GH Short Recap Thursday, November 3, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Curtis and Portia decide to get married on Valentine’s Day since the Metro Court had a cancellation.

Sasha persuades Gladys to allow her to take a pay cut at Deception so she can pay the company stockholders an extra dividend. Diane thinks paying stockholders will calm fears about the company since Lucy is missing.

Chase meets with his duet partner Blaze and later tells Brook Lynn that he will end his singing career once he is able to be a cop again.

Jordan thinks its best that Josslyn and Trina move out of the dorms so they can be safe since the hook attacker is targeting people that helped Trina during her trial.

Holly meets with Victor on the docks, and he asks her what Robert is planning to do for Anna. Holly tells Victor that Robert is trying to find a judge that will grant Anna bail. Victor tells Holly that once Anna is in prison she will be free. Once Anna is found guilty of Lucy’s murder he will free her from her two-year captivity. Holly doesn’t want to obey Victor’s orders anymore but Victor reminds her of the person that was left behind who was in captivity with her. Holly tells Victor that if he hurts him she will kill him herself.

Mason tells Austin that the boss lady wants him to take care of a patient. Austin tells Mason he won’t do it because he is a different person now and he is out of the family business.

Holly and Robert kiss. Holly tells Robert that the hope of seeing him again kept her alive.

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