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don’t need to say please to no man

you. Hey, hey — what the hell are you doing here? Well, I-I knew that, one way or another, you were going to lead me straight to lucy’s killer.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I can’T…

[ Door closes ] There’s nothing to feel sorry for. It felt really good to have you in my arms. Yeah, it felt good to me, too. I haven’t seen much of you lately. And here you came looking for terry, and you got more than you bargained for, didn’t you? No. I came looking for you. It’s wonderful to have spencer here with us for the holidays, isn’t it? Yeah, we should, um — we should host a big family christmas dinner, invite, uh, alexis and molly, kristina, and, uh, oh, maybe samantha and her brood. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, uncle. Father hasn’t responded yet. Or maybe his silence says it all. Oh, I’m sure that is not the case. There’s no problem — is there, nikolas? I’m just surprised to see that spencer’s out of prison — I told you that this was a horrible idea. My father doesn’t even want me here. Rory: Are you okay? Um… I haven’t been out in public much lately. My parents and curtis have been on my case about the whole risk from the hook killer. I guess it’s starting to wear on me a little. Do you want to leave? No. No. I’ll be fine. I-I promise you’re safe with me. I know. Plus, you look way too beautiful to hide out at home.

[ Chuckles ] You’ve mentioned that a few times already. Well, so I’m being repetitive — doesn’t make it any less true. Well, for the record… you look very handsome yourself. Well, I tried to step my game up. Going to a fancy place with you on my arm? I mean, this is a lot.

[ Sighs ] It’s our three-month anniversary. Yes, but I would have been just as happy celebrating at charlie’S. You didn’t have to spend all this money. Don’t worry about it. You’re worth it. Good evening, mr. Chamberlain. I’m here, per our agreement, to ask you a few questions. Do you know anything regarding the whereabouts of esme prince? I know that esme was very insistent about working with you. Perhaps she confided in you? Excuse me, commissioner. Ryan has something to say. Yes. What is it? “No deal.” He’s asking “where’S…” oh, so sorry I’m late. Traffic. No problem. We were just getting started. Mr. Chamberlain was hesitant to begin without you. Oh, is that right? Well, I’m here now. So… get blinking. This is the room, mr. Corinthos. I’m afraid I’m going to have to lock you in, since the patient’s dangerous and considered high risk for escape. Yeah, I’ll manage. How’s your dad doing? Doing well.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you for getting him into turning woods. Yeah, well, he — he was with me for a long time.

[ Door opens ] It’s the least I could do. I’ll be right here, so whenever you’re ready, just knock. Uh-huh. I won’t be too long.

[ Chair slams ]

[ Gasping ] Sonny corinthos. Heather webber. New dove body wash with microbiome nutrient serum transforms the driest skin in 1 shower. Vicks vapostick. Strong soothing… vapors. Help comfort your loved ones. For chest, neck, and back. It goes on clear. No mess. Just soothing comfort. Try vicks vapostick. “You’re beautiful.” The deal was that you answer the pcpd’s questions. That’s what gets me to stay. Not compliments. Cooperation. Jordan: Let’s try this again. Did esme tell you anything about herself? Any details of her past? Axel: “No.” One blink is “yes,” two blinks means “no.” Got it. You were a patient at G.H. During june of this year, and esme managed to sneak into your hospital room. Did she talk to you about anything in particular? “Worried about me.” So she cared about you? You two were close? “Yes.” Do you think esme prince is capable of murder? “Yes.” Of course I want you here. This is your home. Well, exactly. And it’s high time this family came together. This may be my home, but father doesn’t want me living here. Do you?

