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 Can’t believe we’re finally here. Beautiful downtown Jakarta, you only tell us what, uh, 36 hours. No, I’m so tired. I don’t know who I am, let alone my time. It is now. I thought a private jet was supposed to save time. Yeah, well, even if private plane can’t fly through a monsoon, so, Ugh. Real horizontal bed.

Hey, be careful with that stuff. That’s got my film equipment in it. It costs a fortune. Yeah. What you totally don’t need. Look, I’ve never been to Indonesia before and as a filmmaker, I want to document my experience. Okay? Listen up scsi. We’re not here to make a movie. We’re here to find out if your dad and my brother brainwashed Stephan.

Got it.

Ej, we need to talk. What are you doing in my chair? It’s not your chair. Okay, well, what are you doing in ejs Chair? Ejs outta the office today. Attending to a personal matter. Okay, well, I’m here attending to a personal matter myself. I want my company back

and something wrong. Should I go get those puppets back from Henry to make sure that we do this right? You wanna make dumb jokes or kiss?

You are telling me there was no Mr. Re client or the, the threats, the extortion. You weren’t representing someone else. It was just me all along. So you decide to put me and my daughter through hell for the money? No. I wanted to make you suffer for revenge. Revenge For what? For what? Just who the hell are you?

It’s true. You’ve killed someone. Yes. I, I did. I don’t buy a Dupree. You’ve never hurt anyone. But I did, and I have lived with it for years. But you never said anything I was gonna tell you a couple of weeks ago, but I, I couldn’t and I didn’t want you to know, but. Now everyone is going to know that a woman is dead and she’s dead

because of me.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

This isn’t your company, Gabby. We kicked you out. Remember I’m talking about Gabby Sheik. Which is now part of Dara. Why on earth would we give it back? Because you have basic black, why would you need another fashion house? Because Gabby Sheik makes us lots of money and Dara is like companies that make us lots of money, right?

But it’s my company. I built it from the ground up. It’s my concept. It’s our company. And maybe you should have done a better job at retaining the rights. It has. My name Gabby. The answer is, You can go

say there’s nothing you can do to change my mind. Oh, well how about this?

Am I interrupting?

I know why. You don’t have to bite my head off. Okay. Well, you don’t have to start sentences As a filmmaker,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I am nine degrees of Chet Laed. I’m here to find out if my brother did or did not do something. She really reprehensible. I’m just trying to think that maybe he did.

I don’t wanna know. I think maybe I have to look, I guess, uh, I guess I’m just so used to everyone in my family being willing to do anything to get what they want, if it means anything. If Lee is involved in brainwashing stuff and he did it because he really loves Gabby, my dad just did it for. We’re force of habits and the deras have been taking over people’s brains for generations.

It’s kind of like handing down the family recipe for pasta, fa, joli. They’re sweet in kind of a creepy way. Thank you. From what I heard at the office, your dad and my brother had this together. They sent wolf out of the country to cover their tracks. Now we need to figure out what he knows.

First we gotta find him. No, first I need to take a shower. I feel like I was born in these clothes.

Something tells me you stepped on a whole lot of people as you claw your way up in this. So I guess I’m not surprised that you have no idea who I am. So you think that I’ve wronged you somehow, you and your daughter. So to pay us back, you started digging for dirt and found out about that incident in London.

It was not an incident, it was a death, and I took that death very, very personally. Dupre. You need to know that you are looking at someone who is going to love you no matter what. I’m not so sure about that. Well, it doesn’t matter. I am. I don’t want you to know this about me, but you deserve to know the truth.

You better sit down.

Lee, your fiance and I were just talking shop. Oh, bilingually. By the way, will you tell this little minion here that, uh, Gabby Sheik is mine and that I’d like to have it returned to me asap, Gabby. There’s no way in hell EJ is going to return that little dress shop of yours. It’s mine. Gabby, lemme just talk to EJ about it, see what we can work out.

Oh man. Lee, it looks like your personal life and your professional life are on a major collision course. I mean, you’re in love with Gabby, you’re working for ej. Looks like you’re caught between a rock and a Dera place. Will you please just shut up? Hmm. So touchy pre-wedding jitters bride. Lee, unless you have some business here, I’ve got work to do.

