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 Ha Ha ha. Gotcha. You. No, no, don’t be out. I’m gonna get you one way or another. Bacteria invested. Little bastard guitar, whatever. I’m sorry.

Oh, good. You’re here. You’re glad to see me. Oh, sweet. Chloe quit her job at Basic Black to go to Damara headquarters. And you did that, didn’t you? I didn’t hear you come in. Well, I heard you talking about me. What? You said my name. Oh, so that must mean your Stephan Dam. Excellent deduction. Who are you? I’m Wendy Sh Lisa.

Nice to meet you. You still haven’t told me who you were talking to about me and why,

boy, what happened Was John here, he told me something that he didn’t want you to tell you. And you know me. I, Anthony, most honest person since Colonel Tom Parker, his own self. Well, I mean now they’re saying that old Tom. He’s not so honest, but I am. And you know, I don’t like to keep secrets between you and I show him, I’m gonna tell you what he said.

Come on grandma, get it over with Elish. You boy is just sick at heart from everything that’s been going on this past few weeks. Is he? Yes. He is just missing his ex. Something fierce. His acts the lovely.

Are you wishing it here, honey, you’re No, no, no. I was talking about Ava

Like sand through the oas. So are the days of.

Don’t even think.

You know, usually the stray is more effective than the can itself. He was empty. Huh? You got him. So fair play to you. Ah, I’ll get some more ro spray when I go out. Only like it will be the last can we need. Does that mean that the job interview went well? Yeah, I did connect with, um, one prospect that seems promising.

This is so exciting. Can’t wait all about it.

I don’t keep up with Chloe’s comings and goings anymore. So you had no idea that Lee Shin had offered her a job at Damari? Nope. Lee said that you didn’t put him up to it, but, but what You think he’s lying to you? I think I have good reason to believe that whenever Chloe has a big sudden change in her life that you orchestrated, I barely know Le.

My relationship was with his father. I mean, so why would he take orders from me? He reports to ej. EJ fired me. You really expect me to believe that you’ve just stopped pulling all the strings because you’re living here now, Chloe, quitting basic black only benefits one person, and that would be you.

Kristin, maybe Chloe does benefit. She could have, uh, decided that a job at Damara was to step up for her. And if you cared about her, like you say you do, you might try being supportive. Frankly, I’m surprised at least she would offer her any kind of position at Damara given her personnel file. It’s only full of bad performance reviews from you.

Okay. You know what? Maybe he doesn’t care about my. Or he thought that she would do a better job if she wasn’t so distracted by you. He probably found out that you had broken off with her and moved on with me. I moved you in here, but I haven’t moved on. I love Chloe more than I ever have. Well, you’ll get some perspective now.

I didn’t get Chloe that job, but uh, I do think it’s a very positive change for all three of us.

You’re not saying very much because I’m embarrassed. I was talking to myself. Do it a lot. Why did you say my name? Well, I was working on updating our electronic records and your file jumped out at me as problematic. Not that according to our HR records, you’re dead. Yeah, I’ve been running into a lot of that lately.

Hey, while you’re at it, you mind fixing my voter registration? That’s a tricky one. That’s what they said. What does it feel like to be you? I mean, it must be weird. Just wake up and suddenly realize you’ve missed four years of your life. It’s good to be alive. But if I’m honest, it hasn’t been easy. I can imagine your wife has your job and she’s engaged.

My brother, you’re behind on the times. See, Gabby doesn’t have that job anymore, and as far as I’m concerned, Lee can have her. You know, she’s interesting. And it is pretty impressive, right? The fact that she has a prison record that she became CEO of Damara Gabby is interesting on paper. Well, she must be really smart.

She’s also beautiful, huh? You know, she used to impress me too, but not anymore. In fact, I kind of hate to think about our time.

Well, I would hate to see my brother get hurt. Could you maybe tell me what happened to make you change how you feel about her? You must have loved her once. Are you sure you’ll never love her again?

