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[ Upbeat music ]

Eric: Very nice. Okay. Ridge, how’d that happen?

Ridge: I was cutting something then I–

Eric: Well, don’t cut things. We are doing a show here. You okay?

Ridge: Yeah. Thanks for your concern. It really means a lot. How are we doing?

Eric: We are good.

Thomas: Mckenzie turn for me.

Mckenzie: Wow. Thomas, you and hope have really outdone yourselves.

Thomas: I just hope the audience feels that way and doesn’t throw me on the chopping block. Uh, grandpa, what do you think?

Eric: What, this? It’s beautiful.

Ridge: Stop messing with it.

Thomas: Okay. All right. I’m leaving it alone. Can I help with anything?

Zende: Nah, don’t worry about it. I have it all under control.

Thomas: Okay.

Eric: You two have done some wonderful work here.

Ridge: I second that.

Zende: Wait until you see thomas’ show stopper.

Thomas: Yeah, I designed it specifically for hope, to bring out all the aspects of her that are so remarkable. I can’t wait to see her walk in it.

Carter: Very nice, very nice.

Steffy: Before it gets crazy here I just– I wanna thank you both for all the hard work you put in with the press and the buyers. There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding hope for the future, and it’s because of the way you pitched it.

Carter: Katie’s the right woman for the job. When she gets passionate about something it’s contagious.

Katie: Well, thank you. But it didn’t feel like work. I believe in hope and her line, and it just seems natural to support it.

Steffy: Well, I love that we’re all doing our best to come together. There’s a lot at stake today. Needs to be a win for hope.

Brooke: How many times are you gonna go over that speech?

Hope: Mom I just– I have a few more edits to make, but I just need everything to be flawless today because this is the biggest preview that hope for the future has ever had.

Brooke: I know. And it’s going to be a success. And you know how I know that? You excel at everything you do. I have complete confidence in you.

Liam: Same here.

Hope: Liam.

Liam: Big day. Huh? I am so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished. You got this.

Hope: You’re exactly what I need today. Right now.

[ Hope laughing ]

Justin: This is such an important day for hope and all of forrester. You know, the press can be savage.

Steffy: You’re telling me.

Justin: Yeah. You know, I still know some of these guys if you need me to put in a word. Maybe point out some of the dirt I still have on them.

Steffy: That’s tempting.

Justin: Uh-huh? But I think your esquire skills are better for business in the long run.

Justin: All right. Just thought I’d ask.

Steffy: Thank you.

Justin: All right. Hey.

Katie: Hey.

Steffy: Hey. Is everything covered on your end?

Katie: Yeah. I just wanna go over the seating chart with you, make sure you don’t wanna make any changes.

Steffy: I trust you as long as you know where everyone belongs.

Katie: All right.

Steffy: Okay.

Katie: Guess I’m good.

Carter: Yes, you are.

[ Katie chuckling ]

Charlie: Special delivery just for you.

Steffy: Hi.

Miranda: Hi. Good to see you.

Steffy: Good to see you.

Miranda: A lot of excitement around this preview.

Jackson: We haven’t heard from hope for the future for a while. I understand your brother thomas is hope’s lead designer?

Steffy: Uh, yes. And he’s done an incredible job.

Jackson: Personally, I thought hope for the future was fading into the sunset.

Steffy: Well, you are in for a huge surprise.

Miranda: I spoke with thomas recently. He seemed totally committed to hope and the line.

Steffy: I couldn’t agree more.

Thomas: Yeah, mom. No, I– I completely understand. Hey, you’re the keynote speaker. That’s incredible.

[ Thomas laughing ] Okay. You’re gonna kill it too. All right, talk to you soon. Okay. Bye.

Ridge: Hey.

Thomas: Okay. Just checking the makeup. Let me see this. Okay. Uh, what am I missing?

Eric: Nothing that I can see.

Zende: I think we’re all good here.

Ridge: You know, there’s a time in every show when you have to give things over to the fashion god. And I don’t mean your grandfather.

Thomas: No, I am– I am missing something. Wait, where’s hope?

Hope: I’m so happy to see you.

Liam: And I am so excited for you. I just, um, I just would– never mind. Doesn’t–

Brooke: I know what you’re thinking. It’s thomas.

Liam: Hm.