[ Sighs ] Listen… let me take a wild guess. You somehow convinced ava to forgive you for sleeping with esme, hm? And now you don’t want me back here to say or do anything that could jeopardize your horror show of a marriage. Does that sound about right? Because despite everything that we have been through together, ava still comes first? I’m out of here. Spencer, hey! You think you have everything figured out, but you don’T. This isn’t about ava. Oh, it’s not? Well, of course not. How could it be? Nikolas and ava are getting divorced. Now, wait, wait, wait. Alright, I’m just going to say this once, because I don’t know how much time I have since my location has been breached — I didn’t kill lucy. I thought I got through to you that night on the dock! Wait, wait, wait, wait! Please, please, please, please. I’m willing to entertain the notion that anna did not kill my lucy. I didn’t! Now — now I’ve said it twice. Which means that you and valentin are here looking for the real killer, are you not? How did you find us? Well, it’s not rocket science, for god’s sake. I’m your lawyer. I’ve got access to your bank accounts. When anna went on the run, I started keeping tabs on your travel plans. The minute you bought a ticket to ireland under an assumed name, I bought one, too. You accessed my personal information? We are gonna deal with that when I get home. Whatever. My point is, I’m here to help both of you track down whoever it was that really took lucy’s life. That is what you are doing here, is it not? Get yourself out from under that murder one charge. Hell, I’ll even represent you if you’re prosecuted for the — the — the jailbreak. Alright, we appreciate you being willing to help, but we have got this. Yeah. You know, we’ve got to get out of here before whitten finds us. And you need to leave, too, now, or else you’ll be charged with aiding and abetting. So, then I’m just gonna have to represent myself, because I’m going with you. What? You two are not leaving without me. You here to kill me? Why would you think that, heather?

[ Scoffs ] I don’t know, uh… you show up in my room in the middle of night. It’s a locked ward. How’d you get in here? I go wherever I want. Port charles is my town. You’d be wise to remember that. Okay, so… what do you want? You were in the transport prison van when it crashed, when anna devane escaped… yeah, but I-I didn’t try to run. I turned myself in. And you went to kelly’s and had a blt. Well… you would have done the same. The bacon melts in your mouth. You offered to give a description to the cops of the guy who was driving the van, who they think helped anna escape. Well, yeah, I offered to talk to the cops if I thought it might help me stay here a little longer. I would appreciate it if you’d talk to me first.

I saw your dad leave. Terry told me you had spoken with him. Yeah, for all the good it did. He still pushing to be part of your life? No, he’s not pushing anymore. He definitely wants to be a part of my life, but he claims this was his last effort. He’s waiting for me to contact him now. You believe him? I don’t know. He’s flying back to california, so at least he can’t ambush me again. I’m sorry your dad’s making this difficult for you. When does he not? Yeah. At least maybe now, maybe you can process all these things you’ve been feeling, and… I mean, drop all this guilt. Am I supposed to feel better knowing that I caused reiko’s death? Reiko died of blackwoods.

[ Scoffs ] Which she got while she was in the hospital recovering from a fall down the stairs that I caused. Hey, you didn’t — you didn’t mean to. Finn, stop, please. I-I can’t talk about this with you. Don’t you understand that? Yeah, I do. I understand. But does that mean we can’t talk at all? How’s the new exhibit at the chuck coming? That starts next weekend, right? It opens next weekend, yes. Ah. And…wow. It’s so different than opening an exhibit at ava’s gallery, from concept development to watching the actual pieces being hung. And beaufoy’s work is amazing. I was really struck by the impact of his seminal piece, “the temple.” Oh, I know this. Um… that’s the one with… the temple!

[ Both laugh ] How do you do it? Keeping the peace, battling bad guys, and appreciating fine art? I have a great teacher.

[ Sighs ] That’s sweet of you. I know, I have a tendency of getting carried away. If

I go on and on, you cantell me to pause, you know. That’s not going to happen. I like it when you get passionate.

[ Breathes deeply ] You know, um… I’m not working on sunday. Maybe you could walk me through the exhibit. Oh, you mean like a vernissage? That’s a term for a private preview of an exhibition. Sounds fancy. I’m not sure I rate.

[ Chuckles ] You absolutely do. And I thought you had a pickup game sunday. At 4:00. But we could go to the exhibit in the morning and get lunch after? Sounds great. But since I intern there, I can see the paintings any time. Are you sure you won’t be bored? If I get bored, I’ll just look at my, uh, favorite work of art — you. Is that the truth? You and ava are finally over? Ava moved out before she was attacked, and she has no intention of ever coming back. You and ava have split before, though. After all, she had to blackmail you into marrying her, and you forgave her for that, so what’s to stop her from forgiving you? Because nikolas knows he has no future with ava. I made a horrible, stupid mistake, and I hurt ava, and I hurt you. And ava can walk out, but you and I are family, and despite everything, I will always love you. That will never change. That said… …I’m afraid you can’t stay here.

