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[ Gentle music ]

[ Champagne bottle popping ]

[ People cheering ]

Eric: Very nice.

Hope: That always scares me for some reason.

Zende: One thing about a forrester celebration, is that we don’t stop toasting until we’ve been through every bottle of champagne.

Ridge: Here, here.

Donna: Absolutely and the good stuff, right?

Douglas: Can I have a little?

Thomas: Oh, yeah!

Hope: Uh… oh yeah, yes, we have the finest vintage apple cider here, for the finest son.

Eric: Everybody. The hope for the future preview was a resounding success, and that’s thanks to your terrific talent and your wonderful collaboration. It was extraordinary, it really was. I’m so proud of both of you. So, here’s to the two of you. Forrester creations’ newest dream team. Cheers.

All: Cheers!

[ Glasses clinking ]

Bill: Sound asleep?

Liam: Yeah. Took a little bit longer. Beth, um, really wanted to see her mom tonight.

Bill: Any word from hope?

Liam: Nope.

[ Knocking on door ]

Brooke: Hi, am i interrupting?

Liam: Hey, no, come on in, not at all.

Bill: Hey, brooke. How you doing?

Brooke: Just got back from forrester.

Liam: How– how was the, um, preview? I mean, I’ve been reading about it, but…

Brooke: Oh, the buyers loved it. The show was a hit, and hope was absolutely stunning.

[ Liam sighing ]

Liam: Good. That’s good, that’s really good. I’m not– you know, not that hope had anything to worry about– but I know how important the showing was for– for her and her line.

Brooke: Yeah, I know. That’s why I was surprised you weren’t there to witness hope’s achievement for yourself.

Steffy: It was just like one of your fairy tales. Every model looked like a princess.

Kelly: Like cinderella?

Steffy: Just like cinderella.

Kelly: Mommy, I wanna see the pretty dresses.

Steffy: I’ll take you some time, and you can see all of uncle thomas’ designs.

Kelly: Really?

Stefy: Absolutely.

Kelly: Can I try them on?

Steffy: I think they might be a little big for you. But I can see what I can do. Aw.

Finn: It sounds like tonight was amazing. Your brother and hope make a really good team.

Steffy: I promise I’ll take you to the next fashion show. You would love all the dresses, and the lights, and the music.

Kelly: Can I dance?

Steffy: Only if I can dance with you.

Kelly: Deal!

Steffy: Deal!

[ Finn chuckling ]

Finn: Okay well, now it’s time to go dance your way into bed.

Steffy: Mm-hmm, yes.

Finn: So, why don’t you go brush your teeth and mommy will be in to tuck you.

Steffy: Come here, I got you.

Finn: Good night, kelly.

Steffy: Whoa!

[ Finn sighing ]

[ Steffy laughing ]

Finn: Big day for forrester, huh?

Steffy: Yeah, yeah. Big day for hope and my brother.

Brooke: Liam, look, I understand your concerns about all the time that hope is spending with thomas. I share those same concerns. But this was a very big day for my daughter.

Liam: I– believe me, I know.

Brooke: Okay, so why weren’t you there supporting her?

Bill: Because he couldn’t stand seeing thomas’ slimy hands all over his wife.

Brooke: What?

Liam: Thanks, dad.

Bill: All right, look. Liam is a better man than I am. He was civil, he’s still trying to be civil. Me? I would have knocked thomas’ head off his shoulders.

Brooke: Okay. What is your father talking about?

Douglas: I never thought dresses could be so cool. But the show was awesome! I’m really proud of you guys.

Thomas: Thanks, bud. But all the credit goes to your mom.

Hope: Oh, that is not even remotely true.

Thomas: I am nothing without inspiration. And you inspire me.

Eric: In the morning.

[ People laughing ]

Zende: Thomas, hope and douglas really do make a sweet family.

Ridge: Yes, they do. It’s nice to see that the time that thomas has put in is finally paying off. Especially when it comes to his relationship with his son.

Eric: Yeah. It’s wonderful to see.

Ridge: Yes.

Donna: Though I’m not sure liam would agree.

Douglas: Seeing you two up there, everyone clapping, you guys were like rock stars!

[ Thomas chuckling ] And mom, you were so pretty up on stage.

Hope: Aw, thank you, sweetie.

Thomas: You know, douglas, I think you do have that forrester gift after all. You recognize beauty when you see it. You were breathtaking. I brought in ensure max protein

Finn: It’s just so adorable seeing how excited kelly is about attending a fashion show.

Steffy: Yeah, she definitely has forrester blood in her veins.