I was actually looking for Jing Wen, but she wasn’t in her office. Where is she’s working remotely today. Really? From where?

What are you doing? Answering work? Emails. I have to keep people from wondering why I’m not in the office. Right. Are you going to get dressed? Am I distracting you? Yeah, cuz you’re dripping water everywhere. Ah, there’s already water everywhere. It’s humid as hell. At least imagine. Tell us more of a dry heat.

Hmm. Uh, well, before I get dressed, I had a thought in the shower and I wanted to share it with you that you should stop shaving your chest hair. Nope. Don’t shave my chest tears. I just don’t grow any. Anyway, the thought that I. Was Rolf in his experiments, right? How he lives for them. I don’t think there’s any way that he would’ve ever agreed to come here if my dad and your brother didn’t set him up with some kind of lab, a high tech one.

That sounds like a good place to start. Hey, Stephanie. It’s uh, it’s Chad. Look, I just wanted to give you a heads up. Apparently Sloan gave Gwen Rez check her file on Chanel. Um, I, I, I convinced her to sit down and, and run the story about trash instead. I think that we should still probably get together and figure out how we want to move forward.

Um, just gimme a call. Okay. Bye.

That was nice. I’m glad you proof. We should stop though, because Henry’s in the other room and he could wander back in. I don’t like it, but you’re right. Can’t traumatize the kid. Yeah. Ally has enough to deal with as it is. It all happened when I was living in London and I was still in college. Um, university.

And it was my senior year and I had an affair with one of my professors. And she was the woman who died? No, no. Um, she was married to him and, um, he was the very dreamy doctor Nathan. Bedford,

I was struggling in his class and you know, the bread, they, they grew up reading Dickens and I was just lost. And so I thought that’s why he was getting me extra attention and he was trying to, I, well I thought he was trying to help me, um, catch up in his classes and I, um, I would go to his office. Office hours cuz he asked me to.

And he, he really seemed like he, he cared about what I, what I thought. Hmm. I’m sure he did. Anyway, uh, we were reading Bleak House and he took me to the rooftop of the English department and he wanted to show me some of the locations from the book. And Ali, oh God. It was, it was beautiful. The sun was setting over the Tims and he pointed out to where Chancery was and ah, I, I leaned over to try to see it and I got scared and he.

He pulled me back and he kissed me

and it was, it was thrilling to me. And that was the start of the affair

and the start of. The worst thing that has ever happened to me.

So I love my wedding present. A new bride per book. Yeah. Hello. That’s between, uh, that and what to, uh, expect on your wedding night. , you’re so hilarious. So how are you? Just don’t ask me that because I am really doing fine, except when Roman is always asking me how I’m doing and then that drives me crazy.

Well, that’s because he was scared he was gonna lose you. So was I. I know. And are you, you both went through a love. So how are you doing? You probably have a lot on your plate with this Paulina situation. . Yeah. Stephanie and I have been on full damage control since the story broke. Yeah. How’s that going?

Given how you feel about her? You remember that? Yes. I remember it. Dying. I wasn’t dead. And how did you So elegantly put it really into her. Well, yeah. And then I also said that I wasn’t ready for anything to happen between us. Yeah. Well is that still the case?

It doesn’t matter. It’s a moot point. She’s dating Alex Carri.

Oh, well this is domesticated now, isn’t it? Oh yeah. Maybe later we can watch a cooking show. Oh yeah. Mm-hmm. , you gotta say, it is hard to believe. A couple weeks ago you couldn’t stand me, and now I put, apparently you can sort of call . You have to admit, when we first met you were. Obnoxious. Ouch. The touche.

I was trying to be disarming. Well, it wasn’t completely your fault. He was bad timing. Meaning the last guy I dated, he came on strong like you did. Like I was the end all and the be all. I mean, I really fell for it. But then he just, um, well you spell Ghosted, , and, um, there you were following the exact same playbook, so I wasn’t about to let you or any man play me like that Again, those months were, Oh, they were magic.

And it wasn’t just about the sex. He would give me books to read that I never heard of, and he’d ask me questions about what I thought and what I felt about those books, and, and then it would be days later and we will be lying in bed and then outta nowhere, he’d say, oh, I was thinking about what you said.

