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Candy Crush. What? What? Zander only looks at his phone like that when he’s playing a video game. Oh, it’s, uh, nothing important, just birth, email. Uh, Zander gonna be joining you for dinner. Nope. I only need one menu. Zander is working late at his new job.

Dam it, Eva, answer the phone.

Ah, youj won’t stop calling. He must be terrified for his mother’s. Good. Let him suffer. I want that son of a bitch to experience the same type of pain he made my mother feel.

I’m so proud of you, mom.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Oh, aj, there you are. I have good news. Anna was able to get in touch with the designer of her sacred Crystal Heart. Crystal Heart, yes. The one that Susan accidentally broke. Annas commissioned a new one, so Susan can be the sigh of relief. You can also tell your mother that it’s safe to come out behind in.

Mother isn’t hiding from Hannah tummy. She’s been kidnapped.

I brought you some dinner. Oh, sorry. It’s nothing fancy. Oof.

You know, I don’t want your next sandwich. Ronald McDonald. I got a whole plate full of catfish, nooks. Just wait for me at my son Elvis’s house. So why don’t you just let me go. Sorry, I can’t do that. Oh, but of course you can. My Elvis, he’s loaded. He’ll give you anything you want. Trust me.

I want you back with your son just as much as you want to be there. Cause you have to be patient. . It’s easy for you to say, Mr. Clown I, you’re not the one just tied up and sitting around with a bunch of gardening tools in horse manure. I do apologize for the setting. Why are you doing this? Mc clowns, you are supposed to bring Hess and joy, not fear and child you to be ashamed of yourself.

Mr. Clown, what kind of a miserable person does such a thing?

Thank you. There you go. . So tell me about Xander’s new job. Well, he was hired by a pharmaceutical startup called, uh, rednecks full-time. Mm-hmm. . Yes. I’m very proud of him. He worked really hard to get this job. Good friend him. Yeah. If I’m being honest, we really need the money. I didn’t realize things were.

Well, Xander racked up quite the bill at the Salem in, and I’m still only working part-time at the hospital until they can confirm that I am no longer suffering from what Kristen did to me. Hey, I’m sorry that things been tough. Oh no. It’s okay. Xander and I are in this together, so we will land on our feet.

I have no doubt. Thank you. And there are perks to working part. I get to do house calls. came back from one at Brady’s. Whoa. Is he sick? Nope. No. It, um, it was for Rachel. How was she? She’s okay. She had a major tummy ache, which I diagnosed as an over indulgence of Halloween candy. . . Yeah. I’ve suffered from that more than one time in my life.

Me too. . I’m poor.

How was it? You mean seeing and Rachel? Yeah. Uh, truthfully, I don’t think I’m ever gonna recover from losing her. I know what you’re thinking. It’s hard for me too. Yeah. And also, The Alexander to blame for it. Am I right? Yeah, yeah. You are.

Sushi delivery . Hi. Hey, you. I figured you’d be working through dinner, so I thought you might like some raw fish and maybe some company. Yes, please. Both counts. Come on, . So how was your night? Oh man. Pretty much craziness. Ever since the election. Why? What’s going on? You didn’t hear? No, I mean I’ve, I’ve been swamped mostly approving marketing copy for our upcoming collection.

Right. Yeah. Yeah. That and your, your new role, what do you mean? I mean, I heard your moonlighting is Arab’s top model.

Fuck. Hey York,

have you heard about Paulina Price? Yes. She got elected governor and I’d like to thank my vote. Helped. Mm-hmm. , that’s the old news I’m talking about after the election. What do you mean? Maggie? Her daughter got arrested for murder, knowing that, I don’t understand. Lonnie was arrested last summer for murder?

No, no, no. Not Lonnie, the other daughter. Shut down. Yes, that’s the murder. Oh, how awful. And on the night her mother was elected governor. Oh, Helena must be just beside herself. It’s mother’s worst nightmare. Let me tell you. I, I’m. Xander, he’s your husband now, not to mention I’m the one who encouraged you to forgive him after switching those babies.

Yeah, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be angry with him. That would make me a hypocrite. Don’t you think that would make you human, painfully human? What? Sandra did hurt us both very deeply. I didn’t think I was ever gonna be able to get. I’m glad you did, for your sake. Well, you’re the reason that I was able to let go of that pain and anger.

