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mmm. Good morning, darling. Hello. Did you sleep well? Oh, you know, you would think the adrenaline rush would have completely kept me awake, but it didn’T. I slept like a baby. How about you? I slept enough.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Gasps ] Oh, sonny. Hi. Good to see you. Ohh. Hell of a night, right? Yeah. Hey, mom, um — I-I told you I was just with some friends, and it got late, but they walked me back to my room. Yes, I’m being careful. I promise. I won’t be alone. Um, I’d like to speak with the manager. You’re supposed to be serving, not surfing. Well, i am the manager. And I’m sorry. I’ve just been trying to reach joss all morning. Are you worried? I mean, kinda. She hasn’t responded to my texts. Have you seen her on campus? Well, today’s my late class. I mean, I’m sure she’s fine. Want me to try her? No. No. It’s okay. I’m probably overreacting. Just a little on edge with all the attacks that have been going on. We all are. Especially given the latest news. Yeah. So you heard esme’s back in town? Not until now. I have been waiting for months to be able to do this. Ohh. And I can’t believe you let me get away with it.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you are the mayor. You look thin, spencer. It’s probably the ill-fitting clothes. Are you doing okay in here? Yeah. Things could be worse. I’m being looked after. That’s good. Who’s doing the “looking after”? Hey,

spinelli. It’s austin.I wonder if maybe you could give me a call and let me know that you’re gonna do the favor that I asked you to do for me. That’d be great. Damn it!

[ Coins jingling ] Hey. I got it. L-let me get it for you. I got it. Oh, that’ll teach me to polish off a bottle of beaujolais on a school night. Right. Well, you know, the french government doesn’t release the new beaujolais till, like, the third week in november, so technically, it was probably an old beaujolais, but, you know… what can I get you? Club soda.

[ Can rattles ] Thanks. I didn’t know you were a wine aficionado. I’m not at all. I dated a girl in college who wouldn’t shut up about wine.

[ Coughing ] Hm.

[ Coughing ] Don’t worry. I’m — I’m okay. Could’ve fooled me. I need to see you right away. I’m in my office. Who are you? Sorry, commissioner. I tried to stop him. Agent whitten, with the U.S. Marshals service. Thank you, officer clark. Shut my door, please.

[ Door closes ] I’m here to talk to you about — let’s get something straight. I don’t give a damn if you’re a marshal, cia, or one of the avengers. You don’t barge into my office like that! You got it? Now, what do you want? Everything you have on the anna devane case. I’m assuming control of this investigation.

Where is esme? Do the cops know? The cops do know. My mom spotted her at the pier. When she was trying to dial 911, esme tried to grab her phone, my mom fell, and she hit her head. Oh, my god. Is your mom alright? Yes, thankfully. But esme got away, and we don’t really know where she is. She’s still out there. Esme’s graduating from torching cars and making revenge porn to trying to kill that bartender. She’s seriously unhinged! We have no idea what she’s capable of. Joss told you commissioner ashford’s theory? About the hook targeting people close to you and related to the trial? Yes. But esme as the maniac? I can’t wrap my head around it. Just please watch your back. Yeah. You too. Does spencer know? We didn’t tell spencer because we didn’t know that esme was back in town. We also didn’t know about the hook’s connection to you. And you were busy telling him other things? Your name did come up. Joss told me, especially how spencer’s feelings were hurt after I found out that he believed in me all along. And… I never acknowledged it to him. Why didn’t you? I tried to see him before he was taken to pentonville, but by the time I reached the pcpd, he was gone. Trina, you know where to find spencer. What’s holding you back? So I guess it’s your uncle victor who’s pulling the strings? I’ve had support from all of my uncles, each…useful in their own way. Yeah, well, sonny is usually great. Uncle martin tried like hell to get my sentence reduced. Yes, I know. He told me about that. He said you refused to give the name of the accomplice who helped you to get an unauthorized pass from spring ridge. You disapprove? Spencer, I really understand you wanting to visit your mother’s grave, and I guess you have taken full responsibility and accepted the consequences, but whoever helped you should also face some consequences because what they did was wrong, too. It seems unfair to penalize others for my decision. How’s great-grandmother lesley doing? She is recovering. She’s doing well, actually. But, spencer, it was so sad. They lost everything. And bit by bit, their new place on lake como is starting to feel like home. I’m glad. It’s good that you’re back. It’s nice to see you. You too. You shouldn’t have come here, though. To my knowledge, anna devane has not crossed state lines, which puts this case under the jurisdiction of the pcpd. Not any longer. The mayor’s office called me in. Mayor collins called you? No. Mayor collins is out of the country. The deputy mayor, eileen ashby, contacted my office. Really? On what grounds? The deputy mayor feels state and local resources are stretched too thin. What law-enforcement department isn’t? I’m sorry you’ve wasted your time, but I have this under control. Not from what I can see. A failed prisoner transfer, the second in less than a year, and now you have a potential serial killer on the loose. It appears your resources are severely overtaxed. I’ll need documentation confirming your jurisdiction. I’m not here to step on your toes, commissioner ashford. I’m here to help. My understanding is that in addition to being a wsb agent, the fugitive was also once police commissioner? Your understanding is correct. Look at it this way. Relinquishing control of this investigation avoids any appearance of impropriety for both you… and your department. Sonny: What happened out there? Didn’t dex tell you? No. Heather webber happened. She got added to the transport at the last minute, and dex tried to change the route so that we would go to d’archam first, drop her, and then on to pentonville. But I guess the guard got suspicious, and there was a struggle in the front. And lost control of the vehicle. We crashed, and then… I kind of don’t remember. I hear the guard is still alive, so he can give us a description. Okay. Where would dex go if he wanted to keep a low profile? I don’t know, because he doesn’t have many connections. And without me, dex… could be anywhere.