Finn: Sky’s the limit, I mean, she could be the best designer forrester creations ever created. Or ceo of the entire company.

Steffy: Or both.

Finn: Or– or both.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Steffy: This was really nice. Yeah, today was great.

Finn: I wish I could’ve been there.

Steffy: I understand, you had your patients. I get it.

Finn: But, I’m glad the preview went off without a hitch.

Steffy: I mean, yeah, yeah. It went well. Almost.

Finn: Almost?

Steffy: Well, no, it’s um… liam wasn’t there.

Brooke: How could hope let thomas embrace her like?

Bill: The master manipulator.

Liam: Yeah, he is. But how does hope not see that?

Bill: Because thomas plays the long game. He takes all the time he needs to worm his way back into hope’s life. He’s been setting this up for years.

Liam: Yeah, and now he’s embedded in the memory of one of the biggest moments of her entire career.

Brooke: All the while having sleepovers with douglas and her.

Liam: I still can’t even believe what I saw when I went backstage. I mean, just the look on hope’s face when he said, “there’s nothing we can’t do together.”

Brooke: I don’t know how, but this has to stop.

Liam: Okay, wha– what do we do? I mean, seriously, what do we do? ‘Cause the harder we push, the more she resists.

Bill: Well, we’ll figure something out. We have to. The more time thomas spends with hope and douglas, the more danger your family is in.

Ridge: Where did my grandson disappear to?

Hope: Oh, douglas went upstairs to go watch a movie.

Thomas: Yeah, it’s been a long day for him. He needed to rest.

Ridge: I get it. I’m so pleased he got to see the two of you working together.

Eric: It was a wonderful thing to see.

Donna: Yeah.

Eric: I was in awe of both of you.

Zende: If you all don’t mind, I’d like to say a few words.

Thomas: Oh, no.

Ridge: Oh, boy, here we go.

Zende: Yeah, get ready. When I first got back to L.A. Thomas and I, we had this unspoken competition when it came to design.

Ridge: You should look up “unspoken.” ‘Cause it’s not what–

Zende: Okay, fine, it was very spoken–

Ridge: Okay.

Zende: We were outspoken about it, but it was only because I was inspired by your talent. And I still am. And, hope, your ability to communicate your love and your passion, you are an endless source of inspiration. I am so proud and so grateful to be part of such a wonderful, talented team.

Thomas: We couldn’t have done it without you, man.

Hope: Yeah, you were a big part of the success on that stage today.

Zende: Thank you for the props, but I don’t want to take away from your moment. Grandad was right. You two may very well be the next dream team of forrester creations.

Ridge: Wow.

Zende: Cheers.

Ridge: Cheers to that.

[ Glasses clinking ] Vicks vapostick.

Steffy: Mm, your hands are magic.

Finn: Not just my hands. I’m just, so proud of you. Everything that you were able to accomplish today.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: You were able to give hope and thomas everything they needed to shine.

Steffy: Yeah, you’re right. It went well today.

Finn: So, why wasn’t liam there?

Steffy: I think because of thomas.

Finn: Well, that’s a shame.

Steffy: You know what? The kids are sleeping. It’s quiet in the house. Why are we talking about hope and liam?

Finn: That’s a very good question.

Steffy: Come here.

Bill: Still nothing?

Liam: No.

Brooke: It’s not like hope not to check in. Maybe you should head over to eric’S.

Liam: Believe me, I want to. But if– if I got over there and I saw one more moment between hope and thomas, I would probably do something I regret.

Bill: Maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Liam: Under normal circumstances, I’d agree with you. But today was hope’s big day. And I– I can’t be the one who ruins it.

Bill: Liam, son. That’s really sweet and all. But right now, thomas is with your wife while you are staring at your phone. You need to do something.

Donna: Hope, I am– I just wanna say that I was speechless today on how beautiful you were and I mean, the whole line, really.

Hope: Thank you, aunt donna. And thank you for helping with the lobby.

Donna: Oh, yeah, I don’t mind the hazard pay. Working with pammy.

Eric: Oh–

Donna: I mean, hello?

Donna: But seriously, I mean, you were stunning. And thomas, uh… I must say, I gotta give you props. Some pretty incredible designs.

Thomas: Well, it was all hope. Her vision and–

Eric: No, thomas you can take the compliment. You deserve it.

Zende: You definitely do.

Ridge: Son, what I saw today, that’s the kind of stuff that parents dream about. Am I right?

Eric: That’s right.

