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[ Knock on door ]

Phyllis: It’s phyllis, amanda. Hey.

Amanda: Hey.

Phyllis: Okay, I got here as fast as I could. I didn’t even know you were in town.

Amanda: Yeah, I just — i just got in today.

Phyllis: Okay. What happened?

Amanda: Well, I came to talk to devon. You know, I wanted to surprise him because I’ve been gone for so long. But I got a surprise because he was naked on the couch with abby.

Devon: Hey.

Abby: Is, uh, dom ready?

Devon: Abby. I haven’t gotten dominic ready to go yet, but I think that you should come in so we can talk.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Diane: I appreciate you so much. You have the least reasons of anyone to make me feel worthy, believed, safe. And yet you do.

Jack: I’m glad that’s so.

Diane: Me too.

Jack: Diane? What’s wrong?

Ashley: Hi.

[ Elevator doors close ] Whoa.

Tucker: Hi.

Ashley: What are you doing here?

Tucker: Well, it’s day one of “challenge accepted.”

Ashley: I see.

Tucker: And that envelope there will go a long way in proving that my intentions are pure and, uh, whose side I’m on — yours.

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Ashley: You just can’t help yourself, can you? You just have to add a little bit of pizzazz in everything you do, don’t you?

Tucker: Yeah, guilty as charged. Don’t you want to see what’s inside?

Ashley: Is this supposed to mean something to me?

Tucker: Not yet, but i promised that I wouldn’t hide anything else from you, and that article is the key to understanding the rest of diane’s odyssey in los angeles.

Diane: [ Sighs, clears throat ] Ev– everything’s fine, jack.

Jack: Are you sure?

Diane: Yes. Kyle and harrison and I, um, got back from the hospital a little while ago.

Jack: And what did the doctor say?

Diane: Oh, harrison’s test results were all normal. She thinks it was just a virus. Just liquids, rest, and our grandson will be good as new.

Jack: Oh, thank god.

Diane: Yeah. Kyle and summer were incredibly relieved.

Jack: I’ll bet they were. Kind of feel badly for them. They go from the fun of a tropical honeymoon to a state of total panic in a matter of a few short hours.

Diane: Well, they’re upstairs with harrison, if you want to go check on him. I was just, um — I was just sticking around to see if there was anything else I could do to help.

Jack: Well, thank you for the update. I am gonna head upstairs, say a quick hello, and then I have to get back to jabot. Um, I could give you a lift if you need one.

Diane: That’s nice of you. Jack, wait.

[ Sighs ] Um, if — if you have a minute, there’s something I’d like to ask you.

Jack: Go ahead.

Diane: Well, I’m — I’m sure you’ll agree that things have been a bit strained between us since I shared about my time in L.A., Told you about jeremy stark and how he manipulated me, and then my subsequent unfortunate reunion with tucker mccall.

Jack: And what is your question?

Diane: Well, I — I was wondering if you thought maybe there was a way we could move past that, start fresh.

Devon: You looked like you could use this.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Thank you.

Devon: You’re welcome.

Abby: I’d ask how you know, but, uh…of course you do.

Devon: [ Sighs ] Are you okay?

Abby: No. Are you?

Devon: I don’t know. I really don’t know how I feel. I don’t know what’s real life right now and what’s not. It’s like, what the hell, you know?

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: Were you able to catch up with chance?

Abby: Yeah. I caught up with him at home. Um, we talked. And now he’s questioning our whole relationship.

Devon: Well, did you make him understand that this was the first and only time this ever happened?

Abby: Yeah, I tried to make it crystal clear, but, um, he said it doesn’t really matter because he thinks it’s a symptom of a larger problem in our marriage, so…

Devon: Okay. And he doesn’t — he doesn’t want to try and work on that larger problem?

Abby: He said he doesn’t know if he’s the right person for me. He thinks that maybe he can’t give me what I want or what i need.

Devon: Well, I mean, I — i don’t agree with that ’cause I’ve seen you guys and I know how happy makes you. I mean, he made you happy enough to go and try and find him in another country when we all thought he was dead. And to support him while he was struggling. He just wants to give up on you guys after all that?