You helped me see the kind of man that Vander’s capable of being a good and decent man and that I am very proud to call my husband.

Are you proud of your chef, Mr. Cloud? Hmm? You proud of your. What, why are you doing this to me? What? What? What’s in it for you? Huh? Ask for me. Are you a man or are you a clown?

EJ again, no Alexander. The answer is call either. All these men keep trying to tell you what to do. Yeah. Including you. I make my own decisions. Hello? What took you so long to answer. Will you relax? Relax. It’s easy for you to save. How much long do I have to hold onto her? Just a little while longer. And how long is a little while?

The woman is scared and hungry. Okay. So I feed her, I tried that. All she wants is catfish nuggets. Well, that’s not my problem, actually. Is your problem, Ava? You said this would be quick and easy. You get the money We give her back. No harm, no foul. Okay. That’s still the plan. Just calm. Stay the course. Stop trying to handle me, Eva.

I have a life, a future, and if you don’t finish this, I will. Oh wait. Hey, hey. What does that mean? It means get me my money or I’ll let Susan Banks go. Okay. Listen, Zander. Zander.

My mother, she tried to warn me that someone was after me, but I thought, I thought it was Johnny John. Why would Johnny be after you? He was very angry when I sent a away. Oh. And apparently she’s even angrier because I exposed her for the fraud. She really is. Ever since I proved that she wasn’t actually married to our late brother, she’s been lying and.

Get her revenge and she’s using your mother to exact it. I should have locked up that mongrel when I had the chance, put her ass in Statesville, and now my poor mother is the one paying the price.

Okay. You’re upset that I got pulled into that Bella photo shoot. I, I just would’ve liked to have heard about it from you and not one of my detectives. One of your detectives who happens to be dating Eric? No agenda there. Okay. Okay. Listen to me. Jada did not do anything wrong. This, this is just another example of a lack of communication between you and me, honey.

I was gonna tell you. Okay. Why didn’t you? Well, because it, it just happened. Something came up with one of the models that we hired, and so Alex Kakkis asked me to step in. Mm-hmm. and, and, but you’re absolutely right. I should have told you first thing and now,

Now there is something that I want you to hear from me. Okay. Actually, something that I wanna show you.

What. Why? Why am I looking at a photo of my wife draped all over her ex-husband? Like I said, this was Alex’s idea, and at first it was supposed to be a. Brady and me, and then he thought it would be better if it was Eric. Why? Why would it be better? Well, because according to Alex, I didn’t have any chemistry with Brady.

Oh, that is great. Great. So you and Eric, you guys are just crackling with it, huh? No, I mean, it’s all subjective, right? Who has chemistry? Who doesn’t? But Alex side, didn’t he? Great? Of course he did. You know what? Because everyone in this damn town is seen. So why don’t you, why don’t you just stop trying to hide from me the fact that you and.

Still have feelings for each other.

You know? You are kind of an inspiration. I am. Yeah. You’re an example of forgiveness, perseverance. I mean, after everything you and Xander have gone through, you’ve never stopped loving him. Well, except for when it wasn’t me. That doesn’t count. . Well, thank you for ruling on that. Mm-hmm. . What about you? What about me, son?

I know how long it took for you to get over. Nicole, how’s it going with Jada? It’s early. Mm-hmm. . I like being around her. I think she would say the same thing about me. Mm. Well, well see. That’s pretty important. Enjoying your partner’s company can come in handy if you’re ever, I don’t know. Sharing a roach infested hotel room, huh?

Hmm. , nothing. Nevermind. Listen, I must admit, I still have a little anger towards Sander, even though I’m working very hard. If I’m forgiveness for him. I appreciate that. I’m spent a lifetime preaching forgiveness, telling people that it’s not a one-time thing. It’s a, it’s a continuing process. Well, If it’s any help, I can promise that Xander is truly changed.

He’s not the same man that let us believe in other couple’s baby belonged to us. I know that he will never do something that terrible again. Good news, you should be going home soon. Oh, thank the Lord for small favors. Oh, did you get in touch with my Elvis? Is he gonna send a cowry after? You didn’t concern yourself with the details.

