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This place looks great. Huh? Yeah. Oh, wow. Look at… oh. That’s a beautiful photo of brando. Yeah, planning the post-funeral reception is the least I can do for sasha. Thank you. Yeah. Okay. I see the way you’re looking at your dad. Just keep telling yourself that this day is about brando and for us to help out sasha and gladys any way we can. Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. Come on. Thanks for letting me ride with you guys. Austin’s at the hospital, and I didn’t want to be alone. Yeah, of course. I knew the garden would be the perfect place for the reception. We got a perfect autumn morning. Right? How you doing? I’m okay. Thank you for coming. Yeah, we wouldn’t be any place else. Come here. The funeral was very touching. Whatever you and gladys need, we are all here for you. Okay? Thank you.

[ Chuckles softly ] Wow. Everything looks beautiful, nina. Thank you. Of course, brando would be the first person to say that you shouldn’t have gone to so much fuss. Can just hear him.

[ Knock on door ] Joss. What are you doing here? I-I could ask you the same thing.

[ Knock on door ] Jordan: Come in. Hey. I got your message. It sounded important. It is. Oh, was there a break in whoever attacked diane and ava and killed brando corbin? I was just at brando’s funeral. And other than diane telling us the attacker was a woman, we don’t have very much. But that’s not why I asked you to come by. Read what’s inside this envelope. Your future depends on it. I have a very busy day ahead. I have to figure out what I’m gonna be doing now that I’m — I’m closing the gallery. So I’d really appreciate it if we could wrap this up. …The location… portia, I’m feeling really well. You know, my wound is — is — is almost healed now. So is there — is there something else wrong with me? On it.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you, amy. Portia? Wha–

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door closes ] After everything I’ve been through, whatever it is, I can take it. Counting our blessings, are we? I was just reviewing some documents. Hmm. I assume you’ll soon be adding another important document to that safe of yours — your finalized divorce decree. But, of course, you insisted on hiring your own lawyer. So I hope he’s filed all the paperwork correctly. I said I would handle it, didn’t it? Forgive me, but I’ve seen how you “handle” ava — signing a false confession to murdering esme. You know, that little mea culpa of yours could have sent you to prison for life if valentin hadn’t gotten it away from ava. Now, fortunately, your ridiculous romantic gesture won’t be coming back to haunt us. And neither will esme prince. May she rest in peace. Okay, guys. You can take him.

[ Police radio chatter ] Dead body of a john doe on pier 55. Apparent stab wound. No driver’s license or id. Hopefully we’ll know more once the M.E. Takes a look.

[ Static crackles, radio chatter ] Thanks.

I’m so grateful to you, nina, for all the trouble you’ve gone to. I-it’s no trouble at all. You thought of everything, right? Like brando’s favorite drink. Beer. Root beer.

[ Laughter ] That was always his favorite. Ever since he was a little boy. I, uh — I can’t watch this anymore. I’m gonna get a drink. Do you want anything? I’m good. Thanks. You, uh — you alright? No. No, I’m not. Hey, willow. Here’s a club soda. Drink up. Doctor’s orders.

[ Chuckles ] Sonny: Can we all just gather around? Uh, raise your glasses. I want to make a toast to — to brando. Brando was an incredible son. A kind and loving husband. He left us way too soon. He had a — he had a big laugh.

[ Chuckles ] But most importantly, he had a big heart. To brando. To never be forgotten.