You told your grandmother that you still have feelings forever. Uh, well, I, uh, I, I didn’t realize it, you know, until I was talking to her about it. She’s, you know, she’s got a way of knowing things that you, you don’t wanna admit. Mm-hmm. even to yourself. Yep. That’s right. I You should it by and dad, I know, but I know I told you I was over it and Yes, her lie about being married to Jake was low.

It was also. Johnny Ava’s a master manipulator. She played up to your uncle Jake after he broke up with Gabby. Then she and Gabby cooked up this phony marriage after he died, and she made you an ally with her sad story about her deep love for her dead husband. I know that. Now, look, son, I hope you’re not being hard on.

Being taken in by a woman doesn’t make you weak. It makes you human.

You gonna get over by

mother’s, right? And fortunately, Ava will never set foot in this time again. Again.

Charlie, what are you doing here?

So the good brother, he still wants you to move in with him, doesn’t he? Wants you to bake him cookies. Scrub his floors. Is that the life you want? Well, no. Didn’t think so. I miss my son. On your son too. You have a son right here. Hi name’s Charlie. Nice to meet you. You know, I, I hear that it’s cold and rainy in Seattle, but things seem to be heating up nicely in Salem.

Don’t. Don’t you want your revenge against EJ Damara? Don’t you need that revenge? I thought so. So put the gun in the bag and stop thinking about wimping out. Yeah. Well, here’s the problem. I’m not sure I can, ah, well, you know, I’d hate to jinx the jar by talking about it before. It’s a sure thing, so you can’t tell me.

Well, let’s just say it makes good use of some of my skills and it could pay really well. Mm, and I shouldn’t be like worried that you won’t tell me any of the details. You know, I’m a changed man, don’t you? Yes, I do, and I’m very, very proud of you, but I rubs you, big boy. Oh.

Maggie wrote you a check. Yes. Why?

I don’t even know you yet. Here you are asking me to talk about something. So, Well, I was hoping you could put my mind at ease about, I told. I’m afraid my brother will get hurt, right, because now I’m back and I used to be married to Gabby and you were very much in love from what I hear. Could you maybe tell me what made you change your mind about her?

I don’t remember.

Oh, okay.

I assume that, uh, you’ve heard all the rumors as to why and Well, how I’m back. That Dr. Wolf guy. Yeah. See, people don’t seem to die in my family. More like they get deactivated and put into cold storage till they’re useful again. Oh yeah. So Gabby seems convinced that when Wolf brought me back, he did something to erase my feelings for her.

Well, do you think that could be true? Wolf swears up and down. He did no such thing. Gabby bought it Marks for me. Guess I stopped loving around my own. I see. You don’t seem reassured. I guess I’m not. Hmm.

Gabby is my past and I’m very much looking forward to my future. Is there someone else

might say that?

Well, There she is.

I broke it off with Chloe and I let you move into this house because if I hadn’t, you would’ve let Marlena, Kate and Caleb die. That’s the kind of woman you are. That’s the kind of woman you’re always gonna be so you can fix it. So Chloe changes job. I didn’t get finish. You can fix it. So Chloe changes jobs, but you’re not gonna change the way I.

I love her. I always will. He used to say those same words to me and you know you meant them.

And Victor hadn’t made me believe that our little baby was dead, was a lifetime ago. The lifetime of our little girl. Listen, keep your voice. Don’t you want her to hear everything that we’re talking just.

I am just trying to remind you, Vanessa, feel hook up. Remind you that whatever, whatever woman I loved before, she doesn’t exist. I don’t even know if she ever existed. Kristen did. Okay? Oh. No matter who I am, I have the means to keep Marlene and the others alive, and that is the only reason why you are in.

This is not the only. Rachel likes us being a family, and I want us to be a happy one. I’m not gonna, that’s never gonna happen. I understand that. I, I don’t know. I don’t know. You know what? , Chloe, Chloe will be better off. You’ll see. I mean, she’s accepted reality, even though you haven’t, that’s why she took this job.