Brooke: Uh, honey, liam and I are extremely uncomfortable with the amount of time that you’re spending with him.

Hope: I know that.

Liam: You know already I– I– I don’t like what he’s done. I don’t trust him. And it just, at this point, it feels almost hypocritical to celebrate him.

Hope: Okay. Then you don’t have to. But you– you could be there to support me. And you will be there, right? (Vo) when you live with moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Katie: Well, I need to get back to the pre-show, but really thank you both so much for coming.

Sid: Happy to be here.

Del: Honestly, I was surprised we got the invite.

Katie: Are you kidding? Del and sid, two of the most esteemed fashion reporters in the country? Oh, please.

Del: I meant it. It kind of felt like hope for the future was a leftover fashion line.

Sid: What can we expect from today’s preview?

Katie: Today, hope for the future is retaking its place in the fashion world. But if there’s one thing that you can count on from forrester creations, is to expect the unexpected.

Sid: I’m looking forward to it.

Katie: Good. Thank you so much.

Both: Thank you.

Katie: Thank you.

Carter: You managed to get some of the most influential people in the business here. Nice job, katie.

Katie: Well, it wasn’t just me. Forrester name is like magic. You just have to know how to work it.

Carter: I think today’s gonna be a fantastic day for hope and hope for the future. I predict much celebrating to come.

Katie: Well, I just hope that you stick around for the celebration.

Carter: I wouldn’t miss it. In the meantime–

Katie: Oh, my god. Uh, what was that for?

Carter: Good luck.

Steffy: I just gave miranda and jackson a vip tour.

Katie: Oh, good. Good. Uh, gotta keep the buyers happy.

Steffy: Yeah. There’s a lot of effort gone into hope for the future. Now, it’s up to hope and thomas to pull it off.

Thomas: Okay. Can I have everybody’s attention? First, ladies, you are all incredible. You’re doing a fantastic job. I want you guys to give yourselves a hand.

[ Clapping ] And, uh, go out th and sell this line like you’ve never sold anything before. Okay? We need to blow their minds.

Eric: I don’t think they can miss.

Ridge: The designs are extraordinary, son.

Thomas: Well, that brings me to, uh, number two. Zende. Wow. Man, it has just been incredible to have you by my side and watch your talent just grow and grow and grow. It’s just a– it’s a sight to behold. Thanks, man.

Ridge: Well done, zende.

Eric: Nice.

Zende: Thank you.

Thomas: Let’s do this.

Zende: All right. Nice.

Thomas: And still no hope.

Charlie: Oh, uh, I just saw liam, uh, go in the office of the grand fromage. That’s big cheese en français. Um, I think she’s gonna get the ol’ pep talk, huh?

Thomas: Can’t believe liam decided to grace us with his presence.

Brooke: Well, you don’t need me here for this. So, break a leg, sweetheart.

Hope: Thank you, mom.

Liam: Bye, brooke. So, what do you say? I mean, you’ll be there, right?

Liam: You are such a visionary. And I truly believe that your line is about to become more successful than it ever has been.

Hope: Well, that’s what I want, obviously. But you never know.

Liam: I know. I know. And I’m so happy for all the success you’ve got coming your way. But yeah, you’re right. I– I absolutely had mixed feelings about coming here. I’m your husband. I love you. I wanna support you, not thomas.

Hope: So what are you saying?

Liam: You know– you know this. You– you know how I feel. You know that I don’t trust him. You know, that I– that I hate how much time he’s gotten you to spend with him. And the idea of applauding the two of you as a team, when I firmly believe that he’s abused his position, not only as head designer, but as douglas’ father to become a kind of surrogate husband to you.

Hope: Can we just not? Can we not argue about this right now? Just forget thomas. This is a really, really, really big day for me, and I just– please tell me that you’ll be there for me. I tried everything to remove fabric odors,

Liam: Okay. I mean, game it out for me. Walk me through it. How does this– how does today go?

Hope: What do you mean?

Liam: Well, after the models are finished walking the runway, what happens?

Hope: The usual. I– I go out on stage and I thank everyone.

Liam: Yeah. And then?

Hope: I call thomas out.

Liam: Right. And you two join hands and raise them in victory, right?

Hope: Yeah.

