GH Short Recap Friday, November 4, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Willow tells Michael she wants to be with him for the rest of her life and its time that they get married. Willow gets a call from the hospital telling her that her test results are in and the doctor wants to discuss the results with her tomorrow. Willow tells Michael she wants him to go with her to her doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

Cameron talks with Drew on the foot bridge about how much they both miss Oscar. Cameron also tells Drew he misses Franco and talks to him every day.

Josslyn goes to Kelly’s looking for Cameron because he isn’t answering his phone. Josslyn sees Dex outside Kelly’s because he is guarding Sonny and Nina who are inside the restaurant. Cameron arrives a few minutes later and Joseph tells both Cameron and Dex Jordan’s theory that the hook attacker is targeting everyone that helped Trina during her trial. Dex persuades Josslynn that Sonny needs to know about Jordan’s theory. Sonny takes Josslynn home and tells Dex to take Cameron and Nina home. Dex gets ready to take Nina home but Cameron tells Dex that he doesn’t work for Sonny so he doesn’t need his help because he can take care of himself.

Jordan once again tries to persuade Portia to tell Curtis the truth before they get married. Portia tells Jordan that she wants to wait until Curtis gets the results of his genetic testing.

Spinnelli begins to take steps to shut down Society Setups. Austin asks Spinnelli to run his algorithm to see if he and Maxie are a match.

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