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[ Exhales deeply ] Carly corinthos. I swear you get more gorgeous every time I see you. Well, it’s carly spencer now. Oh. Ohh. And you look so dapper, as usual. Thank you. Thanks for coming through for me, brick. You know I’ll always be there for you. Come on in. Okay. Well, well, well. I wonder what drew would think of this, carly? Hey, if I’m overstepping, just — just tell me. But if you’re really interested in knowing the full story about your biological parents, I think I can help. Thank you, drew. And, no, you’re not overstepping. If anything, you’re being incredibly generous. Yeah, nothing’s more important than family. I agree. Both the family that you have here and the unknown one somewhere out there. Dad, what are you doing here? I had to see you. Of course you did. Because why do things on my terms? Hey, look, I, uh… I heard you were admitted to G.H. Last night. Are you okay? I’m not the one with the busted lip. Yeah, I’m fine. I’ll tell you what happened later. But are you okay? Oh, yeah. Uh…

[ Breathes deeply ] It’s been interesting. You should leave now before you make everything worse. Nikolas: Here. Pack your things. Load up the jet and contact the airstrip. Right away, sir. And make sure the house is stocked and ready for guests. Where are we going? Someplace no one will ever find you. Hey. Hey. Shh.

[ Groaning ] Take it easy. God, you’re hot. So are you. With fever. That feels nice. Just try to rest, okay? My mom should be here soon with antibiotics. Hey. Hey. Everything okay with the guest? With the what? I’m sorry. What? The hosts said that, uh, I don’t know, you were having some problem with some customer service issue. Oh, yeah. I, um… m-managed to put out that fire, and I inadvertently walked into another one. What happened? Oh, nothing.

[ Chuckling ] There’s nothing. Just tell me. What? You said t hat brickused to flirt with carly? Yeah. All in good fun. It was nothing. Oh, okay. Why? No. Sunny, I-I have the habit of getting things wrong, okay? You need to tell me what — what — what is going on here. Okay. I saw carly go into brick’s room.

You said you saw carly going into brick’s room? Yeah? Yeah! I’m absolutely certain of it. Did they see you? No, I was out in the hallway. Did you hear anything? Yeah. I heard him say that he would always be there for carly. That she gets more gorgeous every time he sees her. I’m sure there is a simple explanation. Hey, leo. Your mom called. It’s time for dinner. Do you know how to unlock a phone? This isn’t yours? No. I found it when I was looking for leaves. Well, it’s dead. We have to hook it up to a charger. Then can I have it? No. Well, this doesn’t belong to you, buddy. We have to return it. We just gotta figure out who. So, the issue of my parents first became a thing back when michael wanted to take me to paris. I needed my birth certificate to get a passport, only harmony didn’t have one, so she got one forged. Right. And then she told carly right before she died that she wasn’t your biological mother. If only she told carly who my real mother was. Look, look, the way that I see it is if there is a real birth certificate out there, I’ll get an investigative reporter on the trail. How? Harmony lied about so many things. Is my birth name really kali? Is my birthday real or fake? Well, we just, um… we locate some of the people that used to live on the denver commune with harmony and her husband. If the only way to find my biological parents is by talking to harmony’s old commune friends, I can save you the time and trouble, because that’s going to be a dead end. All right. Open your mouth. Close. All right, so now you can’t talk — it’s my turn. The night that we met… when sonny ordered you to attack that paparazzi and I recorded the whole thing and I threatened to take it to the cops, sonny took off. He just left you there. Then he decides, with zero evidence, that you are the one going around and attacking people with a hook. He ties you up, he leaves you in a freezer, and he has some freak threaten to torture you with knives. Then he orders you to do something — god knows what — and you get shot in the process, and you can’t even call him for help. There is no way that sonny is paying you enough to go through all of that. I’d accuse you of being blindly, stupidly loyal… but, dex, I know that you’re not stupid. So, tell me.

[ Thermometer beeps ]

[ Scoffs softly ] What is it? Why have you been risking so much for sonny? You want me to stay away from your sister? Look, I hate lying to josslyn, but, yeah, she can’t know that you work for me. All I can tell you is… …I have my reasons.