Abby: Well, uh, did things go any better with you and amanda?

Phyllis: Wait, wait. You saw devon with abby?

Amanda: Mm-hmm, and it was perfect timing. Perfect timing, you know? I walk in the door after months of being gone, and the first thing that I see is that.

Phyllis: Well, I mean, were they — were they actually —

Amanda: Having sex? Yes. There is no doubt. I saw what I saw, and devon admitted it, so…

Phyllis: What?! Why abby?

Amanda: Oh, well, devon claimed that they were really upset and they needed comforting, so it just happened.

Phyllis: Oh, it just happened? Really? She just happened to be naked? He just happened to —

Amanda: Yeah, pretty much.

Phyllis: Yeah. Okay.

Amanda: Pretty much, yeah. And he also repeated it half a dozen times just so that I could get the message.

Phyllis: Seriously? I mean, he’s with you. I-I thought he was a good guy, that he was the only one in this town left with integrity.

Amanda: Yeah. You know I never saw it coming? No. But I think that maybe I should have because devon and abby — they have always had this profound connection, you know…

Phyllis: Oh, please.

Amanda: …Something that chance and I — we could never be a part of.

Phyllis: Oh, vomit. Come on. Does chance know?

Amanda: Oh, yeah, he knows.

[ Laughs ] He showed up at devon’s the same time that I did, so we walked in together hand in hand. It was a truly special moment for us all.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. This is insane.

Amanda: Yeah. I was blown away, too.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. I mean, I-I-I’m just try– I’m trying to wrap my head around devon and abby? Abby? What? I mean, she’s with chance. I thought they were happy. And — and he has the perfect woman in you.

Amanda: Oh, no, not perfect enough.

Phyllis: Um, no, don’t go there. This is on him, not you. Not you!

[ Sighs ] I don’t want to hear that from my friend.

[ Sighs ] Could — could this just be, like, just a momentary lapse of any sort of reason? I mean —

Amanda: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Okay. Okay

Amanda: Did you really — did you just say that?

Phyllis: I mean, I’m just trying to make some sense out of it, that’s all. I mean, could it just be

[Stammers] They’re friends and — and — and it just happened, just a colossal mistake that you can all move past?

Amanda: [ Scoffs ] You didn’t live this strong, this long to get put

Amanda: One for you.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Amanda: Listen, phyllis, i know that there are people in this world that can overlook when their partner cheats. And there are other people who can have open relationships. They can separate love and sex and not get all bent out of shape when stuff like this happens, but me? I am not one of those people.

Phyllis: I am not one of them, either. I understand.

Amanda: So I’m not gonna forgive devon, and I’m not even gonna try. The end.

Phyllis: Um, I support you in whatever you want to do. So, what do you want to do now?

Amanda: Well, I’m gonna go back to virginia, be with my family, and — I don’t know. I don’t think I’m gonna be coming back here.

Phyllis: No! No, no, no, no, no. I will not support that.

Amanda: Are you surprised, phyllis, that I want to leave, I want to put this whole damn town in my rearview mirror?

Phyllis: Of course I’m not surprised, but you’re making a decision based on an emotional reaction.

Amanda: Okay, well, people do it all the time.

Phyllis: I know. It doesn’t always work out. I’m speaking from experience.

Amanda: I know you are.

Phyllis: Okay, take a second, please, alright? Really think about this. You’ve built a life here, one you seem to be very satisfied with.

Amanda: Yeah, I was, until about 2:00 this afternoon.

Phyllis: Okay. Are you willing to just throw that away based on devon being with abby?

Amanda: Yeah. Devon. Devon — a man that I planned to spend the rest of my life with. But notice how I — how i phrased that there in the past, “planned.”

Phyllis: Okay, listen, you have worked very, very hard to put down roots here.

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: You are a power player at chancellor-winters.

Amanda: Mm. Mm-hmm. Wait, are you talking about me staying at chancellor-winters? You mean the job where I have to work with devon every single day? Yeah. No, thanks.

