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Sally: You’re up bright and early. Of course, you have a job to get to. I actually get to enjoy my day.

Adam: Well, you don’t have to pretend like you enjoy being unemployed, especially when I know you too well to buy it.

Sally: Well, I would enjoy taking some time off if I knew I had something else lined up soon.

Adam: Oh, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before recruiters blow up your phone and try to scoop you up.

Sally: That has not been my experience. At all.

Adam: Well, something will turn up. Just don’t expect me to offer my help, because you said you do not want any.

Sally: Well, good.

Adam: You can do this on your own. You are smart, you like thinking outside the box, and you don’t have a problem with letting people around you shine. Letting you go was a dreadful mistake.

Sally: Hell yeah, it was. Newman media’s loss will be someone else’s gain.

Adam: You know, nothing would make me happier, seeing you get the job that you most deserve, sally.

Adam: You looked like you were thinking deep thoughts when I walked in. Is everything all right?

Adam: I, uh — I still haven’t heard from chelsea, so I’m hoping that she’s all right.

Dr. Malone: Were you able to sleep last night?

Chelsea: Not really. I just have a lot on my mind.

Dr. Malone: Do you want to talk about those thoughts?

Chelsea: I just keep thinking about how I got here and what I need to do next.

Sharon: Hey, thanks for coming. You’re right on time.

Billy: Thank you. I, uh — I’m really eager to hear what chelsea’s therapist said.

Sharon: Well, she thinks that things are moving along in a positive direction.

Billy: Okay, I guess that’s good. I mean, it’s a little vague, but that’s to be expected.

Sharon: She was able to share something significant.

Billy: Right.

Sharon: Chelsea mentioned that she might be ready to tell adam and connor what’s been going on and where she is.

Billy: Okay.

Sharon: The more people she has in her support network, the better.

Billy: Yeah.

Sharon: And I’ve been a little worried about connor.

Billy: Yeah, no, for sure. I mean — I mean, I’m sure he’s worried, as well. I’m sure he’s wondering where his mother is and if she’s okay.

Sharon: But you still have reservations about bringing adam into the situation.

Jill: All right, so we have to figure out what we’re going to do with this ipo.

Lily: Um, I mean, honestly, jill, I’m on the fence. Devon’s completely opposed to it, but, I mean, after the dust with nate settles, he could change his mind.

Jill: Well, isn’t it a shame that billy isn’t here so we could get his input, since he hasn’t officially tendered his resignation yet? Okay. There’s no denying it. He is avoiding me. He knows he’s going to get the lecture of his life.

Lily: Well, I guess he’s doing something important.

Jill: More important than the future of our company?

Lily: He’s helping a friend through a traumatic episode.

Jill: What friend?

Lily: Chelsea.

Jill: Aha. And how worried should we be about that situation? This is the sound of better breathing.

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Allie: We really are the perfect fit, you know?

Noah: Is that because I’m hilarious, and you’re working on cultivating your sense of humor?

Allie: Oh, there you go, making jokes again, whereas I live on the land of logic and reason.

Noah: Mm.

Allie: I’m just saying we balance each other out.

Noah: Yeah, that’s true. I do like when you get creative, though, like that one time you got real creative when jack left the house, and we had it all to ourselves.

Allie: Oh. You have to stop.

Noah: And you went into the kitchen. You whipped up that great dinner. What’d you think I was talking about? Oh, you’re bad. Yeah.

[ Both laugh ]

Allie: I love you. Mm. You are the worst. You know that?

Noah: Oh, just awful. And late. I do run a business now, you know.

Allie: Go. Go to your club. I am gonna go to the lab after I answer some e-mails.

Noah: Want to synchronize our watches, meet back up later?

Allie: Let’s wing it.

Noah: Oh. Daredevil.

Allie: Mwah. All right. Get out there. Make some money.

Audra: Hey.

Billy: Look, sharon, I don’t care how this affects adam personally, except for the fact that he’s the one taking care of connor.

Sharon: Well, we need to let adam know that the more honest and truthful we can be with connor about what his mother’s dealing with, the better. Being vague could just lead connor to misinterpret this, misinterpret it to think that his mother’s mental health issues are something that he should be ashamed of or something that he should feel guilty about.

Billy: Yeah, no, that’s the most important thing right now, is making sure that he does not feel responsible for the situation that his mother is in.

Sharon: Okay, so we’ll work with adam to keep things age-appropriate, but also to put things in terms that connor can understand and process, like his mother needed help but didn’t know how to ask for it before. But now she’s getting all the care and support she needs from experts and friends.

Sally: Maybe chelsea just needed some time to herself.

Adam: I have a really bad feeling about this. And I know how this sounds, but I think billy and sharon know what’s going on, and they’re keeping it from me.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Clears throat ] It’s billy. He, um… he wants to meet.

Sally: Well, hopefully he gives you the answers that you’re looking for.