[ Chuckles ] So why are you so interested in this fake driver? Anna’s a friend of mine. If you can give the cops a legit description, that means they’re gonna find her before I do. I don’t want that to happen. Wait. “If”? So what — you think I’m lying? That’s been known to happen. How do I know you’re just not making all this up so you can stay out of d’archam for as long as possible?

[ Sighs ] Some fake description, you can sell it to the cops? No way. What do you mean “no way”? I remember that guy as clear as day! He was like, 5’10”-ish, blue eyes, nice build. I can’t remember his hair ’cause he was wearing a hat, but he was probably a blond, very cute. I’d recognize him immediately if I saw him again. That’s unfortunate. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t have time for this, alright? Whitten has a lead on my whereabouts, and he could be here any minute. Alright, then we’d best get a move on. No way! No! You’ll only slow us down. I-I disagree. I am extremely motivated. I will not rest until lucy’s killer is both captured and brought to justice. Oh, for god’s sake! We have reason to believe that lucy is still alive. What? Okay, I-I don’t have time to explain any of this to you, but the best chance you have of ever seeing her again is to let us get out of here. No! No, no, no! Can’t you at least tell me why you think she’s alive? No!

[ Vehicle approaching ] Oh, god. There’s a car coming up the driveway with no lights. Oh, it’s whitten. We’ve got to go out the back. Yeah. You don’t think he came alone? We got to take that risk. Well, then, why can’t we just pretend we’re not here? The lights are on. Where’s your car? Down the road by the st– give me the keys!

[ Knock on door ] Whitten: Open up! U.S. Marshal!

[ Knock on door ] Open up!

Have your men search the grounds. We’re going in. We don’t have a search warrant. I’ll take the heat! Open up! Agent whitten, what are — hey, hey, hey! Wait, now, just a second here! What exactly is going on? Where’s anna devane? Anna devane? I have no idea. What are you doing in ireland? What am i doing– I could ask you the same question. Oh, wait, I already did, and I’m still waiting for an answer. How dare you! I got nothing to hide. I’m here to grieve. Too painful being alone. I thought a manor house in the irish countryside would be a perfect place to make peace with my lucy’s passing. You expect me to believe you’re here on vacation? More of an emotional retreat.

[ Scoffs ] Search the house. I don’t know why I came here. Father is the one who betrayed me. He should be begging for my forgiveness, and instead, he’s slamming the door in my face! I’m sure that’s not what your father meant. Is it, nikolas? I’m just being pragmatic.

[ Chuckles ] Spencer and I can’t be in the same room for more than two minutes without him going for my throat. So I’m to blame for you kicking me to the curb?! That’s rich! I didn’t say that! But you are proving my point. I am trying to salvage our relationship. And right now, things are — it’s — it’s just too volatile. It is too soon to cohabitate. Cohabitate?! What? Do you hear yourself? We need to maintain some distance. But it’s christmas, nikolas, and spencer’s early release is conditional. I had to assume full responsibility for him until the end of his sentence. Well… which means I have to keep him close. Okay, then, then I assume that you’re gonna have to leave, too, uncle. So…what are you saying exactly? You don’t want me to recognize this guard? Okay. Let — let me explain to you what I’m saying, alright? The cops can’t find anna, and I want to keep it that way. So if you have anything to say that’s going to help them… let me

just explainsomething to you, heather.

[ Sighs ] Prisons are very violent… even minimum security prisons. Yeah.

[ Whispering ] Things happen. You get it? You know —

[ Chuckles ] I hate to admit this, but… I’m really not very good with faces. I call the guards by the wrong names all the time. You know, I get them mixed up. And… as a matter of fact, you know that description I gave you a little earlier?

[ Scoffs ] I’m pretty sure that was one of the nurses over at G.H. There were so many guys coming in and out of my room all the time. Good. I’ll let you rest. You know…

[Breathes sharply] I probably don’t have anything to offer the cops, anyway. Yeah, yeah. Great. Right. Thank you. Take care of yourself. ‘Cause no one else will.