So now you can just focus on us, you, me and Rachel. You blackmailed your way into this house and I’m never gonna change the way. Why am fighting again

the things we do for our children? Isn’t that Ra? Yes, mother. Oh, excuse me. I’ve been waiting for this cold all day. Thank you for getting back to me so quick. Hey, uh, thanks for not actually telling him what we were talking about. You what? I don’t like my only son, but, um, I mean, if you did do something terrible to his own brother, then yeah, I think the truth should come out.

So do you, uh, Have any of your, you know, vibes about me being on the right track or Johnny. Okay. You know what, my guess they, they, they, they only tell me what they want me to know. And, you know, I en crushed my fingers. That, that, that, uh, Elvis had nothing to do with the scrambling of your Uncle Stephan’s brain.

Me too. But look, if he did, then you, you know. You’re gonna have to prove it. Prove it in front of God and everyone else.

Mom came to see me this morning and offered us a little bit of money to tide us over. Took one look at this place. Huh? I told you I’d get us out of here. You don’t have any face in me. No, of course I do. But honey, if it embarrasses you to accept the money, then I will go and tell her, no,

Sarah, don’t go yet.

What’s with the doubts? Mom? Jake hated e. I’m sure that he wouldn’t mind me going after him, but it not like this. You know, Susan was his aunt or something. Do I have to say this again? Nothing is going to happen to Susan. We are holding her for a big ransom to hit EJ where he lives. His wallet. Come on, mom.

Be your authentic self. An evil bitch. Great. Well, I’m so glad to know my son thinks so highly of me. I’m in it as a compliment. Look, you already hired Xander. You told him the whole plan. You promised him his cut. There’s no turning back now.

Chloe, this is Wendy Shin Lee’s sister, Wendy. This is Chloe Lane. Hi. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Wendy, could you give us a minute please? I need to speak with Chloe in private. No problem.

So I stopped by the end this morning. See you. And you had already. What are you doing here? Well, actually, Wendy’s brother offered me a job here and I accepted it. That’s great. Congratulations. Yeah. Thank you. I, I really hope this works out. I’m a little surprised and I thought you loved your job at Basic Black.

I do, but I can’t spend that much time with Brady anymore. I had to get outta that office. Mommy and daddy weren’t fighting honey.

It sounded like you were honey. Sometimes adults have to raise their voices when they’re talking about important things. I don’t like it. It makes my tummy hurt. Well, I didn’t know your tummy hurt. Shit. It was kind of hurting all day. Sweetie. Why don’t you tell me about that? I thought it’d go away, but it just got worse.

Oh, sweetheart, she’s feeling a little feverish. Show mommy where it hurts on your tummy right here. That could be her appendix. I mean, we should get her to the emergency room.

I’m sorry, love. I was an ass then. Oh, you were? Yes I was. But you know, I love Maggie. I just, I hate the idea that she thinks I can’t take care of you. No, she loves you too. She was just trying to help. I’m not gonna live off of you or her, but that’s my problem. I, I dunno. I’m just jumpy. I’m stressed that this job’s gonna fall through like all the others.

No way. I have a good feeling about it. It’s not anything illegal though, right? Bloody,

what? What is it? Nothing. It’s um, it’s actually a good thing they want me back for a second interview. See? See, I told you I had a good feeling and just to prove that I have complete.

And I’m all that charm. You both know you have. I’ll do best. You know that you can’t prove anything. That didn’t have been, no. But if my dad did do something to ste I’m gonna find out what it was.

Oh, hey, what does I say? Uh, you know what? I might be onto something. Fuck you. You be careful. Janna Damara, I mean, made you think this soldiers fun and game for I I have sensing some danger in this house. Well, then it’s a good thing I’m leav. Charles Ragona where she, which Grandma . And thank you again for covering for me.

Which grandma? That boy’s too nervous for his own good.

What’s. Oh, uh, he had to go someplace.

Mother, is there something wrong? Wait, so bumped over somebody else’s grave

land As long as we’re. Trust me, you’re doing the right thing.

I’m sorry. These premonitions of yours have been worrying you. Sometimes my gifts just feel like this heavy load, but I also know when you are not being honest with me. I thank you. Pardon? I walked in on you and Johnny with your heads together. Are you really talking about Ava?