[ Scoffs softly ] Your temperature is 104. If my mom is not back soon with the antibiotics, we have to take you to the hospital. Jeff: I’m sorry you feel that way, lizzie. My name is elizabeth, and I’m only stating true facts. God, you wreak havoc on everybody’s lives. You cheated on mom more than once — hayden is living proof. You’re the reason reiko betrayed finn. The reason I argued with her at the top of those stairs. If you hadn’t met her, who knows? She’d probably still be alive. And she and finn might still be married. And I wouldn’t have spent years repressing the memory of what happened to her. You’re right, elizabeth. I can’t dispute anything you just said.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] I’m wanted in the lab. Unless you want me to stay? No. It — it’s okay. My father won’t be here long. Okay. Jeff: Before you go, dr. Finn, can I just say I — I’m sorry for what happened to reiko.

[ Door closes ] Is that why you came here? To absolve your guilt? I had no idea I would run into finn. And I know what I’ve done is unforgivable. Then why show up at all? I took a chance. There’s so much that we’ve left unsaid. Really? Like what? I’m not going anywhere with you. And yet you were so eager to leave last night. How do I know you won’t throw me into the ocean from the plane, hm? That would be the simplest solution — ridding the world of you forever. But you’re carrying my child. You know, I always wanted more children. I just hoped to have them with a woman I truly cared about. Instead, it’s with you. But the end result is to keep you safe. For now, at least. No, you can’t leave port charles. What about ava, huh? Don’t you still love her? Or spence? He should be getting out of pentonville soon. Don’t you want to be here for that? Or your mom. I mean, won’t you miss her? You’re wasting time. You know, where is my suitcase? The one I was packing before your whacked-out wife threw me off the parapet? She didn’t throw you, esme — you fell from your own momentum.

[ Scoffs ] Oh. Let’s tell that story to the police — see what they think. I’m sure the police would be far more interested in charging you with the hook attacks. Oh, my god. Not this again. As for your luggage, when you went missing, there was no reason to keep it. So it went up in smoke, so to speak. Oh, just like your plan to keep me here? Let’s establish some new house rules. Rule number one — no more lies. Mm. What’s rule number two? Never make me repeat myself. You have 5 minutes to pack your meager belongings for our journey. Nikolas, wait! It’s the baby! Quick, get help!

[ Groaning, panting ]

Esme: Something’s happening. What hurts? It’s a sharp pain. If you want this to work, you’ll have to do better. No, I’m serious.

[ Knock on door ] Demetrius: The helicopter will be here in 30 minutes, sir. Demetrius, help me!

[ Gasping ] It’s nothing to worry about, demetrius. Our guest is just violating rule number one about lying.

[ Whimpering ] Someone help me to the bed, please. It’s just an act.

[ Screams ] Are you sure, sir? Absolutely. Nikolas: Esme is conveniently getting cramps, right when we’re about to travel to a location that will be impossible for her to escape. You don’t know what a formidable liar she is. And you don’t know what it’s like to — to carry a child inside you, much less lose one.

[ Gasping ] But you’re about to.

[ Screams ] Sending me away as a teenager to live without my parents says it all, don’t you think? Your mother and I didn’t feel like we had any other choice. Right. Right. Because you were just trying to, quote/unquote, “protect” me? I guess it was just an added bonus that you no longer had to parent your wayward daughter, the one who exposed your affair and killed your mistress. Elizabeth, stop it. I won’t let you talk that way. Let me? You walked out of my life 25 years ago. You don’t get to just be my dad now. Or is the real issue that I called you out? You’ve created this narrative where your mother and i were somehow relieved to be rid of you. You were not wayward. Those are your words, not mine. And you were not responsible for reiko’s death. But I still wasn’t perfect, was I? Like sarah? Sarah isn’t perfect, either, because no one is. There’s no such thing. All carolyn and i ever wanted was for you both to be healthy and happy. Really? Because you didn’t have to drug sarah for her to be either. Elizabeth, I’m not saying that carolyn and i didn’t make mistakes, because we did. But one of the few things we did right was to finally admit the truth to you in monterey.

