GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Anna escapes from jail with the help of Felicia, Finn, Valentin, and Sonny but doesn’t expect to be in the same prisoner transport van as Heather. Dex follows the plan anyway and crashes the van.

Britt tells Cody that Sam found out that the necklace used to be owned by Leopold Taub and she believes Faison stole the necklace from Leopold. Britt also tells Cody that the diamonds in the necklace were cut from the Ice Princess diamond.

Cody gets the results of the paternity test and reads it, but the audience doesn’t know the test results yet.

Esme escapes the tower by tying bed sheets together and sliding down to get out the window.

Elizabeth tells Finn the truth about Reiko falling down the stairs.

Nina and Sonny tell Michael they think TJ and Willow are having an affair. Michael doesn’t believe them because he thinks Nina is trying to hurt him.

Terri tells Willow her cancer has advanced to stage four and she needs to start chemotherapy right away. Terri also tells Willow that she will need a bone marrow transplant. Willow cries and tells TJ she doesn’t want to die and leave Michael and Wiley. Michael walks in when J is hugging Willow.

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