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 Uh, you know what? We had better get you over to Dara Enterprises if we’re gonna find out what we need to, right? If, uh, my dad and your brother brainwashed my uncle Oh, Johnny. Let you say that to all the girls. Come on. Don’t you think if they screwed with the man’s mind, they deserve to pay for it? Right?

We don’t know what they did. That’s what we’re trying to find out. What, what, what, what’s bothering you? You know, I started all this. Because I wanted to get leverage over my brother to force him to gimme a job, but know that I have the job. You wanna back out? No. I still wanna know what he’s capable of.

Well, I don’t need to find out what my father is capable of. I already know what he’s capable of. What I need is to prove what he did to Stephan so I can bring him down. You see, that’s where you and I are different. You hate your father for what he did to trip’s father. Yeah. Yeah. And, and Stephen. Aunt Chad and whoever else gets in his way.

But I still love my brother. We’re still family.

Yep. Yes, father, uh, I know you had your concerns about it, but I think she deserved the promotion. Yes, I understand. Any mistakes Jing Wynn makes are on my shoulders.

Guess father, and as always, thank you for your.

Is there anything more fun than family business? What are you doing here? Well, aren’t we in a good manner? Yeah. I couldn’t help it over here at the end of your conversation and. It struck me since you’re handing out promotions, maybe you wouldn’t mind giving one to Chloe Lane.

No, mom. I mean it. I understand why Brady felt like he had to break up with me, but I’ll never understand why he would move Kristen into John and Marlena’s house. I just don’t get why he lets that bitch walk all over.

And guess who’ve just walked in?

You say that again? Chloe was trick or treating with Stephan? Yes. Okay. I ran into them at the Wharton Town’s care. Whoa. That must have been awkward. No, it was fine. Always it was awkward. Yeah. Stephan reminded me again that he wants nothing to do with me, which is fine because as far as I’m concerned, he’s yesterday’s mashed potatoes.

Mm-hmm. , you know, I’m with Lee and you know, we’re very happy and we’re gonna get married and we’ll be blissfully happy. Well that’s great cuz marriages always solve everything. So you’re having problems with Nicole. Uh, it’s just, uh, I wish Nicole always as determined to stay away from Eric as you are to move on from Stephan.

Thanks, B. I’ve reached base tags. This must be a monumental occasion. Yes. And we should find a way to market it somehow. What do you say? We call in sick. Mm. I can’t come on. Well, Sean’s away and Ray and I are working on a big investigation right now. And since this is only your second day back at Basic Black since.

I says, Nicole can me. Right, exactly. And you can’t let you know, but regret bringing you back.

Seriously. I’ll get that. You need some clues on.


Nicole speak of the double

like sands through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

I need to speak to Eric. Something’s come up. Cool. What? Why didn’t you call? Uh, I tried calling three times, but you didn’t pick up because I had my phone on silent. So what is it? What’s wrong? I don’t know. All I know is we’ve been summoned by the editorial team at Ella, who about the photos that I took of you.

Apparently there’s a problem. But they said they loved the first set. Look, I don’t know what it. They just want us to tighten asap okayed.

Sorry to I. No, you’re not.

Ah, you and Nicole are still fighting about Eric. I thought you were trying to work things out. No, you’re right. You know, I should not have said that because I did tell her it was okay. I told her she should work with Eric and now I just have to put my money where my mouth is. Okay. So maybe this fight was a good thing.

Maybe it cleared the air. Yeah. Oh, Don, you look at that. Wait, what? Well, that’s Lee’s little sister biggest sees with Johnny Damara. I didn’t even know they knew each other. Sure. You’re okay with this? Am I okay with lying on my brother and your dad while trying to make a good first impression at Damara headquarters?

What could go wrong? Look, I, I just, I don’t want you to do anything you don’t wanna do. No, I wanna do this. Okay. Just be careful. All right. Suspicious is my dad’s default mode, and I don’t want him or anyone else finding Apple. We’re up to, hi Wendy. Oh, Kathy, hi. What are you two up to?

Hello is doing a great job at Basic Black, but. I don’t see why I should give her a promotion because the promotion will get her out of basic black, and I want her here as far away from Brady as possible.

Uh, mom. Yeah. I’m gonna have to call you back. I love you. Bye. So how much of that did you hear? Enough to know that you don’t really think that highly of me. Then again, why would you?

I think highly of you as my boss and I shouldn’t have been making personal calls at the office. I’m sorry. That’s a lot of compartmentalizing and a lot of talking when I have so much to do. Um, the Bella, she was almost ready to hit the internet and I’ve gotta get exclusive previews to about 17 different fashion influencers.