[ Grunts ] Hey, hey. Easy, easy, easy. Let me help. Let me help. Am I in your dorm room? Good guess. How? You popped a stitch. I found you not too far from the house. You weren’t completely unconscious, so I was able to get you in my car. But I couldn’t take you to a hospital, so… I brought you back here. That was risky. Not really. You looked like a drunk frat guy. I can’t believe you did all of this for me. Neither can I.

Sit. Gimme. Thank you. Have you forgotten who’s the chief of staff? I give the orders. It was nothing. I-I swallowed too fast. Put your hand out like this. Chief of staff, don’t be a difficult patient. Put your hand out. We’re just gonna run some tests. No need. You’re exhibiting chorea in at least one of your hands. It’s too much caffeine. And what about the dysphagia? Britt, come on. A first-year med student could see it’s hard for you to swallow. How long has that been going on? Okay. Probably nothing. Right? So we’ll just run a scan. Don’T. Britt, I don’t need to tell you that the symptoms you’re exhibiting might be indicative of a larger neurological or muscular disorder, so we need to run some tests to make sure… I don’t — I don’t — …that it’s not one of those big things. I don’t need a test because I know what’s going on. I have huntington’s disease. Everybody at G.H. Is being questioned. What about heather? Apprehended. Oh, good. Where did they find her? Kelly’s, of all places.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Voicemail. It didn’t even ring. We’re pretty remote. There’s no reception here. Excuse me. Ohh. I feel terrible about dex. That kid out there hiding. You know? I just wanted this whole thing to be a clean operation. Extractions can get complicated. Sonny’s guy knew the risks going in. Yeah, but now he’s paying the price, because of me. Because of victor. Victor made you take the fall for what he did to lucy. Dear old dad. Alright. Jordan wants to talk to me at the precinct. Oh, she suspects you helped me. Could be. But you know what? She can’t prove it. So, uh, this will be the last time we can have any kind of contact. You take care of yourself, alright? Hey, sonny. Thank you. Prove your innocence.

[ Door closes ] You’re wasting your time here. There’s too much happening in port charles right now. Spencer, it is never a waste of my time to see you. Nothing is more important to me. I have some news for you. Apparently, esme has been spotted again in port charles. Has she been arrested? No, but the authorities are looking out. I hope that they deploy dogs. Spencer! Look, you have every right to feel betrayed. But holding onto all of this rage a-and resentment, ultimately, this is only gonna hurt you. So this isn’t just about esme, is it? Okay, your dad did tell me that there had been another rift between the two of you. It’s not gonna be that much longer that you’ll be in here. Okay? Do you think maybe we can all try to work this out together? Maybe sundays at my house? Obviously, my father didn’t tell you why we’re estranged. No, he didn’T. But you can. What happened, spencer? Ask your son. Or, when they find her, you can ask esme. Um, I-I was able to use my keycard to nab some first-aid supplies from the gym, and most of our locker room had everything I needed to clean and re-bandage the wound… the one that you’re determined not to discuss. But there — there are two beds in here. Do you have a roommate? That’s taken care of. Who else has a key? How many people on this floor? Nobody’s gonna come in here. You’re fine. I can’t stay here.