Phyllis: Okay. I want you to really think about this. Just take a second and really think about this.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] Listen, I know that your heart is in the right place, but right now, all I know is that my family needs me.

Phyllis: I know, but —

Amanda: No, no. No “buts.” I was only gonna come here for a couple of days anyways. And now that devon has cheated with abby, I can go back to my mom a few days sooner. It’s perfect.

Phyllis: Okay. I know it’s really important for you to take care of your mom. I know that.

Amanda: Yeah, it’s changed my life, and I’m not exaggerating. In spite of how sick she’s been, we — we have — we’ve been able to make up for lost time, and we’re doing it along with imani. And now look — I have the added bonus of adding a couple extra hundred miles between me and devon, so it’s a win-win.

Devon: No, things did not go better with amanda.

Abby: Ugh. I was afraid you were gonna say that.

Devon: After everything she’s been going through with her mom, she came back home looking for support.

Abby: Only to walk in on us.

[ Sighs ]

Devon: Yeah. And no matter what I say or what I do, she’s never gonna forget that image.

Abby: Devon, I’m — I’m so sorry.

Devon: I don’t want you to be sorry. It’s not your fault. When she took off, I couldn’t leave dominic here, so I had to let her go.

Abby: Well, maybe, uh, amanda and chance — maybe they just need a little space.

Devon: Mm.

Abby: Maybe it’ll give us some time to fix this massive mistake.

Devon: Yeah. Amanda definitely wants space ’cause she’s talking about going straight back to virginia to be with her family.

Abby: Not permanently, right?

Devon: I mean, it sounds like it.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Devon…

Devon: She said that, uh, now that she knows what I’m capable of, she could see that our relationship never stood a chance.

Abby: Is there any possible way for us to salvage this?

[ Sighs ]

Diane: It felt like we were on the verge of something good, which I ruined by confessing about what happened in L.A.

Jack: That was one hell of a secret you were keeping. Or should I say still another secret?

Diane: Well, I hoped my explanation about why I kept quiet made sense to you.

Jack: My main concern is how kyle feels. I’m taking my cues from our son.

Diane: Well, in that case, I’m a bit relieved because kyle said he understands why I did what I did and why I felt compelled to leave it buried.

[ Sighs ] But I am guessing you have your own opinions about the subject.

Jack: Yeah, I do.

Diane: Alright. Then I’d like to hear them.

Ashley: So, what is this? Who is jeremy stark?

Tucker: So, jeremy stark is an entrepreneur who [Chuckles] Committed so many crimes, he ended up in prison. Unfortunately, at least for some, the authorities never uncovered all his crimes or all his co-conspirators.

Ashley: Tucker…

Tucker: Mm-hmm?

Ashley: …You’re taking the long way around the block. I mean, why is this of interest to me?

Tucker: When jeremy and i were in california, we had a friend in common. In fact, he was this friend’s meal ticket for quite some time while she was out there, too.

Ashley: “She”?

Tucker: Yes, she. She is quite a piece of work. She has expensive tastes, likes to ride around in bentleys and whatnot.

Ashley: Mm. Yeah. Her name wouldn’t happen to be diane jenkins? Okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition.

Tucker: That’s the piece of the story that diane withheld from jack and kyle. Or if she did decide to tell them, obviously they chose to keep you out of the loop.

Ashley: So, what was the nature of diane and jeremy stark’s relationship?

Tucker: It was romantic at first, somewhat, but that was really just a cover for the scam he was running.

Ashley: Go on.

Tucker: So, he was using diane to transport cash all over the world so he could shelter it in those offshore banks, you know, the ones that don’t give a damn how you got it or whether you pay taxes on it.

Ashley: How the hell do you know all this?

Tucker: [ Laughs ]

Ashley: I mean, really. Victor, with his entire team of investigators, could not get his hands on this information.

Tucker: Let’s just say I was in the right place at the right time and I knew where to look.

Ashley: Care to elaborate?