[ Lock disengages, door opens ]

[ Door closes ] I understand you’ve taken an active interest in the media coverage of the hook attacks, including this letter. Do you think it’s genuine? Could esme have written it? “Yes” and “no.”

[ Scoffs ] Okay, look. As much as I enjoy seeing you sitting there, trapped in that chair like a beetle pinned to a board, I do have other things to do. Answer the commissioner’s question. Yes or no? “Both.” Jordan, let’s try another time. Maybe he’ll be more cooperative. “Wait.” He’s got a lot to say. Let’s step over here. I really appreciate your help with the questioning. I know this is hard. Yeah, well, just looking at him makes my skin crawl. But, of course, I’ll do whatever is necessary to help protect trina. Well, if the killer is esme, so far, she hasn’t made any moves directly on trina. The hook seems to be focused on tormenting trina by targeting the people around her. Once all those people are dealt with, trina will be left. Mr. Chamberlain is finished. “The killer wrote the letter, but esme is not the killer. Look at the wording: ‘Me and mine.’ Esme has no one. Feels completely alone.” Mr. Chamberlain had one last thing to say. “Why are you still wearing your wedding ring? It’s obvious you and nikolas are over. Come back to me.” I can’t talk about reiko with you. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have lost your wife. I can’t blame you for what happened. How can you not? How can you look at me and not see the person who killed your wife? You didn’t kill reiko. Reiko contracted a disease that I couldn’t cure. I know the facts. The facts don’t change how I feel. I feel responsible. And I don’t feel like we can get past this. Okay. I’d like to think that we can. Finn, I know you’re very logical, but — I don’t care about logical. I don’t care about being logical. Right now, I just —

[Breathes sharply] Right now, I just want to what I feel in my heart. The only thing I feel my heart right now is that… I love you. The grounds are already covered. Go check for any signs of devane upstairs. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You don’t! Hunh-unh! Now, I may not be a practicing attorney here in ireland, but I’m fairly certain that you need a court-obtained warrant to burst in here and turn things upside down. Now, do you have one? Are you the owner of this house? Yes… interesting. I happen to know that tiffany hill, a known associate of anna devane, owns this property. Let me finish. If you had allowed me to continue, I would have clarified that I’m acting on behalf of the owner. Ms. Hill is a client of mine. That’s how I found out about the house in the first place. Now, may I see that warrant? We don’t have a warrant. But we can get one. Well, may I suggest that you wait on the other side of the door until you do? ‘Cause I did not give you permission to come in here. I got to call this in. Make it fast. You can close the door on your way out. You don’t know me, so perhaps you don’t realize that standing in my way is a bad move. I’m gonna give you one more chance, mr. Grey. Tell me where anna devane is, right now.

My marriage is none of your business. Where is he getting this stuff? Has the staff taken to gossiping with the inmates? Mr. Chamberlain likes to keep up with the news, and some of the online sites mention that you hadn’t gone home after your hospital release.

[ Door opens ] Well, don’t waste your time with that trash. Certainly don’t feed it to him! Excuse me a minute. Will you be alright? Yeah, of course. What can he do to me? Mr. Corinthos, what brings you to spring ridge? I met, uh, with the warden. I’m thinking of funding a continuing educational program. Oh, well, aren’t you quite the philanthropist? Oh, you know. I always give back.

[ Chuckles ] Ava: Well, don’t look so smug! I’m just translating what he’s saying. Not you — him! You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? But you’re wrong. Nikolas and I are just fine. Oh, ryan. Well, here’s a little nugget that the gossip sites didn’t tell you.

[ Whispering ] I love nikolas. I’m crazy about him. And I never cared for you at all. Right now, it’s the only thing I know for sure — I love you. And I love you. It’s a pretty good start. Esme will give birth right here at wyndemere.

And, obviously, you’re gonna need a nurse. But I don’t deserve your love.

[ Sighs ] I’ve done things — you deserve everything. No.