Adam: Yeah. Hopefully. Sally?

Sally: Yes?

Adam: Thank you. I get bladder leaks.

Adam: Well, I suppose i should be grateful that you’re finally going to tell me what is going on.

Billy: Adam, I’m trying to do the right thing right now, okay? I don’t need the attitude. And I’m not about to spar with you. This is about chelsea, not our grievances.

Adam: Okay. Where’s chelsea? She okay?

Sharon: Um, your instincts were right. Chelsea had some setbacks emotionally, and she’s getting care now in a treatment facility.

Adam: [ Scoffs ] And I’m just finding out about this now? I mean, do you have any idea how hard it has been to explain away her sudden disappearance to our son and to reassure him that his — his mother is all right?

Sharon: Well, I am sorry that we couldn’t tell you everything as it was happening, but chelsea was in crisis, and we had to make her the priority.

Adam: I-I get that, and — and I’m glad that she’s getting the treatment she deserves. But what happened? I mean, did something precipitate this? And why is she in treatment and not in an outpatient therapy? I mean, billy, I understand why you’d want to keep me in the dark on this, but come on.

Billy: Adam, I don’t envy the position that you’re in with connor. Okay, but this is not ideal for anyone, especially chelsea. And things got very serious for her. And I’m trying to do the right thing and take my cues from the people that know how to handle this better than I do.

Adam: When, uh — when am I able to see her?

Billy: Chelsea’s therapist said that she’s ready, and chelsea wants to be the one to tell you everything.

Adam: Well, the doctor didn’t need to use you as an intermediary, billy.

Sharon: Billy is the one person chelsea really trusts right now. We’re all trying to work together here, adam.

Audra: When will you stop punishing me?

Jill: I’m honestly not worried about billy’s involvement with chelsea at all. I mean, apparently, she’s going through a difficult time, and she’s become a mission for him, while he’s on his quest for self-fulfillment.

Jill: Well, good, then i don’t have to worry about that complication. I only ask because they did that podcast together.

Lily: Yeah, that was another mission.

Jill: Okay. Let’s talk about the real reason that we’re here. If we decide to move ahead and take chancellor-winters public, we have to decide what’s the best way forward, given this nightmare situation with nate and then billy’s genius decision to step down as coo. Because we can’t have the merest hint of any instability at all in our executive ranks.

Lily: Yeah, jill, I completely agree with you. That’s why I wanted billy to step down. I don’t want him staying here out of some misplaced guilt.

Jill: No, no, no. It’s not misplaced. It’s where it belongs, right on his shoulders.

Lily: Well, I’m the one who told him to leave so that it could be a clean break.

Billy: Hey. Sorry I’m late. And I’m sorry that I haven’t returned your calls. I’ve, uh — I’ve just been — I’ve been busy.

Jill: Yeah, so I’ve heard.

Billy: I know we have some pressing matters to discuss, so shall we?

Jill: Well, I guess I can assume that it’s because of that decision you made to totally abandon the company and lily for no good reason.

Billy: Lily knows that she still has my full support.

Lily: Um, well, I have a meeting to get to, so I will let you two discuss. Good luck.

Billy: Well, I know you’re upset with me, but —

Jill: Don’t, don’t, don’T. I’m not interested in hearing your apology speech. I want to know what the hell is going on with you. If you’re on medicare,

Noah: Why are you doing this?

Audra: What is it that you think I’m doing?

Noah: Constantly showing up wherever I am, wanting to talk, insinuating yourself into my life.

Audra: We were important to each other, even if you decided to walk away.

Noah: Hey, our relationship was toxic. I walked away because I had to.

Audra: And this is healthy? Pretending like we never happened? Not even acknowledging each other’s existence?

Noah: Oh, I’m well aware of your presence. You made it impossible not to be.

Audra: You know, when you do actually talk to me, it’s always like this. This mean tone. You get so intense and combative when we’re around each other.

Noah: Well, then I guess we should just keep our distance.

Audra: You know, whenever i see you with your new girlfriend, you’re never harsh or angry.

Noah: Yeah, that’s ’cause we have a healthy relationship.

Audra: But you don’t seem truly excited or euphoric. You’re just there.

Noah: Don’t do that.

Audra: Can’t stand an honest observation from someone who knows you intimately?

Noah: Look, will you just tell me what you want? I’m happy now, audra. I don’t want to do this with you anymore.

Billy: Why don’t we start from the top? Let’s go back to how all of this began.

Jill: Okay. You walked away from jabot.

Billy: And you paired me with lily because you wanted me to have direction and focus.

Jill: But not just focus. You were destroying all of your relationships. You were gambling again. You were in full-on self-destruct mode.

Billy: And you gave me a soft place to land, and I will be forever grateful for that. Mostly because you brought lily back into my life. Falling in love with her was by far the best thing that has come from this.

