Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 9, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad saw Sloan and saw her celebrating. He said she didn’t have a reason to celebrate since she didn’t have any reason to blackmail Paulina since Stephanie took the file. Sloan said she stole the file back thanks to Leo. Chad asked her how much she wanted in order to get it back. Sloan said Paulina would get what was coming to her. She said Paulina had no one to blame but him and Stephanie. She said she went to Trask about it. Chad hurried up and made a call. At the Bistro, Stephanie thanked Alex for getting the file. He said if that was all it took to get a date with her, he would do it all over again. She said it might be time for her to rethink her reason for not wanting to date him. He was happy to hear that. She ignored her phone when Chad called. Chad interrupted their date to tell them about Sloan. Alex wondered how Leo got in Paulina’s safe. Alex wanted to confront Leo. He was at the Bistro with Sonny. Chad and Stephanie stopped Alex from going after Leo. Stephanie asked Leo if Sloan was in Paulina’s office. Leo said she was in the office. He said he opened the safe in front of Sloan. He said he didn’t help her. He said he was distracted when he counted the money.

Stephanie told Alex that she had to get to work. She said she had to take a rain check. Chad left with her. Abe took Paulina to her office. He said he knew the reporters would ask her questions she didn’t have the answers to. He wondered if she did have the answers. She told him Sloan was blackmailing her over Chanel. She said the file was missing from her safe. She said she wanted to see Chanel. He wanted to come up with a plan first. He asked her what Chanel did. She told him what happened. He couldn’t believe she was holding on to that for so long. Paulina apologized for keeping it from him. He said he understood why she did it. He said he would do anything to help. Belle was at the police station with Trask when Shawn brought Chanel in. Belle told Chanel not to say anything. Shawn took Chanel to booking. Allie showed up and told Belle that Chanel was arrested for murder. When Shawn came back, he told Belle and Allie that Chanel was with Trask. Allie asked him to help Chanel. Belle went to the interrogation room. She interrupted Trask’s questions and asked Chanel if she wanted a lawyer. Chanel said she did. Belle told Trask that the interrogation was over. Trask left them alone. Chanel told her about the blackmail file. Belle said she didn’t need to know everything now. She said she wanted to look over the evidence. Allie told Trask that Chanel wasn’t a murderer. Trask said Chanel was keeping a big secret, but it was going to come out soon.

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