Days Short Recap Thursday, November 10, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah found Eric looking through his phone at pictures of the photo shoot. She told him that Xander was working late. They talked about her house call with Rachel. He wondered if that was difficult for her. She said she would never get over what happened. She knew he blamed Xander for what happened. He admitted that he did blame him. She credited Eric for why she was able to see the good in Xander. He wanted to try and forgive Xander because he’s her husband. She let him know that Xander has changed. Nicole checked out the photos when Rafe showed up. She didn’t know what was going on with the election. He told her that she was busy being Eric’s model. He wished she told him about what she was doing. He didn’t want to hear about it from Jada. She let him know that it was a spur of the moment thing. He was upset at seeing her in photos with her ex-husband. She let him know that it was Alex’s idea for them to pose together. He wanted her to admit that she had feelings for Eric. She assured him that nothing was going on between them. He thought she was trying to gaslight him. He didn’t think what was between Nicole and Eric was over. She told him that Eric was the past and he’s her future. He heard her, but he felt like she was trying to convince herself. She wanted to talk at home, but he didn’t think they had a reason to talk. Eric showed up so Rafe left the room. Eric wanted to go after him to explain things, but she’s tired of fighting her feelings for him. She didn’t want to keep pretending that she’s not jealous of his relationship with Jada. He said he was trying to do the right thing and not respect her marriage. He says he always ends up with her. He pulled her into a kiss.

EJ was upset that Ava wouldn’t answer her phone. Ava thought it was funny that EJ wouldn’t stop calling her. Charlie tells her that he’s proud of her. Xander went to check on Susan in the shed. She didn’t want the food he was giving her. He walked out of the shed and called Ava. He warned her that he would let Susan go if she didn’t give him the money she owes him. EJ let Tony know that Ava had Susan kidnapped. Ava called him and demanded 20 million dollars. After he wired the money, she would let him know where to find Susan. Charlie was proud that she pulled it off. Tony offered to help EJ move money around to save Susan. He assured Tony that he didn’t have to do that. EJ let her know that he will pay the ransom. Bonnie told Maggie that Chanel was arrested for murder. They also talked about what’s going on between Xander and Victor. Maggie said it was her anniversary, but she couldn’t celebrate it because of the family feuding. Bonnie was determined to get the family together. Xander told Susan that she would be going home. She was happy but wondered how he could live with himself. She noticed his ring and wondered how his family would feel about what he’s doing. She tried to call out to his wife so she could put a stop to what he’s doing. EJ was on the phone and wanted the person to let him know when the plan was done. Tony thought he was paying Ava. He said he wasn’t calling about that. Ava got a picture of Tripp being bound and gagged.

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