! Could you get me some club soda, please? On it. Ohh. You are a lifesaver. Thank you! You know, I just love coming to your rescue. Oh, some good news. Um, I’ve made an appointment… mm-hmm. …With kevin. He’s gonna try and help me with my memory issues. Oh, I’m glad to hear it. But he’s squeezing me in today, so I’m gonna have to go now. Absolutely. We’ll, uh, talk later? Yeah.

[ Button clicks ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Yes? We need to meet. Oh, spinelli! Maxie! How — how fortuitous! Hello, austin. Hey, spinelli. I’m — I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been wanting to talk to you about something. Can’t imagine what for. I-I-I’m trying to plan this kind of fun weekend, you know, for the kids, maybe — maybe take them up to the mountains or something. That’s sweet! Isn’t it? Uh, yeah, of course. But I’m a little afraid that georgie’s gonna say no. Well, I mean, she — she is her own person. She makes up her own mind. I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do. You could encourage her to join us. Oh, I can’t imagine that either of us would want me to do anything to curb our daughter’s independence.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Um, excuse me. I got to deal with this. You know, I should probably go. Spinelli! Enough. I’m really getting sick of this. Actually, cody, I can’t discuss anything in front of you without britt’s permission. Permission granted. Cody is right. This does concern him. That’s — that’s not gonna be a problem with you, is it, sam? No. Whatever my client wants. Britt, I’m gonna forward you this to make it easier, okay? I uncovered some documentation from taub’s estate. He had an itemized list of his jewelry collection drawn up to be included in his will. It included a ruby and diamond necklace matching the description from the one from peter’s safe deposit box. Okay. What does — what does this mean? Well, it means, more likely than not, the necklace… belongs to cody. Dante was supportive. I appreciate what he’s trying to do. But the bottom line is, I’m not cody’s father. And it’s killing you. I’ve made peace with it. Any chance that you’re overcompensating for your disappointment by throwing yourself into your work? Felicia, a police transport crashed. Two fugitives escaped. Okay? One of them, our friend anna who’s being framed for murder. Not to mention the fact that there’s a killer on the loose slashing people up with a hook. With all that going on, who the hell cares what I feel about a dna test?! I’m standing right here. I want to know. What do you want me to say? What do you want me to say? That I’m disappointed? That a part of me wishes that I finally ended up with a child of my own? That would be a start. Mayor collins. Agent whitten. U.S. Marshal service. Right. You’re — you’re the new federal agent that my deputy mayor brought in to, um, take over the hunt for anna devane? I hope I can count on your support regardless. Regardless of…? Your personal relationship with the fugitive. All the resources of my office are at your disposal. And what about you, madam mayor? Are you at our disposal? I’ll do what I can. Great. Tell me everything you know about valentin cassadine.

[ Chuckles ] I know that he is the father of my granddaughter, but I — I just don’t see how that’s going to help you in your efforts. I have it on good authority that mr. Cassadine has information on the whereabouts of the fugitive. Uh-huh. Well, I’d like to help you, but valentin and I are not close. Full disclosure — I’m aware of your daughter lulu’s condition. What would that have to do with anything? If mr. Cassadine aided or abetted ms. Devane in any way, that puts a target on his back, as well. You wouldn’t want your granddaughter to be without both her parents, would you?

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Sighs ] I guess I-I can’t risk whitten catching me. Your ride’s gonna be here in an hour. What? That’s a bit presumptuous of you. I was hoping you’d choose pragmatism over heroism for once. You think you know me really well, huh? I do know you, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better when you come home. When do you think that will be? Rough estimate. Get you to safety, clear your name. I thought we weren’t doing that. And then we bring you home to everyone who loves you. We’ll be waiting. Promise? Come here.

