Y&R Short Recap Thursday, November 3, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Connor tells Adam that he and Johnny talked last night about Chelsea being Johnny’s biological mother, and they agreed that it is good they found out now. Connor feels badly because he thinks he hurt Chelsea’s feelings with what relationship when he found out about Johnny. Adam tells Connor that his mom loves him and she will always forgive him.

Billy and Sharon take Chelsea to a facility so she can get the help she needs. Billy promises Chelsea that he will be with her every step of the way. Chelsea to think they will forgive him. Na asks Billy and Sharon not to tell anyone she considered ending her life.

Devon and Lily remember Neil and the audience sees flashbacks of Neil with Devon and Lily at special moments in their lives.

Billy tells Lily that Chelsea had a mental breakdown and he and Sharon took her to a facility for help. Lily gets upset with Billy when he explains to her that he intends to support Chelsea every step of the way until she feels more stable and confident about her life. -Lily tells Billy she is tired of him constantly needing to rescue the women in his life.

Elena tells Nate that she didn’t take the job because she wanted to try one more time to save their relationship. Nate tells Elena that he knows he was wrong and he has apologized to Devon and Lily but he doesn’t think they will forgive him. Nate also tells Elena he is the new CEO of Newman Media. Elena thinks Victoria has used Nate twice once to try and gain control of Chancellor-Winters and now to use him as an excuse to fire Sally. Elena thinks Victoria gave him the job because he didn’t reveal that she was the CEO he was working with to take over Chancellor Winters. Lily is shocked when Devon tells her that Nate is the new CEO of Newman Media. Devon explains to Lily that he saw them making a toast to his new job. Devon tells Lily Nate would not admit it, but Lily must be the CEO Nate was working with to take over Chancellor Winters.

Billy and Sharon wonder what they should tell Adam and Connor about Chelsea.

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