[ Glasses and bottles clink ] Why aren’t you at the hospital? Then I couldn’t be here to let you in. Huh. You know what I mean. Look at yourself. You’re covered in bruises from what sonny did to you. Yeah, I’m a little sore. A little? Okay. I-I hurt everywhere. Especially my wrists. It could have been a lot worse if you hadn’t shown up. Never really got the chance to thank you for rescuing me, did I? Well, it looks like the divorce papers are all ready to go. There’s a receipt inside the envelope that proves I submitted them to the court. I want you to keep that. I don’t need a receipt. I take you at your word that they’ll be filed. Now we just need a court to sign off… and, um, we’ll officially be divorced. I’d feel better if you held onto the receipt. It’s something you can show portia since I botched things the first time around. Right. Jordan, this is what doesn’t make sense to me. You’re one of the most organized people I’ve ever known, so it just doesn’t add up that you would misplace the original papers. What can I say? Nobody’s perfect. I think I proved that during our marriage, right? Jordan, it takes two people to make a marriage and two people to mess it up. Now, let’s be honest — I think we both know that our marriage was over long before we signed those papers. Maybe for you. But not for me. Physically, you are recovering just fine. But as your doctor, it’s my job to treat the whole patient. And, ava, I want you to take care of yourself. To be honest, I-I’m — I’m a little bit worried about your well-being. Trina told me that you closed your gallery, and I know that that was far more than just a business to you. Well, actually, that — that’s your fiancé’s fault, really.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] How is that exactly? Uh, curtis came to see me, and he told me that he was worried about trina working in the gallery with some serial slasher roaming around. And — and he was right. As much as I hated that I won’t be working with trina for now, I… I have to do whatever I can to protect her from any future repeat attack, right? Yeah, and I think you did the right thing. I think you did the right thing for trina and for you. But I need you to know that working at your gallery was far more than just a job to trina. And I never got to thank you for arranging the fellowship at the chuck for her. Well, that — that was curtis’ idea, actually. I just made a couple of phone calls and gave trina a sterling recommendation, which she earned. Yeah, I just feel badly that — that trina seems to resent curtis for setting that in motion. She said she already has one protective father looking out for her. Right. Okay, well, if there isn’t anything else, I really have spent more than my fair share of time at G.H. Lately. Okay. There is just — just one more thing. I-I just want you to make sure that you are focusing on keeping yourself out of harm’s way, okay? A-and since the gallery is off limits, at least you know you’re gonna be safe at wyndemere, right? Esme is lying in the bottom of the harbor, courtesy of your wife. And no one need be any the wiser. Despite your ridiculous attempt to take the blame for the murder in order to woo ava. So you just proceed with this divorce as planned… and no more confessions in the name of love. Are we clear on that? Nikolas: “I, nikolas cassadine… of sound mind and body do hereby acknowledge and confess that I, and I alone, am responsible for the disappearance of esme prince. I know this because I killed her.” The means? My own two hands. Victor: Nikolas. You always were a poor judge of women and a — a fool for their charms. So I want you to tell me the truth. What else does ava got on you? Esme: Bad for you, oz. But good for me.

[ Sighs ] This won’t get me through today. Wyndemere… here I come.

I am no longer living at wyndemere. I’m happy that nina has offered me a place to stay, stay with her. I’m grateful for that. And plus there’s the added benefit of knowing that sonny’s looking out for nina, so… which means that he’ll be looking out for you. Yeah, well, you know, as avery’s mother, sonny does want to keep me safe. Well, good. You know, I’m glad that you have someplace — someplace to go, but, um… but what? Ava, you know I have no love for nikolas or his son spencer. But I do know that you’re still in love with your husband, even after everything that’s happened. And I just hope, for your sake, that you really finally leave nikolas and never look back. I gotta say, I’m surprised to hear you say that. But I’m with portia now. I know. All I’m saying is, is I never made it a secret about how I felt. I was ready to fight for our marriage if you had been. I couldn’T. By that point, there was too much damage — too much damage for me to even try again. Too many secrets. Too many lies. I’m a former cop. I know that some of the deception comes with the job. But not all of it. No. Not all of it. And you’re a man who values honesty above everything else in relationships. Look, I’m not trying to say I’m holier than thou, but in my book, if you can’t trust the person you love, then who can you trust? And you’ve found what you’re looking for in portia. Is that a question or a statement? I really, really do want you to be happy, curtis. I hope you know that. Then why do you make it sound like there’s a reason we won’t be? Is this your look for the day,or are you gonna button that?