Yeah. I just have to ask you one thing, Mr. Clam, how do you live with yourself? I bet your mom was just so disappointed in you. My mother is a drunken train wreck, so I really don’t give a damn what she thinks. Sure. And there’s gotta be showing that matters to you. You got a wife, I mean, how does she feel about her man being a dirty, low down kidnapper?

I can’t believe that Xander is making Sarah move to a Fleabag hotel because Victor called him a loser. Uh, he’s a proud man . Proud Schmid. Victor’s mean to me all the time. And I put up with cranky mats because, hello? The amenities here. Hello? Yeah. Well, you know how stubborn teriyaki man can be. Well, do I ever, I’ll tell you.

Victor and Justin had an hour long stare down over which movie to watch on Peacock

I’m sorry, Maggie, I, I shouldn’t be bragging on your husband. You know, I just think he’s a hoop. No, it’s okay. I know you put up with a lot from him. Do you know it’s my anniversary time. Oh, honey. Really? Yeah, I married Victor 11 years ago to the day, Maggie. Yeah. Congratulations. Are you, gosh, what are you guys doing to celebrate?

Oh, just Victor and I were just gonna just, just be together if, were you not doing anything with family? Well, I can’t, I can’t see my daughter. Or my son-in-law because of Xander’s, ridiculous. Qui with Victor. That’s not right. No, no, no, no, no. Those two need to make a move on. Well, they can’t because they won’t even talk to each other.

You know what, mag pie, I think you should let Bon Bon handle this one. Well, that’s very sweet of you to care so much, but

do you really think you can fix this? I know I can. I’ll get this family back on track. You just watch and see

has this vital woman, she made a ransom demand. Ah, no idea. She told me to await further. Ah, she’s tying with you. You know, we should get the police involved. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Tommy, listen, I’m aware that you hate Ray Fernandez, but if we could use the department’s resources, I’m sure that he’d be more than willing to help, especially after what Ava did to him.

Maybe you are right. Perhaps I should bring Reef into this

is my mother. All right. Oh, well. Hello to you too, ej. Yeah, she’s fine for now. You ready to hear my demands?

Why the hell is it taking you so long to get back to me? Oh, I would watch my tone if I were you. Well that is if you ever want your kids to see their southern FRA granny again, I swear to you, if you do anything to harm my mother, there will be no safe place on a FU to hide from me. AJ wanna antagonize her.

The hell I don’t. You realize you’re in no position to make any threats. We are the ones making the threats. I’m the one calling the shots. Just tell me what you want. I thought you’d never. Well, in exchange for the safe return of your mother, you are going to give me 20 million.

Oh. You do have a wife. I didn’t say that. Oh, you didn’t have to. I know things. Oh yeah. I was warned. You’re psychic . I am . Did you make you nervous? I believe in all that nonsense. Oh, I assure you missed a clown. It most certainly is not non. You see, the universe has blessed me with the gift of Second Son, and that’s how you knew I was married.

Now tell me you’re wearing your wedding ring.

The one and only. Is everything okay with Mom and Victor? Well, um, not exactly what, uh, what’s wrong? Well, honey, I hate to be the bear of bad news, but your mom is in a right state. Did she say why? Well, you do know today is your mom on Victor’s wedding anniversary, right? Oh my God, I totally forgot. Yeah.

Well I figured with all the fussing and fighting between Xander and Victor that it had well, slept your mind. She told you about that. Well, honey, we live in the same house. It’s . Kinda hard to miss. Um, but tonight you and Victor and Xander are all gonna put that behind you. Okay, you’re gonna grab your hunky husband and you’re gonna come up here to the mansion for dinner.

Oh, well, I was, um, just about to order dinner for one at the pub and, and Xander’s working late. Honey, you could have Roman Brady’s warmed up chowder any day tonight. You and Zander are dining with family. It is high time to carry out this plant gathered under one roof, and your mother and Victor’s anniversary is the perfect time to do it.

Okay? Okay. Got it. Good. See you later. Bye-Bye.

Hey, do you decide what you want? Um, well, uh, change of. Looks like I’m going to be playing referee all night, honey. It was just a photo shoot. I know what it was. Nicole, I’m not sure you do. I, I mean, you’re assuming that Eric and I wanted to be on the cover together, which we did not. And like I said, this was Alex’s idea.