[ Grunts ] Hey. Don’t get up right now. D–

[ Grunts ] Ohh.

In bed. If you insist. Okay. God. You’re heavier than you look. All muscle. Yeah. Alright. Well, there’s no blood, so that’s good. You could have popped another stitch pulling that stunt. I hope that all of this is worth it. What? Working for sonny. How much is he paying you to get shot for him? I don’t see him risking his life. No comment. You need food and hydration. If I go to get some stuff from the dining hall, do you promise to be good and stay put? I-I don’t want you involved in this, joss.

[ Scoffs ] It’s too late. Besides, you have nowhere else to go. Yes, I do. Grab me my phone, and I’ll make arrangements. Yeah. You didn’t have a phone. Oh, damn. Um… can I borrow yours? Not if you’re gonna use it to call sonny. Any leads on the individual that commandeered the van? Nothing found at the scene. Security footage from the general hospital parking garage turn up anything? Our mystery man was shy with the cameras. One of my officers did make contact during transfer. I’ll need to talk to that officer. He was focused on the transfer. Never even saw the driver’s face. Should he remember any details, I’ll have him meet with our sketch artist to have a composite drawn. Jar that memory. An I.D. On that driver will lead us to who aided anna devane’s escape.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Mr. Corinthos. You just saved me a trip. Last time I talked to spencer, I told him I didn’t want to be friends. I’m not sure I can take that back. Not sure if I want to. I guess that’s up to you. If you’ve moved on, more power to you. I think ultimately spencer just wants you to be happy. Even if that’s with rory. Same goes for me, too, trina. Thanks. Rory is a great guy. Yeah, you guys seem to be very at ease with one another, like me and joss. Yeah, you and joss have gone through a lot these past few months, and y’all are still together.

[ Chuckles ] I think it’s our friendship that keeps us grounded. You know, it’s because of that bond, it’s far easier to find our way back to one another. Rory and I are friends, too. He’s so supportive. I’m glad. You know, maybe it was for the best that spencer never gave you that letter. Laura: Ask esme? What does she have to do with the rift between you and your dad? It’s not for me to say.

[ Door opens ] Sorry, mayor collins. Time’s up. It was really great to see you, grandmother. Is there anything else you need? You came to see me. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Before you left, I made you a promise, and, uh, I’m really sorry if I let you down. You didn’t let me down. What you’ve done for trina is the epitome of protecting the people you love. I couldn’t be more proud of you. Thank you. I’ll see you soon. Okay? Okay.

[ Door closes ]

[ Groans ] Before you go there, there’s someone else who’d like to talk with you. Who? Your big brother. Hello, laura.

Alright. Look. I can’t stop you from asking sonny for help. But you’re not gonna do it from my phone. Are we still doing this? I get that you hate the guy. Okay? Dex, I will never shake the sight of you hanging from a meat hook. Your face all bruised, shivering with cold. All of these knives laid out in front of you. And this is the man that you want to go to for help? I’m sorry. A-am I supposed to be grateful while he acts all concerned and protective? No. I can’t stay here forever. Okay? My options are limited. You can send him an e-mail. But y-you can’t do it from my account. Not exactly the most expedient form of communication. Just give it to me, please. Alright. I’m gonna go grab the stuff. Will you stay here and be good? I’ll be back soon. Are you talking about the letter spencer almost gave me at the party?

