Days Short Recap Friday, November 11, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Bonnie went to the shed so Xander panicked. He put on the clown costume to go out to the shed. Bonnie tried to free Susan. Bonnie tried to fend him off, but he was too strong for her. He tied her up. Xander walked out. Bonnie tried to scream for help. She wasn’t too worried because Maggie knew she was there. She knew Maggie would get them help. She realized that she brought her phone, but she lost it somewhere. Xander went back to the mansion. Victor got in digs about him. Sarah was paged so Maggie said there would only be four of them for dinner. Maggie got up to look for Bonnie. Victor said it was too dark and suggested Xander look for her. Xander asked Maggie if she got a text. She found out that Bonnie had to rush to Mimi. Xander said he walked out so they were celebrating alone. Xander went back to the shed to show Bonnie the text he sent on her behalf. She realized that if he sent a text about Mimi, then he knew her. He put the gag back on her mouth. Ava couldn’t get in touch with Tripp so she let EJ know that she would kill him if something happened to Tripp. Charlie thought it was funny that EJ thought he got the best of her. She saw that coming. EJ texted her and told her to release Susan. She was going to call Xander, but Charlie stopped her. He told her that EJ was being ruthless and thought she should be the same way.

Jada showed up at Basic Black and saw Eric and Nicole making out. She cried and walked away. Eric pulled away from Nicole and thought they lost their heads. Nicole said her feelings were the same as when they got married. They wanted to admit their feelings for each other, but they weren’t available. He said his feelings for her aren’t the same as his feelings for Nicole. He knew that Jada knew that. He reminded Nicole that she was married. Nicole said she loved Rafe, but she only married him to get over him. He blamed himself for what happened between them. She said she never stopped loving him. She was willing to accept it if he didn’t want to be with her. She knew she had to end her relationship with Rafe. Eric kissed her again. He’s going to do the right thing by Jada because his heart belongs to someone else. They promised not to mess things up this time. Jada met with Rafe. She told him that she saw Eric and Nicole together. He let her know that he just saw Nicole and talked to her about the photo shoot. Jada stood up and fainted in Rafe’s arms. Ava called Steve and told him about Tripp. Steve called what EJ did overkill and wanted to know what she did. She said she didn’t do anything. He didn’t believe her. He wanted to go confront EJ. She begged him to find Tripp instead. Rafe called Eric and told him about Jada. He arrived at the hospital. He talked to Sarah about Jada. Sarah told him that Jada probably had low sugar. She told him that they drew blood so they should know. Rafe talked to Nicole. He apologized for making a big deal out of nothing. She told him that he was right and that she wanted to be with Eric. Eric checked on Jada and she was cold him. He wanted to know what was wrong. Jada was about to respond when Sarah arrived. Sarah wanted to talk to Jada alone, but she wanted Eric to be there. Sarah handed her the test results. Jada was shocked that she was pregnant.

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