Oh yeah, that’s, you love that. Look, Chloe. Um,

this is not how I wanted this to happen. Brady, you, you’ve told me all the reasons before and I don’t need to hear them, especially not at work. Chloe, what you need to know is that this is not, this is not what I wanted. Yeah, it’s what Kristen wanted. Whatever Kristen wants, Kristen gets. I know it seems that way.

It seems that way because it is that way. Oh my God. At the Horton town Square, you were like a little puppet on a string and wheres you and Stephan were. What about. I keep thinking about what he did to Abigail. Okay. And, and you, you are vulnerable. Chloe, you know what? Stop, stop. Rhetorical question. But where the hell do you get off saying any of this to me?

I’m sorry, Kristen, I can’t help you. I don’t have a single position available. Huh. So your sister just happened to snag the last opening in this entire organization. Nepotism much. Uh, what was your last name again? Careful. And it so happens Jing Wen is. Brilliant IT expert, and we need that. We don’t need a fashion consultant, which is what Chloe is.

Right? But why ask me to promote her? Why don’t you just do it yourself? EJ fired me. He can’t forget that I’m back to Gabby instead of him. Then you’re out of luck. Yeah. When my father told me never to rely on luck when threats work so much. You see you’re gonna offer that promotion to Chloe, or I’m gonna tell my old pal Gabby, that you aversion therapy, the love of her life into loathing her.

We’re not up to anything . And how do you even know, Wendy? She just got here. Uh, hi Gabby. Any details on my personal life, just feel free to ask. Oh, right. Yeah. Sorry. You know, you knowing Johnny is just a huge coincidence. Hey, John. A Ray’s going, man. How are you? Good, good, good. See you. Good. Um, Ray, this is Wendy.

She’s Lee’s little sister. This is Ray Hernandez. My favorite ex step. There you go. Nice to meet you. That looks like you and I are gonna be ly related soon. Hey, race, the, uh, police commissioner, so could come in, Andy. Oh, really? How do the two of you know each. Uh, my cousin Joey met her in Seattle. Oh yes, that’s right.

And then you took Joey and Trip as your two dates in Hong Kong, two dates. It’s a long story. Uh, anyway. Yeah. So when Joey told me Wendy was coming to Salem, I offered a show around and he even found me a place to stay. Wow. That is so nice of you. Oh, I was just glad to help. Mm. I just bet you were well.

Alrighty. Uh, I better get going down to the police station. Good to see you. Likewise. Be a stranger. Wendy, nice to meet you. Welcome to say hello.

Uh, I should get going too. I don’t wanna be late on my first day at work. Right. Thank you again for pushing me to get me the job. I really appreciate. Hi Johnny. See you. Uh, well it was good to see you, Gabby. Oh, not so fast. I’m not done with.

Knock, knock. Thanks for coming in on such short notice. Well, your email made it sound like we didn’t have a choice. Were you unhappy with the photos? Uh, listen, I, I’m sorry. For the last minute switch this, something came up with the model and I had to stand in. I think there’s been some miscommunication here.

I love the photos. I think they’re exactly what Bella needs so much. In fact, I wanna put Nicole on the cover.

Hey, I thought I find you here. That’s why I like to prep for my interrogations. No, woke up the atmosphere. You don’t look a bit nervous. I would, would I? Um, you’re going to be questioning the kingpin of one of the midwest’s biggest meth labs, and sitting next to him will be two of the highest paid lawyers that drug money can buy.

This is a summary of the applicable RICO statutes. Oh, seems like someone didn’t get her. Well, Eric brought me a cup, but I didn’t get around to drinking it. Oh, why is that? Uh, just then Nicole dropped by

You want me to be in the cover of Bella? Absolutely. I mean, I was blown away when Bell’s creative director showed me the photos that Eric took of you. These are a game changer. I mean, not that it’s a big surprise. You were obviously one of the biggest models around years ago, but my modeling days are behind me.

Yeah. Not if this is any indication.

I mean, look, this, this just great lighting luck and a, an amazing photographer. She’s being modest. Yeah. That’s an underst. It’s like she’s making love to the camera . Okay. I I, I’m not so sure about that. Oh, okay. Well, I am, I can literally feel the tension in the photos. It’s like electric. I don’t know what the hell it is, but whatever you guys got.

Hey, Eric brings out something very special to you and vice versa.