[ Dex groaning ] Uh, just gonna grab a — grab a t-shirt. Hey. No. It’s — it’s fine. I’ll do it. The wrong button there, but… thanks. You can thank me by making sure sonny never does this to anybody again. Thank you. Nina. A word, please. Olivia. Please. Not today. For sasha’s sake, please. I ju– I just wanted to say this is really beautiful. The setup. It’s — it’s tasteful. It’s lovely. It’s really — it’s really well done. Thank you. Appreciate that. How are you feeling today? I am hanging in there. Good. Okay. Don’t look now, but nina is watching us as if we are stealing the silverware. What’s nina’s problem with us? She saw us hug the other day at the hospital, and now she has it in her head that we are having an affair. She what?! Yeah. Don’t let it get to you. I don’T. It seems nina judges everyone by her own shabby standards. Hey. Sonny: Hey. Look. I just want you to know that I-I’m still here for you. Okay? Whatever you need. You may regret that offer.

[ Chuckles ] No, no. Never. I keep trying to remind myself that brando’S… not alone. He’s got — he’s got mike. It’s just — it’s still really sad. Yeah, brando was too young to die. But, you know, I see sasha and how she’s handling this so well. I admire her courage. Makes me more determined than ever to find out who did this. Maxie: Sam? Yeah. Oh. Sorry. Um, can I borrow you for a second? Yeah, sure. I’ll be back. Hm. So, I, uh, hope your investigation leads to the actual perp. Unlike our father. What? What are you talking about — sonny? How you doing, gladys? I can’T. Can’t do it. I can’t be brave like sasha. You know what? It’s normal. Brando was your only child. That hu– nothing hurts like that. I can’t fill up my mind with other things and forget. I don’t think that’s what sasha’s doing. I think she’s, you know — she’s holding it together for brando’s sake, ’cause that’s what he would have wanted. I keep thinking about when I came to town to see mike… and I told everyone brando was dead. I couldn’t stand to admit that I was ashamed of him and his addiction. And then one day he showed up. I was given a second chance. My son and i had a chance to have the kind of life that our cousin sonny had. A picture-perfect marriage, beautiful, loving children. You had it all. Well, looks can be deceiving, you know? Time has proven that. Nothing in life is guaranteed.

Nt to let you knowI made a decision this morning. Best thing for me to do going forward is pack up and go back to bridgeport. Gladys. I’ve known you to be a lot of things over the years. A little greedy, a little selfish. But one thing I’ve never known you to be… is a coward. Hey. Thank you both for coming. Of course. Molly had to get back to the courthouse, but she wanted me to pass on her condolences. Oh. Tell her I said thank you. Will do. Hey, tj, I know that you and brando had a little falling-out, but it meant a lot to him that you guys patched things back up. I just wish that you had more years of being friends. But nothing lasts forever. Can you give us a minute? Sure. I’m okay, willow. It’s the day of your husband’s funeral. Nobody is expecting you to be “okay.” I’m just sorry I haven’t been around more for you. I — I understand why you stayed away. You do? You didn’t think that I could handle you having michael and wiley and a baby on the way.

[ Sighs ] I’m just happy for you, willow. Your life is pretty perfect. Nina, I appreciate youpulling out all the stops today for sasha, and I’m not surprised, considering my uncle curtis is one of your biggest fans. I feel the same about him. What I don’t understand is why you’d stick your nose in and suggest something’s happening between willow and me. I know you and portia love each other. It’s plain to see whenever you’re together. The two of you have done more than just buy a house together. You’ve done everything you can to create a family. And not just for the two of you, but for your dad and aunt stella. And don’t forget about trina. Even though she’s away at college, living in the dorms, our house is her home, as well. No. Of course. And it’s because of trina that —

[ Sighs ] Because of trina what? What about trina?

[ Telephone ringing ] I need to take this.

[ Ringing continues ]

[ Ringing stops ]Commissioner ashford. What? When did this happen and where? Okay. I’ll be right there. Thanks. What’s wrong? We have another victim. Have you guys heard? It happened again. No, we haven’t heard, nurse driscoll. I’m just trying to get my patient safely home. What happened again, amy? A john doe was just brought in. Another guy is dead after being stabbed. According to the coroner, he was likely attacked by the same woman with a hook. They weren’t able to identify him, but I recognized him right away. Because he’d been a patient here not that long ago. Well, who is it?! That bartender guy who testified at trina’s trial.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Oz haggerty? Wai– ava. Ava? Don’t you think we should talk about this? No. I-I have to go. You just don’t get it. It’s not about what ava has on me or what I have on her.