[ Chuckles ] No. I know you grew up thinking your parents abandoned you… they threw me away. …So it’s easy to feel like you don’t deserve love. I always felt like my parents gave up on me because there was something wrong with me. No. No, there’s nothing wrong with you. And I’m sorry you ever had to feel that way, but at least now you know that it wasn’t true. I mean, although they were misguided, their intentions were good. Intentions and actions are two different things. Finn, you’ve also been betrayed in your past. When [Sighs] Your dad fell in love with jackie, when hayden kept violet from you. And — and now, thanks to me, you know that reiko cheated on you. Are you really willing to do this again? So, what are you doing for christmas? Working. On christmas day? Rookie. But it’s okay. My family’s all getting together on christmas eve. Mm. I love that. I know you have a big family. Grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles. My youngest cousins usually wear me out playing tag. Somehow, I’m always “it.”

[ Chuckles ] I wonder how that happens. They’re maniacs, but, uh, they’re a lot of fun. You know, it’s pretty casual. Uh, people usually come by in the afternoon. Lots of food. Oh, sounds like a lot of fun. It is. Would you like to come with me? Father’s right. Let’s grab a suite at the metro court. Nikolas: My treat. I’ll arrange for everything. No, that is ridiculous. I just moved out of the metro court. I’ve settled in here. Then you can stay here, and I’m going to go alone. No, no, spencer. That won’t work, either. Look, you are my responsibility till the end of your sentence. I don’t care. I’ll go back to pentonville if I have to, but I’m not going to stay here where I’m not welcome. Alright, alright, fine. Fine, then. How about this? How about I, um — I take you to, uh, to the port charles grill? The port charles grill? Great. Do they have rooms for rent above it like they do at kelly’s? No, but they do have dinner. And after months of prison food, I’m sure you’ll enjoy a lamb chop or two and some mashed potatoes made out of actual potatoes. Ooh! Whatever, guys. Nikolas, come on. Join us. No. No, for… the same reason that I’m saying “no” to you guys staying here. We’re just — we’re not ready. We need time. And, believe me, I want my son to come home again, but…only if he wants to be here and only if we can finally put the hostility aside and come to some sort of common ground and build back the relationship that we used to have. Okay, then.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] Damn you, esme!

[ Clattering ]

[ Breathes heavily ] Agent whitten, are you threatening me? Tell me where anna devane is. You seriously expect me to believe that you’re just gonna open fire here in the — in the middle of the drawing room? I don’t have to kill you. A bullet to the knee is incredibly painful. Now, now, wait a minute. You cannot shoot a non-resisting — an unresist– I’m not resisting anything. It’s your word against mine. Now, wait a minute! Wait, wait. I know nothing. I am simply here to grieve. Valentin: Stop! Cassadine? Martin’s right. He knows nothing. In fact, he’s an idiot. He followed me to ireland. I came here looking for anna, hoping she’d turned to tiffany for help, but I was wrong. You expect me to believe that? Anna: Maybe you believe this. Take your hand off the gun.

Anna: Take your hand off the gun! Put your hands where I can see them. There’s a squad of wsb agents outside. You’re not getting away! Yeah, why do I think you don’t have a squad of wsb agents? I brought enough. You’re not going anywhere. I’d have to disagree with you there.