[ Cellphone rings ] Joss. Everything okay? Uh, yeah, totally fine. Really? You sound weird. Well, I-I don’t want to freak you out, um, but are you planning on swinging by the room today? Um, I’m not sure. What’s up? Apparently, they’re spraying for bedbugs. Oh, gross! Cameron: What? They’re spraying our room for bedbugs. Ohh. Are you with cam? Yeah. You wanna talk to him? He’s been trying to get ahold of you. No! No, that’s okay. Just tell him I’ll call him back later. I have to clear some stuff from the room so that they can spray. Oh. Do you — do you need some help? No, no. I’ve got it covered. Okay. Keep me posted. Did she not want to talk with me? Sounded like she had a lot going on. We have bedbugs? Uh — [ Laughs ] Uh, it’s just a rumor. So check your mattress. I wouldn’t know the signs. Can you show me what to look for? It’s good to see you, laura. Please, sit with me. I’m afraid I can’t stay. I’m still the mayor. I have some important things to attend to. No thanks to you and those “friends of port charles.” Ah, you’re still angry about the recall effort, but I have no desire to hurt you, laura, despite your belief to the contrary. Actually, I do know now that it was not you who was behind the attempt on martin and my life at the safe house last year. Good. I told you. You did, and you’ll forgive me if I don’t always take you at your word. I forgive you. Do you know who was behind the attack? If I told you, what would you do? Just send a message. Ahh. So much for that conversion of yours. Safeguarding my family is in line with biblical principles. It is so good to see you. Y-you’re really looking well. You know, I don’t know how to say this without sounding mean, but I didn’t come here to talk to you. Oh, yeah, I know, but maybe that can change. Maybe both you and martin could visit me together. I’d love to see my brother. How — how is he? You should ask him. Yeah, I’d like to, but for now, you’re here and he’s not. H-has something happened? You’re afraid I’ll use personal information to hurt martin. You have to believe me, laura. I am doing everything I can to make things right with my family, starting with my great-nephew spencer. If deputy mayor ashby is on victor’s payroll, who knows who else could be? Yeah, but I need definitive proof to tie that to victor, you know? Well, maybe it’s time we stop focusing on victor’s guilt and more on proving your innocence. “We”? Of course. You have to go. In due time. Now. Today. If we get caught… you go to prison, too. You think I don’t know that? You’re a survivor, anna devane. But how are you gonna hide out here and conduct an investigation by yourself? Carefully. You have to go. Do you have any idea how much you mean to me? My father had huntington’S. When I found out, I chose not to get tested. Couple years ago, I started having hand tremors. Turned out it was just repetitive motion disorder. But I realized it wasn’t doing me any good to hide. The fear that I might have huntington’s was ruining my life. So I talked it through with someone I respected, and I decided I needed to know, one way or the other. And now I know. I’m really sorry. There’s no wrist brace to stave off this disease. I live every day knowing symptoms will present at any time. So let me ask you — what kind of timeline does your treating physician give you? I don’t have one. You’re joking! Doctor, you need a doctor. You do? Look, I’m no expert. But from what I can remember about this horrible disease, you’re in the early stages, and there are protocols that could help you manage your symptoms. I know my disease progresses in stages. I know I may be able to carry on with activities for years. Meds that can aid with symptoms without assistance, yada, yada! It’s not “yada, yada.”

[ Scoffs ] All of those things should comfort you. Come on. Let’s cut the crap and be real, austin. There is a bomb in my brain, and the countdown has begun. I’m surprised to see sonny corinthos easily saunter into the police commissioner’s office. At least he knocked. I’d requested his presence right before you barged in. You seem to know me, but I don’t — I don’t know you. Agent whitten with the U.S. Marshals service. Should I have my lawyer present? Nah. This is just a friendly conversation. No such thing, from the feds. I’ve been going through anna devane’s file. It appears the two of you go way back. Yeah. So what? Ms. Devane’s a high-value fugitive. Our government is anxious to sit down with her. You’re hoping to make a deal? Maybe trade in classified information. You’d be making a friend in the attorney general’s office if you could help us get in a room with her. I don’t need a friend. And if you think you’re gonna coerce anna into giving state secrets, you don’t know her at all. But you do. Well… just let your friend know we can offer her safe haven.

If you’re in contact with her. I’m not. That’s a shame. My bosses say if we can’t bring her in, we have to bring her down.

