GH Short Recap Friday, November 11, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Austin persuades Britt to tell her family that she has developed symptoms of Huntington’s disease. Josslyn finds Dex not too far from Michael’s house. Dex popped a stitch. Josslyn puts him in her car and drives to her dorm to hide him.

Anna and Valentin are hiding in one of Sonny’s safe houses and she tells Valentin that she will be fine on her own. Valentin offers Anna to run away with her, but Anna tells him to stay so she can look after Charlotte and keep an eye on Victor. Valentin gives Anna his ring with the Cassadine family crest as a way of telling Anna she will return it to him once she has been found innocent.. Cyrus tells Laura it is best that Anna stay on the run because she will be in danger from Olivia Jerome if she comes to Pentonville.

Spencer is happy to see Trina has come to visit him.

Deputy Mayor Ashby puts the US Marshalls in charge of the search for Anna. The agent on the case decides to put pressure on Sonny because he thinks Sonny knows Anna’s location.

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