Y&R Short Recap Friday, November 4, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

The game begins between Ashley and Tucker because Tucker knows Ashley want to take advantage of the fact he has feelings for her to find out the real reason he has returned to Genoa City. Ashley knows that Tucker will do anything to prove to her that he has changed but she also knows that he will never change.

Jack argues with Phyllis because she is happy that Diane was forced to tell the truth. Jack thinks Phyllis doesn’t care that Kyle and Summer are hurting because of this news. Phyllis and Summer talk and Summer tells Phyllis she was right, Diane has to go before Kyle gets more hurt by her. Phyllis later talks to Nick and cries and says she is tired of everyone thinking she is the villain in the situation when she isn’t the villain in the situation.

Kyle and Diane talk and she tells him everything she told Jack. Kyle is hurt because he gave Diane several chances to tell the truth, and she didn’t tell him the truth. Kyle thinks that the only reason that Diane told the truth now was because Nikki and Phyllis were getting close to finding out her lies of omission.

Diane is at the Abbott house when Harrison comes down the stairs and tells her that he doesn’t feel good. Diane feels Harrison’s forehead and discovers he has a fever.

Kyle and Summer talk at Jabot and Kyle like Jack thinks that Diane was a victim of both Jeremy Stark and Tucker. Summer tells Kyle that they shouldn’t trust Diane anymore since she lied to them again.

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