And it was just it. It made me feel like he not only listened, but he actually took what I said serious. It was the polar opposite of mama. He, he actually treated me like I was an adult. But you were a kid. Chanel, he was your teacher. He, he used his position and his status to, sorry, go on.


you know how it goes. Um. I fell head over heels in love with him and I was gonna marry him and I was going to inspire him to finish the novel that he knew he had in him. And what about the wife?

Uh, you’ll be stunned to hear that he told me the marriage was loveless and toxic and that he was just there for the kids, and now the kids were gone. How long were you two together? Almost the whole semester.

And then one night I got this text from him saying to meet him on the rooftop hour up our. Special place only when I got there. It wasn’t him,

it was the wife.

Just how personal is this vendetta of yours? It’s finally clicking into place, isn’t it?

I didn’t see it before, maybe because I never. But I’ve seen a picture and now I can see a slight resemblance. Yeah, people always did say I had her eyes. Dr. Bedford’s wife, the one who Chanel murdered.

Shouldn’t pick up. Wonder where she is? Well, she’s probably at home. Right? I’ll see if I have her new address. Well, I know where it is. She’s, um, staying with Allie and Chanel. When did that happen? Wendy said, Johnny set it up. Okay, well, um, I guess I’ll head over there now. One head over with me. Actually, I’m gonna get the Gabby Sheik paperwork ready so that when EJ gives me the, okay, I can hit the ground running.

Oh, hang on. I just got a weather report here. It says once EJ gives the, okay, hell will freeze over and I’ll see you tonight. You know, I think, um, I’m gonna wait for you to come back here with him. Did I not mention that I have work to. The printer should have the wedding invitation proofs within the hour, and I thought we could look them over together.

You’re sure you wanna wait? Well, I mean, I’d like to get them approved as soon as possible. Okay. I’ll be back as soon as I can play. Nice.

Any luck? I’ve been using my access to damer files, to local police corporate expenses and so far I don’t see any payments for lapse on your Carta. Did you try using my father’s too? Nothing. But what if they’re disguising? The lease is just regular office space. All they do lease a lot of buildings here.

Whatever it is, it would take a lot more power. Right to, to power a full-blown lab. You’re right. Than an actual office. I’ll, I’ll look up electricity pills.


She, she must have read the, the text because she, she knew about the, um, the rooftop and she. She’d set the whole thing up and when, when I got there and she saw me, she lost it. And I can’t even tell you the thing she called me, but the nicest one was home wrecker. And I should have just turned around and left, but I was, I was so stupid young.

You were young. Anyway, I don’t know why, but I, I tried to explain to her that he was unhappy with her and that he loved me and that he was going to divorce her and marry me, and she just looked right at me and said, he’s mine, and then she slapped me. She never said she loved him. Just, he’s mine.

And then she told me that he was lying to me and that he would never leave her or their bay water flat with a garden bitch. And then I said, oh, and I shouldn’t have, I should have, what did you say? Is that flat? Yours too. And, oh, God, ally, she lost it. She, she just, she charged me like a rocket. And I, I, I tried to get away.

I tried it, but it all happened so fast and I tried to push her away, but, but I, I didn’t realize how close we were to the edge and then,

I can still hear her scream,

and then I looked over the side and she was lying there in a pool of blood and

I killed her rally. I killed her.

My mother was the strongest, smartest woman I’ve ever known. She was the reason I became a lawyer. I always wanted to be just. I was actually in law school when I, uh, I got the call, they said she’d killed herself, which didn’t make any sense. But, uh, but then my dad called and uh, he said it was true. What exactly did he tell you?

That he told her he wanted a divorce and she couldn’t take it, so she jumped off a building, but, Again, didn’t make any sense because she’s a fighter. She would never do that. So your father never told you about Chanel? Oh, you mean his side piece? Watch it. No, he didn’t share that part of the story with me.

And when he resigned his position, I thought it was because he was grieving. Of course, now I know the truth. And when he stopped working on that novel that he always talked about, he started drinking himself to death. When you first started to blackmail me, I looked into his whereabouts. I saw that he died a couple years ago.