[ Sighs ] Even if it means you’ll never forgive us. Drew: Why are you so certain that the people that used to live on the commune with harmony wouldn’t know who your birth mother might actually be? In my experience, people who live in communes frequently change their names. They consider themselves to be free spirits who have a firm distrust of outsiders. Okay. Yeah, no, I get that. I do. I mean, obviously the people that used to live in that community have a fundamental distrust for law enforcement and for government in general. But, I mean, I’m not a cop. I’m not — I don’t work for the government. I’ll show up with a reporter from aurora, right? And then we can frame the questions as part of a human-interest story. And then we use the company’s publications to get the story out there. Somebody gave birth to you, and odds are that they had help, right? So somebody’s got to know something. You almost make me feel like this can actually happen. Mm. Almost. Every riddle has an answer. It’s about being thorough and reaching as many people as you can. Hopefully… as soon as possible. Nina: So you still want dinner? What are you in the mood for? Whatever you want is fine with me. I ruined everything, didn’t I? I ruined tonight. Why would you say that? Because I keep putting my foot in my mouth about willow and michael and tj, and then now telling you about carly. You know what? I’m going to have a new resolution — stay out of everyone’s damn business. I am your business. And you knew that I would want to know. I knew that it would matter to you. So, okay. You did the right thing. Wait till carly finds out that I told you, and she’s just going to want me dead. Okay. Okay. Okay. You got to let it go. Let’s just enjoy the evening. I would love to. But? I can’t help but wonder if it matters to you because brick is a trusted associate friend… mm-hmm. …Or… …because carly is your ex-wife.

[ Breathing heavily ] Why do you keep sticking your neck out for a total stranger? We’re not strangers. You came dumpster diving with me to help me find avery’s bracelet. And I happen to know that it is your life ambition to learn how to surf. I know you already know how to surf. Mm-hmm. And, uh, that you’re a really engaged, considerate big sister. But I don’t know a whole lot else. Like what? Like, what kind of music do you listen to? What shows do you binge?

[ Chuckles softly ] You first. What about sports? You into sports? I love watching football. What’s your favorite team? Um, college? Georgia bulldogs. Why? There was this guy in my unit — he loved the dawgs. He talked about them nonstop, had the whole roster memorized. It was just infectious, you know? He get so excited every game day, I couldn’t help but cheer them on, too. You guys stay in touch? Uh, no. No, he, uh, he died. Kia. “Killed in action”? Yeah. I’m sorry. Yeah, uh, me, too. Um… anyway, I, uh, I still root for the bulldogs. He’s not around to cheer them on anymore, so I do it for him. I want to go to a game in person someday. He always said the game-days were just I-incredible — the stadium is packed, and when the team runs out, they play “baba o’riley.” That is the weirdest name for a song. Okay. Um, you need to hydrate. All right, dex. I need you just sit up and drink this for me, okay?

[ Groans ] Or you’re gonna need my help. All right. Come here. Sit up.

[ Knock on door ]

I don’t expect you to forgive us. I don’t expect you to even understand what we did, though I’d be incredibly grateful if you did. But please believe me.

[ Sighs ] Every choice we made, as flawed and as misguided as they were, those choices were based on unconditional love for you. You’re a parent now, elizabeth. You love each of your sons in a unique way. Just as I loved you and sarah with all my heart. But honestly… the child I felt I had the most kinship with was you. Me? Why? Because I’m screwed up like you? Because you go your own way. You’re not afraid to take chances. The way I see it…

[ Breathes sharply ] …I’m nothing like you. You were when you were younger. You only knew me as a child, barely as a teenager. I am not the same person you sent away. Well, then… I hope you allow me to learn who it is who you’ve become. I already know I love elizabeth as much as I love lizzie.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Another chance would mean the world to me. But I won’t push. I won’t invade your space.

[ Ringing continues ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Door opens ] From the little I’ve encountered of finn, he seems like a really good man. I hope I haven’t ruined things.

[ Screaming, groaning ] I need you. Please get to wyndemere as soon as you can. I’d be very grateful to you.

[ Sobbing, groaning ] It hurts so bad.

[ Whimpering ] Please hold my hand.

[ Screaming ] Carly: Joss, it’s mom. Okay, one second. One second. Hey, come in. Okay. Um, his temperature is really, really high. Do you have the antibiotics? They’re right here. Okay. Okay. Take these, all right? Here. Thank you. If you want to thank me, get some rest. The sooner that fever breaks, the better for all of us. All right. Easy. He’s had a really high fever for over a day now. I mean, how long do you think until it breaks? They’re strong antibiotics. My guess is the fever will break in the morning.

[ Sighs ] I hope you’re right.