[ Scoffs ] Well, tell that to the young lady ava pushed over the parapet. Ava swears that it was an accident. Well, fine. Say that I, uh — say I believe here. Do you really think the police would? Or a jury? Ava had just discovered you had slept with your son’s girlfriend. She was out for revenge on esme. And to frame you for the crime… would be an act of love. Ava didn’t twist my arm. She didn’t threaten me. I proved to her that she could trust me again in spite of the terrible mistake that I made with esme. I earned ava’s trust by putting my life in her hands. And I did it willingly, with my eyes wide open. But you can’t understand that, can you, uncle? I can understand you’re acting like a damn fool. It’s sad. Despite all of your conquests… you’ve never really been in love.

Gladys. You can’t cut and run. You got to be here. For sasha. You got to be strong for her. ‘Cause brando can’t be. Now, look, look. You know, listen to me. Sasha has been through — she has — she has lost a child and her husband. No one knows that kind of pain. Only you do because you have lost a son and a grandchild. You got — you got to be here for her. You guys got to be here for each other. Today, the next day, and the day after. I wish I was as strong as you think I am. But you’re not gonna have to do this alone. You’re not gonna have to grieve alone. I’m gonna be here for you. You know, brando used to come to me… for advice. Not for tuning up engines or — or business. He thought I had all the answers. But the thing is, you know, I told him I didn’T. He used to come to me and he’d say… …”how can I be a better… father, a better husband?” And I’d say to him… “there’s nothing more important than family.” Success. Power. Money. And I-I just want you to know that you’re always gonna be part of my family. Of course, family’s the most important thing. A lot of money doesn’t hurt, though, right? That is the gladys that I know.

[ Laughs ] Ohh. I-I know my life might look perfect, but it’s not. Is there an issue with the baby? Oh. No, no, no. No. The baby’s fine. Then, willow, is there an issue with you? No, no, no. I’m fine. It’s just, um… it’s just not all smooth sailing.

[ Sighs ] I get it. You lost harmony not long after you found out that she wasn’t your biological mother. That’s a lot. Right. You know, if this year has taught me anything, it’s that good things and bad things can happen at the same time. Which is why I feel so fortunate to have a friend like you. And I hope that never changes. No. Never. Tj, whatever is going on with your “friendship” with willow, I’m just giving you a friendly warning. Take it from me. You do not want michael corinthos as an enemy. Did the pcpd have a legitimate reason to suspect dex heller? Well, I can’t talk about the details of an ongoing investigation. But, yeah, dex was brought in as a person of interest until diane told us that her attacker was a woman. Why? Well, before diane made her id, sonny took matters into his own hands and almost played judge, jury, and executioner. Look. If you don’t believe me, go talk to dex. I already told you. I don’t want to get the cops involved. Yeah, but you didn’t tell me why. You’re not a fugitive, are you? No. Not afraid to incriminate yourself in your own kidnapping and torture? No. So then why are you protecting sonny? You hate your stepfather. Okay? I-I get it. And you don’t? He’s not my favorite person at the moment, no. Listen. So many people, so many good people have been protecting sonny for so long. Someone has to take him down. You sound like your brother. How do you know I sound like michael?

[ Sighs ] They changed the locks? Like that’s gonna stop me. I will not be schooled in the art of love by a man who bedded his son’s ex-girlfriend because his own wife wanted nothing more to do with him. I’ve experienced

real passion, the kind you’ll never know.

[ Chuckles ] Are you talking about what you had with liesl obrecht? No, I believe that’s called obsession, not passion. And she clearly wants nothing to do with you. What ava and I have, now that happens once in a lifetime. Wait, wait. Don’t you mean “had”? Your divorce is well under way. Oh, you can force me to divorce her. But the way I feel for ava, that will never —

[ Door rattling ]