Jill: You are so lucky she’s willing to put up with you.

Billy: No, I know that. And I’m not just talking about in our personal life. I mean, she is so good at her job. She and devon both belong here, and they are very excited about expanding their family’s legacies.

Jill: I co-own this place. This is your legacy, too.

Billy: I know that, which is why I initially threw myself into this and committed to it. But if I’m being honest with me and — and you, I-I need something else.

Jill: Well, that sounds very vague, doesn’t it?

Billy: I don’t know what it is yet. I just know that I need to feel passionate about what I’m doing. I want to wake up in the morning and feel fired up. And — and I understand that I’m letting you down, and I’m letting lily down. And it’s not easy to admit, but I can’t stay in a position at — at a job that just doesn’t fill me up anymore, okay, just to simply appease everyone else. So go ahead. Have at it.

[ Knock on door ]

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“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Chelsea: I’ve gone over this moment a million times in my mind, but I don’t know what to say.

Adam: Well, you — you don’t have to say anything unless you want to say something.

Chelsea: How’s connor?

Adam: He’s okay. He misses you. But, uh, I’m taking care of everything.

Chelsea: I knew you would. I’ve never been worried about that. I always knew, no matter what happened, you would always look after connor.

Adam: Well, I-I don’t know how much longer I can keep up the, uh, “your mom will be back soon,” routine. But, you know, maybe the situation would be a little easier to navigate if I knew a little more about why you were, uh, here.

Chelsea: Well, it’s kind of hard to explain. I mean, everything was fine… at first. It was — it was like a-a day at the beach, where everyone’s on the sand having the time of their life, but I’m in a raft. And I’m okay at first, but then the waves start crashing in, and… nobody notices. And I don’t want to be a burden, so I don’t say anything.

Adam: And no one — no one knew how much trouble that you were in.

Chelsea: I was drowning. Dying a little bit day by day, being dragged out by this raft, and — and no one could see it. And the raft just started filling with water, and nothing was working. I think, um, you know, after rey died, uh — I really miss him.

Adam: I know. I know that the two of you, you were very close.

Chelsea: I did unforgivable things, yet he always saw the good in me. And I was mourning him. And then I quit my job. And then I lost chloe. And then connor was so upset with me because I told him about johnny. And then I lost him, too. And I just feel like… I don’t belong to anyone or anything, and I just started to feel really lost. And I just wanted it to go away.

Adam: You wanted what to go away, chelsea?

Chelsea: The pain. My problems. Everything.

Adam: [ Sighs ] When — when you were on the roof, chelsea…

Chelsea: I know what you’re thinking.

Adam: No, no, you have — you have no idea what I’m thinking. What I was thinking was — was, “thank god that billy was there for you.” I’m sorry. I’m sorry, chelsea, okay? I — if I had known, if I had — had seen — this isn’t about me. This is — this is about you. You are all that matters. And if I have not told you that enough, I am so sorry. Okay? I am glad that you’re still here and that you’re getting the help that you need.

Jill: Do you know how much I love you, billy? You’re brilliant, and you’re clever. And you can talk your way out of anything. But when in the name of heaven are you going to figure out who you really are?

Billy: Can’t I just be a work in progress?

Jill: Stop that. What the hell are you doing with your life? And I got to tell you, the last part of it, it goes at lightning speed. And that’s why I want to take chancellor public, okay? ‘Cause I want to look back on my career and know that I made a commitment, a commitment to do my very best and to have a really good time doing it. And that’s what I want for you.

Billy: I’ll get there.

Jill: Of course I want you happy. Of course I want you fulfilled. But the trouble is, this is not the first time that you’ve made an impulsive decision based on restlessness.

Billy: I don’t think I’m the same guy that I was when I was at jabot, mom.

Jill: But you got the same issues.

Billy: Yeah, right, and maybe I have to break those patterns, just like I have to break the pattern of — of staying in an uncomfortable situation to make everybody else happy.

Jill: I’m not talking about everybody else. I’m talking about you. Here’s what I’m afraid of. I’m afraid that you’ve never really learned the truth about bright, shiny objects. Yeah, they’re really exciting at first. They’re really titillating. But, billy, they fade. That is life. You have got to learn to stay engaged. Do you remember that word that your father used to say all the time?

Billy: Stick-to-it-tiveness.

Jill: Yeah, that’s the one. You do remember.

Billy: Yeah, I remember. I think about it often. I think about him often.

Jill: There is so much to be said, billy, for determination and loyalty.

Billy: I think I’m a loyal person, mom. And I think what I’m doing is best for this company. Just happens to be best for me, too.

Jill: Okay. I just don’t want you to come to the end of your life and to look back and see that you wasted all this time chasing after something that doesn’t exist. It would break my heart.

Lily: Hi. I hope I didn’t come back too soon.

Jill: I’ll be in touch.

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