He insisted, why are you looking at me like. Because I wish that you would respect me enough to stop trying to gaslight me. What? Stop. I wouldn’t do that. You’re acting like I am not seeing what is right in front of me. Could you just listen to me? Please? Please. Okay. Eric and I were told to. Act like we were attracted to each other, and that’s what we did.

Modeling is acting. I was playing a role, honey, what you are seeing here is just pictures. That’s it. Picture, yeah. Pictures. Pictures, yeah. Pictures of my wife looking like she wants to tear the clothes off of R’s husband.

Look, I, I knew doing the photo shoot was a bad idea. I should have trusted my instinct.

Why didn’t you?

Because. Alex wouldn’t take no for an answer, and I got caught up in the excitement of modeling. Again. You know what this, this isn’t even about the pictures.

It’s about us. Our marriage,

this stupid photo shoots just forces us to face the real issue.

There’s no issue.

I need you to be honest with me.

I need you to be honest with yourself.

This thing between you and Harry never really went away, did it?

How many times do I have to tell you, Eric is in my past? You are my present and my future. I have a husband and Eric has a girlfriend, and there’s, there’s nothing romantic between us anymore. I mean, we’re friends. Yes, we work together. Yes, but that’s it. End of story.

I hear you, bud, about what?

But it sounds to me like you’re not just trying to convince me. You’re trying to convince yourself.

Oh, oh good. Maggie. Um, do you like salmon or the uh, uh, that fish I can never remember the name of. Quick wants to know what I mean. You know what? Nevermind. We’ll have salmon. Okay. What is this all about? Well, it’s about the dinner party that I am throwing in honor of your. Really? Yes. Really the dinner party to which Zander and Sarah will be attending.

Really? Yes. They’re great to call me. Yes. I told you I could pull it off. it. Oh, that’s wonderful. You really are a miracle worker, Bonnie Honey. I do do it. Well, I know sweat. I mean, I just told Sarah that it was important to you and she agreed that the occasion was very important, so she’ll talk Sandra into it.

Oh, you really are a miracle. I’m so impressed. . So is Justin attending? Um, well, unfortunately, no. He is in Arizona visiting the twins. But on the bright side, when Sandra and Victor are reunited, they will give this family so much more to celebrate. We’re all back together again. Right. Oh, well, let’s just hope the boys behave themselves tonight.

didn’t worry about a thing. I have hugged tied my sheriff or Barcos in my day. . Okay. Am going to get this Kiki family back on track if it kills them. kills me. No, because kills . Whatever. We’ll get him back on track. . Alright. You got me? Yeah. I’m married. . So does Mrs. Clown know what you’re up to? Just leave my wife out of this.

No, no. Mr. Clown, I can’t do that. In fact, you know what I’m gonna send her. Message right now. What? Who I need you, Mrs. Clown, I you, to reach out to your wayward husband, make him stop his shameful and wicked wage and that’s enough. I’m putting the gag back in

me. You.

Do you really think I’m gonna let you steal even more money from my family than you already have? Oh, I didn’t realize you were the type of man that valued money more than your mother’s life. My mother is priceless to me. Okay, then prove it. Pay the 20 mil. You get your mommy back, and we can all go on with our lives.

Just like that. Just like that. You should be grateful. I’m not asking for more. I’ll give you your money. So how do we do this? What do we need for the exchange? . Oh, and risk. Risk. One of your hired goons taking me out on site. Yeah. No, no, no, no, no, no. Not a chance. You are gonna wire the funds into an offshore account and I will text you the info.

And then what? Well, once I see that the been transferred, I’ll tell you where you can collect. Mommy. Weirdest.

I’ve never been so proud. I’ve never loved you more.

Please, please.

Hello darling. Well, finally you answered, I was about to send out a search party. Sorry, Pam. I’m still stuck at the office. I guess they really wanted to hit the ground running here at Rednecks. What’s up? Uh, well, Bonnie just called, she wants us to come to dinner tonight at the Mansion. It’s Mom and Victor’s anniversary.