[ Buoy bell ringing, waves crashing ] Holly! Pull up a chair. So, what news do you have for me from our esteemed D.A.? I know where anna’s safe house is. Go on. 199 hidden hills drive. Well done! I must admit I was expecting a little more reluctance. Why are you making this so easy? If I’m g onna be forced to betray my friend…

[ Cellphone chimes ] …I want to make this end as quickly and safely as possible. Well, change of plan. I’m afraid you’re going to have to alert the authorities as to anna’s whereabouts. Are you afraid they’ll trace your number? Uh, no. It’s another matter I have to take care of. Huh — actually, it’s something that could turn out to be your next assignment. I’ll be in touch. The more I try to get georgie to accept austin, the worse it gets. Well, perhaps our daughter is just an excellent judge of character. Or perhaps she’s taking her cues from you.

[ Sighs ] Look. Maxie, y-you’ve asked me to be respectful of your relationship with dr. Gatlin-holt, and I have done so. Okay, but I can’t lie to our child. And frankly, maxie, I-I can’t lie to you. I don’t like austin. Okay? I-I have no reason to believe that he’s involved in anything nefarious. It’s just — he’s not the second coming of peter august, no, but he just doesn’t — he doesn’t ring true. I — what — what does that even mean? In the 18th century, you could tell if a coin was counterfeit by dropping it, if — and if the sound rang true, you knew it wasn’t lead.

[ Groans ] And — and you think austin’s made of lead? So faison or peter stole the necklace? No, not necessarily. But, I mean, you said that… I said that the documentation that I found proves that the necklace was in taub’s possession at the time of his death, but it doesn’t rule out that faison could have purchased it from the estate. But, I mean, wouldn’t there be a record of that sale? It’s — [ Chuckles ] It’s worth $35 million. Well, there may be evidence of a third party legally selling the necklace. I just haven’t found it yet. But it’s more likely that the necklace, along with the rest of taub’s collection, was left to any heirs that he may have had. And that’s me. If there are no other heirs. Wow. Here I thought I was getting a windfall when we found that necklace, but turns out it might all be yours. Well, again, not necessarily. If a sales record to peter or faison shows up, it could wind up being yours after all.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Pardon me. Dr. Westbourne, I need a consult.

[ Clears throat ] Excuse me. So…what else might I need to know? I know why you coerced spinelli into matching you with britt. It’s the necklace. That’s what you’ve been after all along, isn’t it? Raising your girls, being a father figure to them. Mac, you were a father, not just a figure. It was the honor of my life.

[ Chuckles ] But seeing you and maxie… that bond… …it becomes clear that that’s an experience that I missed out on. I wish you could have had that. And then cody shows up out of nowhere. And, uh… I thought maybe I’d finally get a shot at it. Mac, when you found out that you… well, that cody wasn’t your son, it wasn’t just a disappointment. It was a loss. You’re allowed to grieve your loss. Cody and I barely knew each other. I mean, we only started to make headway like five minutes before the bomb got dropped, so now — now we just need to move on. Ohh. If only it were that simple.

[ Sighs ] Would I want my granddaughter to be orphaned? Is that what you’re asking me, agent whitten? I apologize if my style is a bit, um — inappropriate? Aggressive? Rude? What I should have just said was… working with me is the best way to ensure both anna devane’s and valentin cassadine’s safety.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Excuse me. Agent whitten. You have my attention.

Okay, so, I called in a favor. There’s a dr. Talone — maybe the top huntington’s specialist in the country. She happens to be at a conference in toronto, and she’s agreed to drive down to meet with you today. Today? Yeah.

[ Exhales sharply ] That — that — that’s soon. I-I can’t just meet her last minute. Britt. I have work. No. No. Don’T. Don’t avoid this, okay? Dr. Talone can tell you definitively whether or not the symptoms that you’re experiencing are the onset of huntington’S. Isn’t that a piece of information that you need? How could I have known about the necklace? Cody, stop. I’ve run dozens of cons more complicated than this one. I’m not running a con. You could have known about the necklace when you found out that you might be taub’s son. Okay, look, I get that you don’t trust me because I “blackmailed” your friend, but — I’d say that’s a pretty good reason. And I apologized for it. And I told you I’d leave spinelli alone. Good. I told you you better.