To state the obvious, you have nothing. And I mean, nothing to say about my personal life, Chloe. I’m just, I’m just worried. Okay. That worried. Worried about what? That the loss of you has rendered me in competent to lead my own life. And you know, I think you should think twice about warning me about Stephan, when you just moved a kidnapping, murdering mask, wearing sociopath into your home.

God, calando, it seems that way. All right. But you, but for what? Brady? Are you finally gonna tell me what the hell is going on?

Don’t get all moral with me. You were part and parcel of brainwashing Stephan from the beginning. It went against my better judgment and you prayed on my devotion to Grady. You can’t pray on a Cobra luck. I did it to protect my family. You did it to get. Like your father before you, you were trying to get control of my family’s company.

You can rewrite history all you want, but the fact remains, we both wanted Stefan with Chloe

Yeah. But you still do. Now that I have ready back in my life, Chloe is no longer a threat to me. And how do you think Brady will take it when he finds out what. Well, he knows I’ll do anything to keep my family intact, so it wouldn’t change anything between us. But that’s not true for you and Gabby, is it?

How do you think she’s gonna take it that you used her husband? The love of her life as a lab animal? I made him hate her in the process.

Is there a. , you tell me because I am not buying what you and Wendy are selling. So what are you two really up to? So you have me up against the ropes? Hmm? Yeah. Well you get there eventually.

Let me see if I have this right. You managed to break up Brady and Chloe. Now the two of you are living together with your. Well, my domestic arrangements are not the issue, right? And you are tightening the thumb screws to make me move Chloe out of basic black. And in here. You know, I have to say, Kristin, You don’t sound like you really believe Chloe’s no longer a threat.

As a matter of fact, you sound like you’re pretty desperate to get her away from Brady. Is your hold over him? Not quite as strong as you hoped it would be. I would tell you something, rebuilding a relationship, it takes time and it’s in the early days for Man Brady, and I just don’t want him to get distracted at work.

I feel the need to remind you that Dara Enterprises is a business, not couples therapy. . You are such hypocrite. Oh my God. So let me just ask you something. How would you feel if, uh, Kathy just found herself working side by side with Stephan?

Look, if you don’t wanna help me, that’s fine. See, I’ll go straight to Wolf and order him to undo Stephan’s programming.

I’m afraid that won’t be. Doctor Rolf has long gone. I made sure of that.

I’m waiting. Brady, if you have something to say, just say it. You have to understand if there had been any other way. What is that? Do great. You’re both here. Yeah. What, uh, what are you doing here? Well, I’m here to put your rag tag business and my magazine back on the map.

Look, Wendy is new in town. I’m just showing our around. Right? Well, it looks like a highly personalized tour Look, I saw the two of you. Okay. It didn’t look like you were talking about where to get your dry cleaning done. Okay. All right. You. There’s more to it than that. What have you done with Ralph?

That’s none of your.

Not that I owe you any explanation, but a member of your family has been apprised of why I needed to get Ralph outta the country so quickly. Oh, and which member of the family is it, ej? Yeah, of course. So now the two of you are in cahoots. How to record this? What was that?

What you doing?

Yeah. I hope I didn’t come across this petty telling you about Nicole coming by this morning. It was business. Something about the shots that Eric took over for the Bella Magazine shots. Really? That’s, uh, well, that’s weird because Nicole gave up modeling years ago. Well, apparently the model they hired didn’t show up and they were on a deadline.

So Nicole stepped in. Eric said the shots were great, so maybe your wife is headed back to the runway. What are you talking about? We have an incredible opportunity to revitalize Bella Magazine for the digital age, all while generating a nice bit of buzz for basic Black’s next collection. All right. That sounds good.

How do we do. By putting Nicole on the cover of Be and Basic Black Couture. That’s a great idea. Don’t encourage him. Chloe, have you talked to granddad about this? Because I’m just saying, no disrespect to Nicole, he kind of hates her. Uh, I don’t think it’s kind of besides, I asked Alex the same question and I will tell you as I told.

I’m in charge of Titan, not Uncle Victor, at least until Sonny gets better. So if I want to put the old man’s gorgeous ex-wife on the cover, there ain’t a damn thing he can say about it.

I knew it. What’s going on between you and Wendy? I am hitting on her in a subtle and charming way. Hmm. I don’t know. You two seemed very intense and Wendy doesn’t seem like your type, aren’t she smart, gorgeous. Seems like my type. It’s true. You went for Chanel, then you went for me, and when I was possessed by the devil.