Oh, Sarah, I, uh, I know, I know, I know, I know. I know that you are still mad at Victor, but Bonnie said that Mom is really bummed about the Rift in the family, and it would just mean the absolute world to her and to me. So please, baby. Please, please, please. Will you come?

Since it’s from Maggie, you are the sweetest. How far are you from the mansion? Not far at all, as it turns out. Oh, well, perfect. I will see you there.

Well, I’m gonna go upstairs and change, and I’m gonna check on Victor and we don’t wanna start the evening with him in a lousy mood because he can’t find his cuff links. ? No, you check on Moneybags. I check on Cook. I wanna thank you Bonnie so much. It means a lot. Oh Maggie, it’s my pleasure. . You’re so sweet.

Listen, be before we go. Do what we need to do. Okay. I actually have a question for you. Yes. Um, you remember when Justin and I were first dating, you had me over to the house for dinner? Yeah, I do. Okay. I remember coming in and sitting on the table, the two. Charming stainless steel lanterns. Now I checked it out.

11th anniversary is steel. So I was thinking they would make the perfect centerpiece for our table tonight. Oh, do you know, that’s a lovely idea. I, um, I’m Missy, I keep them in the back, in the gardening shed. Oh, okay. Okay. I’ll, I’ll run out there. I’ll grab him. I’ve seen him in. Uh, bye . Bye. It’s done now.

Going back now. I kind of wish you made EJ sweat a little longer, but I’m happy for you. Pretty soon you’ll be swimming in cash and then you can go back to being the power player you always meant to be. Aren’t you glad you listened to your good son?

So how harsh you have to come up with the train. A million. I can help you move assets around if you like. Thank you, Tony. I appreciate the offer, but that won’t be necessary. You are going to pay it, aren’t you? I’m going to do whatever it takes to bring my mother home.

Look, I understand why you’re upset and why you reacted the way you did to those pictures, but let’s just go home and talk about it. I thought we just did.

What more is there to say?

Did you see these photos? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Oh, no, no, no, no. I was just leaving. We both were. We’re about to head home. No, actually, I’m gonna go. I’m gonna go and get a beer alone. Besides, I’m sure the two of you have a lot of catching up. Cause I mean, this incredible photo shoot. Ra, no, listen, I’m not interested in what you have to say.

Ra, wait, please wait. Damnit. Hi. This I’m Go talk to No. No. Okay. Did you see how upset he was going after him is only gonna make things worse? Did you tell him it’s not what he thinks it is? Of course, I.

He’s not stupid. Eric, Nicole, what do you mean? Oh, come on. He sees what’s going on.

Everyone does.

Baby here. Oh, I told you I was close by. Hey, how was your, uh, first day at work? It was interesting. Yeah. We’ll talk about it when we get home. Yeah. Okay.

Oh, I am so pleased you’re both here. Happy. Oh my goodness. Thank you darling. Thank you, . Congratulations 11 years. my uncle. It’s quite an achievement. Don’t I know it? , where uh, is everyone else? Um, Justin is in Arizona and Victor. He hasn’t come down yet. Bonnie. Wasn’t this evening her idea? Uh, yes. Yes. The last time I saw Bonnie, she was heading out to the gardening shed.

Hey, now where would I be if I were.

Let me notice. As soon as it’s taken care of,

he did it. You wired around some money to Ava’s account? Not exactly. What does that mean? Not exactly.

Well that must be EJ letting me know that you just made the transfer . That didn’t take long. Do you see the kind of respect you command when you listen to me?

No, no, no, no, no, no. What’s wrong?

What are you saying, Nicole?

Alex? Chloe Rafe, everyone sees it. She’s what? The connection between us, the chemistry, it’s still there. You can’t deny it. Not in those photos, none. When we’re in the same room together,

we don’t have to do this right now. Listen, emotions are high. All.

Let’s just not say anything that we wish we wouldn’t have said.

Like what? Something honest

you. Are you tired of fighting it? And I know I am. I’ve been fighting it since the day you came back to town. Lying to myself pretending that I’m over you, pretending that I’m not jealous of you and Jada. I’m trying to do the right thing. I’m just trying to, I’m trying to give you the space and I try to respect your marriage.

I started, I started seeing somebody. No matter what I do, I always find myself like where I started. Same place with you.

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