When he was dying, he took my hand and he told me that my mother hadn’t really killed herself. It was at his funeral that I decided to find out what had really happened, which is when I found out that your precious little Chanel had killed my mother.

What happened next?

I didn’t know what to do. I, I just stood there frozen for a long, long time, and then all of a sudden the campus. Burst through the door of the rooftop, and they took me down to their office and they asked me what happened, and I couldn’t even really hear what they were saying because I just kept hearing her in my head.

I kept hearing what she said to me that, that I was a slut and a home record, and she told me that she had children and that I had ruined their lives. And, and so then I just, I just blurted out, it’s my fault. It’s my fault. And I told them that I was having an affair with her husband and that. I pushed her and I even signed a statement.

I don’t understand. I mean, obviously there was no trial

and no one seems to know about this. How did you keep it quiet?

Are you at all interested in the truth, or do you just wanna be a self-righteous victim? Oh, I know the truth. I read her statements. She admitted she pushed my mother. Well, sh she admitted she pushed her only to protect herself. No, she didn’t lure your mother to that roof. She didn’t lunge at your mother.

If it was self-defense, why did you cover it up? You hid the evidence, the surveillance photos, the. Not to mention the hush money you gave this school. Well, she’d been through enough. She got off Scott free. She seduced my father, killed my mother. And then you just went and cuted it up.

So Stephanie’s dating Sonny’s brother. It was one date. How do you feel about that? I think that she can do better, but I’m a friend, so I’m gonna support her because that’s what friends do. Oh, I. Um, what happens when you decide that you want to be more than France? I don’t know, Kate. I don’t know if or when I will be ready to move on.

I, I’m, I, I might never move on with someone else again. I might never be with anybody else, ever again. Oh, come on. Don’t say that. I think I know Abigail would want you to fall in love. I just hope that you don’t wait too long. Oh, Stephanie and Alex May have crashed and burned by then. I’ll fallen madly in love.

Thank you. You know, I am ashamed to admit that I have certainly ghosted my fair share of women, although I was pretty upfront about what. intentions were, you know, I wasn’t looking for love or any type of commitment. Just a good time. Looking back on that now, it’s a pretty crappy thing to do. Hmm. And why were you so scared of love?

I wasn’t scared of love, I just, I was averse to it. An important distinction.

I honestly think it’s cuz of my mom. Angelica. Yeah. Yeah. She always, she always told me growing up the entire time that love was this trap full of misery and pain and upbeat was. Yeah, she was a pretty bitter woman after my dad left her for Adrian. So rather than getting hurt again, she just went from one meaningless fling to the next, and I guess I kind of followed her lead.

Could I tell you this though? The woman wasn’t wrong. If you don’t care, you don’t get hurt.

But then, But what my mom went on to live this really sad life after my dad was gone. She just became kind of desperate. That must have been really hard to watch, especially after my dad and Adrian seemingly had it all. You know, I told myself this whole time that I was just like my.

That I would never have what they did,

and I met you.

When you said you were going to wait for Leah, I didn’t realize you meant in my office. Shut your office. Well, could you keep it down please? The noise is driving me nuts. I can’t focus. Oh, it’s the printer. Sounds private. Maybe you should take it in the hall. Martin. Hi. Yes. Did you send over? No, no, no, no. I don’t have the name of the fonts.

I dunno them off the top of my head, but you know what? I am in my old office. You know what? They could be here. Hang on a second. Wait. See? Ej, did it move so much here?

Hi. Hi, can I help you? I’m Lee Shin Jing. Wen uh, Wendy’s brother. Is she here? The new roommate? No, I’m sorry. Um, Ellie told me she left town. Oh. Um, did she say where she went? No, not as I recall. Sorry. Well, thanks for your time. For sure. And if, uh, I hear from all and she says anything, we’ll be sure to let you.

I’d appreciate that. Take care. You too.

This is Lee in. I need you to locate my sister. So if we’re right, Dr. Ralf slab is only a few miles away and with Jakarta traffic, that should be what? An hour? We better get a move on. Wait, wait, wait. We don’t even have a plan. Even if we do find this guy, he’s not just gonna admit that he brainwashed someone.

