Y&R Short Recap Friday, November 11, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Audra tells Noah she had a miscarriage use after they broke up and he feels badly she went through that alone.

Sharon talks to Chelsea’s therapist who tells her Chelsea wants to see Adam to tell him about her suicide attempt so Sharon and Billy tell Adam Chelsea had a crisis and Chelsea wants to tell him the details of what happened to her. Adam arrives at the treatment facility and Chelsea explains to him how she was feeling and why she thought about jumping off the roof of the Grand Phoenix. Adam is sorry he didn’t notice how much pain Chelsea was feeling and he promises to help with anything she needs Chelsea asks Adam to take care of Connor because Billy, Sharon and her therapist are helping her. Billy explains to Lily that he had to help Chelsea because he has been in the same dark place where she is and nobody can understand those feelings unless they have experienced them.

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