[ Grunts ] That’s gonna leave a mark. Ohh. Okay. Thanks for the save. Thanks for stalling. Okay, we got to go. No, no, no! Aren’t you gonna handcuff him or something? He’s not getting up for a bit. We got to deal with the agents outside. And how exactly are you gonna do that? Let’s invite them in. You want me to meet your folks? I’ve met yours. Why shouldn’t you meet mine? And it’s not like I’m — I’m bringing you over for an inspection. Um, the house will be full of people coming and going, and — and we don’t even have to stay long. It’s really not that big of a deal. People bring friends over all the time. Uh, I’ll let you win at tag. How do you “win” at tag? The way little maniac cousins play, the first kid to end up at the top of the heap after they all turn on “it” and take me down is the winner. Now that I want to see. So does that mean you’ll come? Count me in. We’ve both been hurt. There’s some damage there. Which is why I think we need to hang on to all the good things in our lives. But I’ve lied to you. I’ve kept things from you. How can you just forgive me? ‘Cause you’re worth it. Maybe you’re the reward for all the past pain. I am so far from perfect. I don’t want perfect. I’m — I’m nowhere close to perfect. I just want someone to walk through this life with, and I know you’d make everything better just ’cause you were there to experience it with me. I want that so much. You can have it. Everything okay over here? Just shooting the breeze. I don’t even know how you look at that piece of garbage. Look at him. Ava is also giving back. We’re done for tonight. Please return mr. Chamberlain to his room. Bye-bye, ryan. I’m here to entice ryan to cooperate with the police. Why is that? Well, we’re developing a profile on esme prince. She was an intern here, and she developed an interest in ryan. And he certainly knows how a killer’s mind works. No argument here. Do you think he’s right about the — the use of “me and mine”? We showed mr. Chamberlain the letter the killer wrote in the invader. And he doesn’t think that esme we wrote it because of the phrase “me and mine.” Chamberlain thinks that esme’s too much of a loner to refer to anybody else in her life, and I think he has a point. She was always playing the — the lonely orphan for sympathy, right? Well, it’s certainly worth considering. So you don’t think esme prince is the killer?

Martin: Help! Help! We need help in here! For god’s sake, somebody help! Oh, thank heaven you’re still here. He just fell over. What happened? I have no idea. He just collapsed. A stroke, a heart attack? I’m not sure. I’m not a doctor. Oh, stop them… oh. Oh, no, no, no, no. You stay down. You need an ambulance.

[ Radio chatter in distance ]

[ Whispering ] Oh. Wait.

[ Radio chatter continues ] Let’s wait for that agent to go. Oh. Looks like marty did a good job luring all the agents in the house. Yeah, it’s the least he could do, since he led whitten right to us. Well, at least now we get to do what you wanted to do — go after victor. Together. Okay. Let’s go.

[ Groans ] My head. Now, I need a judge’s ruling on this one. Should he be moving?

[ Breathes heavily ] Arrest this man. So much has happened. Hey.

[ Sighs ] I want to move forward with you, not ignoring the past, but fighting for a future.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Sorry, I — I need — it’s okay. Could be aiden or jake.

[ Ringing continues ]

[ Sighs ] I’ll deal with nikolas later.

[ Ringing stops ] Okay, I know you guys don’t get along, but nikolas and I have always been there for each other. Okay, yeah. Are you sure you can trust him? He’s one of my oldest friends. Good. You know, I just got kind of a strange vibe from him when I saw him earlier. Wait, you saw him? Mm-hmm. Yeah, I went to spoon island. Why? Why? I was looking for esme prince. Alright, for now, I have dodged a bullet, but things are still complicated. Hopefully, spencer can convince victor to take up residency at the metro court, which will leave me alone with…my guest. Call me. Trina: You know, we’re gonna have to stop holding hands in order to dive into this delicious dessert. I’m glad you’re having a good time. I am. This is so thoughtful of you. You make me feel so special. That’s because you are. So are you, rory. Incredibly so. I’m glad you think so, because… I love you. Pardon?

[Louder] I love you. Ava: I’d wait before closing the file on esme. Anything that ryan says is suspect. I’m aware, but he picked up on something my people have been working on — that wording in the letter. So you think maybe it wasn’t esme that attacked me? It’s too soon to focus on esme exclusively. We’re working on another line of inquiry. We’ll be in touch if we need to speak with ryan again. Good job tonight. Have a nice evening. Are you — are you done contributing to society, especially when it comes to ryan chamberlain? You know, spending time with him was harder than I thought it would be. Do not let that freak get in your head. I won’T. ‘Cause when I walked in, you were a little — a little jumpy and stuff, and — and maybe he saw it, too. Ryan — he heard some gossip that nikolas and i are having problems. It’s not just gossip. You and nina are supposed to be living together? I-isn’t that a done deal? Let me just explain this to you, okay? Nikolas cassadine… …he’s bad news. You got to cut him loose. Esme, where the hell are you? What have you gotten yourself into now?

[ Doorknob rattling ]

[ Lock disengages ]

[ Keys jingling ]

[ Lock clicks ] Hello… lover.

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