[ Chuckles ] Come on, sam. We used to be friends. Cody, we are not friends. You are dante’s friend, and I gave you the benefit of the doubt because of that. You are raising major red flags right now. W-why? Why? Because I’m interested in a one-of-a-kind necklace that may have belonged to my long-lost father? What’s wrong with that? When said necklace turns up in a safe deposit box that belongs to britt? That seems pretty convenient, don’t you think? And then you used blackmail to be paired with her. I don’t know. That certainly seems like an agenda. Well, no one’s squeaky clean.

[ Chuckling ] I’m not. You’re not. And not even dante. I think austin is — is a mix of good and bad, like everyone. And while it is unacceptable for georgie to be rude to him, if she doesn’t want to spend time with him, I don’t see why she should have to. Welcome back. Hi. How’s your patient?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Stubborn, but you know me. Ever hopeful. Oh. Now it’s my turn. James’ school.

[ Ringing continues ] Uh…

[ Sighs ] Hey. Hey. Come on, spinelli. Did — did you get a chance to run the algorithm on me and maxie like you agreed? Technically, I never agreed. I kept your secret for you. All I’m asking is for one tiny, little favor in return. Okay, why — why do you even need the algorithm? Alright? She — she already thinks you’re compatible. I need it. For reasons you could never possibly understand. We’ll get through this. Okay. We will. An d when we do, I’ll never letanything get in our way again.

[ Sighs ] We can’t control the world. There’s always going to be something. And I will fight it. Whatever it is. I’ll fight for you. Always. Felicia: Dante’s back! With — oh, that’s not your usual swill, is it? Well, I might have snuck some corinthos in there, but don’t tell anybody. You want some? Oh, no, that’s okay. You two stay and enjoy your breakfast. Clearly, you have your work cut out for you. Yeah. Mm. Chief scorpio. Detective falconeri. I’m glad you’re here, too. Is there something we can help you with, agent whitten? The mayor wanted me to bring you in on this. We have a lead on anna devane. I’ve got a task force headed to her location now. Would you like to ride with me? S-sure. That’s the job. Right this way, then. How worried should we be? Very.

What about dante? It’s — never mind. Just forget I said anything. No. You brought it up. Just tell me. What shady thing did dante do?

[ Door opens ] Did I miss something? No, no. We’re — we’re all good. Right, sam? Yeah. Sure. I was just leaving. U-unless you needed anything? No, no, I’m — I’m good. Thanks, sam. Okay. Great work, as always. Thank you. I’ll be in touch about the necklace. Hm. Did something happen with dr. Gatlin-holt? Just discussing a patient. I do have some bad news, though. I have to take a rain check on our plans. Okay. How crazy is all this business about that necklace? Britt, are you sure you’re okay? Don’t worry about me. You just inherited some major coin! How are you feeling about all this? Cody: Um, it’s a lot to process. I mean, did you ever think that when you parachuted into port charles, you’d end up inheriting a part of the infamous ice princess diamond? Spinelli. Spinelli: Oh, hey. You — you waited. Yeah. I just — I-I really wanted to assure you that I will start post-haste digging up cody’s juvenile misdeeds. It’s about time that someone gets the comeuppance they so deserve. Um, about that. I think we’re gonna put a pin in digging up cody’s arrest record. Why? Um, I just — I don’t know. I think it’s complicated. And we should probably try another angle. Okay. I-I don’t understand. Why’d you change your mind? I have my reasons. Just trust me. Leave it alone for now. Okay.

[ Groans ] Damn. Valentin’s phone keeps going to voicemail.

[ Sighs ] I’m gonna text him. What are you gonna say? “Call me. It’s about charlotte.” That’s the best way to get a quick response. What about you? Can you contact anna? Anna can only contact me. It’s not the other way around.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. It’s mac. He says the van is pulling up in front of the house now. He says that agent whitten won’t hesitate to take anna down if she won’

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