have copies of any filesince words, agent whitten, no need to get combative. I don’t see the need to waste time or mince words, commissioner. Anna devane is no danger to the public at large. We don’t know that. I’ll take this with me. Have copies of any files related to this case uploaded to my office this afternoon. In case there’s anything I need to know. Be seeing you. I didn’t know he’d be here when I called you. I gathered. Ambushes aren’t your style. That wasn’t a bluff, was it? You mean when he said he would take down anna if they couldn’t bring her in? I think he meant every damn word. Best thing that you can do for both of us is leave. Because I would really feel devastated if something were to happen to you. Why don’t I just stick around a few more days? And if victor realizes that we’re both missing? I’m sure he knows by now. And I’m sure he suspects I was part of your escape. And what if he takes advantage of your absence and seizes charlotte again? She’s safe with laura. You just got her back! You were in hell without her. You need to be there for her. You have to keep her safe. I’m a big girl. I can manage. Okay. Okay. This ring… has a lot of complicated feelings for me. The cassadine ring. Sure. Every time I try to get rid of it, it finds its way back to me. Will you hold onto it? Till we’re together again? I’m obligated to cover all the bases with my patients, but I reserve the right to not waste my own precious time. Maybe I’ll just get my affairs in order instead. Okay. I mean, I — I think the way it goes is, is that there’s horses and then cart. Okay, I’ve really had my fill with horse idioms. Oh, right. How’s cody? Does he know? Only my mother and scott. I haven’t told anyone else who matters. Ah! [ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] I’m just kidding. No, seriously. I am joking. You don’t have to manage my feelings. Oh. The irony. For the first time in a long time, things started to go well. I’m really sorry. I don’t see it as the end of the line for you. I think that’s something you would say to a patient. No, I-I know you’re not my patient, doctor. I know you’re a physician. I’m a physician. And so we know that there are advancements in medicine every day. And we caught this early, so maybe we can take advantage of one of them. And, you know, for what it’s worth, if I had to wager between you and huntington’s, I’m all-in on you. Just google bedbugs. You know? I think they’re, like, tiny dark spots in your sheets and your pillowcases. Don’t you have to throw everything out? I think that’s just preventative. Don’t worry. I’ll check anyway. And, joss… look. Um… I’m really glad that trina’s back at pcu and that you all can move on from what happened. I appreciate that, adam. You deserve a drama-free year. That’s not gonna happen. Uh, before joss called, you were saying something about spencer’s letter. Do you know what he wrote? He said that he just confessed everything, why he did what he did. Not that it matters now, though, right? What’s done is done. Um, I have to get back to work in the kitchen. Just promise me you’ll stay vigilant? We all have to watch our backs now that esme’s around. Yeah. 100%. Oh, and one more thing. Was spencer confessing about playing esme? Or something else? For that, you’ll have to ask him yourself. Why are you bringing up spencer? We’ve become acquainted here. I see great things in him, a lot of your energy, laura. No, no, you — you stay away from spencer, cyrus. I have been protecting him! Don’t your raise your voice to me! Protect him?! You sit down! Ever since he became a ward of the state! In case you didn’t notice, it’s a little dangerous here! Sit down.

[ Laughs ] Ask spencer. Ask spencer what, exactly? Well, when you saw him, did he seem okay to you? Yes, he did. And I’m gonna make sure he stays that way. I’m afraid I-I can’t promise the same thing for your friend anna devane. What? If she’s captured, perhaps as mayor, you can pull some strings to make sure she never comes to pentonville. Why? Why? What do you know, cyrus? Does the name olivia jerome mean anything to you?

Do you know about this?Has olivia said something? Only that she can’t wait to roll out the pentonville red carpet for anna devane. Look, I-I know you still don’t trust me, sister, but trust this — if anna’s on the run, it’s best she stays that way. Sonny, if you know where anna is, let me bring her in. It’s safer that way. You really think she’d be safer in pentonville, within victor’s reach? He’s the one who set her up. No, you know, she’s lucky she has friends, us included. Yes, she’s a dear friend. But I can’t break the law outright for her. I get it. But you know what? You can’t turn her over to that hot-shot agent, either. Oh, hell no. He only wants to impress his bosses. We can’t let that happen at the expense of anna. Okay, so… we’re on the same page here. Anna is safer on her own. We find the person most likely to know about anna devane’s escape. Then we lean on him until he breaks. When you’re back in port charles, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your father. If you leave here, how will I find you? I’ll find you. You be careful. You be careful.

Je t’aime.

A bientT.

[ Door closes ] Britt: Here’s a positive. I can blame my “britchiness” on huntington’S. Hey, there we go! There’s the indomitable spirit that everybody around here respects so much.

[ Scoffs ] Did you miss the part where I said “britch” in “britchiness”? Have you not noticed? I am not miss popularity. People around here, I — I don’t think they see you, well, the way they used to see you. How would you know that? ‘Cause I work here. And you know how it goes. Doctors and nu– we all talk. And you are respected. You are. For your deep, deep compassion, even though you do everything you can to try and convince everybody you don’t have any. Got a lot in your life… don’t you? You’ve got — you’ve got brad. Got your mom. You got maxie and her kids. Mm-hmm. Yeah, thank god james and bailey don’t have the marker. Right? Really. But if they did, you would be there to support them, right? Of course. So maybe let everybody support you now. There’s nothing you can’t share with someone that you love.

[ Knock on door ] Kiley: Josslyn?! It’s kiley, your ra! Are you in there?! I need to talk to you! It’s important!

[ Rattling ] Hey, um, I thought that my time with my grandmother was up.

[ Door closes ] <

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