Tucker: The “how” really isn’t relevant. The point is that if you want to put the fear of god into diane and drive her away from you and your family, that’s how you do it.

Jack: I would like to be able to just let this go. You found yourself in an untenable situation, so you did what you had to, to survive.

Diane: That’s it. Exactly.

Jack: I’d also like to believe in your sincerity about kyle, that he really was your top priority when you were in self-imposed exile, that it was because of him that you held your nose and let tucker back into your life.

Diane: He was. I swear it. And just the fact that you sound like you want to move forward is a very good sign to me.

Jack: I wouldn’t read too much into that if I were you.

Diane: Okay.

Jack: I can’t help thinking that you have another secret, that there’s something else that you have hidden that’s gonna come out the next time you’re backed into a corner, another shoe drops, and there’s heartbreak for everyone.

Diane: Everyone?

Jack: For kyle and harrison, the two people in this world that are most important to me.

Diane: They are the most important to me, as well. And nothing, nothing about my past or my present or my future could ever change that.

Jack: I know you say that now —

Diane: Jack, please. Do you really think I want any of us to suffer? And I’m not just talking about myself. I mean, how can you believe that I would allow any more heartbreak into kyle’s life?

Amanda: Listen. I feel like I need to leave, okay? For my own emotional and mental well-being. Working with devon every single day — that would not be good for me.

Phyllis: Okay. What do you want to tell lily?

Amanda: I don’t know. I — yeah, okay, I guess I’m leaving her in a lurch, okay? But I will work from virginia until she can find a replacement. And there are plenty of lawyers that can fill my shoes, maybe even imani down the road, if she wants to stay on. But I need to go. I need to start fresh somewhere else. It is the right thing for me to do.

Phyllis: Okay. I’ll miss you.

Devon: I wouldn’t even know where to begin to make things right with amanda and chance.

Abby: Yeah. Neither would I.

Devon: What are we doing, abby? Why do you think we lost control like that?

Abby: I wish I knew.

Devon: You do know that i never expected for anything like that to happen or never planned on it. It really came out of nowhere.

Abby: Not according to my husband.

Devon: What do you mean, not according to him?

Abby: He said that he could see this coming from the time he returned from spain.

Devon: What?

Abby: Yeah. He said he just thought maybe he was overreacting about how close our friendship had become, but he could see me relying on you more and more, and he thought that this was inevitable.

Devon: So, you’re saying that chance was able to see this coming, but neither one of us could?

Abby: I don’t have the answers. I mean, I don’t know why this happened. I just know that we were both in pain for our own reasons and we let our emotions take over and we acted out of impulse. And we made a big mistake, one that may have ruined both of our lives.

Ashley: Okay. So, what else can you tell me about diane and jeremy stark’s collaboration? I’m assuming he cut her in on the deal, right?

Tucker: No, you assume wrong. He had her pegged from the get-go. So, what he would do is he would stash her suitcase with the cash and then remove it before she noticed. So she had no idea she was involved in anything criminal or that he knew about her past. But she found out that he knew, so he threatened to expose taylor as dead diane jenkins and pretty much left her no choice but to continue on with him.

Ashley: Okay. So, he was blackmailing her.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. Until the authorities caught up with him.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. And how were you involved in all this?

Tucker: After he went to jail, uh, and I found out diane was alive, I leveraged the information about her crimes to persuade her to work with me.

Ashley: Nice. So, you blackmailed her, too?

Tucker: No, not quite. I — as I told you, we had a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Ashley: Oh, well, if that’s the case…

Tucker: Well, what was so terrible about it? Yes, I gave her information about allie in exchange for information about you. But you know diane. She’s no innocent victim, never has been. And she never has and never will play by the rules. She always finds a way to wriggle out of being held accountable for whatever sin she’s committed.

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“The young and the restless”

will continue. I’ve been telling everyone

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[ Sighs ]

Tucker: Well, I’m sorry that you feel the need to question why I would share this information with you, but at the same time, I understand. I have been a bit of an opportunist in the past, which is not always a bad thing, mind you.