Ridge: And I don’t even mean your talent, because that’s in your dna. You got that from your grandfather. I’m talking about you not giving up on yourself and working hard. And like your mom said in a call earlier, you should be very proud of yourself. Now you, we’ve had our problems in the past, but I… I think I see you now. Thank you for creating hope for the future, and not just creating it, but living it. It’s not just fashion, is it? It’s you, it’s your kindness. It’s what you do for other people. What you did for him. You didn’t turn your back on him, like so many other people did. And I will never forget that. The two of you make a great team, not just as designers, but as parents. I see douglas, and he has never been so happy. So here it is, to a great collection and a very happy boy. Hope and thomas.

Eric: Hope and thomas.

Ridge: Cheers.

Thomas: Cheers.

Hope: Cheers.

Zende: Nice.

[ Glasses clinking ]

Thomas: Cheers.

Hope: Cheers. Why give your family just any eggs

Brooke: Do you think it was a good idea to leave liam alone? I mean, I think he needs our support.

Bill: I don’t know, I don’t know. Look, it’s in my nature to wanna, you know, fix it, to want to take over.

[ Bill sighing ] Just gonna fight against that. Liam has to sit with it and he has to think about how he wants to handle it, without my voice, without our voices in his ear.

Brooke: Okay. Well, I’m sure hope will be home soon.

Bill: How are you doing?

Brooke: Just worried about hope and liam’s marriage.

Bill: They’re going to work it out. They always do. I’m worried about you. This is a big day for hope and you’re not at eric’s celebrating with her.

Brooke: No. That would be kind of awkward, and painful to see ridge there. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that he left, or the fact that I didn’t know why he left.

Bill: I know why. Because that’s what he does. Ridge leaves, he’s a fool.

Brooke: Oh, bill.

Bill: I’m sorry, but he is a fool.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Bill: If he could see you through my eyes, he would never let you go. Because I would never let you go.

Brooke: I love ridge.

Bill: And what if his love isn’t enough? The man who loves you should cherish you, desire you, be unshakably committed to you. If you let me, I could make you very, very happy, brooke. We were amazing once, and we could be amazing again.

Thomas: Looks like we’re the last ones standing.

Ridge: Actually, I’m uh, gonna head to the office and try to get ahead of this storm you guys created.

Hope: Thank you again for your kind words. They meant a lot.

Ridge: This is a great day. Savor it.

Hope: Bye.

Ridge: Bye. Okay, see you.

Hope: Ahem.

Thomas: All this, it’s ’cause you.

Hope: Thomas.

Thomas: It’s true, come on. Look, I did some horrible things in the past, and then I hurt you and– but you continued to believe in me, even before I could believe in myself.

Hope: Well, when you allow those good things to happen, it’s actually a very beautiful thing. I always knew you had it in you. Although I do think I might have underestimated your talent, because when I saw that showstopper, I mean…

Thomas: Nah, that– that whole thing, that dress was the easiest dress I’ve ever had to design. It was inspired by you. So, all I had to do is think about you and there it was.

Hope: Well, I don’t know, I think you might have some kind of mystical, magical powers because you did predict what would happen on the runway.

Thomas: No, no. I don’t need magical powers to see how beautiful you and your light are.

[ Phone ringing ]

Hope: That’s liam, I should take this.

Thomas: Sure, sure.

Hope: Hey.

Liam: Hey. You’re still at eric’s, I take it?

Hope: Yes.

Liam: Well, I’m really glad that the preview was a success, honestly, I’m so, so happy for you.

Hope: I appreciate that.

Liam: Do you have a second to talk?

Hope: Liam, I’m– I’m celebrating tonight, so I really don’t wanna get into it.

Liam: Yeah, no– yeah, sure, sure, of course. Um, suffice it to say, I… I think my decision was probably for the best.

Hope: We can talk about it later.

Liam: I was thinking maybe, you and I could do, like, a little celebratory thing, when we you back.

Hope: Oh, well, douglas is still up, so I do wanna tuck him into bed. So, we’ll probably be here celebrating for a little longer.

Liam: “We” is you and thomas?

Hope: Yes.

[ Liam scoffing ]

Liam: Told you.

Well, listen, just– just be careful, okay? Don’t– don’t, don’t let him–

Hope: I’ll be home later.

Liam: Oh, I’ll be here. I love you.

Hope: Love you too.

Thomas: You don’t have to run off already, do ya? ‘Cause we have so much to celebrate.

Hope: Well, I think I’ll be riding this high for a little while. But, once I put douglas to sleep, I think I should…

Thomas: Oh, come on. This is our moment. Tell me you won’t leave just yet.


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