[ Sighs ] You seem like you want to find your biological parents really quickly. Of course. I-I-I hope it’s sooner than later. Yeah, no. And I — I get that, but just — just to be clear, I mean, these things take time. Yeah. No, I’m just — I’m a little anxious to finally know the truth. Harmony wasn ‘t perfect by anystretch of the imagination… mm. …But still, there was some comfort in knowing that she was my mom. And now that I know she wasn’t, I just feel a bit unmoored. Hey. I thought olivia wanted leo to go back to the main house for dinner. Well, I called her and told her that he would be delayed. So, uh, leo found a cellphone, but it’s dead. So we have to charge it and find out who it belongs to. And leo wanted to stick around till the mystery was solved. So, leo, if you were a charger, where would you be? Hmm. Well, I would be made of aluminum and silicone, so… maybe upstairs.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, sorry. I seem overzealous. I just — I went back and forth deciding if I wanted to find my biological family. And now that I’ve made up my mind, I — stop right there, willow. I know exactly why you’re in such a hurry. The only thing between carly and me is donna. I know. I know. Right. But… wouldn’t it be awkward if she started dating someone that you know? All right, do me a favor — order for me? I want a big steak, okay?

You know the call that you gotearlier that took you away? Yeah. That’s all taken care of? Yeah, all sorted out. Well, I’m glad to hear it ’cause I — I wouldn’t want you to leave my ex-wife unsatisfied. Look, our situations aren’t identical, but they are similar enough. There was a time I didn’t know who my family was. And — and when you make that decision to find out, it’s like you feel like you need to know right now. So you do know how I’m feeling. Absolutely. The quartermaines embraced me as one of their own. I’m just hoping it’s gonna be the same case when you find your relatives. Yeah, that would — that would be ideal. But I also know that my biological relatives may not be as welcoming as the quartermaines. But…that’s okay.

[ Breathes sharply ] I don’t have to like them. Why would you say that?

[ Footsteps on stairs ] Did you find the charger? Just where I said silicone would be. But I’m hungry now. Bye! Drew: Bye! Willow: Bye! That right there — that’s what makes family everything.

[ Door closes ] I mean, scout, leo, rocco, wiley. Oh, yeah. They’re all characters. Funny, smart, precocious. Right? I mean, imagine in 10 years — imagine when they’re all teenagers. Won’t it be fun to see who they turn out to be?

[ Door opens, knock on door ] Hey. Elizabeth: Hi. Are you okay? My father will not be coming around here again uninvited. What happened last night that got your checked in here?

[ Sighs ] Oh. I ran into esme prince on pier 55. She didn’t attack you, did she? No. No, but I went to call 911, and she tried to grab my phone, and I fell and hit my head. They just checked me in for observation — mild concussion, but, really, I think they were just being overly cautious. Better safe than sorry. Yeah. Yeah. I’m the last person to defend esme, because I think she’s a maniac. But honestly, I don’t think she meant for me to fall. I’m really glad you weren’t hurt. I wish reiko hadn’t been. Me, too.

[ Sighs ] I hate that my dad showed up without warning. The last thing I wanted was for him to cause you more pain. It’s okay. I mean, it wouldn’t have been my first choice to…talk to your dad today, but in a strange way, it may have helped.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Did it feel good to punch him in the face? Maybe. I’m mean, I don’t feel good about it now, but… so, uh… what about my, um… …my role in what happened with reiko? I know last time we saw each other, you seemed like you just needed space to think about things. Have you? I have. A lot. You can’t be with me anymore, can you? I don’t blame you. What are you doing? Dex was shot. And you don’t know if somebody’s coming after him. What you do know is that he’s working for sonny, which means whatever he’s doing is dangerous. Mom, it’s not like I planned this, all right? It just happened. One thing led to another. It just snowballed from there, okay? But o-once he’s better, I will show him the door. Okay. But it’s a lot of risk you’re taking for a guy you barely know. It’s not what you think. How do you know what I’m thinking? Nothing inappropriate happened between me and your ex-wife, sonny. I would never. Yeah, I don’t imagine that you would. It’s just that, you know, I mean, you — you like flirting with carly. That’s all it is. And she’s in your room. Was. Briefly, okay? And only out of necessity. Okay, let’s — let’s just — let’s just get something clear. You work for me. Carly’s my ex-wife. I comprehend. Okay. So tell me what was going on in that room. I cannot do that.

