Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad showed Stephanie the article about Paulina in the paper. She wanted to do damage control. He let her know what the reporters were saying about the Price women. Stephanie wanted to blame Trask and say that she had an axe to grind. She remembered how Trask went after Lani. Chad thought they could get the Spectator to help them. He realized that Jack was out of town and said that Gwen would be the one who could help them. Gwen wanted to get a comment from Chanel, but she wasn’t at the bakery. She ran into Sonny and wanted his comment. He refused to give her one and walked off. Sloane was more than willing to talk to Gwen. She told her that she didn’t want her comment since she was the reason she got arrested. Sloane told her that she was the one who turned in the file over to Trask. She let her know that she would email her a copy of the file. She wanted everyone to know that Paulina had two murderers for children. Later, Gwen was reading the email when Chad showed up. She was surprised by the email. Chad told her the allegations weren’t proven. Gwen didn’t care about that. She thought the file looked legit. He asked her not to do Sloane’s dirty work. Gwen agreed not to publish the story. She wanted to tell the story she wanted to tell. She wanted to go after Sloane and Trask.

Allie left a voicemail for Rafe so she could see Chanel. Alex showed up at the apartment and thought she needed a hug. She told him that her girlfriend was arrested, and she couldn’t see her. She wanted to know how the police got the evidence. Alex said he tried to steal the file from Sloane. Rafe texted Allie to let her know she could see Chanel. Trask wanted to know if Chanel was ready to confess to her crime. Belle came in the room and reminded her that Chanel’s crime happened in the UK. She told Trask that the crime was out of her jurisdiction. Trask has permission to question Chanel on their behalf. Chanel wasn’t going to answer any questions until the arraignment. Trask was prepared to ask Paulina if she wanted to answer why she covered up a crime. Chanel didn’t want her mother to pay for something she did. Trask showed Chanel a picture of a woman named Martha Bedford. Chanel recognized the woman. Trask had a copy of the incident report that she signed. Trask wondered if that was a signed confession that she murdered Martha. Belle said the interview was done. Trask was about to leave and Belle followed her out. Allie showed up and wanted to see Chanel. Allie knew Chanel would never kill anyone. Chanel told her that she was wrong because she did kill someone.

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