Liam: And everyone in the audience will applaud you and your brilliant lead designer as you two bask in the glow of success. And he’ll probably ask you to stay after, right? To celebrate just the two of you. And he’ll say things to you like, “this is our moment, hope. Yours and mine.” You know I’m right. I mean, do– do you understand what it is you’re asking me to enable?

Hope: I’m asking you to be there on the most critical day of my career.

Liam: And ignore thomas. Ignore him holding your hand. Ignore him gazing into your eyes and living out his fantasy. And I’m asking you, how am I supposed to do that knowing what he’s done to us?

Hope: Why are you making today all about thomas? You understand how important this day is to me. Why can’t you just be there to support me? You can go back to hating thomas tomorrow, but I need you in support of me today.

Douglas: Hey, mom. Aunt donna said you were in here.

Liam: Hey bud–

Hope: Hi.

Douglas: I’m so excited for you and dad.

Katie: Man, these moments before the show, the buzz in the air, the excitement. Feeling that anything can happen, good or bad. I love it. But it makes me nervous, especially today.

Brooke: Tell me about it.

Steffy: The good news, thomas and zende really brought it.

Carter: And the bad?

Steffy: You never know how the audience is gonna react. I love the direction my brother took hope for the future, but it’s not exactly what people have come to expect.

Carter: But isn’t that a good thing? Keep surprising them?

Steffy: Double edged sword. I guess we’ll find out.

Charlie: Almost showtime, boss lady. Good luck.

Steffy: Thanks, charlie.

Charlie: Sure.

Carter: Let’s get to it.

Steffy: All right.

Katie: How is hope?

Brooke: You think we’re nervous, you should see her. There’s a lot at stake for hope today.

Ridge: Hey.

Hope: Hi.

Ridge: Where were you? Everyone’s looking for you.

Hope: Um, I was just trying to talk liam into staying for the preview.

Eric: He’s not saying? Why not?

Hope: Uh, it’s a long story.

Thomas: Because of me. Look, hope, I know that you want liam to be here, but, um, right now we should just focus on the preview. Yeah?

Hope: Yeah, I agree with that 100%.

Eric: All right, let’s go.

[ Thomas laughing ]

Zende: Now or nt’doT. I’ll be right there. Hey. So this is it. This is what all the hard work’s been leading up to. And you seem nervous.

Hope: Uh. And you don’T.

Thomas: Not even a little. ‘Cause I know exactly what’s gonna happen. It’s going to be the most impeccable preview you’ve ever seen. And then in a few minutes, we will experience one of the greatest, most triumphant moments of our lives.

Hope: You seem pretty sure about that.

Thomas: I am. You’ll see.

Hope: All right. Uh, attention, please. Everyone, if I could have your attention, gather around. I just have one final message for everyone, which is to say thank you. Thank you for being a part of hope for the future. You were all amazing and dedicated and committed to this line. I– you never complained about the very long hours and you tolerated the crazy with a lot of good humor, and I appreciate that. But most importantly, the fact that you believe in this line and our message, it means the absolute world to me. So, thank you. I thank each and every one of you for being a part of this. So now, there’s just one thing left to do, which is to go out on that stage and absolutely crush it. So, go have fun everyone.

Thomas: Woo!

[ Clapping ]

[ Audience whispering ]

[ Audience clapping ]

Hope: Hello. Welcome. And thank you for coming. I am very excited to unveil hope for the future’s newest collection. We grow with the times, but what hasn’t changed are the guiding principles that have and always will define this line. Finding one’s strength, courage, empathy, and selflessness. Everyone here on my team, we believe in these core values of hope for the future. And we boldly believe that there is hope for the future. Enjoy the show.

[ Audience clapping ]

[ Cameras clicking ]

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Thomas: Hey, you should be getting dressed, ms. Show stopper.

Hope: No. I– I know. I just, um… I wanted to tell you something.

Thomas: Well, I’m all ears.

Hope: I believe in this line. I believe in its message. I believe in the team of people who help take this from a sketch on a pad of paper and– and help bring it to life. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, um, I’m really grateful for you because I know I couldn’t have done this without you.

Thomas: It’s not me, it’s us. We can do anything together.

Hope: I agree. But thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thomas: Bring it in.

[ Thomas laughing ]

[ Hope laughing ]

[ Cameras clicking ]

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