Oh good. It’s you. Look, before you tell me what you found out. There’s something I have to tell you. My grandma knows what we’re doing, which grandma? My dad’s mom. No, don’t worry. Okay. She, she doesn’t know anything about you and, and she also promised that she wouldn’t say a word. So you sure you can trust her?

Yeah. She might be a little weird, but she doesn’t break a promise. So what do you got? I talked to Ste a day. How’d that happen? Well, I was working in the conference room and he just walked. I got him talking about him and Gabby good work. I said he has no idea why he stopped loving her. So Ralph did something to him.

Well, he said Gabby thought the same thing, but I swore he did it. Yeah, of course he’s gonna say that. Now. I bet that’s why they got rid of him because Gabby started sniffing around. That’s the other thing I wanted to talk to you about. I figure if Lee smuggled Dr. Ralph Outta town, he didn’t have a fly commercial, so he seems logical that he would use a Damer yet, but it turns out he hasn’t booked one for months.

Did I come all the way over here just for you to tell me we hit a dead end? No. I also found. That he requested a list of former damara pilots. Oh yeah. Yeah. Seems pretty suspicious to me. Get a copy of the list. Uh, do I look like an amateur?

It’s pretty long. Damara doesn’t seem like a very stable place to work, but I can start running background checks and see what we find. You know what? I don’t think you’re gonna have to do that.

She runs a little warm. I don’t think she has a fever. Hey, um, you feel like you have to throw up a little bit? Mm-hmm. , how much Halloween candy did you have since last night? Just one or two pieces. One or two pieces. You sure that’s what you said about your Easter basket and you were sick all day from that?

Remember honey, I have sweet tooth too. Look, Hey, I don’t, I don’t think we gotta go to the emergency room, but I do want you to lie down on the couch for a little bit. Okay? Okay.

Emma, mom, patient, I think you’re gonna feel a little icky for a while, but she’s gonna be okay. Yeah. I mean, you sure? It’s, she had too much Halloween candy. Oh, I don’t know. Let’s see.

Uh, I know, I know radio. She had a bone marrow transplant. I mean, don’t you think we should just get her checked out? Are you questioning my parenting? No, I’m not. I just don’t know what it would do if anything happened to her. Listen, she also gets motion sickness, right? I don’t wanna put her in a car while she’s nauseous.

Oh God. I just, I wish doctors would make house calls. I know one that might, okay, we’ll call them her. Sarah h.

Yeah, well, please tell her if she is willing to come, that I would be forever in her debt.

Interesting meeting place you picked at. Oh, where’d you wanna meet? Orton Town Square. Uh, I enjoy making deals like they’re surrounded by dead people. Okay, well you’re on the Dememer property. Aren. You didn’t have to go through the front gate, and Susan happens to be in the main house right now. You aren’t asking me to grab her tonight, are you?

Oh, I’m asking you to grab her right now.

You don’t seem too happy about your new job.

Actually I’m, I’m kind of miserable about it. Yeah, it must hurt, but, uh, you’re doing the right thing. For what it’s worth. I know that Brady cares about me, and maybe he still even loves me, but moving Kristin in with him after everything that she had. And him swearing to me that he would never be with her again.

I just, I don’t understand it and I never will. I’m so sorry. I just, I look at him and I, I think about all the plans that we made for our future, and now knowing that none of those plans are gonna happen. I decided that not seeing him is better than seeing him under these circumstances. You’re taking care of yourself.

I’m trying to.

I just wish it didn’t hurt so much.

Hey, things are gonna get better. Come here. You’ll see.

So how is she. I hear a lot of rumbling, which I think is your tummy’s way of saying that it wants more fruits and vegetables and less candy. But I like candy. Who is candy is. So good, but maybe only a couple pieces a day and after a meal and in turn you won’t feel like you have to vomit all the time. Is that a good deal, I guess?

Uh, yes. She’s also been under a lot of stress the last couple months. Well, um, a stress can lead to it 28th, um, but the situation has been taken care of. Brady and I mm-hmm. have handled it. Yeah. So, um, there’s. No emergency here, right? No. Her abdomen isnt tender, which means it’s not your appendix. Thank goodness.