Okay, then you went for Ava. So yeah, I guess you really don’t have a type. Huh? What can I say? I like what I like. And now you’re pursuing the sister . I wouldn’t say pursuing, but yeah, I’m exploring possibilities. I just, I don’t wanna see either of you get hurt. I don’t wanna see you get hurt either. What is that supposed to mean?

How could I get hurt? Man? Amaya Klutz. I was, uh, I’m trying to take a selfie on my first day of work and I just dropped my phone isn’t, don’t drop the phone like a basic it Principle J one. This is Kristin Damara. So nice to meet you, Mr. Damara. Please just call me Kristin and you could call me Wendy.

People do. Okay. Well, welcome to Damara Enterprises. Wendy. Thank you. I look forward to working for you. Oh, you won’t be working for me. My brother EJ can to me. I’m sorry to hear that. No, don’t be. I still have my shares. Just be thankful that your brother is more loyal than mine. Thing I admire most about Lee is, uh, he’s always mindful of where his loyalties lie, right?


Print magazines have been struggling to remain relevant for years. Guys, it’s not enough to just sell out. News stands anymore. This ain’t the eighties. We gotta break the internet, which is why resurrecting one of Bella’s biggest models from its heyday could do just that. Resurrecting, I wasn’t dead, I just stopped modeling, which was a mistake.

And that last photo shoot, prove. Because whatever’s going on here, I don’t know what the hell it is, but Eric’s photos bring out something special on you, and I want the rest of the world to see it. Okay? If we’re gonna do a photo shoot, I need to start setting up. Oh, I’ll get, uh, makeup and hair and wardrobe for the resurrection.

You’re not gonna let me live that down, are you? Not Anytime soon. You’re not. And you, that is a sharp suit you got there. Oh, thanks. It’s, uh, it’s from Basic Blacks upcoming collection. Actually, the designer called me up and said, uh, wear it around the office, get some feedback. Oh, well here’s my feedback.

That suit is killer. We’re gonna use it in the shoot. Well, I don’t think it’s really my color. Oh no, he’s wearing it. He’s definitely wearing, you think about it, it’ll be like Vogue. You know, back when they used to put couples on the cover. Richard Gears, Cindy Crawford, Kim and Kanye. Cheryl, TEGs and Kermit the Frog.

Yeah. . I’m not a model, Alex know you are. If you want your collection on the cover, Brady, let’s let Eric take a couple of test shots. I mean, what could it hurt? Alex is right. This could give basic lack of boost. I’ve. All right, Mr. Dmi, I’m ready for my close up.

Well, I better get over to my office and start settling in. Nice to meet you Kristin. And you too. Uh, good luck with your new job. Thanks.

Where the hell were we? You can save your, I’m not telling you where Ralph is. Okay, fine. Fine. You know what, then I am just gonna go to Gabby and Stephen and tell them all, all that I know. And, uh, they’re already suspicious. Chloe, too. Oh, by the way, uh, Marlena has reversed Ralph’s, uh, programming on more than one occasion.

Sure she’ll be happy to help recover Stephan’s passion for your fiance, and then the two of them will have control of Damara and you will have Bud Kiss.

What did you mean about not wanting to see me get hurt? I don’t know. I guess I just, I feel kind of responsible for everything. It happened with you and Jake, but devil put me through that. I mean, besides I, I, I did care for Jake, but we are never right for each other. But you and Stephen were right. Yeah. I thought so.

And so did he, but apparently he’s changed his mind and that that doesn’t seem weird to you that such a drastic change. Yeah, of course. It was weird. It, it was so weird. I thought that Ralph had done something to. You know, I was wrong about that. Really? Cause I, I gotta tell you, I, I kind of thought the same thing.

I was so sure I was right. I went off to roll. He told me he did nothing to Stephan other than, you know, bringing him back from the dead and you just took his word for it. I’ve never done that before, but for some reason I felt like he was telling me the truth. And you know what? It doesn’t matter because if Stephen wants to be with Chloe, then he can.

I am with Lee and we’re in love, and we’re gonna be married, and now nothing is gonna stand in the way of my happiness.

All right, I’ll offer Chloe the damn promotion happiness. I’m over the moon and you are going to be too. It won’t be long before that cow Chloe is outta Brady’s life and wants Stephan corrals her. You and Gabby can live happily ever after.

