Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Jill is upset when Lily tells her that Billy quit his job because he wasn’t happy and he wanted to look for something else to do. Jill thinks Lily deserves a better man by her side but Lily tells Jill she loves Billy and she is sure things will work out.

Chelsea has her first therapy session and Billy arrives for a visit after her session. Billy tells Chelsea that he is grateful that she is alive and that he found her in time to stop her from jumping off the roof. Chelsea decides to talk to Adam and tell him what happened, so he and Connor don’t worry about her.

Amanda arrives home and has a long talk with Nate about his betrayal of Devon and Lily. Nate explains that he tried to make things right with Devon, but he is angry right now.

Chance runs into the nanny who tells him Abby took Dominic to visit Devon. Nate goes to Newman Enterprises to fill out the paperwork for his new job. Chance arrives at Devon’s place looking for Abby. Amanda says she just got home and opens the door with her key. Amanda and Chance are unaware that Devon and Abby just finished having sex upstairs when Abby hears the door open downstairs.

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