Well, thank you. Thank you for coming over, Seth. Mm-hmm. . I’m always happy to, Rachel, I brought something for you and I only do this from my most. Some special variations.

What do you think? I love you. Love them. They’re yours,

Here we go. There you go. You always like sunglasses. Even when you were a baby , I think you’re gonna be feeling better soon. Okay. Try her with, uh, some sips of water and if she can keep that down, then you can move on to the tea or a carbonated drink. Yes, another drill. Good

Thank you.

Please. Um, let me pay you for your time and trouble. I was happy to do it for Brady and Rachel. I know it couldn’t be easy. I liked taking care of her again. I’m always gonna care about her. Please send me a bill. It’s the least I can do after kidnapping me and nearly ruining my life. I don’t want your money.

Xander’s not working. Xander has a job interview right now. We’re fine.

There’s one name on this list I’ve heard before. Ned Granger. He’s done a lot onto the table. Work for my family. In the past, my Aunt Kristen used him to kidnap two women and I thought my family was. I should have thought of his name before. Why is he not in prison? Well, uh, one of the women that my aunt Kristen kidnapped was my uncle Chad’s wife.

Her name was, uh, Abigail. Um, anyway, Chad figured out what was going on and Granger told him where Abigail was in exchange for a deal. My dad and your brother would still know that Granger’s breathable. So if they wanted to get rid of Ralph, odds are they would’ve hired him to do it.

Don’t like my only baby boy calling me liar. That’s not what I was doing. Johnny’s quite good at convincing people to do what he wants. I wonder where gets that from. I suspect he’s. Angry at me regardless of what he says. At the contrary,

if he asked you to choose size between him and me, I did no. Look, if he did, I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t do it because I love you both and I won’t watch fish for the two of you.

You can’t ask me to grab Susan right now. Haven’t made a plan of egg noses in the house. I’ve made the plan. I know exactly who’s in the house and how it operates. This has to happen now, or somebody’s gonna get cold feet. It must be an easier way to get money out of VJ than trying to kidnap his mother from under his nose, find out when she leaves the house.

Okay? For one thing, I don’t know how long she plans to stay here for another. We could both use that ransom money sooner than later. So, So everything you need. Floro. Formm the old school, isn’t it? Yeah, it still works. You know how to use it. Just don’t get caught. Oh, really? Hadn’t thought of that. Be kind of the old gal.

Don’t hurt her. She’s someone’s mother. She’s someone’s grandmother. Yeah. I’ll treat you with kid gloves, latex. Anyway, hopefully soon this little be over.

So you think if we track down this greener guy, he lead us to wolf? I sure hope so, because if we can find Wolf, we’ll be able to prove that. My dad and your brother did brainwash my Uncle Stephan.

I’m sorry, I’m, I’m probably getting Musk out on your jacket. No, no, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to just . No, it. It’s okay. That felt better being pulled into someone’s arms and being pushed away. I just can’t stop thinking about Brady. I wish I could forget about him for just a few minutes. Maybe I can help with that.

You look like a movie star. I do not. Yes you do, but I lie to you. Okay. Here sweetie. Here’s some club soda. I’m sort of hungry. I mean, that’s good. That’s good. That means you’re feeling better. You’ve jettison the waste basket. Ah,

I’m glad you’re not finding anymore. Yeah. Well, there’s one thing that your dad and I can agree on is that we love you very, very much. Hey, you don’t ever have to worry about us. Okay? Come

I don’t worry Animals. Hm.

Calm down, mom. If anybody knows how to pull off a kidnapping, it’s you.

I know I never made you proud, but right now you are my pride and joy.

Ooh, I’ll go to Chuck on dinner. Oh, you know what? I already did that. You know your cook. She’s gonna make us those catfish nuggets that I love so much. We’re having fried catfish, . Sure. And she’s gonna add a lot of side pepper spicy when she pound in them out. Oh good. I look forward to that. Coming out in the morning,

Huh? I’m just.

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