Ashley: It doesn’t engender trust.

Tucker: I told you that i would prove myself worthy of you. That’s what I’m trying to do right now. You know that I don’t care about what anyone else thinks of me. Your opinion is the only one that matters to me.

Ashley: You say that now.

Tucker: I mean it! Whether diane jenkins comes or goes does not make any difference to me. Whatever alliance we had is over. I am simply trying to find a way, a place back to forgiveness and trust in your heart! Ashley, whatever goal you have is now my goal. I want you to tell me what you want. I want you to tell me what you need. ‘Cause I would move heaven and earth to give it to you.

Devon: Hey. Being together one time isn’t gonna ruin our lives.

Abby: How do you know that?

Devon: Because we’re not gonna let it.

Abby: [ Scoffs ] If only the world worked that way.

Devon: Well, it can if we have faith. All we can do the best that we can to try and make things right with chance and amanda.

Abby: I’m pretty sure that it’s gonna take a miracle.

Devon: Those are known to happen.

Abby: You know, I’m not just, uh, worried about them. There’s something else that we need to think about.

Devon: What do we need to think about?

Abby: Us. Our friendship. I mean, you are one of my closest friends. I’ve come to rely on you so much.

Devon: And you’re the same for me.

Abby: Are things gonna be weird and uncomfortable for forever?

Devon: Do you feel weird and uncomfortable right now?

Abby: No. [ Laughs ]

Devon: Yeah, me neither. I think that we just got carried away in a vulnerable moment and then something that we never expected to happen happened. You’re still my best friend. And you’re still the mother to my son. And that’s never gonna change. So, what happened between us is just that. It’s just something that happened.

Abby: You know, people say that. But do things ever really just happen? Especially something like sleeping together? Personally, I don’t know if i buy that.

Diane: Good afternoon, ashley.

Ashley: Well, it was, diane. Hi, jack.

Jack: Hi, there. Just back from lunch?

Ashley: I have a meeting in the lab. I was just getting a couple things from my office.

Tucker: Ah, I would be delighted if you would join me for dinner tonight. We can continue our discussion about los angeles. Sweet pillows of softness!

Ashley: Dinner, huh? I’d like that.

Tucker: Excellent. I’ll text you.

Diane: I didn’t realize you had such an interest in los angeles. What, are you planning on traveling there soon? Relocating perhaps?

Ashley: [ Laughs ] You’re so funny. Of course not. But I think it’s good to know all the major players in such a prominent city, don’t you?

Jack: You have a moment before you go downstairs?

Ashley: For you, jackie, I’ve got two. See ya.

[ Door closes ]

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Amanda: You know, phyllis, when I leave, I don’t think I’ll be coming back. That’s — that’s kind of the point, to forget that devon exists and put down roots somewhere else.

Phyllis: Oh. I don’t want to lose you.

Amanda: But we can video-chat, you know? And we’ll send each other funny memes, just like we’ve been doing while I’ve been —

Phyllis: I don’t want memes from you. I don’t want you to go.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Amanda: Well, you can come. You can — you can visit.

Phyllis: I don’t want to visit.

[ Voice breaking ] So much is going on with me. It’s crazy right now. And I’m losing our friendship. And I’m losing you. I don’t have anyone. I mean, my enemies are my friends. What a loser. I mean, what does that say about me? I really have no friends.

[ Laughing ] Don’t cry. Don’t cry. I’m supposed to me making you laugh.

Amanda: [ Laughs ] Ooh, I think you need to work on your delivery.

Phyllis: I do.

Amanda: Yeah.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ] I love you, amanda. I really love you. But I know that you deserve so much better than this.

Devon: So, what are you saying, abby? You think that deep down we wanted this to happen?

Abby: No. God. I don’t know. Devon, we’re not kids anymore. We know what betrayal feels like. We’ve been on both sides of it. It causes lasting damage. And we still kissed. And we still had sex. And when it was over, I didn’t get up and put my clothes back on. I just… I laid there in your arms and… I don’t know. I mean, did I do this because chance has been working long hours at a job I wish that he was quitting? Or because he admits that he doesn’t rush home to me and dominic? Were you upset because amanda has been gone so long, so you were trying to get back at her?