Uh, then I’ll say I’m here on Lee’s behalf, uh, that he wants me to make sure he has everything he needs. Okay. Yeah, and I’ll, I’ll say that my dad sent me. Oh, too risky. I’m sure he knows you’ve been on the office with your dad. It’s better if I go alone. I’ll, I feel like I’m in on everything. Trick him into confessing.

No, no, no. We, he’s just gonna deny it later. We need proof. Okay. Uh, I can use my phone to record him

and actually I have a better idea after the campus cops took my statement. I called my mother and she was on the next plane to London telling her about Nathan what happened. It was the hardest thing that I’d ever had to do. She just went into mother bear mode and when she got there, she met with the president of the school and she convinced him that it would be a huge scandal if the truth came out.

A distinguished professor having an affair with a young, impressionable student and, uh, she also offered to make a sizable donation. Make it all go away and the president agreed, they issued a statement saying that Martha, Committed suicide and the surveillance photos and my statement, they all just disappeared as far as anyone knew.

I was never there that night.

So how did Sloan and her client get all this evidence? I have no idea. How long have you been plotting all this? About a year. I tracked you and Chanel down to Salem, set up my practice here using my mother’s maiden name, Peterson. I didn’t want you to see me coming. And then I waited for the perfect moment to make my move to do as much damage as possible when I was running for governor.

Write smack dab in the public. You know, you are very much like your mother. You find out your father’s a lion cheat who said your mother committed suicide to cover his butt down zero 60. You go blaming someone else lies, threats named calling blackmail with no reflection. There might be another side to the story and that maybe your mother isn’t quite the feminist saint that you make her out to be.

Don’t you say another word about my mother? I’m just saying you.

And Chanel is like me and vice versa. So you have, uh, metaphorically lured me to the rooftop. You talking smack you threatening me thinking you got me in your clutches. But as I said, my daughter and I are very much alike. Someone charges me, I shov back hard. So you might want to think about where you might land.

You need to listen to me. That woman attacked you. It was self-defense. I go at her. She’s the one who lured you to the rooftop in the first place. I was sleeping with her husband. That professor prayed on you. Tell me, after this happened, did he even try and help you? I never saw him again. He was forced to resign.

Poor. Allie, you don’t understand the guilt. I, I kept pushing it down, trying to deny it, and that’s why I was in the party scene when we met. But don’t you see it’s all come back because, because I never paid for what I did. I killed that woman. And now, I have to face the consequences

no matter what you say. Chanel is going to prison the hell she is. Now I know it must be hard for you to accept the fact that your father was a drunken sex addict, and your mother lured a young woman to the roof that night to punish her, humiliate her, make her pay. She instigated that fight. Chanel was only defending herself and.

I am not going to let your neurotic need to rewrite history, ruin my daughter’s life. No. She is gonna get what’s coming to her, what she deserves, and so are you. And that’s a promise. Sorry I never met you folks. Sound like a fun couple


Everything. Okay. Um, Chad left me a message about the situation with Paulina. I’d, I’d better go check in. Okay. If you must. Thank you for coming by and helping me out with Henry. Hmm. No problem. But, Before you go, do you think maybe we could go on another date? I think I would look forward to that.

I don’t wanna hold Stephanie back when I can’t promise anything. Oh God. There you go again, always having to be fair. Always having to do the right thing. I don’t even know why I like you.

Oh honey. If I push you, it’s just because I want you to be happy again. Yeah, yeah. I know. I know. Yeah. I’m so glad I was able to find my. Thank you Martin. I’m gonna, I’ll be waiting for your email. Okay. Time for you to go. I’m waiting for me. Wait somewhere else. I don’t wanna wait somewhere else. Okay. Too bad.

Get your hands off me. I want you outta here now. No.

Did you find my sister? She logged in from where?

Hey. Hey. You ready for your hidden mic? Oh, I am now. I wasn’t about to let you get anywhere near me until I showered. Okay. Uh, Lift up your shirt.

Just gonna take this in, uh, right here,

this mic. We’ll pick up everything that Groff says and I will be right outside. So I guess the film equipment came in handy after all.

How’s that feel? Feels good. I mean, it’s fine.

Am I making you nervous? Why would I be nervous? I dunno. You tell me.

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