Hey, it’s almost time to, uh, audition the Wedding Cakes at Sweet Bits. Just wanted to make sure you were on your way. I’m sorry. Something came up at work. A personal matter I need to take care of. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Okay? Yeah. Just keep me posted. I said

we don’t just stand. Go over to Basic Black and offer Chloe her dream job,

but I’ll walk you out.


hey, how’s it going? Did you find anything else? Yes. You. Johnny, I think we were right.

Arif, I’m sorry. I can tell it’s bothering you that Nicole is modeling again for Eric. I mean, I’m not thrilled about it either. Eric told me that that’s how they got together all those years ago. Yeah, it’s, it’s not so much that she’s model. I says, you didn’t tell me about it. I get that, but maybe she didn’t tell me about it cuz she thought I would act like a jerk because I did act like a jerk when she told me that she had hired Eric.

So you had a fight. Married people, fight. Yeah. You know what the the upside is, is that I learned that I have to trust her and I have to trust. Yeah, so, right. This is great. You know, we, we just, uh, figured this all out. So can we get back to work now?

Hey, Brady, can you do me a favor? Can you look at Nicole, not me, Nicole and I? Yeah. Thank you. There you go. No, smolder. What? Smolder uh, men don’t smolder. Well, they do if they wanna be on magazine covers. I don’t wanna be on a magazine cover . They’re not helping you now? Well, I’m not here to help. I’m in charge.

Okay. I, I gotta take a break. Whoa. Way over now. Where is he? Away.

All right. Nicole Brady, I’m getting outta here. Okay, fine. But what were you trying to tell me before Alex Barton?

Oh, that’s it. You. You’re the one who needs to be in the suit.

You know how to smolder.

I I’ll.

Wait, you want me to be the model? I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I mean, the energy in the photos you took of Nicole, that’s one thing, but seeing this live and in person, camera’s gonna eat this up. Okay. I’m not so sure about this. Oh, well I am. Look, Brady was fine, but the chemistry, Luke warm, you two are gonna be blazing hot together.

You said you still care about me. I do. And then I said that, you know, moving Kristen into your home two seconds after we break up. That’s a real funny way of showing it. And you said if there was any other way, what were you talking about, Brady? Any other way to do what? Chloe? Hey, glad I found you guys Lee.

Um, hi. Um, what’s going on? Is there a problem at Corporator? More like an opportu. Oh, okay. What can I do for her? Actually, I came to speak to Ms. Lane.

This Hernandez Ali set me out with these wedding cake samples for you to try. Oh, thank you. Yes, they, they look great. Did you wanna wait for your fiance? That’s okay. Um, you could just leave him with me. He’ll be here soon. . Oh, I think I see him right there.

So lemme get this straight. You heard your brother say that he shipped Ralph out the country. Well, that’s what he told your aunt Kristen. She didn’t sound too happy about it. Did he say why he. Kristen accused Lee of working with your dad. She assumed it was all part of e J’s plan, but Lee didn’t admit it.

Not exactly, but she thought I’m pretty convinced. So it’s gotta be more on the right track. Yeah, I guess, um, I guess looks like we just need to figure out where your brother sent, Ralph Lee left a bunch of papers he was working on here. Maybe I could find something.


like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

No, this isn’t my fiance, it’s my ex-husband. Oh, I’m sorry. I just assumed. No worries. Yeah, we were married briefly. Didn’t work out so well, Lee. The groom should be here any minute, so thank you for the examples. They look great.

I mean, you’re looking for candy Halloween’s over. I’m aware. I’m looking for. I was hoping to take her to lunch. Oh, how nice of you. Yeah. Stop by her room at the end. She wasn’t there, so I’m assuming she’s in the office today. Okay, so why are you telling me this? Because I was hoping that she would share her candy stash with me, but I might as well have a piece of, it’s all this

cool corporate has been very impressed with the work you’ve been doing here at Basic Bluff. Oh, wow. Well, that’s nice to hear. You know it’s true. Ever since you took over, management of domestic sales profits have taken off. Well, she’s the best. I could have told you that indeed, which is why I’m here. We’d like you to use that talent and expertise in, in a broader way, so, I’ve come to offer you a job at Damara.

Really? At Damara Ho. Hold on. You want, you want Chloe to go work with you at the corporate office? Don’t worry, Brady. We already have a large pool of qualified applicants to fill Ms. Lane’s position here at Basic Black, assuming she accepts my offer. Oh wow. Lee. Um, I wasn’t expecting this. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say.

I do. Kristen put you up to this, didn’t she?

I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m EJ Dara. Yes, of course. I know who you are. Mr. Dara. Wendy. Wendy. Is that my dad? Is he there with you?

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