Devon: No. No, I don’t think either one of us did that. We’re not malicious people. Can I ask you a question now? Do you regret any part of what happened?

Abby: Do you?

Devon: Part of me doesn’T.

One bounty versus two of the

leading ordinary brand

Abby: You can’t say that. We have to regret what happened because we hurt people, people that we love, people that we want to build a future with.

Devon: Right. And I-I-I know that. And I’m sorry.

Abby: No. I’m sorry. I…

[ Sniffles ] Look, I’m no saint. I have feelings, too. And what we did, it felt right in the moment. And I have to wonder, if we didn’t get caught so soon, i mean…would we feel this guilty? Or would we still be lying on that couch, wrapped in each other’s arms? Look, I don’t know. We could play the “what if” game all day to try to justify what happened, but…

[ Sniffles ] I’m not proud of what I did. And we can’t — we can’t do it again. So we just need to find a way to undo the pain that we caused.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] You know, these last few weeks have been rough. Worrying about my mom, trying to be strong for everyone. And I thought devon was my safe haven. I thought he was my kindred soul.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know you did.

Amanda: We didn’t rush things, you know? We were mature. We were open. We were honest. We helped each other through some really, really difficult times. And I thought that if the worst had happened and I lost my mom, I thought that he would be the one person who would understand, the one person that I would find solace in his arms. And then he just went and he blew it all up. How could he do it? How could he do that to me? Was the romp in the sheets with abby — was it really worth losing me?

Jack: Not gonna answer me, huh?

Ashley: What was the question? I’m busy here, jack.

Jack: The question is, what’s going on between you and mccall?

Ashley: What does that even mean?

Jack: Well, I know you had a plan to charm him into revealing what he was up to, but I got the distinct impression whatever you’re discussing has a lot more to do with diane.

Ashley: Okay, you can’t be that naive. If it has to do with tucker, then it goes back to diane because their secrets are intertwined. You can’t expose one without outing the other.

Jack: You ever heard of a surgical strike? You use a scalpel, not a sledgehammer.

Ashley: And there you go again. There you go again, protecting diane. She lies and lies and lies, and you want me to look away when i find out more of her misdeeds.

Jack: If you find out more of her misdeeds. There’s a possibility you won’t find anything.

Ashley: We don’t know the whole story yet. The only reason why she confessed that she was working with tucker was because she felt she had to. She was using it as a bargaining chip for more leverage. You know this.

Jack: [ Sighs ] I admit there may be more to this.

Ashley: Jackie, there’s a lot more. And I know this because tucker just gave me all sorts of juicy information. And there’s probably more secrets that he can reveal.

Jack: Secrets that involve diane?

Ashley: Of course. Intimate knowledge of her comings and goings and the dangerous people that she was associating with. Did you know —

Jack: Wait, wait, no, I don’t want to hear any more.

Ashley: Jack —

Jack: My focus is and has always been kyle. His relationship with his mother is in danger. I’m not gonna let you destroy it, and that’s exactly where this is headed.

Ashley: Jack!

Jack: No, if she has a hundred more secrets, I don’t want to know. Let it go. Back off. Leave the poor woman alone.

[ Thudding, papers rustling ]

[ Door slams ]

Diane: Tucker. What the hell are you and ashley up to?

Tucker: [ Laughs ] What, did you follow me here?

Diane: I need answers.

Tucker: No, no, you gave up your right to question me the second you spilled your guts to jack about L.A.

Diane: I didn’t tell him everything, and you know it.

Tucker: Yeah, and if you’re smart, you’ll keep your mouth shut about the rest of it.

Diane: Oh, is that a threat?

Tucker: Diane, you and I are through. Do you understand? Our business has concluded. Go live your life. Oh, and in case it’s not already crystal clear to you, you stay the hell out of my way.

[ Door closes ]

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