[ Thud ] Wha–

We’re supposed to be here honoring brando and supporting sasha and gladys. Okay? Can you put this on hold for today? Just today. Look, look, look. Dex was brought into the pcpd for questioning. Sonny shows up to get him out, then dex and sonny, they leave together. And dex, he disappears for 48 hours. Okay, you know our father as well as I do. Where the hell do you think dex was? I want to thank you. Everything is just so lovely. No need to thank me. Well, then maybe I can repay you like this. I know everyone thinks I’m self-absorbed. And let’s face it — sometimes I am. But I’ve seen the strain between you and michael. I spent two years trying to make things right with brando. We were almost there. And then I ran out of time. Don’t make my mistake. Don’t think you have forever to make things right with michael. Do it now. It’s no big secret whenever I’m with sonny and we run into michael, he goes after him with both barrels. And, you know, I gotta say, t-the way boss keeps his cool with michael attacking him, it’s impressive. It sounds like you admire sonny. He looks after the people he cares about. This? This is sonny looking after the people he cares about? I didn’t say I like it. I just said I get it.

[ Sighs ] Don’t you see? That’s exactly what he’s doing. He wants you to be able to give him the benefit of the doubt. Dex, he’s never gonna do that for you, okay? You need to quit his organization right now before you get in any deeper. Who says I want out? The john doe at the morgue has been identified by a previous stay at G.H. Name is oz haggerty… I didn’t expect to see you here. Jordan asked me to come by to show me a new set of the divorce papers. They’ve officially been filed. So it won’t be long now, huh? Too late to back out now. Thanks. Talk to you soon.

[ Receiver clicks ] Uh, don’t you two have a wedding to plan? Oh — yeah, we do. But if there’s anything you need to help find this attacker, you know, we’re here to help. Sadly, the files are getting thicker and thicker. The only thing we have to go off is that diane said the attacker is a woman, so we really aren’t any closer. There is something that three of the victims have in common. What’s that? My daughter. Don’t touch me. Listening in on keyholes, are we, now? Oh, don’t flatter yourself. I have absolutely zero interest in what you and nikolas talk about. What are you doing here? Oh, I-I just wanted to tell you that there’s been another fatal attack. This time, the victim was that bartender, the — the one who esme tried to keep from testifying for trina. Thank you for the update. But, uh —

[ Chuckles ] You could have just called with the news. I was just gonna come and get some of my clothes. But never mind. If you would, could you please ask the staff to pack up my things and have them sent to nina’s? Perhaps I should come with you just as added protection. Suit yourself. Nikolas: Ava. Thank you. For the warning. You know, on second thought, thank you for the offer, victor, but I can take care of myself. Oh, I have no doubt about that. But it is a wicked world out there.

What was the combination? Spencer’s birthday.

[ Beeping ] Who the hell are you?! I know it’s been a very difficult day for everyone who loved brando and who loves sasha. Michael, make sure that willow gets home safe and gets some rest. I can take care of myself. Tj, could I get a ride with you? Of course. Michael: Thanks, tj. I’ll see you at home, alright? Okay. Nina, can you give me and michael a minute? I’m — I-I want to have a conversation with my son. I-I don’t know how, but trina is the common denominator. I mean, first there was ava, a-and she isn’t just trina’s boss. She’s her mentor and supported her the whole time during the trial. And then there was diane miller, who came in when scott baldwin had to step away. And she was brilliant in defending trina the best way she possibly could. And now oz haggerty? It was his testimony saying that he sold the black-market phone to esme prince and not trina that proved trina’s innocence. Yes, at first glance, your theory makes sense that there’s a pattern, but what about brando corbin? Is there a connection to trina that I’m not aware about? He’s the only exception. Trina barely knew brando. Unless… unless what? Unless brando wasn’t the attacker’s real target. Josslyn jacks had just been in that same alley outside charlie’S. Josslyn is connected to trina. Josslyn: Well, just so you know, next time sonny turns against you, do not wait for me to come rescue you. There might not be a next time. Yes. There will be. Sonny will betray you, just like he’s betrayed everybody else. And I just really hope you can see the man he really is before it’s too late for you.

[ Door closes ] Son of a bitch. I’m gonna go get some water. Okay. So, um… gladys shared something with me that I… I-I wanted to share with you. She said it’s too late to make things right with brando, but she thinks it’s not too late for us to make things right. And I — and I took that to heart. Lo– okay. Can — I just want you to hear me out. I want to make things right between us. Whatever it takes. How can I help you, detective? I want to ask you some questions about what happened between you and my father after brando corbin was killed.

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