Days Short Recap Monday, November 14, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla walked in on Steve comforting Ava. Ava said she was counting on him. She ended up leaving. He told Kayla about Tripp being kidnapped. She said she didn’t understand why EJ would kidnap Tripp. She thought Ava might have done something to him. She thought Ava was hiding something from Steve. He said he would deal with it later. He said he had to go to Seattle. She told him to get two seats because she was going with him. He told her not to go, but she refused to listen. Tony told EJ to pay Ava the ransom. EJ thought his actions made his mother safe. He called Ava and told her not to ignore him. She showed up at the mansion. They threatened each other and made demands on each other. She told him she could have someone shoot Susan. He grabbed her by the throat. Tony took him off of her. EJ told her to leave. She told him to get the money because she was running out of patience. When she left, Tony told him to pay the ransom before something happened. Eric and Jada were shocked that she was pregnant. Jada asked Sarah if the test could be wrong. Sarah said they weren’t. She said she would run the test again. She left them alone to talk.

Jada told Eric she saw him kissing Nicole. Jada said she knew Nicole had strong feelings for him, but she didn’t realize he had feelings for her too. He told her he was in denial for a while. He said he thought he and Nicole were done when he got with Jada. She said she didn’t know what she was going to do about the pregnancy. She said it wasn’t his problem. He said he wanted to make the decisions together. He said he wanted to be there for her. She agreed to what he wanted, but she wanted him to leave. Rafe was furious with Nicole. He said she still had feelings for Eric before they got married. She said there was nothing she wanted more than to be his wife. She said that was before she knew Eric left the priesthood. Rafe said she used him to get over Eric. She said she did. She apologized to him. He told her to leave, but she refused to leave until he understood that she thought she was over Eric and thought she could have a life with him. She told him she meant her wedding vows. She said she wanted them to be the last ones she said. He asked her when wedding vows mean anything to her. He told her marriage was a game to her. He told her to ask Victor, Lucas and EJ. He reminded her that she cheated on Xander. He told her she got what she wanted which was all that mattered to her. She gave him back his ring. She told him she didn’t deserve the ring or him. She said she did everything wrong and he did everything right. He said there was something he didn’t do right. He wasn’t Eric. She left. She ran into Eric. She told him that she and Rafe were over. He told her Jada was pregnant.

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