Days Short Recap Monday, November 7, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe stops herself from kissing Stefan. He told her Brady wasn’t wasting time moving on from her so she could move on from him. She agreed with him. When he got closer to her, she asked him how it would look to HR if they started dating each other. He said they were on equal ground at work. All they had to do was let HR know about it. He said he was ready to let the world know how he felt about her. He asked if she was ready. She said she didn’t care what people thought. She asked if his feelings for her were real or if someone put them there. He said Gabi believed Rolf’s hands were clean. He said he believed it too. He said he was confused about things lately, but he wasn’t confused about her. He said he wanted to take his second chance at life with her. He wants to make her forget about Brady. He wanted to take her wherever she wanted to go. She agreed to go with her. Wendy and Johnny hoped that finding Ned (the pilot) would lead them to Rolf. Johnny wanted to call Tony and ask him about Ned. She said Tony could be in on it with EJ. Johnny thought she was right. He said Anna had a soft spot for him. EJ talked to Tony about Stefan being brainwashed. Tony was furious. EJ told him not to tell anyone. He said he couldn’t tell Anna. EJ said they were protecting Stefano’s legacy. Tony wasn’t sure how to feel.

Anna went to Allie’s apartment to meet Johnny and Wendy. They told her about Stefan being brainwashed. Anna said she knew what it was like to be manipulated so she called Ned. She told him Tony died and she needed to bring Rolf back from the dead. Ned said he was in Jakarta. After Anna left, got online and made it look as if the jet was being serviced so no one would see where they took it. Ava and Charlie talked about their plan. Xander texted her and told her he had Susan. Charlie told Ava to make her demands to EJ. She said EJ couldn’t know she was behind it. She said she wouldn’t see Tripp again if she had to go on the run. Charlie said the Johnsons were Tripp’s family now. He said he was all Ava had. He told her to make sure EJ knew she was behind what was going on. He said once they get the money from EJ, they could take Henry somewhere where no one would find him. She liked the idea. Xander put Susan in the garden shed. He tied her to a chair and put a sack over her head. She asked him to take it off. He put on a clown mask before he took off the sack. He left the shed and called Ava. He told her to get their money. He went back to Susan. She said he wasn’t evil. She said he was sad. She said she didn’t think he wanted to do this. He said what he wanted wasn’t relevant. He said no one would get hurt as long as EJ did what he was supposed to do. Ava called EJ. She told him Susan was being taken care of. She said if he did what he was supposed to, he would have his mother back in one piece.

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