Sonny, this has nothing to do with you. Carly needed something. She asked me to help her get it. And you’re the only one that can give it to her? Give it to her — no questions asked. Discreetly. Look, my allegiance is with you. Always. Forever. And you know I’ll tell you if you insist. But I’d rather not go back on my word. I know that your word is your bond. And if you tell me nothing compromising happened, then… …I accept your word. But you don’t like it. I know you’re a compassionate person. But is there any other reason you’re going this far out on a limb for dex? Well, I don’t know him all that well, mom, but we’re kind of becoming friends. And when I found ava after she had been stabbed at the quartermaine picnic and I yelled for help… he came running. He helped me save her life. And that bonded us. And on — on the subject of ava, I’m assuming that the cops haven’t found esme since she’s been back? No. They haven’T.

[ Scoffs ] Spencer’s in jail. She has no support system here. She has to be getting desperate. I mean, it’s only a matter of time, right? Things will go back to normal. This is not a time for you to let your guard down. We both know how dangerous esme is. And she’s not the only threat to your “normal.” Yeah, so, scout’s friend on her swim team — this renee — she comes back from vacation with her family from the caribbean, and she magically goes from brunette to blonde, right? So now, naturally… willow: Thank you. …Scout wants to go blonde, and I have no idea how to do it, so I ask renee’s mom. I’m like, you know, “what do we do? How do you do that?” And she’s like, “oh, no, no, no. It’s natural.” It’s just from being on the beach and out in the sun. And I’m like, “really?” Because three hours in a chlorine-filled pool, and renee went completely green. Oh, no! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Hey. It’s not so bad. Sorry to keep ditching you guys. I just got to make a call real quick. Oh, yeah, yeah. No problem. Well, I’m hoping that got scout off the idea of becoming a blonde.

[ Door closes ] Yeah.

[ Cellphone ringing ] In the short amount of time we’ve been together, we’ve had a pretty spotty track record, and most of that has been on me. I mean, I-I kept you at arm’s length. I-I attacked your brother. I didn’t get help when I needed. I — and then I lied to you. And now you know that reiko fell when she was having an argument with me, which is how she caught the disease that killed her.

[ Voice breaking ] It’s just — it’s — it’s just too much for one relationship to withstand. It’s — it’s too much for you to possibly forget.

[ Breathes deeply ] Neither one of us will ever forget what we’ve been through. But that doesn’t mean we still don’t have anything to talk about.

[ Cellphone ringing ] I think it’s time that maybe we put this all down on the — the table.

[ Ringing continues ] I’m sorry. I-I have to answer this.

[ Sighs ] I’m right in the middle of something. Why do you keep calling me?

[ Sighs ] Okay. Uh, I’m on my way. I’m so sorry. I have to go. Is it something about the boys? No. No, it — it’s, um — it’s just something else that — something else, but you can’t tell me. I, uh… I really want to finish this conversation. I do. I really want to believe that’s true.

[ Sighs ] Finn, I’m — I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

[ Door closes ]

[ Screaming, groaning ] Nikolas: Demetrius. Go downstairs and get the first aid kit. What? No.

[ Breathing heavily ] Yes, sir. No.

[ Whimpering, sobbing ] You can’t let me have even one friend, can you?

[ Door closes ] As memory serves, you make sex tapes of your friends.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Gasping ] Help is on the way. Really? Well, thank you. And [Sniffles] I know how much our baby means to you. Even if I don’T. I know you know that. And that’s why you’re pretending the little one is at risk. No, I’m not pretending, nikolas. I’m really in pain. A lot. I can promise you this — if you’re not really in pain now, you will be soon.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Dex. Why is your phone here? And where are you? I really appreciate you entrusting me to look for your birth parents. I want you to know that I will use every resource I have to get you some answers. I know that you will do everything that you can, but I also understand that this is a secret decades in the making, and I will not blame you if you hit a blank wall. I’m pretty confident I’m gonna get some results, okay? Because someone out there knows the truth about who you really are. Do you know anything about dex? I know that he was in the military. And I know that he doesn’t talk to his siblings. And I know that he did not come to me for help. I found him by accident. But now I’m in this. I need to see it through.

[ Chuckles softly ] I feel like I’m looking in the mirror. You’re so stubborn. I know you get that from me. I’m not even

gonna waste mybreath giving you more warnings ’cause you’re not gonna listen to me. That’s not fair. I always listen to you. Always? I just don’t always take the advice. Wow. [ Sighs ] You’re gonna sit here all night with him, aren’t you? Somebody’s got to. Okay. I have to get home to donna, or I would stay here all night with you. Do not open that door for anyone. And you call me if you need anything, okay? Okay.

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